Goal and Highlights: Millwall 0-1 Huddersfield in Championship
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With the victory, Huddersfield reached 36 points and left the bottom of the competition, rising to 22nd place, still within the relegation zone. Millwall continues with 60, still in 6th place.
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Millwall 0-1 Huddersfield.
12:23 PM11 days ago

84' Changes at Millwall

In: Shackleton and Malone

Out: McNamara and Wallace.

12:22 PM11 days ago

83' Yellow

Cooper got carded.
11:46 AM11 days ago


Millwall tries to equalize in the final stretch and goes on the attack.
11:43 AM11 days ago

76' Change at Millwall

Entered: This one

Out: Saville.

11:38 AM11 days ago


After the goal, Huddersfield improved and dominates the game at this moment, arriving more easily in the attack. Millwall felt the goal conceded.
11:30 AM11 days ago


After defending almost the entire game, Huddersfield opened the scoring, with Daniel Ward after Ben Jackson's assist.
11:28 AM11 days ago

62' Yellow

Koroma received card.
11:27 AM11 days ago

60' Millwall Changes

Entered: Burke and Watmore

Out: Honeyman and Voglsammer.

11:20 AM11 days ago

55' Yellow

Voglsammer was carded.
11:20 AM11 days ago


Millwall is still on the attack, but still without great opportunities.
11:12 AM11 days ago


The game goes 0-0.
10:59 AM11 days ago


Millwall 0-0 Huddersfield.
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45' Change at Huddersfield

Joined: Ward

Out: Waghon.

10:49 AM11 days ago

43' Yellow

Waghon got card.
10:48 AM11 days ago

37' Yellow

Pearson got carded.
10:33 AM11 days ago


After a more frantic start, the game slowed down towards the end of the first half.
10:23 AM11 days ago


Millwall dominates possession and plays in the offensive sector, looking for the first goal of the game.
10:17 AM11 days ago


Finals: 3-1.
10:13 AM11 days ago


Home team dominates the actions at the beginning of the game.
10:12 AM11 days ago


Millwall starts in the attack in search of the first goal.
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It's Championship at VAVEL.
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In the last 19 games between the two teams, Huddersfield have won nine, while Millwall have won eight, plus two draws.
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Speak up, Gary Rowett!

“I think I'd rather be there than I did. with more points than the teams outside of it”, he said &a; BYE. “Actually, it’ It's pretty simple. I think the people who say 'I wish I was chasing. I wish I was eighth or ninth right now' do it because it's the norm. is the only thing they can say when they are eighth or ninth.''

“Everyone is happy. trying your best to get in there.  I talked about this before, there are many teams that will fight and get results. Someone will win three or four in a row and try to get in there. Someone may not win many games and start to give up and maybe get a little nervous.

“ I've been here before with Derby County, I've been here before. I've been here before with Burton Albion a few times. I think you've been here before. only you need to stay focused on what you need to do.

"    You don't know what's going to happen, but you have to keep showing a level of consistency. É boring, but it has to be every game, it has to be every training session.''

“How did you learn? Will you recover now?  If you don't do the recovery right and it's sore on Thursday, it's not working. You’ll be able to play on Saturday. All those little things matter, and I think this is one of the best things to do. This is the important part. It's not about what the end goal looks like, it's about making sure you get it right.   all the steps and do what you can. We have to do this because if we don’t do it, we’ll fall short.”

The Rams have play-off ambitions of their own, but in League One following relegation last season. They are currently fifth in the table, 10 points behind. ;s of the automatic promotion places, but four more than Wycombe, the team outside the top six.''

5:50 AM11 days ago

Likely Millwall!

Long; McNamara, Cresswell, Cooper, Wallace; Leonard, Saville, Honeyman, Flemming, Voglsammer; Bradshaw.
5:45 AM11 days ago

How does Millwall arrive?

Millwall arrives for the match in sixth place with 60 points and fighting for a place in the Championship playoffs to compete for a place in the Premier League next year.
5:40 AM11 days ago

Speak up, Neil Warnock!


“I think it’s good. a sense of what might have been honest – we could have lost in the first half and then won in the second half.

“We know we need the three points, but let’s take what we can and move on, yeah. only it's a matter of trust.

“We weren’t very lucky, but you did. You also have to make your own and we did that in the second half yesterday. night.

“I am disappointed that we did not score the second goal because we had the best chances in the second half.

“ Nothing to worry about in terms of injury after last night, hopefully during the international break we can sort out one or two of the guys who were absent.

“The guys will have some time off during the international break, come back and have a few days focused on ourselves physically, and then we’ll get ready for the next game.”


“Millwall will be a challenge, it will be different to the game against Norwich but still challenging. They will play with a lot of strength and we have to be prepared mentally and physically to match that or it will be tough. It is extremely difficult.

“They are brilliant when it comes to long runs and set pieces, which we have been much more positive about lately, so we need to keep that up.

“The fans will be there! on Saturday, even with the train strikes and the obstacles – they will be there. The fans who faced West Brom were amazing and we need that again.”

5:35 AM11 days ago

Likely Huddersfield!

Vaclik; Edmonds-Green, Lees, Helik, Ruffels; Koroma, Hogg, Rudoni, Jackson; Waghom, Ward.
5:30 AM11 days ago

How do Huddersfield arrive?

Huddersfield come into the clash with five games without a win and in the 23rd; placement, runner-up of the competition with only 33 points.
5:25 AM11 days ago


Photo: Disclosure/Championship
Photo: Disclosure/Championship
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The game will be played at The Den

The Millwall vs Huddersfield game will be played at The Den, with a capacity of 20.146 people.
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