Goals and Highlights: Mexico 1-2 Colombia in U-17 World Cup India 2022
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Thank you for following the game between Mexico and Colombia, where Mexico's women's team has been eliminated from the U-17 Women's World Cup.
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Add 5 more minutes.
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Soto's shot goes wide.
7:38 AMa month ago


Colín with a mid-range shot that goes over the top.
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Soto hits with power and finds a defensive deflection off Caicedo for the 1-2.

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Sirdah enters and Espinoza comes out, Mexico changes.
7:23 AMa month ago



Caicedo with the definition inside the area pumping the goalkeeper for the 2-0.

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Viancha enters and Quintero comes out, Colombia changes.
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The game is stopped because it is time for rehydration.
7:08 AMa month ago


Vargas' shot from half distance goes wide.
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Guijarro enters and Lopez leaves, Mexico changes.
6:58 AMa month ago


Servín's header when he had the equalizer and goes wide.
6:53 AMa month ago


Maria Correa of Colombia has been cautioned.
6:48 AMa month ago


Caicedo's cross and Rodriguez's shot goes wide.
6:43 AMa month ago


Grace and Lopez enter

Mendoza and Fong come out

Mexico changes.

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The second half begins between Mexico and Colombia.
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Espinoza of Mexico has been cautioned.
6:23 AMa month ago


Soto's mid-range shot goes wide.
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Correa's left-footed shot from outside the area goes over the top.
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Add 4 more minutes.
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Ortegón with a shot from outside the area that puts it in the corner and scores the first goal of the match.

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Vargas's shot that reaches the goalkeeper. Mexico with more intention but without much idea.
5:53 AMa month ago


A Mexican foul is called and sanctioned by the referee.
5:48 AMa month ago


The game is stopped because it is time for rehydration.
5:43 AMa month ago


Juana Ortegon's header goes over the top of the goal.
5:38 AMa month ago


Rodriguez of Colombia has been cautioned.
5:33 AMa month ago


Mexico's free kick falls just short of the near post and is blocked by the Cafetero defense.
5:28 AMa month ago


Vargas' shot from half distance goes over the top of the goal.
5:23 AMa month ago


Mexico's corner kick is turned away by the Colombian defense.
5:18 AMa month ago


The game between Mexico and Colombia begins.
5:13 AMa month ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from the start of the game between Mexico Women and Colombia for the U-17 World Cup.
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Mexico substitutes

1 C. López

6 J. López

13 L. Omholt

14 D. Meza

15 G. Pineda

16 E. Martínez

17 L. Sirdah

18 K. Guijarro

20 S. Jiménez

5:03 AMa month ago

XI Mexico

12 R. Cota, 5 G. Espinoza, 3 A. Mendoza, 4 J. Colin, 2 M. Fong, 10 A. Soto, 8 F. Servín, 11 V. Vargas, 19 A. Saldívar, 9 T. Flores, 7 M. Flores
4:58 AMa month ago

Colombia substitutes

12 J. Ospina

21 C. Chuquen

14 F. Viáfara

15 D. Beltrán

6. E. Agudelo

7. L. Garavito

19. E. Gómez

17 S. Patiño

20 K. Viancha

4:53 AMa month ago

XI Colombia

1 Luisa Agudelo, 13 Ana María Guzmán, 3 Cristina Motta, 2 Mary José Álvarez, 4 Camila Correa, 16 Juana Ortegón, 8 Natalia Hernández, 9 Yésica Muñoz, 10 Gabriela Rodríguez, 11 Linda Caicedo, 18 Oriana Quintero.
4:48 AMa month ago

They wear white

Mexico announced that this day it will not wear the traditional green, white and red, but will wear white, with its second outfit.
4:43 AMa month ago

Defined rivals

The teams that have already qualified to the next round are: United States, Nigeria, Brazil and Germany to the Quarterfinals of the U-17 Women's World Cup.
4:38 AMa month ago

At the same time

It is important to remember that at the same time as our match, Spain vs. China will be taking place, where the winner will be advancing to the next round.
4:33 AMa month ago

All or nothing

Mexico needs a victory to depend on itself to advance to the next round, so they will have to play a match similar to the one they played against Spain in order to get the 3 points.
4:28 AMa month ago


Mexico and Colombia will be playing for their place in the next round when they meet this Tuesday in the closing match of the group stage in India. We begin with VAVEL's coverage of the game.
4:23 AMa month ago

Tune in here Mexico vs Colombia Live Score in U-17 World Cup India 2022

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What time is Mexico vs Colombia match for U-17 World Cup India 2022?

This is the start time of the game Mexico vs Colombia of October 18th in several countries:

Argentina: 8:00 AM to be confirmed

Bolivia: 7:00 AM to be confirmed

Brazil: 8:00 AM to be confirmed

Chile: 8:00 AM to be confirmed

Colombia: 6:00 AM to be confirmed

Ecuador: 6:00 AM to be confirmed

United States (ET): 7:00 AM on ESPN and ESPN +

Spain: 1:00 PM

Mexico: 6:00 AM on Canal 9, A+, TUDN and ViX

Paraguay: 8:00 AM to be confirmed

Peru: 6:00 AM to be confirmed

Uruguay: 8:00 AM to be confirmed

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How is Group C of the U-17 World Cup India 2022 going?

Colombia | 3 points | + 1

Mexico | 3 points | 0

Spain | 3 points | 0

China | 3 points | - 1

4:08 AMa month ago

Key Player Colombia

The performance of striker Linda Caicedo, who became the heroine of the Colombian team by scoring a brace against the Asians, will be looking to keep the goal-scoring momentum going to seal their place in the next round.
4:03 AMa month ago

Key player Mexico

Although Tatiana Flores has not scored a goal, her experience and quality from playing in Europe is evident and she has been the axis to give balance to the offense, so she will be the player to watch for this match.
Image: Agency
Image: Agency
3:58 AMa month ago

Last lineup Colombia

1 L. Muñoz 4 M. Correa, 3 C. Mottta, 5 S. Perlaza, 13 A. Zapata, 10 G. Rodríguez, 2 M. Álvarez, 10 J. Ortegon, 18 O. Quintero, 9 Y. Muñoz, 11 L. Caicedo.
3:53 AMa month ago

Last lineup Mexico

12 R. Cota, 5 G. Espinoza Parra, 3 A. Mendoza, 4 N. Colin, 2 M. Fong, 10 A. Soto, 8 F. Servín, 11 V. Vargas, 19 A. Saldívar, 9 T. Flores 7 M. Flores.
3:48 AMa month ago

Pleased with her pupils

Ana Galindo at the end of the game against Spain applauded her girls for their great performance and especially for taking the ball away from the Iberian team.

"First, I am very proud of the team, what they did today on the field is the team we always want to see, fighting for every ball, playing soccer, proposing, taking the ball away from Spain, which we know is a team that plays the ball very well, that at times complicated us, but we were able to contain their attacks and reach the opponent's goal," she said.

3:43 AMa month ago

Colombia: with their sights set on the Round of 16

The same case of Colombia for this match, since they started with a defeat against Spain but beat China and, due to the goal difference, a win or a draw would put them in the next round, so they will have to do what they did, especially in the last match.
3:38 AMa month ago

Mexico: the last call

The Mexican National Soccer Team started off on the wrong foot, losing against China, but they recovered in the last match and with a great game, especially in the second half, they defeated Spain to stay alive in the tournament. Mexico has in its hands to advance as long as it wins. With a draw, they would have to wait for Spain and China to equalize with the same score and defeat would leave them out of the tournament.
3:33 AMa month ago

The Kick-off

The Mexico vs Colombia match will be played at the Fatorda Stadium, in Margao, India. The kick-off is scheduled at 7:00 am ET.
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