Highlights and Best Moments Mexico 0-0 Costa Rica: in Concacaf Qualifiers
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It's over

Mexico failed to get the victory that could have put it in second place, taking a point against Costa Rica in a match with little initiative on the part of El Tri.
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4 minutes of compensation are added 
8:47 PM4 months ago


Mexico pushes forward to score the first goal of the game, but they have not been accurate in their finishing. 
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Yeltsin Tejeda comes off for Costa Rica and Daniel Alonso Chacón Salas enters the field.
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Luis Romo takes a powerful shot that ends up on the crossbar, missing another opportunity.
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The Ticos start to retreat to their area, waiting for a counterattack.
Yellow card for Mexico, Héctor Moreno cuts off Costa Rica's advance. 
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Double change for Costa Rica, out comes Celso Borges and Alonso Martinez, in comes Pablo Vargas and Bryan Ruiz. 
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Orbelín Pineda handles the ball well, shooting at Navas' goal, sending it over the top. 
Jesus Corona comes off for Mexico and Alexis Vega comes on. 
8:17 PM4 months ago


Corner kick for Mexico, which ends in nothing after a series of rebounds.
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Costa Rica substitution, Gerson Torres comes off and Jefry Antonio Valverde Rojas enters.
Mexico substitution, Funes Mori comes off and Henry Martin enters. 
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Costa Rica looks more confident on the field, putting Tri in trouble.
Chaka shoots at Navas' goal, hitting the crossbar.
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Alonso Martínez had a chance to open the scoring after a counterattack that left him alone in front of Ochoa, but the ball ended up wide. 
7:57 PM4 months ago


Mexico starts this second half pressing their opponents.
First yellow for Tri, Chaka Rodriguez after fouling Campbell.
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Mexico changes for this second half, Edson Álvarez and Charly Rodríguez come out, Luis Romo and Orbelín Pineda come in. 
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The second half of the scoreless draw between Mexico and Costa Rica at the Azteca Stadium begins. 
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At the end of the first half, the referee sent the players to the break, México had a few clear chances to take the lead, but were unable to score. 
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Navas saves for Costa Rica, Herrera takes a free kick to the left side and the Costa Rican keeper sends the ball for a corner kick. 
7:32 PM4 months ago


Missed free kick for Mexico, after a foul on Chucky that ends in a counter-strike. 
7:27 PM4 months ago


Second yellow of the match and for Costa Rica, Keysher Fuller brings Chucky down past midfield. 
7:22 PM4 months ago


Lozano misses a key chance, after a good advance by Tecatito, the ball bounces to Chucky who sends it over the top of the goal. 
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Goal disallowed for Mexico after Rogelio Funes Mori was offside. 
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Lozano makes the play on the left and sends the ball for a corner kick. 
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The Ticos continue to be constant in the Mexican box, having more shots on goal than the team coached by Tata.
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Costa Rica begins to feel comfortable on the field, gradually having the ball and being more consistent in Ochoa's area. 
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First yellow of the match for Alonso Martínez after stepping on Corona. 
6:52 PM4 months ago


Costa Rica's Alonso Martinez tries to surprise Memo Ochoa, but the goalkeeper manages to stop the ball.  
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The match is very lively, both teams are going from one area to the other, keeping the pressure on.
Chucky Lozano is the one who has had the most chances for El Tri. 
6:42 PM4 months ago


First chance for Mexico, a free kick on the left flank that Jesus Corona crosses and Lozano heads past the keeper. 
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The match begins

The match between the Mexican and Costa Rican national teams is ready, both teams are coming from wins, Mexico away and Costa Rica at home. 
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They take the field

Both teams take the field to kick off this match at the Azteca stadium for the Qatar 2022 Qualifiers.
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Punishing amateurs

The president of the Mexican Federation, Yon de Luisa, sent a message to FIFA, asking it to punish the fans who commit discriminatory acts and not the organizers.

"The message that is sent is that in case someone incurs in any fault or discriminatory act, that person should be punished, not the national team, the coaching staff and players, the Federation are the least guilty. I believe that in the world we are the Federation that works the most with the local authorities. With Conapred, with Concacaf, with FIFA itself, we are congratulated, but at the same time we are punished. I think we can do it differently," commented Yon de Luisa.

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The starting XI of Costa Rica

This is the XI with which the Costa Rican national team will try to get a good result and look for a ticket or secure the playoffs. 
6:17 PM4 months ago

Mexico's starting XI

This is the starting XI with which the Mexican national team will look for the three points to secure its ticket to the World Cup in Qatar.
6:12 PM4 months ago

Lack of impact

The Mexican national team's coach, accepted the concern that exists in the squad, as there has been a lack of accuracy in the final Octagonal, where they are in third place.

"Yes, it is something that worries us a lot, we reach places on the field where it is very difficult to reach per game, especially on the flanks", said the Argentinean coach in a press conference.

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Suárez against Tata

Claudio Suárez, a reference of the national team with 177 matches with the green jersey, now spoke about Tata Martino and how he does not have a fixed dupla, making too many changes.

"What happens is that defensively "Tata" Martino has made many changes, he does not have a fixed dupla, and that is important to have that coordination, that communication, I played with "Capi" Ramirez Perales, then I played with Duilio Davino, with Joel Sanchez and then Rafa Marquez and we understood each other well. What happens is that when results are not forthcoming, practically everything is always questioned and questions are always asked as to whether there is a lack of leaders".

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Martino's fortress

The Azteca stadium is Gerardo Martino's fortress at the helm of El Tri color, as he has coached 7 matches since he arrived in 2019 and has not seen defeat, between friendlies, CONCACAF Nations League and the Final Octagonal. Having a good scoring streak, as in those 7 matches they have scored 16 goals and have only conceded 4.
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With an encouraging outlook

After their match against Jamaica and now against Costa Rica, the Mexican national team is the only team that will play its last matches at home, with an encouraging outlook as they will be playing in front of their own people. The Mexican national team has had more evenly matched games in recent qualifiers.
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One of the most remembered duels between these two teams was on June 16, 2001, when Mexico lost for the first time in an official duel at the Azteca, a date that Claudio Suárez recalled, where they started the match winning, but the nightmare had just begun and serious mistakes marked the match.

"I remember that the Mexican National Team had been undefeated for I don't know how many matches, they couldn't beat us and that match against Costa Rica, we had the obligation to win, then we were overcome with nervousness and we made defensive mistakes", Suárez mentioned to Azteca Deportes.

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Luis García lashes out against El Tri

The Azteca Deportes commentator and former national team player gave a lot to talk about, since in the last edition of the protagonists he questioned El Tri's poor performance against Jamaica, as well as the lack of a generational change.

"This national team is a hybrid because unfortunately this "golden generation" is already out, it has one foot and a half out. They will try to keep the door open for Guardado, Herrera, Moreno and Ochoa, who have already left. Great players, 700,000 games in Europe, 50,000 World Cups, America Cups, who have already left", stated García.

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No Jiménez

The Wolverhampton striker will not be available for Tata Martino against Costa Rica, as he continues with discomfort in his right calf. During the previous training session, the striker underwent a series of tests, but he did not pass them, so DT decided not to risk him and add him to the list of 23 possible players.
Source: AFP
Source: AFP
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Stay tuned for live coverage of Mexico vs. Costa Rica

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for Mexico vs Costa Rica live in Qatar 2022 Qualifying, as well as the latest information from the Azteca Stadium. Stay tuned to VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online coverage of the match. 
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What time is Mexico vs Costa Rica match for Qatar 2022 Qualifiers?

This is the start time of the game Mexico vs Costa Rica of 30th January in several countries:

México: 17:00 horas CDMX, TUDN

Argentina: 19:00 horas

Chile: 19:00 horas

Colombia: 17:00 horas

Perú: 17:00 horas

EE.UU.: 18:00 horas ET

Ecuador: 17:00 horas

Uruguay: 19:00 horas

Paraguay: 18:00 horas

España: 00:00 horas

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Where and how to watch Mexico vs. Costa Rica live

The match will be broadcasted on TUDN channels.
Mexico vs Costa Rica can be tuned in from Blim TV's live stream.
If you want to watch the match live online, VAVEL Mexico is your best option.
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Both teams have met on 46 different occasions, where the Aztecs have won 28 games and drawn 15, while the Costa Ricans have won 6 games in all competitions.
In the last 4 matches the balance has been in favor of the Mexicans with 2 wins and 2 draws, while the Ticos have not managed to win. 
Mexico 1-1 Costa Rica, 29.Jun.19, Gold Cup 2019
Mexico 1-0 Costa Rica, 19.Jul.15, Gold Cup 2015
Mexico 4-1 Costa Rica, 12.Jun.11, Gold Cup 2011
Mexico 1-1 Costa Rica, 23.Jul.09, Gold Cup 2009
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Three Mexicans in the starting XI

After the end of CONCACAF Matchday 9, three Mexicans were in the starting XI, Mexico and Canada are the teams with the most players in the ideal eleven, both with 3. The Aztecs have Héctor Moreno, Alexis Vega and Charly Rodriguez, while the Maple Leafs have goalkeeper Bojan, Buchanan and Jonathan David, who scored in the victory over Honduras.
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Another final for Costa Rica

Jafet continued to light up the match against the tri color, mentioning that the Ticos will play as if it were another final and that the national team is going through a generational change and that soccer is so kind that it continues to leave them alive.

"It is another final for Costa Rica, I think it is decisive for us on Sunday to score to continue with that World Cup dream, Costa Rica is going through a generational change and obviously we are clear about what our disease is. Right now we are in a complicated situation, but soccer is so kind that we are still alive," he concluded.

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Jafet Soto criticizes Mexico

Herediano's technical director, Jafet Soto, highlighted that Mexico no longer 'walks through' the World Cup qualifiers as before, assuring that the Mexican team believes it is more than what it is, adding that the Azteca's fans no longer weigh it down.

"Héctor Herrera explains that when they play in Costa Rica the stadium is heavy, when they go to Honduras the stadium is heavy, so they recognize that they themselves are not heavy at the Azteca Stadium, because the fans are not heavy", he mentioned in an interview for Marca Claro.

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Watch out for this Mexico player

After the good performance against Jamaica, Henry Martín and Alexis Vega are the key players in Tata Martino's forward line, with the eagle striker tying the game against the Jamaicans and the chiva striker giving the win.
Source: Imago 7
Source: Imago 7
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Watch out for this Costa Rican player

Bryan Ruiz was the one who gave them the victory against Panama, as the national team was in trouble, but the captain, the '10′ that Luis Fernando Suarez believes in so much, scored the goal that Costa Rica needed.

"For me it is a joy, but the most important thing is to get the three points and I thank my teammates for the result against a national team that has been playing good soccer," said Bryan Ruiz in statements to Repretel.

Source: Getty Images
Source: Getty Images
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Another injury for El Tri

The first report of the injury suffered by Jorge Sánchez against Jamaica indicated that it was a muscle strain. However, the Mexican national team's social networks issued a statement confirming that the defender injured the medial collateral ligament of his left knee.
He will miss the matches against Costa Rica on January 30 and against Panama on February 2, not only being out of the national team, but also for Santiago Solari and the America Eagles.
4:47 PM4 months ago

Osvaldo Rodríguez tested positive

Winger Osvaldo Rodríguez was not available against Jamaica, as he tested positive for Covid-19 upon his arrival last Tuesday, so he will not be able to leave the country until he tests negative. He joins the list of Tata Martino's absentees, as players such as César Montes (Covid-19), Raúl Jiménez (injury) and Edson Álvarez (muscular discomfort), were not in the last match, the latter are expected to be available for this Sunday.
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Fernando Suarez respects Mexico

Despite the fact that the match will be played behind closed doors due to the sanction against Mexico, the Costa Rican national team's coach did not hide his respect for the Coloso de Santa Ursula, stating that he is aware of what the stadium represents, along with the team itself.

"Mexico always has to be respected and a lot, for everything they have achieved and the Azteca (Stadium) has to be looked at with respect."
"Playing in Mexico is always difficult and that is why the players are much more motivated, I hope the players know how to behave at the height of a game like this Sunday's," he said.

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What does Mexico need to advance?

Mexico and Panama have a three-point difference, where there are 15 points at stake, so the tri colored team needs to win this game and the next two to secure their ticket, because if they tie or lose to Costa Rica and/or Panama, they would have to wait until the last games to decide whether they advance or not. 
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Good afternoon to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the live broadcast of the Mexico vs Costa Rica match, corresponding to the Qatar 2022 Qualifiers. The match will take place at the Azteca Stadium at 18:00.