Goals and highlights: Mazatlan
1-2 Leon in Liga MX 2023
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11:57 PM5 days ago

Goals and highlights

11:56 PM5 days ago

End of game

Mazatlan lost yet another game to Leon, 1-2. La Fiera was able to take the lead from the first minutes with Fidel Ambriz. Bryan Colula scored the equalizer, but was injured. 
The law of the ex applied with Brian Rubio breaking the tie.

11:51 PM5 days ago


6 more minutes are added in this closing game.
11:41 PM5 days ago



The tie was broken, Brian Rubio scored the goal that broke the 1-1 draw. A play by Iván Moreno.

11:33 PM5 days ago


Padilla missed it, the 28th had it, sending it out.
11:30 PM5 days ago


Marco Fabián hit a free kick, but it went wide due to the force of the shot.
11:23 PM5 days ago


Padilla's long distance shot goes just wide
11:22 PM5 days ago


Mazatlan is trying, but can't finish, Lucas Di Yorio misses a chance on goal that he finishes poorly.
11:15 PM5 days ago


León continued to insist on breaking the deadlock, but the poor reception of their forwards failed to get a good finish in the penalty area.
11:11 PM5 days ago


Once again La Fiera makes its presence felt, with Gutiérrez saving Mazatlán. Colula left due to injury.
10:52 PM5 days ago

Part Time

A 1-1 draw at the Kraken's stadium, after a goal was scored by Ambriz and the equalizer was scored by Colula. 

10:49 PM5 days ago


Omar Moreno almost scored, but his shot went wide.
10:46 PM5 days ago


Colman made a great individual play, but Leon's defense imposed itself well in the back. With 4 to go.
10:43 PM5 days ago


Almada and Alanís had the ball up top. But none of the defenders were able to score a goal.
10:37 PM5 days ago


A set piece for the Gunners ended in a Vidrio header, but to no avail.
10:35 PM5 days ago


Mazatlan's defense gave up poorly again, but La Fiera was unable to finish the play with a goal.
10:29 PM5 days ago

The goals of this first half

This is how the first and second goals were scored. The match was tied for the moment.
10:26 PM5 days ago


Leon remains more provocative in attack than the home team. Having possession of the ball.
10:17 PM5 days ago


Mazatlán's equalizer arrived, Colman shot, but Cota saved, Sansores headed and Colula pushed the ball over the crossbar.
10:14 PM5 days ago


Hernandez was preparing to shoot from long distance, but Gutierrez stops the ball.
10:07 PM5 days ago


Goal for La Fiera
Fidel Ambríz scored the first goal of the night. Taking advantage of a mistake at the start of the game by the cañoneros.
10:04 PM5 days ago


The ball is rolling at Kraken.
9:54 PM5 days ago

León's lineup

Nicolás Larcamón is not holding anything back, sending his best tonight at the Kraken. Brian Rubio former Gunner on the bench.
9:49 PM5 days ago

Mazatlán's lineup

Rubén Romano's lineup is as follows, with the novelty of Omar Moreno, a canterano, being part of the eleven. Marco Fabián on the bench.
9:44 PM5 days ago

Already warming up

Both teams are already doing stretching exercises, prior to the start of the Mazatlán vs. León match of the first day of Liga MX.
9:39 PM5 days ago


For Leon, the following players were absent due to call-up: Angel Mena with Ecuador and Victor Davila with Chile.

For Mazatlán we have the absences of Yoel Bárcenas with Panama and Eduard Bello with Venezuela.

9:34 PM5 days ago

They have already arrived

The two teams have already arrived at the stadium, just minutes away from warming up, after which the actions will begin in this first day's match.

9:29 PM5 days ago

Important absentees

Jefferson Intriago, has a Grade 2 medial ligament strain in his left knee.
Aké Loba, has presented a muscular discomfort. It is an edema/tendinopathy of the 5th toe of the right foot.
9:24 PM5 days ago

The fans have arrived

The fans of both teams have already arrived at Kraken Stadium, waiting for their team to warm up.

9:19 PM5 days ago

The locker room

Everything is ready for the players of both teams to arrive, the locker rooms are already complete with all the players' accessories.

9:14 PM5 days ago

We're back!

We're back for the minute-by-minute coverage of Mazatlán vs León. We will shortly share with you the confirmed lineups, as well as relevant facts about the clash between these two teams.
9:09 PM5 days ago

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USA Date: Friday, March 24 2023.

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This is the start time of the game Mazatlan vs Leon: of Friday, March 24th, 2023in several countries:



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Friday, March 24 2023.

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Friday, March 24 2023.

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Friday, March 24 2023.

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8:54 PM5 days ago

Watch out for these players

On Mazatlan's side, in the absence of Benedetti, we find Ake Loba, the Ivorian has scored 2 goals in 11 games in 728 possible minutes.

On the Leon side, Brian Rubio the Mexican returns to his former home after leaving the Pacific for La Fiera. Brian has only scored 1 goal in Liga MX with his current team in 134 possible minutes with 8 possible games and none as a starter.

Photo: Mazatlan FC
Photo: Mazatlan FC
8:49 PM5 days ago

Absentees for the FIFA date for both teams

For León, the following players were absent due to their call-up: Ángel Mena with Ecuador and Victor Dávila with Chile.

For Mazatlán we have the absences of Yoel Bárcenas with Panama and Eduard Bello with Venezuela.

8:44 PM5 days ago

Statements from León

Coach Nicolás Larcamón acknowledged that his team has grown after a complicated start. Today he showed a great version of his boys.

"I think today's result was a very good one, recognizing how demanding the league and this type of rivalry is. The team's work has been convincing, always recognizing that there is room for improvement, but this makes us compete in a very good way".

8:39 PM5 days ago

Statements from Mazatlán

Facundo Almada has acknowledged the situation that the Cañoneros are going through.

But the Argentine defender asks the fans not to get off the boat thinking about a win against León.

"I want to tell the fans to continue supporting the team, that this team wants to get out of this situation, but there are times when we are not getting the results due to bad luck".

"We have the faith, the illusion of being able to get as many points as possible and aspire to salvation."

"The day we played against Cruz Azul we had the conviction and the desire to get out of this situation and give the fans a positive result. Today we are going through the same situation, we want to grow day by day and we know that we can take a big step forward by beating León".


8:34 PM5 days ago

How is Mazatlan doing?

The "cañoneros" are falling off their ship due to the negative results they have had recently.

For the purple team it is difficult to think about a playoff future, mainly they would be looking to save themselves from the fine, which seems very difficult.

Besides, they have different problems in defense, goalkeeping and most importantly with their most important attackers such as Nicolás Benedetti, Nahuelpán and Marcó Fabian out of the team.

The team from the Pearl of the Pacific has only one win against Cruz Azul and a draw against Gallos.

Sadly, Romano's tenure may seem more like a story to forget, as he was unable to rescue these gunners.

Photo: Mazatlan FC
Photo: Mazatlan FC


8:29 PM5 days ago

How is Leon coming?

The Fiera team is undefeated from matchday 6 until this game, remembering that they were unable to play for different reasons beyond the teams' control.

But in matchday 5, which was their last game they lost, they have had a great campaign with Nicolás Larcamón.

The only away game they have lost was against Pumas on matchday 3 by 4 goals to 1.

They are currently in position 5 with 21 points. They have qualified in the Concacaf tournament for the quarterfinals against Violette of Haiti.

Photo: Leon
Photo: Leon
8:24 PM5 days ago

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