Dominican Republic - USA Live of 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup
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4th Quarter (:00): And that does it. USA wins 106-71 , clinching Group C as they stay perfect with a record of 4-0.

4th Quarter (:2): DeRozan knocks down a three to beat the shot clock buzzer.

4th Quarter (:26): Liz  hits a three.

4th Quarter (:40): Plumlee with a nice throw down as well.

4th Quarter (:57): Another lob thrown to Drummond. This time Thompson throws the pass from halfcourt.

4th Quarter (2:33): Mason Plumlee throws a lop to Drummond who throws it down hard with one hand. Great play by the big men.

4th Quarter (2:48): Plumlee hits one of two.

4th Quarter (2:48): Plumlee to the line for two costless throws.

4th Quarter (3:01): Manny Fortuna knocks down a three. 

4th Quarter (3:30): Mason Plumlee on the board now with an easy jam. 

4th Quarter (3:43): Liz misses costless throw.

4th Quarter (3:43): Victor Liz again. This time a layup and a foul in the fast break.

4th Quarter (4:29): Liz with a nice fake and step through shot. 

4th Quarter (4:47): USA getting a little sloppy but still up 94-58.

4th Quarter (5:06): Santana gets lay up in fast break. 

4th Quarter (6:07): Santana hits both costless throws. 92-54 USA.

4th Quarter (6:07): Edward Santana fouled by Thompson, will look to stop USA's 22-0 run with two costless throws.

4th Quarter (6:48): Mason Plumlee in the game as well.

4th Quarter (6:48): Correction from earlier post. Cousins has 6 steals. They took away one of his steals. Still impressive.

4th Quarter (7:20): Andre Drummond has checked into the game.

4th Quarter (7:20): Thompson slams it down on the fast break.

4th Quarter (7:59): Thompson hits a three. USA up 90-52. A 20-0 run.

4th Quarter (8:06): DeMarcus Cousins has 7 steals in this game. 7!

4th Quarter (8:30): Yet another easy stuff for Cousins. Very little defense by the Dominicans in the paint.

4th Quarter (8:34): Dominican Republic totally shut down now. They cannot score or take care of the ball.

4th Quarter (8:56): Gay feeds DeRozan for a layup.

4th Quarter (9:34): Cousins gets easy throw down after a bit of a scramble. 

3rd Quarter (:00): USA leads 81-52 after an 11-0 run. Defense is smoothering Dominican Republic, now.

3rd Quarter (:39): Rose throws an alley-oop to DeRozan who finishes the play with a lay in.

3rd Quarter (1:17): Cousins commits an offensive foul. He loves barrelling players down.

3rd Quarter (1:54): DeMar DeRozan throws one down hard with one hand! 

3rd Quarter (2:39): USA defense is picking up. They have forced 3 straight turnovers, up 77-52.

3rd Quarter (2:39): Rose finished near the rim after a steal by Cousins.

3rd Quarter (3:39): Derrick Rose gets fouled. Headed to the line for two. Hits both.

3rd Quarter (3:51): Orlando Sanchez hits the jumper. 70-52, USA. 

3rd Quarter (4:26): Faried with a graceful spin move and finish. He is looking really good out there. He has 16 now. 

3rd Quarter (4:44): Baez with a knock down jumper over Faried.

3rd Quarter (4:59): USA slowly pulling away.

3rd Quarter (5:22): Curry with an easy lay up after another Davis block. USA up 68-48.

3rd Quarter (6:14): Davis scores a tough shot over Vargas.

3rd Quarter (6:31): Feldeine hits a jumper. 

3rd Quarter (6:49): Curry whips a pass to Davis for an easy dunk.

3rd Quarter (7:03): Sosa hits the running J.

3rd Quarter (7:25): Faried with a left hand baby hook. 

3rd Quarter (8:50): Harden takes it to the hole for a lay in.

3rd Quarter (9:17): Faried tips in Irving's missed layup.

3rd Quarter (9:41): Eloy Vargas hits a two-point jumper to start the half.

Halftime: Dominican Republic played a decent first half. They will need to stop fouling, though. One thing talked about before the game. 

Halftime: Jack Martinez leads Dominican Republic with 10 points and 4 rebounds. Victor Liz has 8 first half points. 

Halftime: Kenneth Faried leads USA with 10 points. Stephen Curry flirting with a triple-double with 6 points, 5 rebounds, and 5 assists. 

2nd Quarter (:00): Rudy Gay banks in a two-point jumper at the buzzer. USA closes the quarter with a 6-0 run, up 56-41.

2nd Quarter (:17): Unsportsmen-like foul is what the refs call it. Rudy Gay will shoot two technical costless throws. USA gets the ball back.

2nd Quarter (:17): Dominican Republic still staying in striking distance, down 41-52. 

2nd Quarter (:17): Rudy Gay slow to get up after he stole the ball and got hammered by Santana.

2nd Quarter (:31): Irving with a wide open jumper from the corner.

2nd Quarter (:50): Liz is fouled. Hits one of two. 50-41 USA.

2nd Quarter (1:06): Anthony Davis with a tip in 2.

2nd Quarter (1:22): Santana puts in both costless throws. 48-40 USA.

2nd Quarter (1:22): Santana fouled by Faried, who picks up number 3 and goes to the bench.

2nd Quarter (1:58): Curry with a quick three-pointer right back.

2nd Quarter (2:03): Sosa with a 2-point jumper.

2nd Quarter (2:09): USA - 45 Dominican Republic - 36.

2nd Quarter (2:35): James Feldeine takes it coast to coast for the lay up.

2nd Quarter (2:59): Martinez 2nd Quarter with easy lay in.

2nd Quarter (3:28): Harden hits 1 of 2 from the line. 

2nd Quarter (3:28): James Harden draws a foul with his typical arm extension while driving to the basket. USA up 44-32.

2nd Quarter (3:59): Liz with a three.

2nd Quarter (4:15): Davis with a mid-range jump shot. 

2nd Quarter (4:52): Just like that USA up 42-29.

2nd Quarter (4:52): Faried pins the ball on the backboard with a nice block then runs the floor and follows Curry's miss with a two hand jam! Great effort!

2nd Quarter (5:34): Faried with a lay up. Then committs a silly foul in the backcourt.

2nd Quarter (5:59): James Harden throws alley-oop to Faried for the one-handed stuff! USA takes biggest lead of 9. 

2nd Quarter (6:36): Jack Martinez again! He's got 8 off the bench.

2nd Quarter (6:55): Anthony Davis scores first points.

2nd Quarter (7:09): Second quarter, and the Dominicans still in this game down 6, 34-28, without their best player.

2nd Quarter (7:42): Off a turnover, Rose gets a lay up.

2nd Quarter (8:16): Edward Santana answers with his own three-point play. 32-28, USA.

2nd Quarter (8:23): Cousins finishes three-point play.

2nd Quarter (8:23): Cousins with another offensive board. Puts in the shot and is fouled. He is dominating the paint so far. 

2nd Quarter (8:46): Cousins with easy shot in the paint. 

2nd Quarter (8:54): Martinez hits both.

2nd Quarter (8:54): Jack Martinez fouled in the post. Will shoot two costless throws. 

2nd Quarter (9:16): DeMar DeRozan lays it in.

2nd Quarter (10:00): 25-22 heading into the second quarter. USA leads.

1st Quarter (:1): Jack Martinez hits a two-point jump shot to end the quarter.

1st Quarter (:8): Cousins with the stuff after a missed three-pointer.

1st Quarter (:29): Ronald Ramon with a floater.

1st Quarter (:44): Orlando Sanchez lays it in.

1st Quarter (1:01): Klay Thompson answers with a three of his own.

1st Quarter (1:13): Jack Martinez hits a jump shot.

1st Quarter (1:36): Cousins gets fouled again and hits both costless throws this time.

1st Quarter (1:36): Lots of fouls committed by Dominican Republic.

1st Quarter (2:03): Cousins misses both costless throws.

1st Quarter (2:03): Derrick Rose checks in.

1st Quarter (2:03): After a steal in the backcourt, DeMarcus Cousins gets fouled and will head to the line for two costless throws.

1st Quarter (2:38): Ronald Ramon drains a three for the Dominicans.

1st Quarter (3:12): Gay knocks down his costless throw. 18-11 USA.

1st Quarter (3:12): Baez with three early fouls.

1st Quarter (3:12): Rudy Gay with a hoop and a foul. Chance for a 3-point play.

1st Quarter (3:22): Victor Liz with a nice scoop layup.

1st Quarter (3:43): Gay with a pull up jumper.

1st Quarter (4:05): Rudy Gay heads to the line for two costless throws, misses both. 

1st Quarter (4:13): 3 early blocks by Anthony Davis.

1st Quarter (4:40): Victor Liz gets on the board with 2 points of his own.

1st Quarter (4:54): Edgar Sosa with a Euro-step and layup put in.

1st Quarter (5:27): Now Harden drains a three. 13-5 USA.

1st Quarter (5:57): Stephen Curry hits a corner three.

1st Quarter (6:38): Edgar Sosa drains a three.

1st Quarter (7:20): Faried puts in a two after several offensive rebounds.

1st Quarter (7:50): Harden goes one for two. 

1st Quarter (7:50): James Harden to the costless line for two costless throws. Fouled by Vargas.

1st Quarter (8:30) Eloy Vargas hits a two-point shot after offensive rebound.

1st Quarter (8:47): Two early team fouls by USA.

1st Quarter (9:13): Kenneth Faried with a layup.

1st Quarter (9:26): Kyrie Irving scores for USA.

1st Quarter: Dominican Republic wins tip. Misses 1st shot

3:30 P.M. EST: Kyrie Irving will remain in USA's starting lineup. Victor Liz will replace Francisco Garcia in the Dominican Republic's lineup. 

3:23 P.M. EST: Francisco Garcia will indeed sit out with an ankle injury. He did not participate in warm ups for Dominican Republic and instead walked to the bench gingerly. 

2:40 P.M. EST: Francisco Garcia is likely to sit out after spraining his ankle on Tuesday versus Finland.

1:45 P.M. EST: USA is expected to start Derrick Rose, Stephen Curry, James Harden, Kenneth Faried, and Anthony Davis for this contest. Dominican Republic is expected to remain with the same starting lineup of Edgar Sosa, James Feldeine, Francisco Garcia, Eulius Baez, and Eloy Vargas. 

1:44 P.M. EST: We are 10 and a half hours away from tip off. This could become an interesting game if Dominican Republic comes out with the same energy, passion, and enthusiasm they had againt Finland. They cannot get discouraged when facing USA. 

1:43 P.M. EST: James Feldeine had a strong game against USA when these two teams met during exhibition. He had 14 points in that game, but has been awfully quite during the group stages of the FIBA World Cup. Dominican Republic is certainly going to need a huge game from him. During that one exhibition game, Feldeine was very active on both ends of the floor, forcing turnovers and running in transition. That kind of play is contagious, so the Dominicans will need another effort like that from him. 

1:42 P.M. EST: Dominican Republic is woeful from the costless throw line, shooting 56.5 percent. They cannot leave points on the line against USA, though. It will surely cost them the game. 

1:41 P.M. EST: Both teams have been extremely efficient from within the three-point arc. Dominican Republic has been shooting 50 percent, while Team USA has been making 61.0 percent of its two-point field goals. However, Dominican Republic may have a tougher time shooting at that clip against the defense of Team USA. They will have to work for quality shots, which won't be an easy task. USA is really good at forcing opposing teams to rush their shots.

1:41 P.M. EST: After beating Finland, Dominican Republic improved their record to 2-1, tying Ukraine. This game will be a good measuring stick for them to see where they stand in their group. 

1:40 P.M. EST: Last time these two teams met was during exhibition where Team USA handed Dominican Republic a 33-point shellacking. Dominican Republic has to remember that defeat and use it as motivation for this game. 

1:39 P.M. EST: Costless throw shooting will also play a role. USA is excellent at drawing fouls, especially James HardenDominican Republic cannot get too over aggressive on defense. 

1:38 P.M. EST: Another area where Team USA could be dangerous is from three-point territory. They have Stephen Curry, James Harden, Klay Thompson, and Kyrie Irving, all of whom can catch on fire and, once that happens, they will be tough to stop.

1:37 P.M. EST: Eloy Vargas is coming off a monster night, as he put up 18 points, 13 rebounds, and 4 blocks against Finland. Team USA will have to keep him in check.

1:36 P.M. EST: Dominican Republic like to fire up plenty of threes. USA will have to run out on the shooters and force them to put the ball on the floor and make a play. Francisco Garcia is mainly the one who can get streaky from downtown. 

1:35 P.M. EST: Anthony Davis has been leading Team USA in scoring with 19 points a game. Dominican Republic will have to make sure they keep Davis away from the offensive glass.

1:34 P.M. EST: One thing Dominican Republic has to do in this game is take care of the ball. They cannot afford to get sloppy against Team USA, who averages over 16 steals, 28.7 fast break points, and 35.3 points off turnovers per game. For the Dominicans to keep the game clean, they will have to control the pace by playing slow. 

1:33 P.M. EST: Francisco Garica is someone to keep a close eye on during this contest. He sprained his ankle last game, but was able to play through it. However, his movement on the court did not look too well. Garcia is Dominican Republic's best player, and they cannot afford to have him limited against a tough US team.

1:32 P.M. EST: Kenneth Faried is shooting a whopping 81 percent over the course of three games. Dominican Republic will have to keep Faried off the glass, otherwise, he will make them pay with his relentless effort. The Dominicans will have to match Faried's incredible level of energy on both ends of the floor.

1:31 P.M. EST: Derrick Rose started in the second half of Team USA's game against New Zealand on Tuesday and is likely to earn his first start of the FIBA World Cup in Wednesday's game.

1:30 P.M. EST: Team USA will look to stay perfect against Dominican Republic on Wednesday at 3:30 pm Eastern Standard Time.