Memphis Grizzlies - Portland Trail Blazers Score 2015 NBA Playoffs Game 4 (92-99)
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Final: That does it, folks! Good night, and we will catch you next time.

Final: Aldridge shot poorly, but finished with 18 points and 12 rebounds.

Final: Blazers survive to extend the series. The series will shift back to Memphis on Wednesday.

Final: Damian Lillard carried the Blazers at will, finishing with 32 points and seven assists on 12 of 23 shooting.

Final: Grizzlies 92 Blazers 99.

​4th Quarter (:00): Aldridge tips in Batum's miss on the second free throw and that does it.

​4th Quarter (:01): Lee misses a three. Batum grabs the rebound and is fouled. This one is over. Looks like the Blazers will survive!

​4th Quarter (:08): Lillard hits two more clutch free throws. Timeout Memphis.

​4th Quarter (:08): Gasol gets an easy dunk. Two-point game, and Lillard is fouled again.

4th Quarter (:15): Grizzlies 90 Blazers 94.

​4th Quarter (:15): Lillard makes both foul shots. Timeout Memphis.

​4th Quarter (:15): Lillard is fouled.

​4th Quarter (:19): Lee glides to the rim. Two-point game.

​4th Quarter (:28): Batum goes 1 of 2 from the line.

​4th Quarter (:28): Batum with a veteran move, tangling himself with Green to draw that foul.

​4th Quarter (:28): Now a loose ball foul on Green. It will be two free throws for Nicolas Batum.

​4th Quarter (1:10): Grizzlies 88 Blazers 91.

​4th Quarter (1:10): Loose ball foul on the Blazers.

​4th Quarter (1:20): McCollum burries a three!!

​4th Quarter (1:40): Randolph fakes one way, goes the other for a two. Tied game!

​4th Quarter (1:58): Blazers up two.

​4th Quarter (1:58): Lillard completes the three-point play.

​4th Quarter (1:58): Lillard drills a triple and a foul!!

​4th Quarter (2:11): Gasol makes both free throws.

​4th Quarter (2:11): Memphis feeding Gasol at will. He gets fouled by Leonard this time.

​4th Quarter (2:36): McCollum slashes to the lane and finishes with his off hand. Tie game again!

​4th Quarter (3:24): Wow! Gasol with the sweeping hook, that was a thing of beauty.

​4th Quarter (3:45): Still a tie game. Blazers trying to go for home run threes. They need to get to the lane.

​4th Quarter (4:49): McCollum hangs in the air and finishes at the rim. Tie game!

​4th Quarter (5:10): Aldridge puts in two more free throws. 10-2 Blazers run, two-point game.

​4th Quarter (5:10): Aldridge is fouled again. Heads to the line for two.

​4th Quarter (5:45): Aldridge hits a couple of free throws.

Timeout Portland.

​4th Quarter (6:10): Gasol flips a reverse shot deep in the paint, no stopping him down low.

​4th Quarter (6:23): Aldridge 0 for 9 in the second half.

Timeout Memphis.

​4th Quarter (6:32): Grizzlies 80 Blazers 76.

​4th Quarter (6:32): After Batum puts in both free throws, Lillard comes back to drain another shot. 6-0 Blazers run.

​4th Quarter (7:04): Batum draws a foul on Carter and heads to the line for two.

​4th Quarter (8:09): Lillard hits another. He is the only one putting in work.

Timeout Portland.

​4th Quarter (8:49): Grizzlies 80 Blazers 70

​4th Quarter (8:49): Green buries a deep three to beat the shot clock!

​4th Quarter (9:12): Very little scoring to start this quarter.

4th Quarter (11:38): Lee is feeling it, drills another pull up jumper.

​3rd Quarter (:00): Grizzlies have regained the momentum and control of this game heading to the fourth.

​3rd Quarter (:00): Grizzlies 75 Blazers 68.

​3rd Quarter (:00): That does it for the third.

​3rd Quarter (:53): Lee comes off a screen and fires another one down.

​3rd Quarter (1:24): Gasol knocks a 15-footer down.

​3rd Quarter (1:48): McCollum flips one in. Down to 3.

​3rd Quarter (2:25): And Lillard continues to carry the Blazers.

​3rd Quarter (2:44): Randolph has come alive in this half.

Timeout Memphis.

​3rd Quarter (2:55): Grizzlies 69 Blazers 64.

​3rd Quarter (3:02): Lillard hits another step back J. He has 18 to lead his team.

​3rd Quarter (3:53): Calathes steals the ball from Lillard then throws a full court pass to Randolph, who didn't get back on defense, for an easy two.

​3rd Quarter (4:20): Batum answers with a three of his own.

​3rd Quarter (4:39): Calathes hits his fourth three. He is 4 of 4 from that mark.

​3rd Quarter (5:18): McCollum gets to the lane for the first field goal of the quarter for Portland.

​3rd Quarter (5:56): Memphis' physical defense starting to set in.

​3rd Quarter (7:17): Lee knocks down a mid-range jumper. Portland yet to hit a field goal in this half.

Timeout Portland.

​3rd Quarter (9:01): Grizzlies 58 Blazers 57.

​3rd Quarter (9:01): Lee drains a three! Memphis takes the lead.

​3rd Quarter (9:35): Grizzlies 55 Blazers 57.

​3rd Quarter (10:22): Randolph was deep, deep in the paint and Gasol found him for two.

​3rd Quarter (10:59): Gasol misses, Randolph follows it back in.

3rd Quarter (11:28): Lee with a bounce pass to Gasol. Graceful play.

Halftime: Much better defense and physicality by Portland. They are holding Randolph to two points on 1 of 6 shooting.

Halftime: Leonard has been the difference maker tonight. Lillard leads the way with 16 though.

​2nd Quarter (:00): Grizzlies 48 Blazers 55.

​2nd Quarter (:07): Lee finds a crease to the rim for the lay in.

​2nd Quarter (:29): Lillard with the spin move and a tough up-and-under finish!!!

​2nd Quarter (:32): Udrih responds.

​2nd Quarter (:46): What a dish by Lillard to Aldridge.

​2nd Quarter (:59): Allen with a righty flush!

​2nd Quarter (1:24): Randolph gets his first field goal.

​2nd Quarter (1:50): Leonard takes it to the basket! He has 13 points, 5 of 5 from the field.

​2nd Quarter (2:29): Calathes hits his third three of the game. HUGE.

​2nd Quarter (2:50): Lillard swishes a step back jumper. So smooth.

Timeout Portland.

​2nd Quarter (3:22): Grizzlies 37 Blazers 43.

​2nd Quarter (3:22): Jump ball between Gasol and Leonard goes underneath the rim to Aldridge. Everything going Blazers way right now.

​2nd Quarter (4:11): Lillard lays it in with his left. He has 10 points.

​2nd Quarter (4:19): The Blazers are owning the offensive glass tonight.

​2nd Quarter (4:40): Nice finish by Jeff Green in transition.

​2nd Quarter (5:08): Grizzlies 35 Blazers 39.

​2nd Quarter (5:08): Meyers Leonard playing with so much energy. He is fired up!

​2nd Quarter (5:50): Aldridge with a tough turnaround jumper over Randolph.

​2nd Quarter (6:31): McCollum attacks the rim with aggression and finishes.

​2nd Quarter (7:23): Udrih comes out of that timeout with a three-point bucket.

Timeout Memphis!

​2nd Quarter (7:30): Grizzlies 30 Blazers 35.

​2nd Quarter (8:10): Leonard again!! He is on fire, hits another trey!

​2nd Quarter (8:24): Green drills a mid-range jumper.

​2nd Quarter (8:45): Leonard!! What a difference maker so far. Hits another three.

​2nd Quarter (9:40): Meyers Leonard has made a big impact early on.

​2nd Quarter (10:21): Green steals it and finds Udrih in transition for two.

​2nd Quarter (10:39): Kosta Koufos with a sweeping hook. Wow!

​2nd Quarter (11:25): Carter drains a mid-range jumper.

1st Quarter (:00): Much better defensive energy by the Blazers.

1st Quarter (:00): Grizzlies 22 Blazers 27.

1st Quarter (:02): Lillard gets all the way to the hole for a layup. Lopez clears the defense nicely, may have gotten away with a foul.

1st Quarter (:31): Meyers Leonard knocks down a three!

1st Quarter (:41): Lee gets the friendly bounce on his painted area shot.

1st Quarter (1:00): Batum swishes home a three!

1st Quarter (1:11): Udrih hits another one. That ankle seems to be fine.

1st Quarter (1:27): Lopez puts in a little push shot.

1st Quarter (1:45): Udrih is in the game, and there he goes with his signature mid-range jumper, all good!

1st Quarter (2:45): Aldridge lays it in. The Blazers are alive!

1st Quarter (3:09): C.J. McCollum hits a three! Blazers' first lead in a long time.

1st Quarter (3:45): Grizzlies 14 Blazers 12.

1st Quarter (3:54): Aldridge powers his way inside for two. Timeout Grizzlies!

1st Quarter (4:31): Lillard lays it in. Blazers down 4.

1st Quarter (4:46): Gasol's turnaround shot is a thing of beauty. Flat footed but nice.

1st Quarter (5:09): Lillard tosses to Batum who leaked out for an easy two.

1st Quarter (6:27): Lopez finally hits a shot. He has been a non-factor most of this series.

1st Quarter (6:46): Grizzlies 12 Blazers 4.

1st Quarter (6:49): Gasol knocks down a long jumper. Timeout Portland.

1st Quarter (7:23): Grizzlies 10 Blazers 4.

1st Quarter (7:52): Lillard hits a step back jumper.

1st Quarter (8:03): For a team down 0-3, the Blazers look sluggish.

1st Quarter (8:27): Lee continues his outstanding play, hits a long two.

1st Quarter (8:49): Blazers offense just looks awful. Credit the Grizzlies defense.

1st Quarter (9:45): Lillard puts in a long jumper.

1st Quarter (10:02): Calathes hits another three!

1st Quarter (10:16): Aldridge has already missed his first two shots. Not good.

1st Quarter (11:10): Calathes knocks down a three to get things going here.

So Nick Calathes gets the start for Conley instead.

One lonely Grizzlies fan I see in a herd of Blazer fans.

This game will be underway in a few minutes.

Teams are 0-113 trying to comeback from down 0-3.

Will the Grizzlies be able to close tonight? So far, only three teams have been able to close out when up 3-0 in the series in these playoffs.

"It's certainly disappointing to be 0-3 in the series," coach Terry Stotts said. "Obviously our backs are against the wall and our focus is going to be on getting a win on Monday."

Beno Udrih is expected to play as mentioned earlier and is expected to start.

"Without Mike, without Beno, I know how competitive we are," Marc Gasol said. "I'm sure guys will be ready."

"He does so much for us, with the ball, with the defense, setting us up. He shoulders a huge amount of responsibility for us," Memphis coach Dave Joerger said of Conley. "So everybody else has to just pick it up, keep getting better, and be a little bit more focused in every single area. Every single possession is going to matter."

Grizzlies were dominant in the paint on Saturday, winning the paint battle, 48-30. The Blazers have to match the physicality of the Grizzlies in the paint. They are getting bullied by the Grizzlies big men. Robin Lopez has been a non-factor, as he scored just four points and grabbed four rebounds last game. The Blazers need more out of him defensively to be able to contain the grit-and-grind Grizzlies.

Though, C.J. McCollum scored a playoff career-high 26 points off the pine in Game 3. That 26-point explosion came after two terrible games to start the series, but the Grizzlies could live with that. Memphis' game plan is to shut down Lillard and Aldridge, forcing others to beat them. It has worked thus far.

It has become clear how much the absence of Wesley Matthews is hurting the Blazers. They miss Matthews' timely three-point shooting, perimeter defense, and phsyicality. No matter how healthy Arron Afflalo is, he just cannot match the quality of play that Matthews gave Portland. Plus, without Matthews, the bench becomes even thinner.

Nicolas Batum had what was probably his best game of the year, putting in 27 points, six rebounds, and four assists on 50 percent shooting while hitting six three-pointers as well. The Blazers needed that kind of production from Batum but it was not enough, unfortunately.

Damian Lillard scored 22 points and nine assists on 9 of 17 shooting, and he played 41 minutes. All these heavy minutes are a cause of the Blazers having a very thin bench. Steve Blake has been disappointing as a backup, forcing Terry Stotts to go with Lillard. Blake had just two points in nine minutes.

Although the Grizzlies will have to rely on their big men offensively, their defense has been their backbone. They have been playing suffocating D, holding the Blazers to 39 percent shooting throughout three games. They have also kept Portland's superstars LaMarcus Aldridge and Damian Lillard in check. The first two games, Lillard had a poor shooting night. In Game 3, Aldridge was a non-factor for most of the game. He shot 6 of 18 for 21 points in 45 minutes of play.

The Grizzlies will have to rely heavily on their low post scorers, Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph, on offense. Gasol put in 25 points, seven rebounds, four assists, and three blocks on Saturday. He shot 6 of 17 from the field and 13 of 14 from the foul line. Randolph quietly pushed in 16 points and grabbed four rebounds. He has been outmuscling the entire Blazers front line with his bulky, wide body, and Portland has yet to have an answer for that.

Fortunately for the Grizzlies, Beno Udrih, who did not play in Game 4 due to an ankle sprain, will be available tonight. He and Nick Calathes will be manning the point guard position with Conley out. Calathes finished out the game after Conley went down late in the third, and he played significantly well, scoring 13 points while adding four rebounds and three assists.

Here is a look at the play where Conley took the elbow from McCollum:

However, the Grizzlies have their own concerns coming into tonight's Game 4. Starting point guard Mike Conley sustained a facial fracture after taking an elbow to the face from C.J. McCollum. He had surgery Monday morning, and the Grizzlies will determine a firm timetable once the swelling on his face goes down after 48 hours. He will, of course, not play tonight and could be held out until the semifinals.

Who would of thought that after three games the Portland Trail Blazers would be facing elimination on their home floor. Before the playoffs started many people, including myself, believed that this series would go to six or seven games. That has not been the case as the Grizzlies have thoroughly dominated the Blazers.

Hello, basketball world! Welcome to Game 4 of the Memphis Grizzlies vs Portland Trial Blazers Live score from the Moda Center in Portland, Oregon. I am your host tonight, Vahan Shakhpazyan.