Highlights: Bermuda 0-0 Haiti in CONCACAF Nations League 2022
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7:58 PMa month ago

It's over!

7:01 PMa month ago


It's over! Bermuda and Haiti do no harm and split units.
6:50 PMa month ago


Both teams try but do not find clarity in their shots.
6:43 PMa month ago


Goalkeeper! Furbery makes a dangerous run, but the goalkeeper makes a great save to keep the scoreboard open.
6:35 PMa month ago


Great save by Pierre, preventing Alexandre from reaching his goal.
6:27 PMa month ago


Antoine's powerful shot, but the ball goes wide.
6:18 PMa month ago


Ade's shot, but the ball is deflected wide.
6:10 PMa month ago


Great investment by Eve, which avoids Alceus' first fall.
6:03 PMa month ago


The match restarts for the last 45 minutes.
5:48 PMa month ago


At the end of the first half, the match remains tied at one goal.
5:47 PMa month ago


Alex Christian looks to generate danger in Eve's goal.
5:35 PMa month ago


What a thing! Haiti scored the first by Antoine, but the referee said it didn't go in.
5:32 PMa month ago


Great save by Pierre, preventing Haiti from shooting at goal.
5:24 PMa month ago


Daniel Cook tries to move the ball out of his area to avoid creating danger.
5:16 PMa month ago


A shot that ends up being controlled by Alexandre Pierre.
5:11 PMa month ago


The match remains back and forth, with Haiti looking to open the scoring.
5:03 PMa month ago


The action gets underway at the National Stadium.
5:01 PMa month ago

Haiti: LineUp

A. Pierre; R. Ade, S. Séance, B. Cevreuil, C. Antoine, L. Pierre, D. Etienne Jr., S. Jeppe, C. Francois, B. Alceus, A. Christian.
5:01 PMa month ago

Bermuda: LineUp

D. Eve; D. Cook, R. Lee, O. Harvey, R. Jones Jr., L. Simmons, M. Butterfield, D. Leverock, R. Lambe, N. Wells, K. Hall.
4:52 PMa month ago

To the court

Both teams are already warming up before the start of the match, which is the first for both teams.
4:47 PMa month ago

At home

Bermuda is already at home, where they will be looking to start with a victory.
4:42 PMa month ago


Haiti has already arrived at the Bermuda stadium, where they will play their first match of this Nations League.
4:37 PMa month ago

Ready the numbers

These will be the numbers that will be worn by Haiti's national team for this Nations League tournament.
4:32 PMa month ago

One more

Defender Ricardo Adé joined the training camp late, but could have minutes in Haiti's opener.
4:27 PMa month ago

Bermuda statements

Kyle Lightbourne spoke pre-match, "We've lost a few players since the Gold Cup [in 2019] but we've picked up guys like Kole, Kane Crichlow and Luke Robinson. The Gold Cup is pretty much the pinnacle of what we can achieve at this level. We're looking to get back there."
4:22 PMa month ago

Beginning to arrive

The fans of both teams are already at the stadium ready to support their team for the start of the match.
4:17 PMa month ago

What a tip

Arcus Carlens, Dany Jean and Fredler Christopher joined the Haitian squad this morning as reinforcements for the Nations League.
4:12 PMa month ago


We're back for the minute-by-minute coverage of the Bermuda-Haiti match. We will shortly share with you the most relevant information as well as the confirmed lineups of each team.
4:07 PMa month ago

Stay tuned for the Bermuda vs Haiti live stream.

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for Bermuda vs Haiti live, as well as the latest information from the Bermuda National Stadium. Stay tuned for up-to-the-minute live coverage of the match on VAVEL. 
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What time is the Bermuda vs Haiti match of the CONCACAF Nations League tournament?

This is the kickoff time for the Bermuda vs Haiti match on June 3, 2022 in several countries:

Bermuda: 18:00 hours

Haiti: 18:00 hours

Panama: 16:00 hours

Anguilla: 17:00 hours

Dominican Republic: 17:00 hours

Canada: 4 p.m.

Honduras: 4:00 p.m.

Nicaragua: 4:00 p.m.

Mexico: 16:00 hours

United States: 14:00 PT/ 17:00 ET

3:52 PMa month ago

Bermuda Statements

Captain Nahki Wells spoke ahead of the match: "We are convinced that Haiti will be the toughest game in our group. They will be a good team, but if we have any chance of topping the group, we have to get a result on Saturday."

He also spoke a little about his future: "Ultimately, I think everything will depend on what I want to do. I'm in a limbo situation, but I'm focused on getting back to preseason and trying to turn things around. That has to be my mentality.

3:47 PMa month ago

Latest Haiti lineup

Josué Duverger; Ricardo Adé, Jeppe Simonsen, Alex Júnior, Garven Metusala; Leverton Pierre, Christiano Francois, Carl Sainté, Wilde-Donald Guerrier; Derrick Etienne, Carnejy Antoine.
3:42 PMa month ago

Last lineup Bermuda

Dale Eve; Dante Leverock, Calon Minors Eusebio Blankendal, Jaylon Bather; Willie Clemons, Reggie Lambe, Milan Butterfield; Zeiko Lewis, Justin Donawa, Nahki Wells.
3:37 PMa month ago

How does Haiti fare?

Haiti arrives more in rhythm, after finishing their participation in the Gold Cup where they did not add any unit, they had a friendly match in March against Guatemala, a match where they lost two goals to one.

3:32 PMa month ago

How is Bermuda coming in?

Bermuda arrives to this match after losing to Haiti four goals to one in the qualification for the Gold Cup in 2021, since then the team has not had any activity, so they have no direction, but they will try to have a good game and get three points in this match.
3:27 PMa month ago

The match will be played at the Bermuda National Stadium.

The Bermuda vs. Haiti match will be played at the Bermuda National Stadium located in Bermuda, Bermuda. The stadium has a capacity for 8,500 people. 
3:22 PMa month ago

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