Goals and Highlights: Lithuania 1-1 Faroe Island in Nations League
Lithuanian in a Nations League matc // Source: Lithuania National Football Team


4:44 PM13 days ago

93'|Game end

The match ends in Vilnius. A share of points that is of no use to Lithuania. Breu's team will fight for relegation from the C league of the Nations League.
4:39 PM13 days ago

93'|Novikovas had it

The home team had a chance. Novikovas shot with his left foot but had no luck. Time is running out for Lithuania
4:36 PM13 days ago

90'|Three minutes of added time

We reached the 90th minute. Three extra minutes. We will go to the 93rd minute
4:34 PM13 days ago

87'|Faroe Islands in no hurry

The visitors would be staying if they hold on to this result. Lithuania can't get close to their opponents' goal, as they don't even have possession of the ball.
4:24 PM13 days ago

75'| Both grope each other

Both teams are testing each other. There are fifteen minutes left and neither wants to take any risks, although Lithuania needs to win to have a chance of staying in the game.
4:13 PM13 days ago

67' Olsen did not arrive

Bjartalío's cross was very dangerous but the striker failed to finish the ball. Still 1-1
4:07 PM13 days ago

60'|At the meeting time

Little has happened in these fifteen minutes of the second half. Neither side is taking any risks. Lithuania is in charge of the ball possession.
4:01 PM13 days ago

56'|Yellow card to Lasickas

Yellow card to Lasickas. The Lithuanian player is shown the yellow card for bringing down an opponent.
3:55 PM13 days ago

46'|Second half begins

The last 45 minutes start. Lithuania must win to have a chance to stay in the C league of the Nations League. A draw is enough for the Faroe Islands to stay in the league.
3:36 PM13 days ago


The first half ends. Lithuania managed to equalize, thanks to Slivka, with that play that had to be reviewed by the VAR. The score is 1-1 in Vilnius
3:33 PM13 days ago

47'|Bartkus saved

Once again Bjartalío, now with a header, makes the local goalkeeper stretch to stop the ball that was very dangerous. Very intense minutes...
3:32 PM13 days ago


We have reached the 45th minute. Four minutes are added
3:31 PM13 days ago

44'| It's goooool

Goooool by Slivka. Now the VAR confirms it. Lithuania equalize. Breu's team has improved a lot during this half.
3:29 PM13 days ago

41'|VAR review

Goal by Slivka. Lithuania's goal. The midfielder took a rebound and controlled perfectly inside the area to finish in a strange way, touching something with the outside of the foot, but finally gets the goal. The linesman raises the flag. It is offside. Check the VAR
3:20 PM13 days ago

32'|Lithuanian forward pass

The Lithuanians have taken a step forward and cut off the attacks that the visitors were having. They have not yet managed to create danger in Nielsen's goal.
3:09 PM13 days ago

22'|Andreasen goal

Faroe Islands goal. What a ball from Bjartalío from the right flank, from a free kick, for Andreasen to just head past the goalkeeper.
3:06 PM13 days ago

19'|Bjartalío out

First shot of the match. The shot is favorable for the visitors. Bjartalío shot after entering the area but it goes too high.
2:59 PM13 days ago

12'|Quiet game

Nothing important happened in the match. Ericson's team started controlling the ball but Lithuania has loosened that start.
2:48 PM13 days ago

0'|Meeting begins

The match kicks off in Vilnius. Faroe Islands are already attacking Breu's team. Let's see what the match has in store
2:42 PM13 days ago

The players take the field

The anthems of both teams are played. The players are already on the field. It will start soon.
2:38 PM13 days ago

Faroe Islands line-up

For his part, Ericson has chosen his eleven for this match. This will be the starting eleven:Nielsen, Sorensen, Askham, Vatnhamar, Davidsen, Bjartalío, Andreasen, Joensen, M. Olsen, Edmundsson and K. Olsen
2:36 PM13 days ago

Lithuania lineup

Breu has already selected his starting eleven. Bartkus, Mikoliunas, Girdvainis, Klimavicius, Barauskas, Lasickas, Slivka, Megelaitis, Golubickas, Novikovas and Cernych.
2:31 PM13 days ago

We already have the line-ups

Fifteen minutes to go until kick-off and both coaches have already selected their starting line-ups. Let's start with the Lithuanian lineup 
2:13 PM13 days ago

Next match

Lithuania will face Luxembourg in their next match. For their part, Faroe Islands will play at their home stadium against Turkey. 
2:13 PM13 days ago


The match between Lithuania vs Faroe Islands will be played in Vilnius at the LFF stadionas. The stadium has a capacity of over 9,100 people.
2:13 PM13 days ago

Referee of the match

Thorarinsson is the referee for this UEFA Nations League League C match between Lithuania and Faroe Islands.
2:05 PM13 days ago

Who will win?

Less than an hour to go until the match between Lithuania vs Faroe Islands. Who will win the match between Lithuania vs Faroe Islands?
2:05 PM13 days ago

They are already at the stadium

Both teams arrived at the stadium a short while ago. They will soon go out to warm up for the match.
2:03 PM13 days ago

We are here

Hello again. We are back to report on the match between Lithuania vs Faroe Islands. Follow the online broadcast of this match on VAVEL. 
7:51 PM14 days ago

Stay tuned for a live coverage of Lithuania vs Faroe Islands

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for Lithuania vs Faroe Islands live, as well as the latest information coming out of Lithuania. Stay tuned to VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online coverage of the match.
7:46 PM14 days ago

Possible Faroe Islands line-up

For his part, Ericson may line up with the following eleven to face Lithuania. Nielsen, Sorensen, Vatnsdal, Nattestad, Davidsen, Olsen, Joensen, Vatnhamar, Hansson, Bjartalío and Olsen. 
7:41 PM14 days ago

Possible Lithuanian lineup

Breu may field the following eleven to face Faroe Islands. Bartkus, Baravykas, Girdvainis, Klimavicius, Barauskas, Milasius, Golubickas, Megelaitis, Uzela, Lasickas and Cernych. 
7:36 PM14 days ago

Match Schedule

This is the start time of the game Lithuania vs Feroe Island of 23rd September 2022 in several countries:

Argentina: 16:45 PM,
Bolivia: 16:45 PM.
Brasil: 16:45 PM.
Chile: 15:45 PM.
Colombia: 14:45 PM.
Ecuador: 14:45 PM.
USA (ET): 14:45 PM.
Spain: 20:45 PM,
Mexico: 13:45 PM.
Paraguay: 16:45 PM.
Peru: 16:45 PM.
Uruguay: 16:45 PM.
Venezuela: 15:45 PM.

7:31 PM14 days ago

Where to watch

The match between Lithuania vs Faroe Islands can be seen on UEFA TV channel at 20.45. In addition, if you want to follow the match online, you can keep up to date with what is happening in the match and the score on VAVEL
7:26 PM14 days ago

History between them

These teams have met a total of ten times. Lithuania has won the most games in these encounters. On seven occasions they have beaten the Faroe Islands, who have only won two matches. In one match they have played to a draw. The last match between them was on matchday 3 of League C of the UEFA Nations League. The match was played in Tórsvollur, where Ericson's side won by the narrowest of margins, 2-1.
7:21 PM14 days ago

Breu's statement

"We are looking forward to the match, I am happy that everyone is ready. We have had intense training and good recovery in the last few days, I think we are well prepared. My goal is always to win the game, I would like to have six points after two games, but everyone knows how things have been in recent years and especially in the last four games, so someone might think that a draw can be a success." 
Breu at the press conference // Source: Lithuanian National Football Team
Breu at the press conference // Source: Lithuanian National Football Team
7:16 PM14 days ago

Group C1 Nations League

With two matches remaining in Group 1 of the UEFA Nations League C, Turkey leads the way in first place with 12 points and a clean sweep of wins. With a draw, they would be promoted to League B of this competition. Their chaser is Luxembourg with 7 points, where they still have to face Turkey and Lithuania. In third place is the Faroe Islands, who, with a draw against Lithuania, the last-placed team, will secure third place. 
7:11 PM14 days ago

Faroe Islands' last game

Ericson's side are coming off a draw away to Luxembourg. The Faroe Islands were able to equalize in a match that had gone against them when Rodrigues and Barreiro scored. But Bjartalío's double was enough to secure a point, which virtually assures them of staying in League C of the Nations League. 
7:06 PM14 days ago

Last match of Lithuania

Lithuania lost in their last match against Turkey by 2-0. The Turks took the lead in the first 45 minutes, with Ayhan's goal in the 37th minute. The visitors tried to react but the absolute control of the Turks made that in the 54th minute, Calhanoglu, from the penalty spot, scored a penalty to annihilate the Lithuanians. With ten minutes left, Ünder missed another penalty that Bartkus saved. 
7:01 PM14 days ago

Welcome to VAVEL

Welcome to the online broadcast of Lithuania vs Faroe Islands this Friday, September 23 at 20.45 Spanish time. The match corresponds to a new round of friendly matches. Follow the online broadcast and all the information about both teams on VAVEL