Summary and highlights of Thailand 2-0 Singapore IN Suzuki Cup
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10:28 AM5 months ago

Thank you all.

Thank you all for joining us in this intense duel with an exciting ending, it has been a pleasure to be with all of you. See you all again!
10:27 AM5 months ago



10:23 AM5 months ago

90' Three minutes of added time

Referee Yacoub has added three minutes of speech time.
10:22 AM5 months ago

89' Singapore change

Enter Recha to replace Bin Fandi
10:12 AM5 months ago



10:06 AM5 months ago

75' Singapore had it

Clear opportunity to cut distances, the chance was for Fandi that after a foul in the area fell him the rebound, but the ball went grazing the post.
10:03 AM5 months ago

71' Trouble for Singapore's central defender

Medical assistance has to come in to attend to Fandi, who is lying on the field.
9:58 AM5 months ago

Also in Thailand

Autra and Tiatrakul are replaced by Puangchan and Jaided, who scored his team's second goal.
9:56 AM5 months ago

65' Singapore changes

Anuar and Syahin, who was yellow carded, leave and Akbar and Abdullah take their place.
9:51 AM5 months ago



9:48 AM5 months ago

56' Thailand takes a corner kick

Worachit put it in the area, but the ball was cleared by the Singapore defense.
9:44 AM5 months ago

51' High shot

Good finish from Singapore, but Safuwan's finish was not very good and he left high.
9:39 AM5 months ago

47' Yellow card

The second card of the match goes to Arifin, who entered the field in the 12th minute.
9:38 AM5 months ago

Triple change in Indonesia

Anan, Roller and Kraisorn enter the field for Chaeronrattanapirom, Singmui and Phala.
9:37 AM5 months ago

46' Second half started

45 minutes to see who will playá as first in the group and who will play second
9:22 AM5 months ago


First half ends with Thailand in the lead
9:19 AM5 months ago


Thailand's lead increased with Jaidded's goal, after Singapore lost the ball near his own area, and Worachit's through ball to the attacker, who made no mistake in his one-on-one.
9:16 AM5 months ago



9:15 AM5 months ago

44' Forgive Thailand

The Thai team could have increased the lead after a back pass to Puangchan, who found himself alone, but his shot went to the center of the net and was soft.
9:13 AM5 months ago

42' Supachi's shot

The Thai striker faced and then finished off, but Hassan Bin
9:08 AM5 months ago

37' Pide penalty for Tailandia

He arrived at the side Do to the area and fell inside, but the referee was called to the corner for Thailand.
9:03 AM5 months ago


Thailand takes the lead after Phala's direct free kick hits the crossbar and the rebound is taken by center back Dolah to put his team ahead.
8:57 AM5 months ago

25' Corner kick for Singapore

Sulaiman hung it from the corner to the far post, but no one was able to finish it off.
8:49 AM5 months ago

16' Mistake by Thailand

Tialandia's mistake in the back, which led to Syahin's recovery, who shot but the rival goalkeeper made a good save.
8:45 AM5 months ago

11' Forced change in Singapore

Hamzah is stretchered off and cannot continue on the pitch, he is replaced by Arifin.
8:33 AM5 months ago


The "final" for Thailand and Singapore has started.
8:25 AM5 months ago

5 minutes

Both teams are in the locker room ready for the match.
8:14 AM5 months ago

At the same time there is another meeting

At the same time as Thailand vs Singapore, the Philippines and Burma will play each other to finish third or fourth in group A.
8:03 AM5 months ago

Fight for first place in the group

Thailand and Singapore are both tied with nine points and are already qualified, but both will be playing to finish first in the group, with Thailand even with a draw.
7:55 AM5 months ago

And this is Thailand's eleven

Source: Changsuek
Source: Changsuek
7:51 AM5 months ago

The arrival of Thailand players at the stadium


7:50 AM5 months ago

This is the Singapore eleven

Source: FAS
Source: FAS
7:31 AM5 months ago

1 hour

In 1 hour will Be start match between Thailand vs Singapore
4:25 PM5 months ago

Where and how to watch Thailand vs Singapore in the Suzuki Cup ?

The match between Thailand vs Singapore will be played at 2:30 ET. and can be followed on AFC Suzuki Cup;

If you want to watch it on the internet,VAVEL;is your best option.

4:20 PM5 months ago

What time is the match Thailand vs Singapore in the Suzuki Cup ?

This is the kickoff time for the  Thailand vs Singapore match on December 18 th 2021 in several countries:

Argentina: 3:30 PM
Bolivia: 2:30 PM
Brazil: 3:30 PM
Chile: 2: 30 PM
Colombia: 1:30 PM
Ecuador: 1:30 PM
USA (ET): 2:30 PM
Spain: 8:30 PM
Mexico: 1:30 PM
Paraguay: 2:30 PM
Perú: 1:30 PM 
Uruguay: 3:30 PM
Australia: 5:30 PM

4:15 PM5 months ago

Thailand' s players entered


4:10 PM5 months ago

Singapore players training

Source: FAS
Source: FAS
4:05 PM5 months ago

How does Singapore arrive ?

Singapore will also not be in the World Cup after finishing fourth in the second round with seven points, far behind Saudi Arabia and Uzbekistan, who were the leaders of group D. In this tournament they started with a 3-0 win over Burma, followed by a 1-2 win over the Philippines and most recently a 2-0 win over East Timor.
4:00 PM5 months ago

How does Thailand arrive ?

Thailand failed to qualify for the Qatar 2022 World Cup after finishing fourth with nine points in the second round in a group with United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia. In this Suzuki Cup group stage, they started with a 2-0 win over East Timor, followed by a 4-0 win over Burma, and in their most recent match they beat the Philippines 1-2. They lead group A tied on points with Singapore .


3:55 PM5 months ago


Many clashes between Thailand and Singapore, where Thailand has the favorable balance with 31 wins, 13 wins for Singapore and 12 matches ended in a draw.  The last four clashes in the AFF Cup have been for Thailand, but the 2012 was useless as they met in the final, where in the first leg Singapore won 3-1 and in the second leg the Philippines only won 1-0 .
3:50 PM5 months ago


The match will be played at the National Stadium, in the city of Singapore, a stadium that was inaugurated in 2014 and has a capacity for 55,000 spectators .
3:45 PM5 months ago

Preview of the match

Thailand and Singapore will play the last match of the group stage, both are in Group A with the Philippines, Burma and East Timor and are already qualified for the semifinals.
3:40 PM5 months ago

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