Goals and Highlights: Turkey 4-0 Faroe Islands in UEFA Nations League 2022


4:53 PMa month ago


Thank you for watching the Turkey vs Faroe Islands Nations League match, in this duel there were no surprises and as expected the Turks won comfortably, so stay tuned to VAVEL for all the Nations League action.
4:41 PMa month ago


The game ends with a 4-0 victory for Turkey.
4:34 PMa month ago


Muldur shoots but the ball goes over the goal.
4:32 PMa month ago


Goooooooool Turkey! Demiral comes in from the right and shoots to increase the lead.
4:29 PMa month ago


Goooooooool Turkey! Dursun heads past the goalkeeper to increase the lead.
4:24 PMa month ago


Turkey dominates the game and continues to look for another score.
4:11 PMa month ago


Tokos has a shot at goal but the ball is saved.
4:03 PMa month ago


The goal is annulled for out of place.
4:01 PMa month ago


Turkey's Goooooooool, Under arrives on the right to shoot inside the box and score the third.
3:55 PMa month ago


Goooooooool for Turkey! Halil increases the lead for Turkey.
3:54 PMa month ago


Calhanoglu has a dangerous shot at goal.
3:52 PMa month ago


Turkey substitution: Soyuncu and AkturHoglu for Sinik and Ayhan.
3:51 PMa month ago


The second half begins.
3:35 PMa month ago


End of the first half.
3:34 PMa month ago


Under receives a yellow card.
3:32 PMa month ago


Add 2 minutes.
3:24 PMa month ago


Turkey's goal! Under takes advantage of the goalkeeper's mistake and gives the home side the lead.
3:19 PMa month ago


Vatnhamar receives a yellow card.
3:12 PMa month ago


Soyunku receives a yellow card.
3:07 PMa month ago


Calhanoglu shoots but the ball goes wide.
3:01 PMa month ago


The Faroe Islands now press but do not generate danger.
2:52 PMa month ago

Tokos shoots outside the box but the ball goes wide right.
2:51 PMa month ago

The locals took possession of the ball from the start.
2:47 PMa month ago

Start the game.
2:35 PMa month ago

Starting XI Turkey

This is how the home team comes out:
Starting XI Turkey/Image: MilliTakimlar
Starting XI Turkey/Image: MilliTakimlar
2:30 PMa month ago

Starting XI Faroe Islands

This is how the visiting team takes the field:
Faroe Islands starting XI/Image: Faeroskfodbold
Faroe Islands starting XI/Image: Faeroskfodbold
2:25 PMa month ago

Turkey's arming

"We had contact with Burak in Bielefeld. We talked to him. After his transfer to Germany, I said he was in the spotlight and they would follow him more closely. We have 4-5 players who can come here from Belgium and Switzerland. While the national team squad was announced, we were thinking if we should choose between Deniz Undav and Umut Bozok, we chose Umut because he scored more goals in the Super League."
2:20 PMa month ago

Turkey arrives

The local team is already at the stadium:
2:15 PMa month ago

Burak Yılmaz says goodbye to the national team

"Burak is a person who has served in the national team for many years, he was very important for us, he was our captain. We were all very sad about his departure, but now a new era begins. We are a young team."
2:10 PMa month ago

Kuntz on new players

"His performance in training I thought was very good. I can say that he was very good at establishing the order that will ensure the transition between the National Team and the National Hope Team."
2:05 PMa month ago

Turkey's coach spoke

Emphasizing that they are writing a new beginning and a new history, Kuntz said, "I can say that we are a young team. Maybe one of the youngest teams in the history of the Turkish National Team. Every step we take is to qualify for the EURO 2024 finals."
2:00 PMa month ago

We continue

Thank you for following the broadcast of the game Turkey vs Faroe Islands corresponding to League C Group 1 of the Nations League, this afternoon we will see two teams that have been out of the World Cup and now seek to give a joy to their nation, do not take off because everything you need to know before the opening whistle is coming.
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Stay tuned for Turkey vs Faroe Islands live stream

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for Turkey vs Faroe Islands live, as well as the latest information from Basaksehir Stadium. Keep an eye on the action with VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online coverage.
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Where and how to watch Turkey vs Faroe Islands Live Online

The match will be broadcasted on SKY Sports.

If you want to watch the match live online, VAVEL Mexico is your best option.

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Watch out for this player from the Faroe Islands

Hendriksson, a 25-year-old midfielder from Helsingborgs, is the key player for the Faroe Islands, he started 9 games in the qualifiers and is a regular starter for his club, undoubtedly an indispensable player to keep the midfield balanced.
1:40 PMa month ago

Watch out for this player from Turkey

Burak Yilmaz, an experienced 36 year old attacker, currently plays for Lille in France, in the season the player played 32 games, starting 25, for the Qatar qualifiers the player played all the games scoring 6 times making him the top scorer of his national team.
1:35 PMa month ago

Last Faroe Islands lineup

Joensen, Lamhauge, Johannesen, Vatnhamar, Faero, Bjartalio, Davidsen, Vatnhamar, Andreasen, Hansson, Rólantsson.
1:30 PMa month ago

Last alignment of Turkey

Bayindir, Kabak, Demiral, Soyuncu, Muldur, Tokoz, Calhanoglu, Yilmaz, Under, Akturkoglu.
1:25 PMa month ago

Last 5 games

Turkey 2-3 Italy
Portugal 3-1 Turkey
Montenegro 1-2 Turkey
Turkey 6-0 Gibraltar
Latvia 2-1 Turkey

Liechtenstein 0-1 Faroe Islands
Gibraltar 0-0 Faroe Islands
Israel 3-2 Faroe Islands
Denmark 3-1 Faroe Islands
Faroe Islands 0-1 Scotland

1:20 PMa month ago

Arbitration quartet

Center: Trustin Farrugia Cann, Assistants: Luke Portelli and Edward Spiteri, Fourth official: Matthew De Gabriele.
1:15 PMa month ago

Faroe Islands on the road to improvement

Faroe Islands is still a weak team against most European teams, their performances are not enough to put them on the radar of top teams, in the struggle to qualify for the World Cup they were placed in group F where despite the fact that there was no world champion team in the group, Faroe Islands could only get 4 points, this team could only win once and draw once, after that disappointing performance, they are now looking to do better in the Nations League where they will be fighting for the possibility of moving up to League B, their first opponent will be Turkey, a strong team that was close to qualify for the World Cup, Faroe Islands should raise a game where they annul the opponent and get a victory in the beginning of this new tournament.
Faroe Islands prepares/Image:FaeroeskFodbol
Faroe Islands prepares/Image:FaeroeskFodbol
1:10 PMa month ago

Turkey wants to vindicate itself

The Turkish national team has in its squad great players, however luck was not with them and ended up eliminated from the World Cup in Qatar, this team finished just two points behind the leader Netherlands in Group G of the UEFA qualifiers, this team had only one defeat that ended up defining the direct qualifier, that defeat was against the Netherlands with a scandalous 6-1, also surprised because Turkey had already defeated the Netherlands 4-2 in the first game of the qualifiers. With the playoffs already assured, Turkey would have to face Cristiano Ronaldo's Portugal, the match ended 3-1 in favor of Portugal and there ended the hopes of a very competitive team, now with the return of the Nations League, the teams that did not qualify can show that they are not the worst and will seek to compete to move up the league.
Turkey wants to revive/image: MilliTakimlar
Turkey wants to revive/image: MilliTakimlar
1:05 PMa month ago

The Nations League starts the actions of league C group 1

The Nations League resumes its activity in a new edition, as part of the activity of League C Group 1, Turkey and Faroe Islands will face each other in what is one of the most complicated duels they will have, after not qualifying for the World Cup they must start to prepare better and what better than having one of the most equal groups, they must demand the maximum to have the possibility of moving up to League B and give joy to their fans.
1:00 PMa month ago


Good afternoon to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the UEFA Nations League live stream of Turkey vs Faroe Islands. The match will take place at the Basaksehir Stadium at 2:45 PM ET.