Goal and Highlights: North Macedonia 0-1 Bulgaria in UEFA Nations League


3:45 PMa year ago

End of transmission

Thank you very much for joining us for the UEFA Nations League 2022 North Macedonia vs Bulgaria. Follow the sports information on VAVEL.com.
3:41 PMa year ago


End of the match.
3:40 PMa year ago


Bulgaria substitution

In: Ivan Yordanov

Off: Kiril Despodov

3:37 PMa year ago


Corner for Macedonia.
3:37 PMa year ago


Change in Bulgaria

In: Georgi Rusev

Out: Radoslav Kirilov

3:36 PMa year ago


Yellow cards for Radoslav Kirilov (Bulgaria) and Enis Bardhi (Macedonia).
3:31 PMa year ago


Change in Macedonia

In: Dorian Babunski

Out: Stefan Ashkovski

3:30 PMa year ago


Bulgaria substitution

In: Yoan Stoyanov

Off: Viktor Popov

3:29 PMa year ago


Valentin Antov (Bulgaria) commits a foul on Eljif Elmas (Macedonia).
3:28 PMa year ago


Yellow card for Filip Krastev (Bulgaria).
3:27 PMa year ago


Foul by Filip Krastev (Bulgaria) on Enis Bardhi (Macedonia).
3:26 PMa year ago


Offside of Bulgaria.
3:19 PMa year ago


Viktor Popov (Bulgaria) right footed shot from the right side of the box misses to the left side of the goal.
3:17 PMa year ago


Enis Bardhi (Macedonia) is fouled by Radoslav Kirilov (Bulgaria).
3:16 PMa year ago


Visar Musliu (Macedonia) header from the center of the box misses the top left corner.
3:15 PMa year ago


Changes in Macedonia:

In: Stefan Spirovski and Ljupcho Doriev

In: Bojan Miovski and Milan Ristovski

3:05 PMa year ago


Anton Nedyalkov (Bulgaria) header from the right side of the box is blocked.
3:04 PMa year ago


Corner for Bulgaria.
3:03 PMa year ago


Foul by Nikola Iliev (Bulgaria) on Eljif Elmas (Macedonia).
3:02 PMa year ago


GOOOOOOOOOOOOOL FOR BULGARIA, Kiril Despodov is in charge of opening the scoring with a right-footed shot that goes straight into the center of the goal after a great counterattack that leaves Macedonia without defense.
2:58 PMa year ago


Changes in Bulgaria

In: Nikola Iliev and Filip Krastev

In: Yanis Karabelyov and Iliyan Stefanov

2:55 PMa year ago

Second part

The second half begins!
2:33 PMa year ago


End of the first half.
2:31 PMa year ago


Egzon Bejtulai (Macedonia) header from the center of the box misses the top right corner.
2:30 PMa year ago


Corner for Macedonia.
2:29 PMa year ago


Ilia Gruev (Bulgaria) is shown the yellow card for a foul on Enis Bardhi (Macedonia).
2:28 PMa year ago


Offside of Bulgaria.
2:27 PMa year ago


Kiril Despodov (Bulgaria) right footed shot from the edge of the box misses to the right side of the goal, close, to the right corner.
2:26 PMa year ago


Ezgjan Alioski (Macedonia) left footed shot from the edge of the box is blocked.
2:22 PMa year ago


Bojan Miovski (Macedonia) is shown the yellow card for a foul on Anton Nedyalkov (Bulgaria).
2:20 PMa year ago


Milan Ristovski (Macedonia) right footed shot from the edge of the box is saved in the top corner.
2:15 PMa year ago


Change in Macedonia

In: Stefan Ashkovski

Out: Aleksandar Trajkovski

2:12 PMa year ago


Yellow card to Iliyan Stefanov (Bulgaria) for a bad foul on Visar Musliu (Macedonia).
2:11 PMa year ago


Red card to Todor Todorski (Macedonia) for a foul on Marin Petkov (Bulgaria)!
2:08 PMa year ago


Foul by Todor Todoroski (Macedonia) on Iliyn Stefanov (Bulgaria).
2:08 PMa year ago


Milan Ristovski (Macedonia) right footed shot from the edge of the box is blocked.
2:03 PMa year ago


Yanis Karabelyov (Bulgaria) is fouled by Aleksandar Trajkovski (Macedonia).
1:56 PMa year ago


Foul by Visar Musliu (Macedonia) on Kiril Despodov (Bulgaria).
1:56 PMa year ago


Yellow card for Marin Petkov (Bulgaria) for a foul on Todor Todoroski (Macedonia).
1:46 PMa year ago

Start of the match

Match starts at the Tose Proeski Arena!
1:45 PMa year ago

Field trip

The teams take the field to begin the ceremonial acts.
1:41 PMa year ago


Both teams are facing each other in the last day of the group stage in Nations League. With today's results between Macedonia and Bulgaria and Georgia and Gibraltar, it will be known who will be promoted and who will be relegated.
1:30 PMa year ago

Arrival at the stadium

Both teams are in the stadium warming up for the match.
1:29 PMa year ago


Both teams are very evenly matched, however, by results, Macedonia is a little better and could be the winner of the match.
1:26 PMa year ago


The designated referee for this match is Julian Weinberger.
1:14 PMa year ago

Lineup - Bulgaria

Daniel Naumov; Anton Nedyalkov, Valentin Antov, Plamen Galabov, Viktor Popov; Ilia Gruev, Iliyan Stefanov, Yanis Karabelyov, Marin Petkov; Radoslav Kirilov, Kiril Despodov. D. T.: Mladen Krstajic.
1:11 PMa year ago

Lineup - North Macedonia

Stole Dimitrievski; Todor Todoroski, Visar Musliu, Gjoko Zajkov, Egszon Bejtulai; Ezgjan Alioski, Eljif Elmas, Aleksandr Trajkovski; Milan Ristovski, Bojan Miovski. D. T.: Blagoja Milevski.
1:07 PMa year ago

45 minutes to go!

In 45 minutes the match will start at Tose Proeski Arena. Both teams have already confirmed their lineups.
11:50 PMa year ago

Tune in here North Macedonia vs Bulgaria Live Score!

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for the Macedonia vs Bulgaria match, as well as the latest information from the Tose Proeski Arena. Don't miss a single detail of the match update and commentary from VAVEL's coverage.
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If you want to watch the North Macedonia vs Bulgaria match on TV, your option is: Star+.
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If you want to watch it online VAVEL is your best option.

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What time is North Macedonia vs Bulgaria match for UEFA Nations League?

This is the kickoff time for the Macedonia vs Bulgaria match on September 26, 2022 in several countries:
Argentina: 3:45 PM on Star+

Bolivia: 2:45 PM on Star+

Brazil: 3:45 PM on Star+

Chile: 2:45 PM on Star+

Colombia: 1:45 PM on Star+

Ecuador: 1:45 PM on Star +

USA (ET): 2:45 PM on Fubo TV

Mexico: 1:45 PM on Blue To Go

Paraguay: 2:45 PM on Star +

Peru: 1:45 PM on Star +

Uruguay: 3:45 PM on Star +

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Key player - Bulgaria

In Bulgaria there is a man with a thirst for goals, a predator, a man who gives everything for his national team and his team, Ludogorets. His name is Kiril Despodov, and in the current Nations League, he has accumulated two goals in four games with 100% shooting accuracy.
11:30 PMa year ago

Key player - Macedonia

Among the men who make up the Macedonian squad is Enis Bardhi, a jewel of the Turkish team, Trabzonspor. Sadly, they lost their place in the Champions League, but Bardhi has a lot to prove in his national team, so much so that he has already scored two goals in these five rounds.
11:25 PMa year ago


Bulgaria are in a similar situation where draws have been their salvation. They have three draws, one win and one loss in the current UEFA Nations League. They have six points, which leaves them behind Macedonia in third place in the table.
11:20 PMa year ago


The locals have had an irregular season in the tournament. They have two wins, two defeats and a draw, which have earned them seven points, keeping them in second place just behind Georgia, which has 13 points and is the group leader.
11:15 PMa year ago


The stadium designated for this match is the Tose Proeski Arena in the city of Skopje in Macedonia. It was built in 1947 and was originally named Gradski Stadion Skopje. In 2008, its name changed again and it was renamed Filip II, in honor of Alexander the Great's son. That year, it also had a remodeling. In 2019, it was renamed as it is known today: Tose Proeski Arena, in honor of a musician from the region. It has a capacity of 36,400 spectators and is also a multi-purpose arena.

11:10 PMa year ago

UEFA Nations League

This tournament started in 2018 and is played every two years on FIFA international dates. Its format consists of levels, that is, there are four leagues (A, B, C and D) and each one has four groups except D which has two groups: one of four teams and another of three. These leagues are formed according to the level of their teams, with A being the highest level and D the lowest. The winners of categories B, C and D are promoted to the next edition and those who lose in each category are relegated. In total, there are 55 selections.
11:05 PMa year ago

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