Summary and highlights of Spain 15-14 Italy in Waterpolo 2022 World Final
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Thank you all.

Thank you all for joining us in this intense duel with an exciting ending, it has been a pleasure to be with all of you. See you all again!
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Alvaro Granados scores and Edu scores to give Spain the World Cup;
3:15 PMa month ago


Felipe scores and Edu enters the goal, but cannot stop the ball;
3:10 PMa month ago

Sudden Death

Sergio scores a great goal and Frechutti responds, Italy changes goalkeepers
3:05 PMa month ago


Marc and Franchesco score before the last round.
3:00 PMa month ago


Alberto misses and Italy scores to equalize
2:55 PMa month ago

For Unai

Score; Á Á lvaro and Unai to put Spain ahead
2:50 PMa month ago


Felipe and Luca de Monte score
2:45 PMa month ago

4Q O0:00

Tie at the end of the four quarters for which we go to the penalty shootout.
2:40 PMa month ago

4Q 2:03

Nicholas ties the match after a good move by the Italians and the Italians regain possession.
2:35 PMa month ago

4Q 2:56

Vizenco scores to put Italy just one goal down, first goal for the Italians in level terms
2:30 PMa month ago


The Italian coach takes a time-out to try to get closer to the scoreboard, with Spain now two goals ahead.
2:25 PMa month ago

4Q 4:19

Di Furvio's shot is saved again by Unai Aguirre.
2:20 PMa month ago

Penalty for Italy

Franchesco shoots and scores after David Martín n s decision was reversed by the referees and protested by David Martín n 
2:15 PMa month ago

4Q 7:30

Martin Famera scores to put the Spanish team ahead by three goals
2:10 PMa month ago

3Q 8:00

The last race will be won by Italy, which will seek to reduce the lead.
2:05 PMa month ago

3Q 00:00

Spain had the last possession and we went into the last eight minutes with two goals in favor of the Spaniards.
2:00 PMa month ago

3Q 1:27

Andrea Fonelli scores to put the Italians on a 2-0 lead
1:55 PMa month ago

3Q 2:05

Sergi Cabenas scores, but the referee disallows the goal.
1:50 PMa month ago

Here is Unai Aguirre's great save.


1:45 PMa month ago

3Q 5:38

Alvaro Granados' shot is saved by the Italian goalkeeper.
1:40 PMa month ago

3Q 6:34

Aacute; lvaro scores and Cannella responds by taking advantage of superiority
1:35 PMa month ago

3Q 7:15

Luca Maziola closes the gap to three goals for Italy
1:30 PMa month ago

3Q 7:50

Felipe scores on first possession of the third quarter
1:25 PMa month ago

3Q 8:00

The third race is for Spain and will have first possession;
1:20 PMa month ago

2Q 0:00

At the end of the second quarter, Spain has not conceded any goals.
1:15 PMa month ago

2Q 1:11

Felipe's pass inside to Roger, who takes a suspended shot and finishes it off for his pleasure.
1:10 PMa month ago

2Q 2:25

Franchesco's shot is again saved by goalkeeper Unai Aguirre.
1:05 PMa month ago

2Q 3:40

The Italians squandered possession and shot over the goal and the ball went to the Spaniards.
1:00 PMa month ago

2Q 4:10

Third goal by Álvaro Granados who with his safety puts the Hispanics up +2
12:55 PMa month ago

2Q 5:13

Unai Aguirre reappears and will have possession of Espaón to increase the lead
12:50 PMa month ago

2Q 6:25

Double superiority of Spain, who takes advantage of it for Alvaro Granados and puts his team ahead again.
12:45 PMa month ago

2Q 7:56

Posesió n for Italy that wins the second race, in addition Italy will have superiority 
12:40 PMa month ago

1Q 00:00

Italy ties with three seconds left in the quarter, Spain will have 19 seconds of possession;
12:35 PMa month ago

1Q 2:02

Giacomo Canella scores to bring the Italians back to within one goal
12:30 PMa month ago

Spain's first goal


12:25 PMa month ago

1Q 4:30

Alberto Munarriz scores his second goal and the Spanish team regains a two-goal advantage
12:20 PMa month ago

1Q 5:00

The Italians close the gap by taking advantage of their superiority
12:15 PMa month ago

1Q 5:30

Alberto Munarriz scores Spain's second after VAR review
12:10 PMa month ago

1Q 6:07

Italy's second possession ends with a shot that goes over the crossbar.
12:05 PMa month ago

1Q 7:00

Counterattack that ends with the goal of Álvaro Granados 
12:00 PMa month ago


The first possession will be for Spain, which has won the race.
11:55 AMa month ago

All set

The hymns start to play on the pool, first the Spanish anthem and then the anthem of the reigning World Cup champions
11:50 AMa month ago

The United States won the women's water polo world championship and has won four consecutive world titles.

11:45 AMa month ago

Attention with:

Spain's 19-year-old goalkeeper Unai Aguirre saves Spain's goal when they need it the most.


11:40 AMa month ago

The Greek national team won the bronze medal and celebrated with a celebration.

The Greeks won 9-7 against Croatia in the fight for the medal after being eliminated by Italy.


11:35 AMa month ago

Spain in search of its first World Cup and looking for revenge

The Spanish water polo team was very close to winning its first World Cup, but Italy itself took it away from them, so they are looking for revenge, this is the second final for Spain.
11:30 AMa month ago

Italy defends its crown

The Italian national team was the last winner of the World Water Polo Championship in 2019 and wants to retain the title;
11:25 AMa month ago

1 hour

In 1 hour the final of the World Waterpolo Championship will start, where the Spanish national team will face the Italian team, both the preview and the minute by minute of the match can be followed here on VAVEL.
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How to watch Spain vs Italy live ?

If you want to watch the final of the Water Polo World Cup live on TV, your option is Eurovisi n Sports TV.

If you want to watch it on the internet,VAVEL;is your best option.

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What time is the Spain vs Italy Waterpolo World Cup Final ?

This is the kickoff time match in several countries:

Argentina: 14:00 AM
Bolivia: 14:00 AM
Brazil: 15:00 AM
Chile: 14:00 AM
Colombia: 13:00 AM
Ecuador: 13:00 AM
USA (ET): 14:00 AM
Spain: 20:00 PM
Mexico: 13:00 AM
Paraguay: 14:00 AM
Peru: 14:00 AM
Uruguay: 14:00 AM
Venezuela: 14:00 AM
England : 19.00 AM
Australia : 04:00 AM

11:10 AMa month ago

Spain's call-up list for the Waterpolo World Cup

-Unai Aguirre (Barceloneta)
-Àlex Bustos (Barceloneta)
-Sergi Cabanas (Sabadell)
-Miguel de Toro (Barceloneta)
-Martín Famera (Barceloneta)
-Álvaro Granados (Barceloneta)
-Marc Larumbe (Barceloneta)
-Edu Lorrio (Sabadell)
-Blai Mallarach (Barcelona)
-Alberto Munarriz (Barceloneta)
-Felipe Perrone (Barceloneta)
​-Bernat Sanahuja (Sabadell)
-Roger Tahull (Barcelona)
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Summary of Spain vs Italy in the group stage of the World Cup 2022

11:00 AMa month ago

How does Italy arrive?

The Italian national team was eliminated in the quarterfinals of the Olympic Games and finished in seventh place. In the Wordl League they reached the final but Serbia prevailed. Italy defeated South Africa 4-22 in the group stage but could not beat the Spanish team. In the playoffs they beat Australia and suffered against Hungary and Greece, both with the same score 10-11.
10:55 AMa month ago

How does Spain arrive?

The Hispanic national team missed out on a medal at the Olympic Games after losing to Hungary in the battle for third place. In the Word League to qualify for the World Championship they also finished in third place after beating Montenegro. In this World Cup, the team coached by David Martín Lozano has won all the matches, beating Canada and South Africa in the first two games. In the last match they had to struggle to win against Italy. In the quarterfinals they beat Montenegro 7-6, while in the semifinals they defeated Croatia 10-5.
10:50 AMa month ago


Italy and Spain have met 17 times in Water Polo with a favorable balance for Italy that has won nine times while the Spanish team has won eight times. They have already faced each other in this World Cup in the group stage where Spain won thanks to a good last quarter. In 2019 they already faced each other in the final and it was the Italian team that won the World Cup. Also in 2020 the Italian team won the bronze after beating the Spanish team 9-8.


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Venue: The match will be played at the Alfred Hajos, located in Budapest, Hungary. This pool was built in 1930

Source: We love Budapest
Source: We love Budapest
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Preview of the match

The Spanish and Italian national teams will face each other in the final of the 2022 Water Polo World Cup.
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