Goals and highlights Leon 4-1 Santos in Liga MX
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12:08 AM13 days ago

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Goals and highlights

The goals and highlights of the match


12:05 AM13 days ago

And the match ends!!!

A really good match for Leon, they destroyed Santos in the 90 minutes, they had a lot of chances to score, and they played 60 minutes with 1 more player. Santos also had many chances, but only scored once. 
11:57 PM13 days ago

Min 82: Close from Leon

A great cross, Di Yorio shoots first time and it almost goes in!!
11:51 PM13 days ago

Changes for Leon

Lucas Romero is out

Jesus Angulo is in


Mena is out

Joel Campbell is in

11:47 PM13 days ago

Changes for Leon

Hector Uribe is in

Ivan Moreno is out


Jose Alvarado is in

Victor Davila is out

11:44 PM13 days ago

Change for Santos

Juan Brunetta is out

Santiago Munoz is in 

11:37 PM13 days ago

Yellow card for Santos

Lucas Gonzalez is given the yellow card
11:35 PM13 days ago

Min 64: Goal for Leon!!

¡¡Un corner en corto, que Dávila recentra, y Fidel Abrís cabecea hacia adentro!!
11:28 PM13 days ago

Min 58: Goal for Santos!!

Harold Preciado scores!! now the advantage for Leon is only by 2 goals 
11:22 PM13 days ago

Change for Santos

Jair Gonzalez is in 

Javier Correa is out

11:21 PM13 days ago

Min 50: Close from Leon!!

A great shot from Romero and it goes wide by nothing!!
11:19 PM13 days ago

Change for Santos

Lucas Gonzalez is in 

Alan Cervantes is out 

11:18 PM13 days ago

Yellow card for León

Osvaldo Rodriguez is given the yellow card 
11:17 PM13 days ago

change for Santos

Oscar Manzanares is in 

Raul Lopez is out 

11:14 PM13 days ago

And the second half begins

León mueve la bola
10:59 PM13 days ago

And the first half ends

A very good first half for León, 3 goals for them, and playing against 10 men from Santos. Santos still does not give up, since they still had many chances, but Fentanes needs to do something different in the second half.
10:57 PM13 days ago

Min 49: Great save from Acevedo!!

Di Yorio was through, he had a shot and Acevedo parried it away!
10:56 PM13 days ago

Min 48: Close from Davila

A great shot from the Chilean Davila, and it almost goes in!!
10:54 PM13 days ago

Yellow card for Santos

Javier Correa is given the yellow
10:53 PM13 days ago

Min 43: Goal for Leon!!

Victor Davila strikes again!! A great ball from Mena, it arrives to Davila and he scores again!!
10:51 PM13 days ago

Yellow card for Leon

Ivan Moreno is given the yellow 
10:50 PM13 days ago

Change for Leon

 Yairo Moreno is out

 Elías Hernandez is in

10:45 PM13 days ago

Min 36: Close from Santos!!!

Correa was going against two defenders, saw Brunetta alone, he it and went wide!!
10:45 PM13 days ago

Change for Santos

Felix Torres is in 

Diego Medina is out 

10:39 PM13 days ago

Red Card for Santos!!

Hugo Rodriguez made a mistake in a backward pass to Acevedo, Di Yorio won the ball and the Mexican central defender tackled Di Yorio and as he was the last man, he is  out!!
10:36 PM13 days ago

Min 27: Goal for Leon!!

Great run from Yairo Moreno, he goes inside the box, passes it to Ivan Moreno and with a bullet of a shot scores!!
10:29 PM13 days ago

Min 19: Di Yorio shoots!!

A great control by Di Yorio, he shoots from a half volley and it goes close to the back of the net!!
10:23 PM13 days ago

Min 11: What a save from Cota!!

The attacker from Leon was through on goal, he had a shot and Cota blocked it really well!!
10:17 PM13 days ago

Min 9: Close from Davila!!

It was 3 attackers vs 3 defenders, Dávila opted for the long shot and it went wide!!
10:15 PM13 days ago

Min 6: Goal for Leon!!

A great cross that arrives at Dávila and he scores from a half volley and it goes top bins!!
10:13 PM13 days ago

Min 3: What a save from Cota!!

A great header from Preciado, and the veteran keeper Cota saves it really well!!
10:08 PM13 days ago

And the match begins!

Santos move the ball
9:53 PM13 days ago

They are so close!

Both teams have met 20 times in recent years; Leon has won 8 times, they have drawn 5 and Santos has won 7. Who will take the points? Or, will they be distributed?
9:52 PM13 days ago

Santos repeat line up!

The Laguneros are starting with the same XI than against Atlas last matchday. Will it work for them playing the same?


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9:47 PM13 days ago

Pablo Bellon is on the bench!

The 25 year old center back is not starting again, since he is a rotational center back, but he is on the bench. Will he play today?



9:33 PM13 days ago

Starting XI from Santos

The XI players that will start for "Los Laguneros"




9:32 PM13 days ago

Starting XI from Leon

The XI players that will start for "La fiera" in today's match 


9:24 PM13 days ago

Tweet from Santos

The players in the stadium ready to play some football 
9:16 PM13 days ago

Tweet from León

A motivational speech from the coach before starting the match 
9:13 PM13 days ago

Santos have two injured players

Los Laguneros won’t be able to play with Eduardo Aguirre or Ronaldo Prieto 
9:13 PM13 days ago

Leon have no injured players

Every player from “La fiera” is healthy and not suspended for today’s match. 
5:00 PM13 days ago

Follow here Leon vs Santos live score

In a few moments we will share the starting line-ups for Leon vs Santos live, as well as the latest information coming out of Estadio Leon. Do not lose detail of the game with minute by minute and live online from VAVEL.
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When and where to watch Leon vs Santos live and online?

The match will be broadcast by Claro Sports. But if you want to see it live and online, VAVEL is your best option.
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Player to watch from Santos: Harold Preciado

The 28-year-old Colombian striker is having a spectacular season for the laguneros, since he has scored 5 goals and 4 assists in 11 games played, it is almost a goal contribution per game. last matchday he assisted the second goal, and thanks to that assist Santos took all three points. Will he appear tomorrow in front of la fiera?


4:45 PM13 days ago

Player to watch from Leon: Victor Davila

The 25-year-old Chilean striker started the season very well for La fiera, since he now has 3 goals and 1 assist, and is on a very good run, since in the game against Atlas he was the one who scored the goal that gave the victory to Leon. Will he appear tomorrow with a goal or an assist against Santos?


4:40 PM13 days ago

Times for the match

Some of the times of the match

Argentina: 12:05 am

Bolivia:  11:05 pm

Brazil: 12:05 am

Chile:  10:05 pm

Colombia:   9:05 pm

Ecuador:  9:05 pm

USA (ET):  11:05 pm

Spain:  4:05 am

Mexico:  9:05 pm

Paraguay:  11:05 pm

Peru:   9:05 pm

Uruguay:  11:05 pm
Venezuela:  10:05 pm

4:35 PM13 days ago

Last XI from Santos

Carlos Acevedo; Raul Lopez, Hugo Rodriguez, Doria, Omar Campos; Diego Medina, Alan Cervantes, Aldo Lopez, Juan Brunetta; Javier Correa, Harold Preciado
4:30 PM13 days ago

Last XI from Leon

Rodolfo Cota; Paulo Bellón, Adonis Frias, Jaine Barreiro; Osvaldo Rodriguez, Yairo Moreno, Fidel Ambriz, Ivan Moreno; Victor Davila, Angel Mena; Lucas Di Yorio
4:25 PM13 days ago

Santos also come from a victory!

Eduardo Fentanes' team is also having a very good season. Now they are in ninth place with 4 wins, 3 draws and 4 losses. Last day was the fourth victory, after also winning by the minimum against Tijuana, but the score was 3-2. In the first half the score was 1-1, thanks to goals from Javier Correa for Santos and Alexis Canelo for Tijuana. In the second half Javier Correa scored again, Lucas Rodriguez tied the game and in the last 15 minutes Doria gave Santos the victory.
4:20 PM13 days ago

Leon come from a close victory

Nicolas Larcamon's team is having a good season as they are now in seventh place with 5 wins, 3 draws and 2 losses. Last day it was the fifth victory, thanks to a victory by the minimum over Atlas. The game was very even, but with a gold from Victor Davila, Leon took the three points home.
4:15 PM13 days ago

Where will the match be?

The Leon Stadium located in the city of Guanajuato, Mexico will host this duel between two teams seeking to stay in the top 12 teams. This stadium has a capacity for 31,297 fans.
4:10 PM13 days ago

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