Goals and Highlights: Ethiopia 2-1 Lesotho in International Friendly Match
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Next matches

Ethiopia return to the field on June 3 when they visit Guinea-Bissau. Lesotho will face Zimbabwe away from home on the same day.
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In the first half Lesotho took the lead, only to see Ethiopia turn it around 15 minutes into the second half to win the friendly!
9:54 AM21 days ago


We'll have four more minutes of added time in the match.
9:51 AM21 days ago


In Ethiopia's attack, a cross into the box was met by an attempted bicycle kick, which hit the crossbar and went over the goal!
9:48 AM21 days ago


On Ethiopia's counter-attack Moerane came out of his goal to clear the ball away, but Ethiopia got the ball back with speed for Demissie to shoot from distance and send the ball wide of the goal! And confirming that Rasethuntša had been yellow carded a little earlier.
9:43 AM21 days ago


Thaba-Ntso tried a shot from the edge of the box, but it was blocked by the defense. Lesotho tries to attack!
9:38 AM21 days ago


With a few substitutions in the second half, the game became slower and the teams a little more disorganized.
9:32 AM21 days ago


After conceding two goals in 15 minutes, Lesotho are now trying to find their feet again by going on the attack.
9:26 AM21 days ago


And Ethiopia is ahead! The ball was deflected in from the left and Moerane managed to save it on the ground. But Markneh, on the rebound, appeared in the penalty area to shoot and put the hosts ahead!
9:22 AM21 days ago


Worku, on the edge of the box, fired a shot into the left corner, but into Moerane's hands.
9:20 AM21 days ago


After the goal, Ethiopia went on the defensive, trying to create danger, but still without success in their quest to win the game.
9:15 AM21 days ago


Markneh, after being kicked forward by the defense, got the ball, breaking into the box on the right and passing it to Gugsa to put the ball in the back of the net, equalizing the match!
9:11 AM21 days ago


The players return to the pitch and the ball rolls for the second half of the match!
8:54 AM21 days ago


Fothoane's goal sees Lesotho beat Ethiopia away from home!
8:49 AM21 days ago


After the goal, Lesotho became more lively in the game and managed to get on top of Ethiopia, betting on the speed of their counter-attacks. And confirming that, in a foul that turned the game in Ethiopia's favor, Fothoane was yellow-carded.
8:43 AM21 days ago


Substitution for Lesotho: Sefali out, Motebang in.
8:41 AM21 days ago


From a cross into the box by Sefali, Fothoane appeared alone on the left, in the small area, to head in and open the scoring after a counter-attack!
8:36 AM21 days ago


After a moment of pressure from Ethiopia, the game became lukewarm again and stalled in midfield.
8:28 AM21 days ago


On the right, the home side won a free-kick, which was taken short. The game was then stopped for a few minutes to attend to the Lesotho player.
8:27 AM21 days ago


Ethiopia had players brought down in the penalty area on two consecutive occasions. On both occasions, the referee sent the game on.
8:23 AM21 days ago


It was a game that, despite the intensity and commitment of both teams, still lacked any moments of danger.
8:17 AM21 days ago


Ethiopia are starting to get a foothold in the game and are playing down the flanks.
8:13 AM21 days ago


Ethiopia started the game on the back foot, letting Lesotho take the reins.
8:06 AM21 days ago


The players appear on the pitch and the ball rolls for the first half of the match!
8:01 AM21 days ago


Ethiopia's line-up includes: Yared, Adugna, Khaiye, Solomon, Demise, Adbulkarim, Markneh, Biniam, Sefali and Mesfin. Lesotho are also ready and will take to the field with: Moerane, Matsau, Lebokollane, Mkwanazi and Rasethintsa; Matsoele, Toloane, Fothoane, Sefali and Thaba-Ntso; Makateng.
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We now open the broadcast of the match between Ethiopia and Lesotho, in an International Friendly!
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There have been seven matches between the two teams in history, with Ethiopia winning two, Lesotho drawing four and Lesotho winning one. There have been three friendly matches, with two draws and one win for Lesotho (just last week). In the World Cup Qualifiers there were two games, with two draws. And in the Africa Cup of Nations Qualifiers there were two more matches, with two wins for Ethiopia. Ethiopia has hosted Lesotho five times at home, winning once, losing once and drawing three times. There have been three friendly matches, with two draws and one win for Lesotho.
7:09 AM21 days ago

Addis Ababa Stadium

The match will take place at the Addis Ababa Stadium, which is located in the city of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The stadium is home to Saint George, Defence Force, Ethiopian Coffe and the Ethiopian national team. The stadium was built in 1940 and has a capacity of 60,000 fans, which was the stadium's record attendance at the 1962 Africa Cup of Nations final, with Ethiopia winning the final over Egypt 4-2, with goals from Tekle, Worku (2) and Vassalo, while Badawi scored twice for the other team, taking the game into extra time, for exactly 30,000 fans that day. In addition to this African Cup of Nations, the stadium also hosted matches from the 1968 and 1976 editions. After renovations in 1960, 1999 and 2022, the stadium has had its capacity greatly reduced, now standing at 35,000 fans.
7:04 AM21 days ago

Probable Ehiopia

Ethiopia's last official line-up was: Aregawi, Gerba, Solomon, Baye and Gugsa; Gebremichael, Tekle, Panom and Yesuf; Dagnachew and Markneh.
6:59 AM21 days ago

Probable Lesotho

Lesotho's last official line-up was: Moerane, Mats'oele, Rasethuntsa, Mkwanazi and Mohai; Lebokollane, Thabantso, Lesaoana, Bereng and Sefali; Motebang.
6:54 AM21 days ago

Last Matches: Lesotho

Lesotho, on the other hand, have drawn two and lost one of their last games. The first draw, on November 21 last year, was a goalless home draw with Benin in World Cup qualifying. That was followed by a 2-0 defeat away to Mozambique on January 6. On January 10, Lesotho were held to another goalless draw away to South Africa.
6:49 AM21 days ago

Last Matches: Ethiopia

Ethiopia come into the match on the back of a draw and two defeats in their last outings. On September 8, away from home in the Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers, the defeat was to Egypt, 1-0, with a goal from Fathi. On November 15, at home, the draw was goalless against Sierra Leone in the World Cup Qualifiers. On November 21, again at home, they lost 3-0 to Burkina Faso, with goals from Touré, Traoré and Ouattara.
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Thursday match

Playing on Thursday (21), Ethiopia and Lesotho faced each other in the first of two friendly matches between the two teams, almost in a first-leg, second-leg idea. The match also took place at the Addis Ababa Stadium, just like today's game.

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