Highlights and goals: Slovakia 0-5 France in 2022 U-19 European Championship
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1:45 PM12 days ago


Our coverage of the Slovakia vs France match of the U-19 European Championship Group A Matchday 1 comes to an end.

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1:29 PM12 days ago

90+5' End of the match

The match at the Anton Malatinský Stadium is over. GREAT DEBUT FOR FRANCE! 5-0 win over Slovakia to get off on the right foot at the U19 European Championship.
1:28 PM12 days ago

90+4' France had it!

Cisse's shot caught by Baláž.
1:25 PM12 days ago

90' Additional time

Five more minutes will be played in the match.
1:19 PM12 days ago

86' Yellow card

Timotej Jambor was cautioned for Slovakia. The second card of the match, already one in each team.
1:18 PM12 days ago

84' Yellow card

Souleymane Torue was cautioned in France. The first card of the match.
1:12 PM12 days ago

78' Slovakia substituion

Viktor Sliacky replaces Adam Griger.
1:11 PM12 days ago

75' France double substitution

Salim Ben Seghir and Tayrik Arconte replace Ange-Yoan Bonny and Loum Tchaouna.
1:05 PM12 days ago

70' Slovakia substitution

Mário Sauer replaces Garbel Halabrín.
1:00 PM12 days ago

66' France double substitution

Abdoullah Ba and Lamine Cisse replace Alan Virginius and Martin Adeline.
12:59 PM12 days ago

66' Slovakia substitution

Marek Ujlaky replaces Sebastián Kóša.
12:57 PM12 days ago

62' GOOOOAL for France!

ALAN VIRGINIUS AGAIN! The striker scores after Tchaouna attempted a shot inside the box, which ended up being set up for him to reach and head it in.
12:54 PM12 days ago

59' GOOOOAL for France!

ANGE-YOAN BONNY! Second goal for the French striker after receiving a low pass from Tchaouna from the right and finishing in front of the goal between the center-backs.
12:52 PM12 days ago

57' GOOOOOAL for France!

ALAN VIRGINIUS! The striker scores with a shot to the left post, after receiving the pass from Martin Adeline, who had recovered the ball near the area.
12:47 PM12 days ago

52' Francha had it!

Baláž saves! Bonny shot in front of goal, but the Slovakian keeper prevented the third goal for the French.
12:44 PM12 days ago

49' France substitution

Enter Florent Da Silva in place of Warren Bondo, who came off with an injury.
12:41 PM12 days ago

Second half begins

The match restarts. There were two changes for Slovakia with Martin Oravec and Adam Gaži coming on in place of Martin Mišovič and Dominik Hollý.
12:23 PM12 days ago

45+6' End of the first half

The first half of the match ends. France beat Slovakia 2-0 with goals from Loum Tchaouna and Ange-Yoan Bonny.
12:18 PM12 days ago

45' Additional time

Six more minutes will be played in the first half.
12:18 PM12 days ago

45' France missed it!

Adeline broke free from the midfield and entered the box, crossed the ball in front of the goalkeeper, but the pass was awkward for Virginius, who sent the ball over the goal.
12:16 PM12 days ago

44' Slovakia came closer

Artur Gajdoš's shot was deflected by an opponent and went near the right post.
12:13 PM12 days ago

40' Last five minutes

The end of the first half is approaching. France continues to go on the attack, while Slovakia tries to be brave, but every time they pass the halfway line they give their opponents a chance to counter-attack.
12:06 PM12 days ago

34' GOOOOOAL for France!

ANGE-YOAN BONNY! The striker scores after a cross from Virginius on the left.
12:05 PM12 days ago

32' France came close again

Martin Adeline crossed the ball into the box and Ange-Yoan Bonny didn't get there to push it in.
12:03 PM12 days ago

31' France came close!

Good shot by Alan Virginius that went just wide of the left post.
12:00 PM12 days ago

25' Pause for hydrating

The referee grants a moment for the teams to cool down. There is a high temperature now.
11:55 AM12 days ago

20' Slovakia tries to go on the attack

The home team tries to pass the midfield. France manages the ball and seeks to dominate the game from the possession of the ball.
11:49 AM12 days ago

16' GOOOOOAL for France

LOUM TCHAOUNA! The midfielder scores in front of the goal after Brayann Pereira has advanced down the right and sent in a low cross after arriving in the box. The scoreboard opens.
11:47 AM12 days ago

15' First quarter of the match

Everything remains the same so far. The scoreboard does not open.
11:45 AM12 days ago

10' First minutes

It's still a goalless draw for now. We had no clear chances to score during the first few minutes.
11:39 AM12 days ago

5' Slovakia tries

Kóša headed a cross from the right by Gajdoš, but the ball remained in the hands of Lo-Tutala.
11:36 AM12 days ago

4' Slovakia came closer

Gajdoš shot into the box and the ball was deflected by an opponent.
11:32 AM12 days ago

Match starts

The match between Slovakia and France is underway.
11:30 AM12 days ago

Teams on the field

The players of Slovakia and France take the field at the Anton Malatinský Stadium.
11:25 AM12 days ago

Match officials

Referee: Morten Krogh - Denmark

Assistant No.1: Steffen Beck Bramsen - Denmark

Assistant No.2: Turkka Joonas Valjakka - Finland

Fourth Official: Adam Ladebäck - Sweden

11:20 AM12 days ago

All set

In a few moments the teams will take the field at the Anton Malatinský Stadium.
11:15 AM12 days ago

Substitutes - France

16. Yann Lienard (GK), 02. Banhie Zoukrou, 04. Ismaël Doukoure, 09. Salim Ben Seghir, 11. Lamine Cisse, 12. Tayrik Arconte, 15. Florent Da Silva, 17. Abdoullah Ba, 18. Jordan Semedo Varela.
11:10 AM12 days ago

Starting XI - France

| 01. Thimothee Lo-Tutala |
| 19. Brayann Pereira | 20. Ousmane Camara | 05. Souleymane Toure | 03. Jaouen Hadjam |
| 08. Warren Bondo | 06. Martin Adeline | 14. Andy Diouf |
| 07. Alan Virginius | 13. Ange-Yoan Bonny | 10. Loum Tchaouna |

Coach: Landry Chauvin

11:05 AM12 days ago

Substitutes - Slovakia

12. Adam Hrdina (GK), 05. Šimon Mičuda, 07. Dominik Šnajder, 11. Adam Gaži, 13. Marek Ujlaky, 14. Máté Szolgai, 17. Viktor Sliacky, 18. Martin Oravec, 20. Mário Sauer.
11:00 AM12 days ago

Starting XI - Slovakia

| 01. Filip Baláž |
| 19. Samuel Kopásek | 03. Jakub Luka | 06. Sebastián Kóša | 02. Nicolas Šikula |
| 22. Dominik Hollý | 08. Artur Gajdoš | 21. Gabriel Halabrín |
| 16. Adam Griger | 10. Timotej Jambor | 15. Martin Mišovič |

Coach: Albert Rusnák

10:55 AM12 days ago

Welcome back

We are now ready to bring you the action from this match between Slovakia and France, which opens the final phase of the European Under 19 Championship.
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Tune in here Slovakia vs France Live Score!

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for the Slovakia vs France live match, as well as the latest information from the Anton Malatinský Stadium. Do not miss a detail of the match live updates and commentaries of VAVEL coverage.
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How to watch Slovakia vs France Live Stream on TV and Online?

The Slovakia vs France match will not be broadcast live on television.

If you want to watch it directly by streaming: ViX

If you want to watch it online, VAVEL USA is your best option.

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What time is Slovakia vs France match for U-19 European Championship?

This is the start time of the game Slovakia vs France of June 18th 2022 in several countries:

Argentina: 12:30 PM
Bolivia: 11:30 AM
Brazil: 12:30 PM
Chile: 11:30 AM
Colombia: 10:30 AM
Ecuador: 10:30 AM
USA (ET): 11:30 AM on ViX
Spain: 5:30 PM
Mexico: 10:30 AM
Paraguay: 11:30 AM
Peru: 10:30 AM
Uruguay: 12:30 PM

10:35 AM12 days ago

Key player - France

In France, the presence of Mohamed-Ali Cho stands out. The Angers attacker is one of the important players of the squad for his contribution in the qualifying phase where he scored two goals, and in the season he scored four goals for his club.
10:30 AM12 days ago

Key player - Slovakia

In Slovakia, the presence of Timotej Jambor stands out. The Zilina striker has made good progress during the last season in which he started playing in the second team and was promoted. He scored four goals in both teams and was one of the stars of the U19 team in the UEFA Youth League with five goals.
10:25 AM12 days ago

Slovakia vs France history

These two teams have met twice, talking about the U19 European Championship. The statistics are even, due to the fact that each team has won one match.

The first time they met, it was in the 2006-07 season, with victory for the Slovaks 1-0, while the other duel was in the 2010-11 season, with victory for the French 2-0.

10:20 AM12 days ago

Preview of the match

Slovakia booked its ticket to the tournament by being the host. However, despite being underdogs, they are hoping to have a good campaign, surprise everyone and improve on their third place finish in 2002.

For its part, France earned its ticket to the finals of the championship after finishing first in Group 7 of the qualifying phase, beating Serbia, Albania and North Macedonia. They will undoubtedly start as favorites and will try to win their fourth championship, after the titles won in 2005, 2010 and 2016.

10:15 AM12 days ago

Group A

Group A of the U19 European Championship is made up of:
  • Slovakia
  • France
  • Italy
  • Romania
10:10 AM12 days ago

The match will be played at the Anton Malatinský Stadium

The match Slovakia vs France will be played at the Anton Malatinský Stadium, located in the city of Trnava, Slovakia. This venue, inaugurated in 2013, has a capacity of 19,200 spectators.
10:05 AM12 days ago

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