Goals and highlights: Liverpool vs Leicester City in Friendly Match (4-0)


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86' Substitution for Liverpool

In: Frauendorf

Out: Quansah 

6:54 AM2 months ago

80' Substitution for Liverpool

In: Scanlon

Out: Szoboszlai

6:36 AM2 months ago

72' Substitutions for Leicester

In: Justin and Iheanacho

Out: Castagne and Daka

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Matip swerves in after a corner and Doak completes his header from inside the penalty area.
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Reds try to arrive with Gakpo and Quansah, but both are stopped
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Ball rolling
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Liverpool's new lineup

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First half ends
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Salah crosses from the right. Jota rises well and extends the lead
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Bobby Clark takes a first-time shot from inside the box and hits the left corner
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Jota finishes, the defense deflects and Núñez takes advantage to score at the second post
5:22 AM2 months ago


Alexander-Arnold arrisca de longe. Hermansen defende sem problemas
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McAteer's deep pass is met by Ndidi's shot. Kelleher swoops to save
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Game on
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Foxes in the second shirt

4:44 AM2 months ago

Singapore National Stadium

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Leicester lineup

4:34 AM2 months ago

Liverpool lineup

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New mantle

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How and where to watch the Liverpool vs Leicester City match live?

If you want to watch the game Liverpool vs Leicester City live on TV, your options is: CBS

If you want to directly stream it: Paramount+

If you want to watch it on internet, VAVEL US is your best option!

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What time is Liverpool vs Leicester City match for Friendly Match?

This is the start time of the game Liverpool vs Leicester City of 30th July 2023 in several countries:

Argentina 4 pm: Star +

Bolivia 3 pm: Star +

Brazil 4 pm: ESPN, Star +

Chile 3 pm: Star +

Colombia 2 pm: Star +

Ecuador 2  pm: Star +

USA 3 pm ET: CBS Sports Golazo, Paramount+

Spain 8 pm: LFCTV GO

Mexico 2 pm: Star +

Paraguay 3 pm: Star +

Peru 2 pm:Star +

Uruguay 4 pm: Star +

Venezuela 3 pm: Star +

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Speak, Maresca!

"It's a big test. We face, for me, the best team in the world in terms of transition and pressure. It's going to be good and a good test for us and then finally we can start the season.

This is a process, day by day. There is never a limit for a team. Even when a team is playing well, there is always room for improvement. We started less than a month ago. There is a lot, a lot, a lot of work to do. We always try to keep possession, no matter the opponent. Sometimes we'll do more, sometimes less. The most important thing is the idea we show on a daily basis.

My personal point of view is that the goal is to improve every day, so the players already get the idea. That's my goal. The Championship is very difficult. In the end, only three clubs get promoted. It's difficult, but we will try."

4:09 AM2 months ago
Leicester City
Leicester City
4:04 AM2 months ago

Speak, Klopp!

"Virgil will start the game, if nothing happens in training, Virgil will be the captain of the team. I already know my decision, but the general thing is that I have to tell the players first before I speak publicly about it. But that's how it was, I didn't expect to have this situation a few weeks ago that I have to think about it. So that's basically it. But in general the games so far, I haven't thought before the games about it. At halftime we have easy rules. Virg was number three last year, so that's why he wears it when he starts. And in the second half after that it's whoever's been at the club the longest and I think most of the time it's been Joe Gomez, if I'm not mistaken. So that's it.

It's an important decision - [an] even more important decision is the overall leadership group. Yes, it's a big change for us, big characters left the club this summer, but that's the way it is. Things have to change at a point, it's always clear. You can't keep things going just because you don't want any kind of change or development or whatever. Now we have it and now we will have to use it. That is exactly the plan. I'm very positive about it. I see a lot of positive signs in training, in games as well - especially in training, we train much more often than we play obviously. So, the boys understand the situation and I'm very happy about that.

It's really top. You only really know the size of the club when you come to this part of the world. When you feel the love of the people here, it's absolutely outstanding, it's exceptional. That's why we really love coming here. The big difference this year to last year is that we already had our internship in Germany, which is super important. Last year, we couldn't plan differently because we didn't know we were going to be playing so much the season before and all that kind of stuff. So we started pretty much in Asia and for people here it's the same importance but for us it was the worst possible time, let me put it like that, because you talked about the humidity and that's obviously very complicated for us. We play in England and the weather couldn't be more different, to be honest, this is very difficult and we still have to go through all the steps. We couldn't do it here, we had to do it later, then we had already brought the injuries home and stuff like that. It wasn't nice".

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An international friendly is a soccer match played between national teams without an official competitive significance or score. These matches are usually held as part of the national teams' preparation for upcoming official competitions, such as the FIFA World Cup, continental cups or continental qualifiers. International friendlies are an opportunity for national teams to test their teams, squads, tactics and players, as well as to build rapport and playing experience. They also allow teams to play against opponents of different levels and playing styles, enriching their experience and honing their skills for the following competitions on the international calendar. These international friendly matches can take place during any time of the year, outside of the dates designated for official competitions, and are often played in different countries around the world, without the home field of the teams playing in the specific match.
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Eye on the game

Liverpool vs Leicester City live this Sunday (30), at the Singapore National Stadium at 7 am ET, for the Friendly Match.
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