Goals and Highlights: Mallorca 3-0 Rayo Vallecano in LaLiga
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Thank you so much for joining Mallorca and Rayo Vallecano at VAVEL. Have a great night everyone and see you next time.
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Mallorca 3-0 Rayo.
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It's the third. Already in stoppage time, Ángel Rodríguez extended the score for the hosts and to confirm the victory of Mallorca.
2:17 PM4 months ago

86' Rayo Changes

In: Suarez and Lopez

Out: Valentin and Dimitrievski.

2:16 PM4 months ago

77' Changes in Mallorca

Entering: Sánchez, Prats and Baba

Out: Lee, Muriqi and Galarreta.

2:15 PM4 months ago

73' Rayo Changes

Entered: Falcao and Salvi

Out: Tomás and Bailliu.

2:14 PM4 months ago


It is Mallorca's second. Copete rose to the owners of the house.
2:13 PM4 months ago

69' Change in Mallorca

In: Angel Rodriguez

Out: Morlanes.

2:12 PM4 months ago

65' Change in Lightning

Joined: Camel

Out: Chavarria.

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Rayo presses for the equalizing goal right after.
1:46 PM4 months ago


Muriqi opened the scoring for the hosts after Dani Rodriguez's pass.
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warm game.
12:58 PM4 months ago


Rayo has more finishes and less ball possession.
12:54 PM4 months ago


Finals: 2-3.
12:51 PM4 months ago


Mallorca defends itself, but exploits the counterattacks and the spaces left by Rayo.
12:41 PM4 months ago


Visiting team presses at the beginning of the game.
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Rayo starts on the attack.
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It's LaLiga at VAVEL.
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Rayo Vallecano

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In the last 20 games, Mallorca won 11, against Rayo's six, in addition to three draws.
2:20 AM4 months ago

Probably Mallorca!

Greiff; Maffeo, Gayá, Valjent, Copete, Costa; Morlanes, Baba, Rodríguez; Muriqi, Lee.
2:15 AM4 months ago

How do you get to Mallorca?

 Mallorca arrives for the game on the 12º LaLiga placement, still also, fighting for a place in European competition in the last round.
2:10 AM4 months ago

Speak up, Andoni Iraola!

''Somehow it is It's funny that we ended up where we started. With a very different moment with the team yet to be done. Things went very well and we are currently struggling to break into Europe. The options are less, but we have a lot more than last week. About Trejo, I see difficulty. Let's all travel and let's try to hurry.''

''The feeling I leave with is amazing. the same one I had the other day in the field. I do not trade for any sporting result. Returning to a place where I felt comfortable is a must. the best. To Miranda, to Cyprus... and coming back here with that feeling is a must. the best. I have felt very valued. It's about results, but within the sporting requirement, I think I've been able to work with people, with the club, with the press, in conditions that have made it much easier for me.'' ;

''  it is a subject that we have dealt with because it does not depend on us. Regardless of whether we make it in, we're hoping to finish in the top 8 and score 50+ points. We want to win and if we don’t enter, it’s over. because the other results were not given. The difficulty of the game seems very high to me because we never win first. Winning against Mallorca is a must. It's difficult, and winning away from home is important. It's hard. We have to do things very well.''

''When do you start?     in one place, the feeling of your team takes a backseat.   that we win and that the other results happen.     in one place, everything that can help and improve you is;   prioritizes.''

''We have to respect the work of the coach because they do a job that nobody else does. But I think we had selectable players with level. But I don’t want to get into comparisons.''

''Football is hot! making decisions and it's not It's easy to get it right.   When you leave a website you you can go to several and over time you will be able to do it. think you got it right. I'm comfortable with these 3 years and I think the reaction reassures me that I think I made the right decision.   You have to make decisions and I think this has been the best way before they can kick you out, which is the best way to go. the reality of coaches. Players will also be very good.''

''I'm sure not. Last week, when I decided my future, we thought that this could also affect us and we had a great match against Villarreal. What we did this week, we did in the Girona preview when we were promoted.''

''We don’t depend on ourselves and that’s it! is the only difference. Even if you win, you may not reach the end of your career. you. But we would end up with a great feeling.''

''I take a lot of stuff. The players and the attitudes they have at different times of the season have taught me a lot. These experiences help us coaches. We need to err and err so that when you succeed if you find yourself again in a similar situation, you can make the right decision. I take it at the trainer level.''

''I'm impressed with how you've managed. it works.   give me certainly about things that are like that and that affect me and that are not like that. I never spoke with Sevilla. I have no commitment to myself and I trust him in the same way that Unai did in the previous two years.   I'll be a coach as they go along and things will go well for him and I'm sure he'll be right. About my future I have no idea.''

''I want to thank you, I felt very valued at all times and I know that you are very important to me. will do fine. É the support of the club, the differential and will always be there.''

''For me, the most important thing is the promotion. Move to the club level because it allows you to leapfrog and aspire to other things. Perhaps in Illusion it could be Baby's goal even if it didn't last many minutes.''

2:05 AM4 months ago

Probable Rayo Vallecano!

Dimitrievski; Balliu, Catena, Lejeune, García; Valentín, Comensana, Chavarría; Palazón, García, Raúl de Tomás.
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How does Rayo Vallecano arrive?

The  Rayo Vallecano arrives for the confrontation in the 10º placement with 49 points and with a victory in the last round. The team is still fighting for a place in the European competition in the last round of LaLiga.
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Photo: Publicity/Rayo Vallecano
Photo: Publicity/Rayo Vallecano
1:50 AM4 months ago

The game will be played at Iberostar

The Mallorca vs Rayo Vallecano game will be played at San Juan del Iberostar, with a capacity of 23.142 people.
1:45 AM4 months ago

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