Score Boston Celtics - Cleveland Cavaliers in 2015 NBA Playoff Game 2 (91-99)
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Until next time, folks! Thanks for tuning in! Liam O'Brien, signing off. 

Game 3 will take place on Thursday night at 7 PM at the TD Garden in Boston. 

Despite the victory, Cleveland struggled with turnovers, coughing up the rock on 18 occasions, equal to their assist total. Boston turned it over 11 times while racking up 19 assists. 

Tristan Thompson grabbed 11 of these rebounds for the Cavs, including two key offensive boards in the final moments. "The Janitor" failed to score. 

The Cavs win the rebounding battle, 47-39, grabbing 14 offensive boards. 

Thomas led the Celtics with 22 points, while Sullinger put up 14. Boston received 51 points from their bench compared to Cleveland's 7. 

LeBron leads all scorers with 30 points, while Irving chips in 26, Mozgov puts up 16, and Love contributes 13 for Cleveland. 

That's all from The Land. Cleveland takes a 2-0 lead in the series with a 99-91 win. 

4th Quarter (0:08): Sullinger scores for Boston. 99-91. 

4th Quarter (0:39): Kyrie Irving puts Cleveland up 99-89 with two free throws. 

Tristan Thompson is winning this game for Cleveland with these offensive boards. 

4th Quarter (1:13): LeBron drives for two. 97-89 Cavs. 

4th Quarter (2:30): Thomas hits two free throws. 95-89 Cavs. 

4th Quarter (2:39): LeBron drives through the lane and scores. 95-87 Cavs. 

4th Quarter (3:08): Irving hits both free throws. 93-87 Cavs. 

4th Quarter (3:32): Marcus Smart hits a free throw. 91-87 Cavs. 

4th Quarter (4:18): Thomas spins it home. 91-86 Cavs. 

Cavaliers now have 16 turnovers. 

How about Isaiah Thomas weaving it through Love's legs? 

4th Quarter (5:27): LeBron hits a deep two to extend the Cavs lead to 91-84. 

4th Quarter (5:53): Irving nails the midrange J. 89-84 Cavs. 

4th Quarter (6:12): Thomas makes two free throws. 87-84 Cavs. 

4th Quarter (6:20): LeBron finishes on the fast break off of a feed from Irving. 87-82 Cavs. 

4th Quarter (6:43): LeBron hits a free throw. 85-82 Cavs. 

4th Quarter (6:58): Turner hits a free throw. 84-82 Cavs. 

4th Quarter (7:24): Crowder hits midrange J. 

4th Quarter (7:43): Irving hits a clutch three after Shumpert's offensive board. 84-79 Cavs. 

4th Quarter (8:10): Crowder hits two free throws. 81-79 Cavs. 

LeBron's midrange J quells a dominant Celtics run. Can Boston keep up the intensity? 

4th Quarter (8:59): LeBron hits a midrange J off of the pick-and-roll. 81-77 Cavs. 

4th Quarter (9:17): Thomas with the and-one on the drive. 79-77 Cavs. 

4th Quarter (9:41): Turner cuts the deficit to five with a pull-up J on the baseline. 

4th Quarter (10:18): Zeller with the hook over Love. 79-72.

4th Quarter (10:42): LeBron drives and scores. 79-70 Cavs. 

4th Quarter (10:55): Isaiah Thomas hits a runner. 

4th Quarter (11:18): LeBron James hits both free throws. 77-68 Cavs. 

Sullinger leads the Celtics with 12 points. 

Irving leads all scorers with 17 points. LeBron has 15, and Love has 13 for the Cavs. 

Cleveland leads Boston at the end of three, 75-68. 

3rd Quarter (1:55): Jae Crowder hits the euro-step on the fast break to cut the Cavs lead to 75-68. 

3rd Quarter (2:32): Irving puts Jonas Jerebko on skates and finishes with the pull-up J. 75-66 Cavs. 

3rd Quarter (3:08): Thomas drives and hits the circus finish. 73-66 Cavs. 

3rd Quarter (4:04): Evan Turner hits two free throws. 73-64 Cavs. 

3rd Quarter (4:40): Sullinger hits another one. 73-62 Cavs. 

3rd Quarter (4:54): Irving finds LeBron for the bucket. 73-60 Cavs. 

3rd Quarter (5:10): Sullinger scores on the pick-and-roll. 

3rd Quarter (5:30): Smith cashes in on a three. 

3rd Quarter (5:50): Crowder scores on the drive. 

3rd Quarter (6:19): Sullinger breaks the Boston skid. 68-56. 

3rd Quarter (6:49): Wow. Irving hits LeBron on the thrilling alley-oop. 68-54 Cavs. 

Boston is about as cold as can be right now. 

3rd Quarter (7:19): Another Celtics foul. Mozgov hits both, putting Cleveland up 66-54. 

3rd Quarter (7:49): Kevin Love hits two free throws, putting Cleveland up 64-54. 

3rd Quarter (8:24): Mozgov follows up a Cleveland miss with a bucket. 62-54 Cavs.

3rd Quarter (8:43): Marcus Smart scores off of the pick-and-roll. 58-54 Cavs. 

3rd Quarter (9:29): Love hits two free throws. 58-52 Cavs. 

3rd Quarter (10:10): Kyrie Irving hits all three free throws. 56-52 Cavs. 

3rd Quarter (11:23): Smart hits a midrange J. 53-52 Cavs. 

3rd Quarter (11:45): Mozgov scores inside. 53-50 Cavs.

As highlighted in the preview, rebounding would be the key to this game, and the Celtics are doing an excellent job of it. Boston leads the rebounding battle, 23-20, with nine of those boards coming on the offensive end. 

For the Celtics, Thomas and Zeller have nine apiece, while Bradley has eight. 

Irving leads all scorers with 12. LeBron has 11, and Mozgov has 10 for Cleveland. 

Cleveland leads at halftime, 51-50. 

2nd Quarter (0:21): LeBron hits two free throws. 51-50 Cavs. 

2nd Quarter (0:49): Thomas hits two free throws for the C's. 50-49 Boston. 

2nd Quarter (1:00): LeBron finds Irving for the transition trey. 49-48 Cavs. 

2nd Quarter (1:21): LeBron drives and scores. 

2nd Quarter (2:04): Jared Sullinger nails a trey. 48-44 C's. 

2nd Quarter (2:45): J.R. Smith crosses up Marcus Smart and nails the J. 45-44 C's. 

Love hits a hook over Bass. 45-42 Celtics after a 6-0 run by Cleveland. 

J.R. Smith picks off a pass and jams it home. 45-40 C's. 

Mozgov spins for two. 45-38 C's. 

Turner finds Bradley on a fastbreak layup. 45-36. 

Evan Turner hits the midrange J. 43-36 C's. 

Kevin Love hits two of three at the line. 41-36 C's. 

Celtics lead 41-34. 

Olynyk hits a corner three off of a Turner assist. 8-0 Boston run. 

Celtics playing physically on defense. 

Bradley hits a stepback three. 38-34. 

Celtics lead 35-34 with 7:58 to go in the second. 

Kelly Olynyk hits a spinning fadeaway. 35-34 C's. 

Shumpert hits a stepback, putting Cleveland up 34-33. 

LeBron hits two free throws. 33-32. 

Jae Crowder drives it with authority. 33-30 C's. 

Dellavedova gets a friendly bounce on a trey. 31-30 C's. 

Bradley nails a three from the top of the key. 31-27 C's. 

LeBron hits a J. 28-27 C's. 

Isaiah Thomas hits a fastbreak jumper after a steal by Crowder. 28-25 C's.

Foul situation: Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love have two apiece for the Cavs. Bradley has two for Boston. 

26-25 Boston after one quarter. 

Matthew Dellavedova hits both free throws. 26-25 Boston. 

Isaiah Thomas hits all three foul shots after being fouled by Smith. 26-23 Celtics. 

Irving shakes off his defender and hits a three. 23-23. 

Sullinger nails a three. 23-20 Celtics. 

Thomas with a pull-up. C's lead, 20-18

16-14 Boston with 4:25 remaining. 

Cleveland rushes out of the timeout with a 6-0 run. 

Marcus Smart hits a three after a great assist by Brandon Bass. Celtics lead 16-8 at the first timeout of the game. 

Marcus Smart hits a pull-up J off of a screen. 13-8 Boston. 

Kevin Love exits with two fouls, as Bass hits two free throws. 11-8 C's. 

Zeller has 6 for the Celtics so far. 

Mozgov is wreaking havoc on the defense end! He pokes away Bass' fastbreak attempt. Zeller responds with a layup. 

LeBron hits a three. 8-7 Cavs.

Zeller hits the baby hook off of an offensive board. 7-5 Boston. 

Smart finds Zeller on a roll. 5-5 two minutes in. 

Turner with a midrange J. 5-3 Cavs. 

Mozgov gets position inside and Irving finds him. 5-1. 

Zeller hits a free throw. 3-1 Cavs. 

Love gets Cleveland on the board with a three 20 seconds in. 

Smart, Bradley, Turner, Bass, and Zeller for Boston. 

Irving, Smith, James, Love, and Mozgov for the Cavs. 

This Quicken Loans Arena crowd is nothing short of ecstatic! Should be a fun one. 

In 112 previous postseason series, the Celtics have fallen behind 2-0 on just 13 occasions. Will the Cavaliers change that number tonight? 

Approximately 20 minutes until tip-off! 

Just 90 minutes until tip! As we count down the seconds, take a peek at this article by CelticsLife, as they throw back to the clock to a Celtics upset of the first-seeded Orlando Magic in the Game 2 of the 1995 Eastern Conference Quarterfinals. Only time will tell if the C's can muster an upset of a similar stature tonight in Cleveland

Expect Boston to come firing out of the gates with the fire and passion their faithfuls have come to appreciate, putting the onus on Cleveland to counter with a punch of their own. Look for the Celtics to grab a halftime lead, however, falter down the stretch at the mercy of a commanding performance by LeBron James, who simply over-powered the C's on a plethora of occasions on Sunday afternoon. 

However, expect Boston to place a premium on containing Kyrie Irving following his Game 1 outburst, putting more pressure on him while forcing the Cavs' bench to produce, a unit which contributed just 26.5 points per Celtics - Cavaliers game during the regular season. If the Celtics can accomplish this defensive feat while getting production from their own impressive bench, the series could be tied up come the end of the night. 

Unless they can turn the tables of the rebounding battle, the Celtics are likely to get out-muscled once again by the Cavaliers. If James can continue to facilitate a productive offensive attack and create open looks for his teammates, Cleveland will be in great shape to capture a 2-0 series lead. 

For the combination of big men Tyler Zeller, Brandon Bass, Kelly Olynyk, and Ohio native Jared Sullinger to have just nine rebounds between them is downright laughable, and, if this figure fails to improve, Boston will suffer through another disappointing outing in Game 2. Whate befuddles me is that, during the regular season, the Celtics grabbed an average of 44 rebounds per Celtics - Cavaliers game, a number that fell to just 34 in Game 1. The drop could have simply been a result of Cleveland outhustling their counterparts, a team which lacks the playoff experience of a James or J.R. Smith

In Game 2, it's crucial that Boston goes into the contest assuming that every Cavalier shot attempt is going to miss its mark, getting themselves in position to grab the rebound before the shot even hits the rim. Tristan Thompson, who proudly refers to himself as the "janitor" of the Cleveland team, must have a Celtic body on him each and every time another Cavalier shoots, and the rebound-hungry tandem of Kevin Love and Timofey Mozgov must be checked by a green jersey on each occasion as well. 

Another key aspect that the Celtics must rectify is their rebounding effort. Boston rebounded just 64 percent of Cleveland's misses in Game 1, with the Cavaliers grabbing an astounding 15 offensive boards. Reserve forward Tristan Thompson came down with four of those rebounds, Love had three, and center Timofey Mozgov had three, dominating a Celtics squad whose leading rebounders for the Celtics - Cavaliers game (Evan Turner and Thomas) were both guards. 

If Love can continue to realize the situation and put himself in beneficial positions to make plays, there's no telling how far Cleveland can go. In Game 2, it's imperative that Boston closes out promptly on Love when he finds an open look. Obviously, a threatening drive by James is going to attract multiple defensive bodies to converge. However, it's important that, when LeBron inevitably kicks the ball out to one of his shooters, a rapid close-out follows. 

One play which stood out to me came towards the final stages of the Celtics - Cavaliers game, where, as the defensive attention converged on a probing James in the middle of the floor, Love promptly set up on the opposite wing. Seeing the play develop, LeBron whipped a dime to a wide open Love, who knocked down the trey to place the nail in the Celtics' coffin. 

The third member of the starring cast, Love, rebounded from some early troubles to post a respectable double-double of 19 points and 12 rebounds. Despite beginning the Celtics - Cavaliers game shooting a horrific 2-of-11 from the field, the offseason acquisition hit his final three shots, with James assisting on multiple. Love has settled into his newfound role as a situational spot-up shooter admirably, hitting on 50 percent of his attempts from deep in Game 1VAVEL USA's Game 1 recap. 

In order to shock the Cleveland faithful and pull out the upset in Game 2, it's critical that the Celtics prevent Irving from achieving personal success of off the pick-and-roll. Boston must trap the ball-carrier on every single screen, making Irving relinquish the rock to one of his teammates. As soon as he gets into a rhythm, Irving is a terror to contain, which underlines the importance of the Celtics applying constant pressure on him in order to disrupt his flow. 

12 of Irving's 30 points came in a dominant second-quarter performance by Cleveland, who outscored Boston, 35-23, in the period while erasing an eight-point deficit and capturing a 62-54 advantage heading into the half. The offensive juggernaut of a point guard punctuated the effort with a buzzer-beating three to send his squad into the half on an extremely positive note. 

Irving's offensive skill set proved to be overwhelming for a previously surging Celtics team, torching the likes of Marcus Smart and Isaiah Thomas to the tune of 30 points on 11-of-21 shooting in 41 minutes of action. The Duke product showcased his outstanding outside stroke in the process, knocking down five of his nine three-point attempts, while recording a plus-10 plus-minus rating on the afternoon. 

Rather, the masses watching on Sunday directed their attention to the performances of the other members of the Big Three, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love, who certainly impressed in their first ever postseason appearances. 

Despite it being LeBron James' first playoff Celtics - Cavaliers game since returning to Cleveland last summer, the focus of the Cavaliers' 113-100 Game 1 victory over the Boston Celtics was not on him. 

Hello, hoop fans! My name is Liam OBrien and welcome to the Live event of the Boston Celtics vs Cleveland Cavaliers live. This is Game 2, played in the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio.