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Our coverage of the Fenerbahce vs Rayo Vallecano friendly match comes to an end.

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1:57 PMa year ago

90+4' End of the match

The match is over! Fenerbahce won! 3-1 victory over Rayo Vallecano in this friendly match.
1:55 PMa year ago

90' Additional time

Four minutes were added to the match.
1:54 PMa year ago

88' Fenerbahce double substitution

Yusuf Kocatürk and Yigit Demir replace Diego Rossi and Attila Szalai.
1:53 PMa year ago

83' GOOOOOOAL for Rayo Vallecano

FERDI KADIOGLU! The left-back arrived in the box and scored the Turkish team's third goal of the match with a shot into the center of the goal.
1:50 PMa year ago

80' Rayo Vallecano had it!

The Spanish team had three chances to score! Randy Nteka twice and then Pep Chavarría, but none could score.
1:46 PMa year ago

79' Yellow card

Abdul Mumin was cautioned for Rayo Vallecano.
1:44 PMa year ago

76' GOOOOOAL for Fenerbahce

JOSHUA KING! The striker scores the second goal of the match with a shot in the box after a cross from Ismail Yüksek.
1:43 PMa year ago

72' Rayo Vallecano substiution

Catena replaces Abdul Mumin.
1:37 PMa year ago

71' GOOOOOAL for Fenerbahce

BRIGHT OSAYI-SAMUEL! He scores from the penalty spot with a shot to the right side of the goal.
1:35 PMa year ago

70' Fenerbahce substitution

Çagtay Kurukalip replaces João Pedro due to injury.
1:34 PMa year ago

68' Penalty for Fenerbahce

João Pedro was fouled in the area and the referee did not hesitate to award a penalty.
1:32 PMa year ago

64' Five substitutions in Rayo Vallecano

José Ángel Pozo, Álvaro García, Mario Suárez, Pep Chavarría, and Iván Balliu replace Mario Hernández, Francisco García, Óscar Valentin, Bebé, and Unai López.
1:28 PMa year ago

60' Fenerbahce double substitution

Mert Hakan Yandas and João Pedro replace Serdar Dursun and Irfan Kahveci.
1:25 PMa year ago

58' Yellow card

Attila Szalai was cautioned for Fenerbahce.
1:22 PMa year ago

55' Yellow card

Santi Comesaña was cautioned for Rayo Vallecano.
1:17 PMa year ago

51' Rayo Vallecano substitution

Florian Lejeune has to leave the field due to injury. He is replaced by Esteban Saveljich.
1:11 PMa year ago

47' Rayo Vallecano came closer

Randy Nteka had a chance! He shot after a pass from Unai Lopez and Altay Bayindir appeared to prevent the second goal.
1:08 PMa year ago

Second half begins

The match restarted with four changes in Rayo Vallecano. There was a change of goalkeeper with the entry of Miguel Ángel Morro in place of Diego López; also entered Santi Comesaña, Randy Nteka and Andrés Martin in place of Isi Palazón, Raúl De Tomas and Óscar Trejo. Fenerbahce brought on Joshua King, Ferdi Kadioglu, Miha Zajc, Mauricio Lemos, Ismail Yüksek in place of Lincoln, Ezgjan Alioski, Miguel Crespo, Serdar Aziz and Willian Arao.

12:49 PMa year ago

45+2' End of the first half

The first half of the match ends. Partial victory of Rayo Vallecano against Fenerbahce.
12:49 PMa year ago

45' Additional time

One more minute will be played in the first half.
12:48 PMa year ago

40' Ball to the post, Fenerbahce had it!

Lincoln's shot from a free kick, but the left post denied Fenerbahce the equalizer.
12:47 PMa year ago

37' Fenerbahce came closer!

Another save by Diego López! This time from a shot by Diego Rossi.
12:46 PMa year ago

34' Fenerbahce came closer

Miguel Crespo's shot demanded Diego López. Good intervention by the Spanish goalkeeper.
12:37 PMa year ago

32' Yellow card

Unai López was cautioned for Rayo Vallecano.
12:32 PMa year ago

29' Fenerbahce came closer

Attila Szalai's shot went wide.
12:30 PMa year ago

24' Yellow card

Miguel Crespo was cautioned for Fenerbahce.
12:27 PMa year ago

22' GOOOOAL for Rayo Vallecano

The striker scores after being set up by Oscar Valentin.
12:25 PMa year ago

21' Rayo Vallecano came closer

Bebé's shot went wide. The match is still 0-0.
12:24 PMa year ago

18' Fenerbahce came closer

Attila Szalai's shot that demanded Diego López. Rayo Vallecano is saved.
12:19 PMa year ago

15' First quarter of the match

First 15 minutes of the game. Still no scores.
12:18 PMa year ago

10' Still no score

At the moment, it is very difficult to evaluate the match. We still have no shots on goal.
12:11 PMa year ago

5' First minutes

The scoreboard does not open for now in the match. There are no dangerous approaches to the goal either. 0-0.
12:06 PMa year ago

Match starts

The match between Fenerbahce and Rayo Vallecano is underway.
12:05 PMa year ago

Teams ready

12:04 PMa year ago

Substitutes - Rayo Vallecano

01. Stole Dimitrievski (GK), 30. Miguel Ángel Morro (GK), 04. Mario Suárez, 05. Alejandro Catena, 06. Santi Comesaña, 11. Randy Nteka, 12. Andrés Martín García, 15. Pep Chavarría 18. Álvaro García, 20. Ivan Balliu, 22. José Ángel Pozo, 24. Esteban Saveljich, 34. Sergio Camello.

12:04 PMa year ago

Starting XI - Rayo Vallecano

| 13. Diego López |
| 02. Mario Hernández | 19. Florian Lejeune | 16. Abdul Mumin | 03. Fran García |
| 23. Óscar Valentin | 17. Unai López |
| 07. Isi Palazón | 08. Óscar Trejo | 10. Bebé |
| 25. Raúl De Tomás |

Coach: Andoni Iraola

12:02 PMa year ago

Substitutes - Fenerbahce

54. Osman Ertugrul Cetin (GK), 70. Irfan Can Egribayat (GK), 07. Ferdi Kadioglu, 08. Mert Hakan, 15. Joshua King, 16. Ísak Vural, 20. João Pedro, 26. Miha Zajc, 29. Mauricio Lemos, 33. Cagtay Kurukalip, 69. Yusuf Kocatürk, 80. Ismail Yüksek, 94. Yigit Efe Demir.

12:02 PMa year ago

Starting XI - Fenerbahce

| 01. Altay Bayindir |
| 21. Osayi-Samuel | 04. Serdar Aziz | 41. Attila Szalai | 06. Ezgjan Alioski |
| 05. Willian Arão | 27. Miguel Crespo |
| 17. İrfan Kahveci | 09. Diego Rossi | 18. Lincoln |
| 19. Serdar Dursun |

Coach: Jorge Jesus

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We are now ready to bring you the actions of this friendly match between Fenerbahce and Rayo Vallecano.
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Tune in here Fenerbahce vs Rayo Vallecano Live Score!

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How to watch Fenerbahce vs Rayo Vallecano Live Stream on TV and Online?

Fenerbahce vs Rayo Vallecano will not be broadcast live on television.

If you want to watch it on internet, VAVEL USA is your best option!

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What time is Fenerbahce vs Rayo Vallecano Friendly Match?

This is the start time of the game Fenerbahce vs Rayo Vallecano of November 30th, 2022 in several countries:

Argentina: 2:00 PM
Bolivia: 1:00 PM
Brazil: 2:00 PM
Chile: 2:00 PM
Colombia: 12:00 PM
Ecuador: 12:00 PM
USA (ET): 12:00 PM
Spain: 6:00 PM
Mexico: 11:00 AM
Paraguay: 2:00 PM
Peru: 12:00 PM
Uruguay: 2:00 PM

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All set

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Key player - Rayo Vallecano

In Rayo Vallecano, the presence of Isi Palazón stands out. The 27-year-old Spanish midfielder is one of the team's most outstanding players so far this season. In the current Spanish league he has three goals and three assists in 13 games played, where he has started 12 of them. He has played a total of 996 minutes.
11:41 PMa year ago

Key player - Fenerbahce

The presence of Diego Rossi stands out in Fenerbahce. The 24-year-old Uruguayan striker is one of the team's most outstanding players so far this season. In the current Turkish league he has three goals and one assist in 12 matches played, where he has started four of them. He has played a total of 427 minutes.
11:37 PMa year ago

Rayo Vallecano

Rayo Vallecano starts its tour in Turkey in the middle of the break that the season made due to the World Cup. The Spanish team will play two friendly matches during their stay, this one against Fenerbahce and another one against Galatasaray, on December 3, taking into account that competitions will resume for the team on December 21 in the Copa del Rey when they face Saguntino.

Beyond the fact that the purpose of LaLiga is to promote the internationalization of its teams, the main attraction of this tour is Falcao García, who before joining the Vallecas team, played in Turkish soccer with Galatasaray, a team with which he scored 20 goals in 43 matches. In the league, Rayo Vallecano is in eighth place in the table.

11:32 PMa year ago


Fenerbahce enjoys the break being the leader of the Turkish league. However, they have been working on several aspects, after the last match played in the competition ended in defeat, so this match and the next one against Villarreal, will serve to correct details for when they officially resume their calendar playing in the Turkish Cup against Istanbulspor.

11:27 PMa year ago

The match will be played at Şükrü Saracoğlu Stadium

The match Fenerbahce vs Rayo Vallecano will be played at the Şükrü Saracoğlu Stadium, located in the neighborhood of Fenerbahçe, in the municipal district of Kadıköy, in the Greater Municipality of the city of Esambul, in Turkey. This venue, inaugurated in 1907, has a capacity of 55,509 spectators.
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Welcome to’s coverage of the Friendly match: Fenerbahce vs Rayo Vallecano Live Updates!

My name is Jhonatan Martinez and I will be your host for this match. We will bring you pre-match analysis, score updates and live news here on VAVEL.
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