Highlights: Chile 0-0 Colombia in 2026 World Cup Qualifiers
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9:55 PM3 months ago


Our coverage of Chile vs Colombia game of the South American Qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup matchday 2 comes to an end.

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9:37 PM3 months ago

⌚ 90+5'

END OF THE MATCH! The match between Chile and Colombia ends goalless.
9:34 PM3 months ago

⌚ 90'

Five more minutes will be played in the match.
9:33 PM3 months ago

⌚ 90'

Yellow card. Jhon Jader Durán was cautioned in Colombia.
9:31 PM3 months ago

⌚ 89'

Chile had a chance! Diego Valdes' shot was well saved by Camilo Vargas.
9:31 PM3 months ago

⌚ 85'

Last five minutes of the match. Still no score for the moment.
9:23 PM3 months ago

📺⚽❌ 79'

A goal was disallowed for Chile. Guillermo Maripán scored with a header, but after the VAR review, the referee was told that it was offside.
9:20 PM3 months ago

🔁 76'

Change in Chile. Alexander Arevena replaces Ben Brereton.
9:19 PM3 months ago

🔁 73'

Double change in Chile. Juan Delgado Baeza and Charles Aránguiz are substituted in place of Matías Catalán and Arturo Vidal... Both leave due to injury.
9:17 PM3 months ago

🔁 71'

Double change in Colombia. Luis Sinisterra and Juan Fernando Quintero replace Jhon Arias and Luis Diaz.
9:14 PM3 months ago

⌚ 70'

There are 20 minutes left to the end of the match. Colombia is trying to manage the ball now. The introduction of James Rodriguez has given them more possession.
9:12 PM3 months ago

🟨 64'

Yellow card. Déiver Machado was cautioned in Colombia.
9:04 PM3 months ago

⌚ 60'

We reached the first quarter of an hour in the second half. It's been a very boring game so far and the second half has had no pace at all.
9:04 PM3 months ago

🔁 58'

Double change in Colombia. James Rodríguez and Jhon Jader Durán come in for Jorge Carrascal and Rafael Santos Borré.
8:54 PM3 months ago

🟨 54'

Yellow card. Luis Díaz was cautioned in Colombia.
8:47 PM3 months ago

🟨 48'

Yellow card. Jorge Carrascal was cautioned in Colombia.
8:44 PM3 months ago

Second half begins

The match restarts. There were no changes in the teams.
8:26 PM3 months ago

⌚ 45+4'

End of the first half. Scoreless draw between Chile and Colombia partially at the Monumental Stadium.
8:23 PM3 months ago

⌚ 45'

Four more minutes will be played in the first half.
8:19 PM3 months ago

🟨 41'

Yellow card. Jhon Arias was cautioned for Colombia.
8:17 PM3 months ago

🟨 39'

Yellow card. Matías Catalán was cautioned in Chile.
8:16 PM3 months ago

⌚ 38'

Chile had it! Alexis Sanchez shot from Ben Brereton's cross and Camilo Vargas saved Colombia's goal.
8:14 PM3 months ago

⌚ 35'

Final stretch of the first half. Colombia tries to get closer to the opponent's goal, but has not had much clarity to generate danger.
8:09 PM3 months ago

⌚ 30'

BALL TO THE POST! Rodrigo Echeverría smashed the ball against the right-hand upright after Ben Brereton's cross from Diego Valdés was brought down in the box.
8:04 PM3 months ago

🔁 23'

Change in Colombia. Yerry Mina leaves the match after feeling a muscular discomfort. He is replaced by Davinson Sánchez.
8:00 PM3 months ago

⌚ 20'

The score remains 0-0. We have not had any scoring opportunities yet in the match.
7:50 PM3 months ago

⌚ 13'

Chile had it! Diego Valdés shot from outside the area and Camilo Vargas flew to save and prevent the first goal of the match.
7:48 PM3 months ago

⌚ 10'

First minutes of the match. Still very tangled at the beginning, no one has the upper hand, although Colombia has had more approaches.
7:45 PM3 months ago

⌚ 7'

Chile came close. Diego Valdes' header after a cross from the right, but the ball fell into the hands of Camilo Vargas.
7:41 PM3 months ago

⌚ 3'

Colombia came close. Luis Diaz's shot went wide right.
7:38 PM3 months ago

Match starts!

The match between Chile and Colombia gets underway.
7:37 PM3 months ago

Match officials

Referee: Jesús Valenzuela – Venezuela
Assistant No. 1: Jorge Urrego – Venezuela
Assistant No. 2: Tulio Moreno – Venezuela
Fourth Official: Ángel Arteaga – Venezuela
VAR: Juan Soto – Venezuela
Assistant VAR: Carlos López – Venezuela
7:35 PM3 months ago


This is how the players are dressed in this match: 
Chile Item Colombia
🟥 T-Shirt 🟨
🟦 Pants
🟦 Medias
7:25 PM3 months ago

Teams on the field

The Chilean and Colombian players take the field at the Monumental Stadium.
7:19 PM3 months ago

The warm-up is over

The players have gone to the locker room. It is not long before the start of the match.
7:18 PM3 months ago

Substitutes - Colombia

01. Álvaro Montero (GK), 22. Devis Vásquez (GK), 02. Richard Ríos, 04. Jhon Córdoba, 05. Wilmar Barrios, 09. Luis Sinisterra, 10. James Rodríguez, 11. Juan G. Cuadrado, 14. Jhon Jader Durán 17. Johan Mojica, 20. Juanfer Quintero, 23. Davinson Sánchez.
7:18 PM3 months ago

Starting XI - Colombia

| 12. Camilo Vargas |
| 21. Daniel Muñoz | 13. Yerry Mina | 03. John Lucumí | 06. Deiver Machado |
| 16. Jefferson Lerma |
| 15. Mateus Uribe | 08. Jorge Carrascal |
| 18. Jhon Arias | 19. Rafael Santos Borré | 07. Luis Díaz |

Coach: Néstor Lorenzo

7:15 PM3 months ago

Substitutes - Chile

01. Cristobal Campos (GK), 12. Gabriel Arias (GK), 02. Williams Alarcón, 05. Benjamin Kuscevic, 06. Thomas Galdames, 07. Darío Osorio, 09. Alexander Aravena, 11. Marcos Bolados, 14. Víctor Méndez, 16. Nayel Mehssatou, 19. Juan Delgado Baeza, 20. Charles Aranguiz.
7:15 PM3 months ago

Starting XI - Chile

| 23. Brayan Cortés |
| 17. Gary Medel | 03. Guillermo Maripán |
| 21. Matías Catalán |                               | 04. Gabriel Suazo |
| 08. Arturo Vidal | 13. Erick Pulgar |
| 18. Rodrigo Echeverría |                               | 10. Alexis Sánchez |
| 22. Ben Brereton | 15. Diego Valdés |

Coach: Eduardo Berizzo

7:00 PM3 months ago

Colombian dressing room ready

6:55 PM3 months ago

Statements - Amaranto Perea (Assistant Coach of Colombia)

"Every match is a different scenario. (Against Venezuela) we were not precise with the ball, we did not circulate well; against Chile it will be different, they will go more on the attack and we will find more spaces, but getting the movements and precision right will be the key to have the improvement we had in the second half."

"It stood out a lot. In these matches we have been able to adapt to different systems and opponents. We have had flexibility, in the same match we have had to modify, it speaks of intelligence, beyond the plan, they have been able to absorb the information and be able to take complex matches forward. Tomorrow they will start in a certain way, but they will change and we will have to adapt".

"We have tried to consolidate a group and it is difficult to guarantee that the same eleven will repeat, it depends on many aspects. There are small details that can make us change a player or not. Regardless of whether he played well. Sometimes it is thought that the changes are because of how the player played, and sometimes it is because of the opponent's characteristics. There won't be big changes. We will decide the details until the last minute.

"No, we want to go to every stadium to propose. You will hardly see a team stuck in the back waiting for what the opponent does. We have the capacity to adapt to the rhythm of the match. If we have to retreat and defend, we will do it. But our vision is to go and fight in the opponent's field".

6:50 PM3 months ago

Statements - Eduardo Berizzo (Coach of Chile)

"In a complex qualifying round like this one, the important thing is to have a clear objective, to keep working, to keep our minds focused. Uruguay has already passed. We have an important match this Tuesday, we play at home and we will try to win it, as we do every match. We will think about a match where we have to take possession of the ball and play it with intelligence."

"Colombia is an opponent that plays well and has very fast wing players. They have players who have a one-on-one advantage on the flanks and who also play very well. We will press and try to stop our opponent from playing".

"We will try to use the ball well and build better attacks than we did in the first match against Uruguay. In a Qualifying Round like this one, you can lose matches and that doesn't mean you have to lose strength to reach the end alive".

6:45 PM3 months ago

Squad List - Colombia

6:40 PM3 months ago

Squad List - Chile

6:35 PM3 months ago

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What time is Chile vs Colombia match for 2026 World Cup South American Qualifiers?

This is the start time of the game Chile vs Colombia of September 12th, 2023 in several countries:

Argentina: 9:30 PM on DSports and DGO
Bolivia: 8:30 PM
Brazil: 9:30 PM on Canais Globo, NOW NET e Claro, SporTV 2
Chile: 8:30 PM en Paramount +
Colombia: 7:30 PM on Caracol TV, RCN TV, Caracol Play and Deportes RCN En Vivo
Ecuador: 7:30 PM on Canal del Futbol
USA (ET): 8:30 PM
Spain: 2:30 AM (September 13)
Mexico: 6:30 PM on Fanatiz
Paraguay: 8:30 PM en Hei
Peru: 7:30 PM on Movistar Deportes Peru, Movistar Play
Uruguay: 9:30 PM on AUF TV
Venezuela: 8:30 PM on Venevision, SimpleTV, ByM Sport

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Key player - Colombia

In Colombia, the presence of Rafael Santos Borré stands out. The 27-year-old striker is looking to get back to his best level and show his best version again, after the goal he scored in the first matchday, which brings him confidence again to have a great streak like the one he had a few seasons ago.

6:10 PM3 months ago

Key player - Chile

In Chile, the presence of Arturo Vidal stands out.The presence of Arturo Vidal stands out in Chile. The 36-year-old midfielder continues to contribute his experience to the Chilean national team. It is clear that this is possibly his last qualification and that is why it is necessary for the team to take advantage of all his experience to continue looking for a return to the top of the continent and participation in a World Cup.

6:05 PM3 months ago

Chile vs Colombia history

These two teams have met 43 times. The statistics are in favor of Chile, which has emerged victorious on 16 occasions, while Colombia has won on 11 occasions, leaving a balance of 16 draws.

In the World Cup Qualifiers...

Referring only to the times they have faced each other in the South American qualifiers, we count 16 duels, where the numbers are in favor of Colombia with six victories, while Chile has won four, for a balance of six draws.

If we take into account the number of times Chile has been at home against Colombia in the South American qualifiers, there are eight matches, where the Australians have the advantage with three wins over the two that the Cafeteros have won, and the three ties that have occurred.

6:00 PM3 months ago


Colombia won in its first game of the qualifiers against Venezuela. One goal was enough for the team coached by Néstor Lorenzo to earn their first points in the table. Now, for the Colombian team, a match with many demands is coming, although they remember that in the last two occasions they visited this rival, they had positive results.

5:55 PM3 months ago


Chile did not start its participation in the qualifiers in a good way, as it was beaten by Uruguay in a convincing manner. For the team coached by Eduardo Berizzo, a victory is mandatory, as they cannot give up any point at home, especially after the bad start.

5:50 PM3 months ago

The match will be played at the Monumental Stadium

The Chile vs Colombia match will be played at the Monumental Stadium, located in the Macul district in the city of Santiago, Chile. This stadium, inaugurated in 1975, has a capacity for 47,347 spectators.
5:45 PM3 months ago

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