Goals and Summary of Ludogorets 2-0 HJK in UEGA Europa League
Image: HJK


2:02 PM4 months ago


3:55 PM4 months ago


The match Ludogorets 2-0 HJK is over.
3:40 PM4 months ago


Last minutes of the match Ludogorest is taking the 3 points and is in the second position.
3:34 PM4 months ago


The intensity of the game drops and the home team gets closer to victory.
3:30 PM4 months ago


Ludogorest makes changes to finish controlling this match.
3:22 PM4 months ago


Ludogorest's second goal is scored by the hosts
3:22 PM4 months ago


With this score ludogorest would be moving up to the second place, 3 very important points that the locals are getting at the moment.
3:15 PM4 months ago


Ludogorest tries to score the second goal to give them more peace of mind but HJK defends in a great way.
3:11 PM4 months ago


HJK makes changes to try to tie the match.
3:06 PM4 months ago


HJK starts this second half with more intensity in the search for an equalizer.
3:03 PM4 months ago


The second half begins.
2:48 PM4 months ago


Halftime: Ludogorest 1-0 HJK
2:43 PM4 months ago


The home team's goal was the first score of the match.
2:38 PM4 months ago


In the last minutes of the first half, everything indicates that we will go to the break with a draw.
2:32 PM4 months ago


HJK has many complications when attacking.
2:28 PM4 months ago


The locals are getting closer and closer to the first goal of the match.
2:24 PM4 months ago


HJK has had no shots on goal, a great moment for the home team's defense.
2:17 PM4 months ago


The teams have not yet managed to hurt each other, with very little activity from either team.
2:12 PM4 months ago


HJK is gradually trying to generate danger.
2:08 PM4 months ago


Ludogorest is already dominating at the start of the match.
2:02 PM4 months ago


The start of the match was very tight, with both teams fighting hard for the ball.
2:00 PM4 months ago


The match between Ludogorest and HJK kicks off.
1:50 PM4 months ago

All ready

All set for kick-off, the players are in the tunnel just minutes away from taking the field for yet another UEFA Europa League match.
1:45 PM4 months ago

End of warm-up

The warm-up is over and the players enter the dressing room for the final talk before the kick-off, with less than 20 minutes to go before kick-off.
1:40 PM4 months ago

Great Entrance

The Ludogorets Stadium was a great place to be, the fans did not abandon their teams and the stadium was almost full 30 minutes before kick-off.
1:35 PM4 months ago

Lineup Ludogorets

This is the lineup of the locals:

1:30 PM4 months ago

Already warming up

The two teams are warming up and beginning to prepare for the start of the match, two teams in need of points and to continue to transcend in the competition.
1:25 PM4 months ago

Lineup HJK Helsinki

This is HJK's lineup:

1:20 PM4 months ago

Ya están en el estadio

The two teams are already in the stadium and are getting ready to warm up in the dressing room, while others are already on the field.
1:15 PM4 months ago


Fans are slowly beginning to arrive at the Ludogorest Stadium, a large entry is expected for this UEFA Europa League match.
1:10 PM4 months ago

Stay tuned to follow Ludogorets vs HJK Helsinki live online in UEFA Europa League match day 4.

In a few moments we will share with you the Ludogorets vs HJK Helsinki live starting lineups, as well as the latest information from the Ludogorets Stadium. Keep an eye on the action with VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online coverage.
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How group C looks like

Here's what Group C looks like ahead of Match day 4 of the UEFA Europa League.

1:00 PM4 months ago

Where and how to watch Ludogorets vs HJK Helsinki live online in UEFA Europa League Match day 4?

The Ludogorets vs HJK Helsinki match will be broadcast on ESPN on television.

It can be tuned in from the live channels and streams on Star+.

If you want to watch the match live online, VAVEL Mexico is your best option.

12:55 PM4 months ago

Key players

These are the players to watch for this match, two strikers with great goalscoring vision and who will undoubtedly be fundamental tomorrow for their teams' aspirations to get the three points.

12:50 PM4 months ago

Ludogorets Stadium

It is a very small stadium home of Ludogorets, has a capacity for 10 thousand spectators and was inaugurated in 1954, will be the scene where this match will be played on day 4 of the European competition between Ludogorets and HJK Helsink.

12:45 PM4 months ago


Neither team has any injured or suspended players, so they will be able to count on a full squad for this UEFA Europa League Group C match day 4 fixture.
12:40 PM4 months ago


Only once have these two teams met and it was in this edition, it was on October 6 and the score ended tied at one goal, a very close and complicated encounter for both teams that had to settle for a point.
12:35 PM4 months ago


The referee will be Kristo Tohver, who will have a difficult job in a match that looks interesting in this UEFA Europa League.
12:30 PM4 months ago

How does HJK Helsink arrive?

On the other hand, HJK arrives with a very different panorama, in last place with one point and a record of one draw and two defeats, a team that has struggled at the start of the Europa League and that looks difficult to continue adding points and aspire to qualify for the next round.
12:25 PM4 months ago

How does Ludogorets arrive?

Ludogorets will come into this match in second place with 4 points and a record of one game won, one drawn and one lost, for them it is important to win the next match to get away from Roma who is in 3rd place and be more calm in the second position of group C.
12:20 PM4 months ago

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