Goal and Highlights: Chelsea vs Watford in Premier League
Photo: Chelsea


12:58 PM3 months ago

90'+3' - Ended!

The referee whistles and ends the match. Chelsea win!
12:53 PM3 months ago

90' - Added!

The referee adds 3 minutes to the game.
12:48 PM3 months ago

90' - GOOOAAL!!

After James' cross, Barkley heads in and scores!
12:43 PM3 months ago

89' - Substitution

Chelsea Substitution:


Out: Mount

Enter: Chiwell

12:38 PM3 months ago

87' - GOOOAAL!!

After Masina's cross, Gosling shoots in the small area and scores!
12:33 PM3 months ago


Havertz receives in depth, kicks and the defense blocks.
12:28 PM3 months ago

81' - Substitution

Watford Substitution:


Out:  Kayembe

Enter: Gosling

12:23 PM3 months ago

76' - Substitution

Watford Substitution:


Out: Kamara

Enter: Masina

12:18 PM3 months ago

71' - Substitution

Watford Substitution:


Sai: King

Enter: Hernández

12:13 PM3 months ago


Barkley kicks hard and from a long distance. The goalkeeper makes a great save!
12:08 PM3 months ago

65' - Substituição

Chelsea Substitution:


Sai: Rudiger

Entra: Barkley

12:03 PM3 months ago


Ziyech kicks and the goalkeeper saves.
11:58 AM3 months ago

57' - Substitution

Chelsea Substitution:


Out: Kenedy

Enter: Sarr

11:53 AM3 months ago


Mount crosses and the defense intercepts.
11:48 AM3 months ago

45' - Started!

The referee whistles and starts the match.
11:43 AM3 months ago

45' -End of the first half!

The referee whistles and ends the match.
11:38 AM3 months ago


Havertz receives a deep pass, shoots it on goal and misses the goal.
11:33 AM3 months ago


Havertz kicks, the goalkeeper palms and the defense takes the ball out of the box.
11:28 AM3 months ago


Kiko receives in the penalty area, risks a shot and the goalkeeper saves.
11:23 AM3 months ago


Sissoko crosses and Azpilicueta intercepts.
11:18 AM3 months ago


Sissoko kicks from afar and the ball goes out. Goal shooting!
11:13 AM3 months ago


Mount gets a cross in the penalty area and misses the header.
11:08 AM3 months ago


Saúl risks from afar and the ball goes out. Goal shooting!
11:03 AM3 months ago

10' - GOOOAL!!

After Kenedy's low cross, Havertz appears in the small area and scores the goal!
10:58 AM3 months ago


Saúl kicks, the ball deflects and goes out. Goal shooting!
10:53 AM3 months ago


Havertz receives a throw, kicks it on goal and the goalkeeper saves.
10:48 AM3 months ago


Kenedy plays for Mount, he dribbles and misses the ball.
10:43 AM3 months ago

0' - Started!

The referee whistles and starts the match.
10:38 AM3 months ago

Lineup: Watford

10:33 AM3 months ago

Skipper prep.

10:28 AM3 months ago

Lineup: Chelsea

10:23 AM3 months ago

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How and where to watch the Chelsea vs Watford match live?

If you want to watch the game Chelsea vs Watford live on TV, your options is: ESPN+

If you want to directly stream it: TUDN app

If you want to watch it on internet, VAVEL US is your best option!

10:13 AM3 months ago

What time is Chelsea vs Watford match for Premier League?

This is the start time of the game Chelsea vs Watford of 22th may 2022 in several countries:

Argentina: 12:00 PM in ESPN2 Sur, Star +
Brazil: 12:00 PM in ESPN4, Star +
USA (ET): 11:00 PM in ESPN+
Spain: 16:00 PM in Movistar+
Mexico: 8:00 PM in ESPN2 Sur, Star +

10:08 AM3 months ago

Latest games between Chelsea and Watford

In the last 4 matches between Chelsea vs Watford, Chelsea won all 4 matches.
10:03 AM3 months ago

Key player of Watford

The best Watford player for this match is Forster.
9:58 AM3 months ago

Key player of Chelsea

The best Chelsea player for this match is Lukaku.
9:53 AM3 months ago


"I think he's our key player and people like him need to be on the field. If he only plays 40% of the season maybe it's a miracle we get to third place. It's our Mo Salah, or our Van Dijk, De Bruyne , Neymar, Mbappé... he's the guy who makes the difference and if you only have 40% of him, it's a big problem", Tuchel said.
9:48 AM3 months ago

Probable lineups of Watford

Forster; Masina, Cathcard, Kabasele and Ngakia; Gosling, Kayembe and Sissoko ; Sema, Kalu and João Pedro.
9:43 AM3 months ago

Probable lineups of Chelsea

Mensy; Rudiger, Thiago Silva and Chalobah; Alonso; Kanté, James and Jorginho; Pulisic ,Zieych and Lukaku.
9:38 AM3 months ago

Watford in the Premier League

Watford is in 19th place with 23 points, 6 wins, 5 draws and 26 defeats in 37 games. In the last match for the Premier League, Watford lost 5-1 to Leicester.
9:33 AM3 months ago

Chelsea in the Premier League

Chelsea are in 3rd place with 71 points, 20 wins, 11 ties and 6 losses in 37 games. In the last match for the Premier League, Chelsea drew 1-1 with Leicester.
9:28 AM3 months ago

The match will be played at the Stamford Bridge

The Chelsea vs Watford match will be played at the Stamford Bridge, England with a capacity of 40,000 people.
9:23 AM3 months ago

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