Goal and Highlights: Guatemala 1-0 Cuba in Friendly Game
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Relive the match

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Thank you for following the broadcast of the game between Guatemala and Cuba during the FIFA Date.
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End game

Guatemala 1-0 Cuba
9:46 PM2 months ago


Four more minutes are added to the game.
9:41 PM2 months ago


A cross to the near post was cut out by the Guatemalan defense, although it was close to an own goal.
9:36 PM2 months ago


Guatemala pressed in the final minutes with crosses from the flanks that were not as effective.
9:31 PM2 months ago


A couple more modifications that send Flaco to Guatemala.
9:26 PM2 months ago


Mejía with a shot inside the area that the goalkeeper saves.
9:21 PM2 months ago


Service to the second post that is too long to Betancourth's location.
9:16 PM2 months ago


Luis Fernando Tena realiza un par de modificaciones con el objetivo de que no se le caiga el equipo.
9:11 PM2 months ago


Betancourth's header into the goalkeeper's hands.
9:06 PM2 months ago


Guatemala wasted a direct free kick from a cross in the first few minutes of the second half.
9:01 PM2 months ago


A shot from outside the area was saved with some trouble by Hagen with a two-timer.
8:56 PM2 months ago


The second half begins between Guatemala and Cuba from the Estadio Pensativo.
8:51 PM2 months ago

Half time

Guatemala 1-0 Cuba
8:46 PM2 months ago


Mejía's shot from half distance directly to the goalkeeper's position.
8:41 PM2 months ago


The Cuban striker is lying on the field after a heavy collision and medical assistance has been called in.
8:36 PM2 months ago


Guatemala Goal

Carlos Mejia cut inside the box and beat the goalkeeper to send the ball into the net to open the scoring 1-0 at the Estadio Pensativo.

8:31 PM2 months ago


Lezcano's shot went just wide of the goalkeeper and the Guatemalan option was wasted.
8:26 PM2 months ago


Few emotions at the Estadio Pensativo and the guest of honor does not arrive between Guatemala and Cuba.
8:21 PM2 months ago


Dangerous direct free kick by Cuba that passes close to the goal.
8:16 PM2 months ago


An elbow on the edge of the area and the referee awards a foul in favor of Cuba.
8:11 PM2 months ago


Mejía with a shot inside the area that goes into the goalkeeper's hands.
8:06 PM2 months ago


The first minutes of the game were clearly dominated by Chapín, but still lacked depth.
8:01 PM2 months ago


The game between Guatemala and Cuba begins at the Estadio Pensativo.
7:56 PM2 months ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from the start of the friendly match between Guatemala and Cuba.
7:51 PM2 months ago

XI Cuba

7:46 PM2 months ago

Already warming up

The fans are already taking their places at the Estadio Pensativo and the teams are warming up on the field:
7:41 PM2 months ago


After the appointment of Luis Fernando Tena, the Guatemalan fans in a general survey have accepted the Mexican and trust him to turn the national team's situation around, due to the fact that they have not had good results.
7:36 PM2 months ago

Guatemala substitutes

12 Jerez

21 Navarro

4 Pinto

5 Domínguez

7 Ceballos

8 Saravia

9 Martínez

11 Altán

14 Ochoa

18 Santis

23 Aparicio

7:31 PM2 months ago

XI Guatemala

1 Hagen, 2 Hernández, 20 Gordillo, 3 Jiménez, 16 Morales, 7 Castellanos, 10 López, 15 Lezcano, 13 Galindo, 6 Mejía, 19 Betancourth.
7:26 PM2 months ago

The stadium

The Pensive Stadium, which is in perfect condition for this afternoon, will be the venue for this preparation game:

7:21 PM2 months ago

The meeting

Prior to this game, before making the trip, the Chapines concentrated together to try to give their fans some joy.
7:16 PM2 months ago

They want to be world champions

It should be noted that for the next World Cup more places will be opened and the United States, Canada and Mexico will already be qualified as hosts, so the possibility will be open to many more nations.
7:11 PM2 months ago

A new era

Mexican Luis Fernando Tena will be in charge of the Chapinan national team with the mission of improving, since they have stagnated in the Concacaf zone and could not even qualify for the final octagonal.
7:06 PM2 months ago


Two teams that are already setting their sights on the 2026 World Cup will face each other this Thursday on the FIFA Date. We begin with VAVEL's coverage of the game between Guatemala and Cuba.
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Tune in here Guatemala vs Cuba Live Score in Friendly Match 2022

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What time is Guatemala vs Cuba match for Friendly Match 2022?

This is the start time of the game Guatemala vs Cuba of March 24th in several countries:

Argentina: 9:00 PM

Bolivia: 8:00 PM

Brazil: 9:00 PM

Chile: 8:00 PM

Colombia: 7:00 PM

Ecuador: 7:00 PM

United States (ET): 8:00 PM

Spain: 1:00 AM

Mexico: 6:00 PM

Paraguay: 9:00 PM

Peru: 8:00 PM

Uruguay: 9:00 PM

6:51 PM2 months ago

Last games

Guatemala has the advantage in the last five games with a balance of three wins and two losses, highlighting that these victories were in preparation games, the most recent being last year.

Guatemala 1-0 Cuba, 2021 World Cup qualifiers

Guatemala 1-0 Cuba, 2018 Friendly Match

Guatemala 3-0 Cuba, 2018 Friendly Match

Cuba 1-0 Guatemala, 2015 Gold Cup

Cuba 2-1 Guatemala, 2008 World Cup Qualifiers

6:46 PM2 months ago

Key player Cuba

Goalkeeper Nelson Johnston is expected to get plenty of action for this game against a Chapina side looking to score goals in the face of few convincing performances of late.

6:41 PM2 months ago

Key player Guatemala

One of the most talented and explosive players in the final third of the field is Marvin Ceballos, who will once again have minutes with the national team with the mission of quickly gaining the trust of "Flaco" Tena.
Photo: As
Photo: As
6:36 PM2 months ago

Last lineup Cuba

21 Nelson Johnston, 2 Modesto Mendez, 6 Yosel Piedra, 22 Asmel Núñez, 7 Rolando Abreu, 23 Luis Paradela, 20 Dairon Reyes, 10 Arichel Hernández, 14 Karel Espino, 19 Willian Pozo-Venta, 9 Maikel Reyes.
6:31 PM2 months ago

Last lineup Guatemala

12 Alessandro Navarro, 4 Jose Carlos Pinto, 20 Gerardo Gordillo, 3 Kervin Garcia, 2 Moises Hernandez, 13 Stheven Robles, 10 Alejandro Galindo, 23 Jorge Aparicio, 18 Oscar Santis, 7 Marvin Ceballos, 14 Darwin Lom.
6:26 PM2 months ago

Cuba: the comeback

Another team that has had a long period of inactivity has been the Cuban national team, which was eliminated in the early stages of the CONCACAF qualifiers; it is worth noting that it did not participate in the most recent Gold Cup.
6:21 PM2 months ago

Guatemala: a new era

Guatemala's objective is to qualify for the Mexico-USA-Canada World Cup in 2026 and, to this end, Luis Fernando Tena will start his journey and these first games will serve to get to know the players and adapt to "Flaco's" system of play.
6:16 PM2 months ago

The Kick-off

The Guatemala vs Cuba match will be played at the Pensativo Stadium, in Antigua, Guatemala. The kick-off is scheduled at 20:00 pm ET.
6:11 PM2 months ago

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