Goals and Highlights of América 5-1 Juárez Women's in Liga MX Femenil
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9:48 PM17 days ago

Goals and Highlights

8:57 PM17 days ago

It's over

Final at the Azteca, goals and goals for América Femenil, qualifying them for the semifinals of the Liga MX Femenil. 5-1 on the scoreboard, but 8-2 on aggregate against Juárez.

Alison Gonzalez's 100th goal makes history.

8:53 PM17 days ago


Post and goal which was Alison's 101st goal, goal by Andrea Sanchez who pushes the ball in.
8:49 PM17 days ago


Ame's goal

Goal number 4 of the night arrived, with a goal by captain Andrea Pereira, who took advantage of Acuña's rebound to make it 7-2 on aggregate.

8:43 PM17 days ago


We are reaching the almost 85th minute, where America continues to attack and Bravas seeks to close the game by defending to avoid the 4th goal.
8:42 PM17 days ago

Aligol's 100th goal

8:39 PM17 days ago

Congratulations to Alison

Liga MX Femenil has already made official its congratulations to Aligol for her 100 league goals.
8:31 PM17 days ago


Aligol's goal
Alison makes it 3-1, the free kick she takes is not saved by Acuña and it is the 100th goal.
8:23 PM17 days ago


Changes in America with 4 changes at once, to freshen up. The highlights Nicolette Hernandez, Maria Mauleon and Aurelie Kaci leave, entering Cuevas, Gonzalez, Rodriguez and Enciso.
8:18 PM17 days ago


María Mauleon's goal is disallowed for offside. Bravas sends Miah Zuazua onto the field.
8:16 PM17 days ago


This goal was scored by María Mauleon, who was left alone in front of Acuña and broke the net.
8:14 PM17 days ago


Alison Gonzalez was left alone but her shot was soft and went into the hands of Acuña.
8:13 PM17 days ago

check this out

The score is 5-2, the Braves need 4 goals to qualify and for America not to score any more goals.
8:11 PM17 days ago


Juarez's goal is the discount, Jasmine Casarez's shot that Itzel fails to stop in its entirety.
7:51 PM17 days ago

Half time

We go to halftime, with goals by Kiana Palacios at 31' and Aligol at 35'. America goes up 5-1 on the scoreboard.

7:47 PM17 days ago


Alison's shot is blocked, but the flagman says it is offside. 3 more minutes are added.
7:46 PM17 days ago

América's goals 2-0 | 5-1 on aggregate

7:39 PM17 days ago


América's goal
Alison Gonzalez just pushes it in, after Kaci's shot is blocked by Acuña, and the Eagles are now 5-1 on aggregate.
7:34 PM17 days ago


Goooool for América Femenil

The first came for America. Kiana Palacios hit it from long distance and Acuña couldn't save the shot.

7:31 PM17 days ago


Offside, Alison Gonzalez scored the 1-0, Acuña could do nothing to save Aligol's powerful shot.
7:28 PM17 days ago


Mauleon tried to take a bicycle kick, but was unable to get a shot off, and América continued to insist with Alison and Palacios.
7:25 PM18 days ago


Kiana Palacios' shot from long distance missed by América.
7:24 PM18 days ago


Goal disallowed for Juarez, it was Jermaine Seoposenwe's goal, but after being reviewed in the VAR, the game remains 0-0.
7:18 PM18 days ago


Mauleon hits and Acuña saves bravas.
7:14 PM18 days ago


Bravas tries, in these almost 15 minutes of play, Juarez has the ball but it is briefly recovered by America.
7:07 PM18 days ago


Acuña saves the brave ones, América almost scored the goal that would put an end to the dreams of those from the border.
7:04 PM18 days ago


Hernandez almost scored the goal, just a minute in, and Casares missed the 1-0.
7:03 PM18 days ago


Start the game.
6:44 PM18 days ago

Lineup America

Itzel González, Jocelyn Orejel, Karina Rodríguez, Andrea Pereira, Kimberly Rodríguez, Karen Luna, Aurelie Kaci, Mariá Mauleon, Nicolette Hernández, Kiana Palacios and Alison González.
6:44 PM18 days ago

Lineup Juarez

Natalia Acuña, María Sánchez, Jermaine Seoposenwe, Paola González, Sumiko Gutiérrez, Miriam Castillo, Evelin Saenz, Andrea Hernández, Myra Delgadillo, Jasmine Casarez and Blanca Solis.
6:38 PM18 days ago


The referee for this group game will be Salvador Pérez Villalobos, his crew will be:  Luis Alfredo García Rodríguez, Elva Gutiérrez Martínez and Rodrigo Emir Aguilar Bazán.
6:35 PM18 days ago

They are warming up

Both teams are already doing stretching exercises, prior to the start of the game between Tapatío vs Morelia in the final.
6:30 PM18 days ago

America with an advantage

The eagles finished the first leg with 3 goals to 1, where any goal they scored would kill the hopes of the braves.
6:25 PM18 days ago

Juárez plays for its life

The border team will have to play a unique game, with 2 goals against them, they need to avoid being scored on and score 3 goals to go through, a draw gives América the pass.
6:20 PM18 days ago

They have already arrived

The two teams have already arrived at the stadium, just minutes away from warming up, after which they will start the actions in this group match.

6:15 PM18 days ago

The locker room

Everything is ready for the players of both teams to arrive, the locker rooms are already complete with all the players' accessories.

6:10 PM18 days ago

We're back!

We are back for minute-by-minute coverage of América vs Juárez. We will shortly share with you the confirmed lineups, as well as relevant facts about the clash between these two teams.
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Follow here America vs Juarez Live Score

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USA Date: Monday 22 May, 2023

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USA TV channel (Spanish): In TUDN USA.

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5:50 PM18 days ago

Juarez's statements

For her part Milagros Martinez, coach of the Bravas commented the following, about the first leg game and what she expects in the second leg. She hopes her team will put up a fight against América.

- "I thank the Club for the party they put on here today, thank the fans it has been incredible what we lived this day, this moment has been the most beautiful as a coach."

- "We will go to play our best game at the Azteca stadium."

- "The result is not definitive, Bravas has a lot to say".

5:45 PM18 days ago

América's statements

Itzel González, goalkeeper for the eagles, gave her feelings after the game at the border, where she hopes they can finish the job in the second leg, correcting the mistakes and being strong at the Azteca.

"It was an intense match, in the first half we showed a better side than the second, but that's what group games are all about, looking for the moments and taking advantage of them, in the second leg we're going to perfect that part that we lacked."

"We must hold on to our home, our fans, to play our game, that is what gets us ahead, the group games are very intense, I think we are very prepared for this".

For his part, Angel Villacampa, commented the following at the press conference: 
"We played a very serious away game, we managed the tempo very well and were forceful."

"Right now the important thing is the recovery of the girls".

"The game in our stadium we will try to play the same way we did today, we want to transcend".

5:40 PM18 days ago

Players to watch

On the Azulcrema side, Alison Hecnary González Esquivel, the Eagles' ten has had a tournament with little goal production, but that's not to say that when Alison is on, she's a great scorer.

With 3 goals in 11 games of 472 minutes in the regular tournament, her best record with América was in the Apertura 2022 with 9 goals. But now in the playoffs she has already made her debut in the last game against Bravas.

In the border team, Miah Alexia Zuazua with 13 games has scored 6 goals in 1039 minutes, being her best record since she arrived to Juárez in 2021. It is expected that the Braves will react and give America a scare.

It should be noted that Miah has already scored against the eagles on date 12 in a 3-goal draw.

Photo:Club America women's
Photo: Liga MX Femenil
5:35 PM18 days ago

Lineups for the first leg

FC Juárez: Natalia Acuña. María Sánchez, Paola González, Sumiko González, Miriam Castillo, Miah Zuazua, Andrea Hernández, Myra Delgadillo, Jasmine Casarez, Blanca Solís and Jermaine Seoposenwe.

Club América: Itzel González, Jocelyn Orejel, Karina Rodríguez, Andrea Pereira, Kimberly Rodríguez, Karen Luna, Aurelie Kaci, María Mauleon, Nicolette Hernández, Kiana Palacios and Alison González.

5:30 PM18 days ago

What happened in the first leg?

The American team put on a great show at the border, winning by 3 goals to 1. Where it looked like it could be a very even tie, the team coached by Milagros Martinez left home with a two-goal disadvantage.

In the 8th minute, Alison Gonzalez scored the first goal, in a set piece, with a simple touch to send it into the net.

In the 39th minute, Kiana Palacios made it two to zero, with a defensive error by Juarez, Palacios took advantage of it to send it into the net.

The Braves tried to react with a goal by Andrea Hernandez in the 70th minute, when the border team began to dream.

In stoppage time, Jocelyn Marie Orejel closed the scoring night, taking advantage of the errors, with a soft shot to erase the illusion of the Juarez team.

Photo:Club America women's
Photo:Club America women's
5:25 PM18 days ago

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