Goals and Highlights Nápoli 0-1 Spezia: in Serie A
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It's all over!

Spezia takes three important points to position itself better after Juan Jesus' own goal, Napoli was weighed down by the absence of Lorenzo Insigne, as there was no good decision at the time of defining. 
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Elif Elmas' header ends up on the crossbar.
Spezia substitution, Kevin Agudelo is replaced by Ebrima Colley.
5:32 PM5 months ago


VAR review in Spezia's area, for possible penalty. 
5:27 PM5 months ago


5 minutes of compensation are added. 
5:22 PM5 months ago


Napoli double substitution, Mário Rui and Matteo Politano go out, Diego Demme and Faouzi Ghoulam come in, Luciano Spalletti is looking for the equalizer. 
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The disappearance has been present in the Napoli's box, who looks for the equalizer, but the ball has refused to go in.
Di Lorenzo crashes the ball into the goalkeeper Ivan Provedel.
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Change for Napoli: Stanislav Lobotka goes up and Elif Elmas comes in.
5:07 PM5 months ago


Yellow card for Petagna of Napoli. 
5:02 PM5 months ago


Change for Napoli: Piotr Zieliński goes up and Adam Ounas comes in.
4:57 PM5 months ago


Napoli continues to insist in the opponent's area, wasting a chance where the goalkeeper was not there and the defender ended up saving it. 
4:52 PM5 months ago


Napoli foul, the referee marks the foul in the opponent's box when the ball had already entered the net. 
4:47 PM5 months ago


Goal disallowed for offside, after a cross from the left side, Chucky Lozano shoots against the goalkeeper, but the goal was disallowed. 
4:42 PM5 months ago


Yellow card for Rey Manaj of Spezia. 
4:37 PM5 months ago


Tarjeta amarilla para Jakub Kiwior.
Change for Napoli, Dries Mertens goes up and Andrea Petagna comes in.
4:32 PM5 months ago


Start of the second half of Spezia's victory at the Diego Armando Maradona stadium.
4:27 PM5 months ago


The first half is over, Spezia take the momentary victory to the locker room, Napoli have not taken advantage of the chances they have had. 
4:22 PM5 months ago


Yellow card for Mário Rui, dangerous free kick for the visitors. 
4:17 PM5 months ago


2 minutes of compensation are added. 
4:12 PM5 months ago


After the goal, Napoli goes to the front of the opponent's box where the strikers have not had a good aim and the ball has ended up wide. 
4:07 PM5 months ago


GOOOOL! by Spezia, own goal by Juan Jesus, after the cross from a free kick he fails to clear in a good way and the ball ends up inside Ospina's goal. 
4:02 PM5 months ago


Mertens shoots outside the box, the ball goes wide left. 
3:57 PM5 months ago


Corner kick wasted by Napoli. 
3:52 PM5 months ago


Foul on Chucky, free kick for Napoli. 
3:47 PM5 months ago


Politano misses a shot, sending it wide right. 
3:42 PM5 months ago


Spezia starts to react, but they fail to convert the chance and Ospina keeps the ball. 
3:37 PM5 months ago


First yellow card of the match for Giulio Maggiore of Spezia. 
3:32 PM5 months ago


Luciano Spalletti's team has generated more danger, but they have not been able to score in a good way. 
3:27 PM5 months ago


Piotr Zieliński is on the floor, where he receives medical treatment. 
3:22 PM5 months ago


The pace of the game has slowed down, both teams have slowed down and are trying to keep the ball. 
3:17 PM5 months ago


Napoli maintains the dominance and has had chances to open the scoring, but Spezia from a corner kick starts to generate danger. 
3:12 PM5 months ago

The match begins

The match is ready, both teams are competing for the three points that could be crucial. 
3:07 PM5 months ago

They take the field

Both teams take the field to start this Serie A match at the Diego Armando Maradona stadium. 
3:02 PM5 months ago

Spezia's starting XI

This is the XI with which Spezia will look for the 3 points at the Diego Armando Maradona Stadium, to move away from Genoa and the relegation places.
2:57 PM5 months ago

Napoli's starting XI

This is the XI with which Napoli will look for the home victory and thus be closer to Inter Milan, as with their victory over Torino they moved 7 points ahead. 
2:52 PM5 months ago

Emmanuel Gyasi looking to stay

Spezia are looking to defy the odds by staying in the Italian top flight again this season. Referring to that the Italian-born Ghana international to spoke to CBS Sports exclusively.

 "Every player must be motivated because when you play, you dream of appearing in these big games and at this level."
"Napoli, Juve, Milan, all big teams. For us, it's a great motivation to play at the Stadio Diego Armando Mardona's. It's a very important game for us.

2:47 PM5 months ago

Emmanuel Gyasi admirer of Balotelli

Young Gyasi admired Mario Balotelli when he burst onto the Azzurri scene starring for Inter Milan. However while Mario decided not to represent Ghana, he debuted with the stars at the beginning of the year.

"When Mario was in the Italian national team, he was a big influence for us Ghanaians, we see him as a hero because representing a country like Italy at international level and scoring both at the Euros and for Inter Milan, it was very motivating for me and others like me. Yes, we can say he was an influence." 

2:42 PM5 months ago

Group of youngsters

Spezia's team was built around several young talents rather than veterans, as is the case in Italy, and Gyasi is one of the elder statesmen in Thiago Motta's group with only three players older than his 27 years.
2:37 PM5 months ago

Napoli's special calendar

The Italian team made the launch official through its social networks, which was made and thought about the responsibility of climate change. 
Where Hirving 'Chucky' Lozano is one of the protagonists of Napoli's official 2022 calendar.
2:32 PM5 months ago

2021, good or bad

Napoli have enjoyed one of their best years at home during 2021 not counting their counting fixtures, but for Spezia they have been woeful away from home in Liguria, losing each of their last six away games.
2:27 PM5 months ago

Possible Napoli line-up

Ospina; Malcuit, Rrahmani, Jesus, Di Lorenzo; Lobotka, Anguissa; Politano, Zielinski, Elmas; Mertens
2:22 PM5 months ago

Possible Spezia line-up

Provedel; Amian, Erlic, Nikolaou; Gyasi, Kovalenko, Bourabia, Maggiore, Reca; Strelec, Manaj
2:17 PM5 months ago

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Where and how to watch Napoli vs Spezia and live

The match will be broadcast on ESPN channels.
Napoli vs Spezia can be tuned in from the Star Plus live stream.
If you want to watch the match live online, VAVEL Mexico is your best option.
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What time is Nápoli vs Spezia match for Serie A?

This is the start time of the game Nápoli vs Spezia of 22nd December in several countries:

México: 13:45 horas CDMX, ESPN

Argentina: 16:45 horas

Chile: 16:45 horas

Colombia: 13:45 horas

Peru: 13:45 horas

USA: 14:45 horas ET

Ecuador: 13:45 horas

Uruguay: 15:45 horas

Paraguay: 14:45 horas

España: 20:45 horas

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In the last 8 meetings, the scales have been tipped for Napoli with 5 wins, 2 draws and 1 win for Spezia.
Spezia 1-4 Napoli, 8.may.21, Serie A 
Napoli 4-2 Spezia, 28.Jan.21, Coppa Italia
Napoli 1-2 Spezia, 6.Jan.21, Serie A
Napoli 3-1 Spezia, 10.Jan.17, Serie A
Napoli 3-1 Spezia, 3.mar.07, Serie B
Spezia 0-1 Napoli, 30.Sep.06, Serie B
Napoli 1-1 Spezia, 17.May.06, Serie C
Spezia 0-0 Napoli, 13.may.06, Serie C
1:57 PM5 months ago

Luciano Spalletti will be without important players

Napoli coach Luciano Spalletti pointed out that he will not count on important players for his squad, hoping that he will not lose any more. 

"It's always a shame not to be able to have important players available. Hopefully we won't have to run the risk of losing others. You certainly count who is available without thinking about who is absent at the moment. We must try to continue on our way," he mentioned.

1:52 PM5 months ago

How they are doing

Napoli is 4 points behind the overall leader Inter Milan who has 43 points, while Spezia is in 17th place in the overall table with 13 points and above Genoa who is in the relegation places.
1:47 PM5 months ago

2 points from 6 games

Spezia need the win to move away from the relegation places, the last victory of the Ligurian team was at the beginning of November, when they beat Torino 1-0, since then they have only managed 2 points from 6 matches.
1:42 PM5 months ago

Black Wednesday

The Gli Azzurri have not won their last matches played on Wednesday, having in the last 8 matches 4 draws and 4 defeats.
1:37 PM5 months ago

Watch out for this Napoli player

Lorenzo Insigne is the captain and canterano of the club, where he now has an uncertain future, however, the 30 year old winger has a lot of arrival in the opponent's box, getting to score in 4 different opportunities.
Source: Reuters
Source: Reuters
1:32 PM5 months ago

Watch out for this Spezia player

Despite the fact that Spezia have been the team that has been the worst scorer of the season, Ivan Provedel's performances have been good, saving his team from certain defeat. He made 45 saves and conceded 20 goals in just 11 games.
Source: AFP
Source: AFP
1:27 PM5 months ago

Last Napoli line-up

Ospina, Malcuit, Rrahmani, Jesus, Di Lorenzo, Demme, Anguissa, Lozano, Zielinski, Elmas, Petagna.
1:22 PM5 months ago

Last Spezia line-up

Provedel, Amian, Erlić, Nikolauo, Gyasi, Maggiore, Kiwior, Bastoni, Reca, Manaj, M'Bala Nzola
1:17 PM5 months ago

Insigne tested positive for covid

After Covid tests were performed on the Napoli squad, Lorenzo Insigne tested positive, this set off alarm bells and even under the indications of the ASL a round of swabs was performed, including Chucky Lozano, where as soon as the club has the results will be announced.
1:12 PM5 months ago


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