Scores Dallas Mavericks - Houston Rockets in 2015 NBA Playoffs (94-103)
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The Houston Rockets take the series 4-1 and will advance to the second round and await the winner of the Spurs-Clippers matchup

4th Quarter (:00): Charlie Villanueva makes a 3 and that'll do it folks!  

4th Quarter (:41): Dallas calls a timeout 

4th Quarter (:41): James Harden is fouled and makes both free throws 

4th Quarter (:42): Terrence Jones is fouled and that should be it folks this game looks to be over and Houston is likely to be advancing into the next round. 

4th Quarter (:51): Terrence Jones with ANOTHER SLAM! 

4th Quarter (1:09): Terrence Jones with the fastbreak DUNK! 

4th Quarter (1:49): Tyson Chandler with the SLAM 

4th Quarter (2:11): Aminu just fouls Harden and that's 6 fouls on him! He's out for the rest of the game

4th Quarter (2:38): James Harden with a STEP BACK 3!

4th Quarter (3:01): Brewer loses the ball Chandler comes up with it gives it up to Barea who finds Nowitzki all alone underneath the basket and lays it in! 5 point game! Rockets call a timeout

4th Quarter (3:28): Al-Farouq Aminu makes both free throws

4th Quarter (3:28): Barea comes up with the steal and Aminu is fouled as he went for the lay in

4th Quarter (4:02): Aminu is called for an offensive foul and now that's 5 on him!

4th Quarter (4:26): Terrence Jones has gone on a 6-0 run single handedly and has taken this game over. Mavs need a run here all this one is over

4th Quarter (4:26): Terrence Jones with a BIG 3! Extends the lead to 9 and the Mavs are on the ropes. Monta Ellis is being looked at by the training staff as he's holding his knee 

4th Quarter (5:07): Terrence Jones makes it and is FOULED by Dirk Nowitzki! That's 5 fouls for Dirk! 

4th Quarter (5:13): JJ Barea hits from the top of the key 

4th Quarter (6:12): Buckle up for a wild ending folks it's anybody;s game right now! 

4th Quarter (6:12): Barea finds Chandler for the SLAM! 

4th Quarter (7:51): Corey Brewer takes it coast to coast for a layup but Nowitzki answers back with a long 2 pointer 

4th Quarter (9:02): Pablo Prigioni with the strong drive off the backboard and forces Dallas to calla timeout

4th Quarter (9:21): Howard with the REJECTION on Barea 

4th Quarter (10:03): Ellis with the beautiful cut inside for a layup

4th Quarter (10:40): Josh Smith answers back with a drive

4th Quarter (10:53): Dirk Nowitzki with a jumper

4th Quarter (11:28): Sloppy turnovers on both ends to start the quarter 

Rockets did a beautiful job of committing no turnovers in that quarter and is a key for them down the stretch. The Mavs are going to have to hit some perimeter shots if they hope to pull this one out.

3rd Quarter (:00): Monta Ellis blows a big opportunity as he TRAVELS on the Mavs last possession. Rockets lead by 7 going into the fourth

3rd Quarter (:34): Devin Harris with a DEEP 3!

3rd Quarter (:45): Josh Smith hits both free throws

3rd Quarter (:45): Amar'e Stoudemire pushes off as he went up for the offensive rebound, right call

3rd Quarter (1:06): Aminu makes both free throws and Dallas keeps the ball

3rd Quarter (1:06): It IS a clear path foul! Could be HUGE for the Mavs

3rd Quarter (1:06): Al-Farouq Aminu rips Harden and is fouled by Harden as he dribbled up the court. Play is under review if it was a clear path foul. If so would result in free throws and possession of the ball

3rd Quarter (1:13): Dirk Nowitzki with the fadeaway baseline jumper

3rd Quarter (1:41): Josh Smiths misses a drive in opportunity BUT D.Howard slams it back in!

3rd Quarter (2:10): Howard going to the free throw line AGAIN. makes one of two

3rd Quarter (2:20): Devin Harris with the floater OVER D.Howard

3rd Quarter (2:43): Dwight Howard makes one of two free throws

3rd Quarter (2:43): Devin Harris misses a WIDE OPEN 3 and boy Dallas is just STRUGGLING shooting the ball it's a miracle they're still in this game. Houston Timeout

3rd Quarter (3:40): Tyson Chandler is BLOCKED by James Harden but is called a JUMP BALL. Houston wins the tip

3rd Quarter (4:27): Howard MISSES BOTH free throws

3rd Quarter (4:27): T.Jones finds a cutting D.Howard and he is fouled going up for the slam

3rd Quarter (4:50): Charlie Villanueva with a much needed 3!

3rd Quarter (5:05): Dwight Howard is fouled again. Makes one of two

3rd Quarter (5:07): Aminu makes both free throws

3rd Quarter (5:07): Al-Farouq Aminu takes it inside and draws the foul as he goes up

3rd Quarter (5:21): Dwight Howards hits one of two free throws

3rd Quarter (5:21): Devin Harris intentionally fouls Dwight Howard and it looks like Dallas is going to the hack-a-Dwight strategy 

3rd Quarter (5:42): James Harden hits both free throws

3rd Quarter (5:42): James Harden uses that eurostep and draws a charge and will go to the charity strike 

3rd Quarter (6:28): Jason Terry drives to his right and draws the foul on Ellis. Hits both free throws

3rd Quarter (7:04): James Harden goes to the line and hits both free throws

3rd Quarter (7:12): Monta Ellis with the nice step back jumper

3rd Quarter (7:35): Trevor Ariza with the strong drive inside

3rd Quarter (8:00): Dirk Nowitzki with the midrange jumper

3rd Quarter (8:27): Terrence Jones makes the free throw

3rd Quarter (8:27): Terrence Jones with the baseline drive makes it AND is FOULED. Rick Carlisle is LIVID and calls a Mavs Timeout

3rd Quarter (8:48): Dwight Howard with the putback SLAM!

3rd Quarter (9:03): Terrence Jones misses both free throws

3rd Quarter (9:03): Terrence Jones is hammered from behind by Nowitzki will shoot free throws

3rd Quarter (9:19): Dwight Howard works inside for the easy 2

3rd Quarter (9:37): Tyson Chandler misses both free throws

3rd Quarter (9:37): Tyson Chandler with the offensive board drives it in and is fouled

3rd Quarter (10:36): Nowitzki with a fadeaway jumper

3rd Quarter (10:56): James Harden answers with a 3 of his own!

3rd Quarter (11:24): Monta Ellis pulls up from 3!

3rd Quarter (11:46): Monta Ellis gets things going with a turnaround jumper

The Rockets have committed 15 turnovers and it's the reason why Dallas  is still hanging around in this game.

With Dirk Nowitzki just 2-of-11 from the field the Mavs are down just 6, 56-50, at the half. Ellis has 13 points and Harden leads all scorers with 16 points.

2nd Quarter (:00): James Harden misses on the drive at the end but his three pointer was HUGE for momentum going into halftime

2nd Quarter (:34): Josh Smith is intentionally fouled again. Makes one of two free throws but they get the rebound and Harden hits the 3!

2nd Quarter (:35): Devin Harris is fouled and makes both free throws

2nd Quarter (:42): Trevor Ariza hits the inside floater

2nd Quarter (:55): Devin Harris hits the long two pointer

2nd Quarter (1:05): Josh Smith is intentionally fouled. Makes one of two free throws

2nd Quarter (1:06): Ellis hits the free throw

2nd Quarter (1:06): Monta Ellis drives it in and hits a TOUGH floater over Harden and is fouled!

2nd Quarter (1:31): James Harden drives it right into the heart of the Dallas defense and throws it DOWN!!!

2nd Quarter (1:58): Capela is fouled but misses BOTH free throws

2nd Quarter (2:07): Nowitzki hits a fadeaway jumper!

2nd Quarter (2:26): Dirk Nowitzki hits the technical free throw

2nd Quarter (2:26): Dwight Howard picks up an offensive foul after bumping with Dirk Nowitzki and then picks up a TECHNICAL!! That's Howards third foul and this could be a big momentum swing in the game.

2nd Quarter (2:37): Aminu misses on the drive in attempt but Chandler is there for the PUTBACK SLAM!

2nd Quarter (3:35): Dirk Nowitzki is fouled and makes one of two free throws

2nd Quarter (3:43): Harden finds Smith for the easy two pointer

2nd Quarter (4:02): Dirk Nowitzki posts up Jason Terry and is fouled by Terrence Jones. Makes both free throws

2nd Quarter (4:29): Dirk Nowitzki is fouled and will go to the line. Makes both free throws

2nd Quarter (4:41): Terrence Jones with the strong drive on Dirk Nowitzki for a layup

2nd Quarter (4:52): Jason Terry hits one of two free throws

2nd Quarter (4:52): Barea is called for an offensive foul as his right hand stretched out and hit Jason Terry right in the mouth. Ruled a flagrant 1.

2nd Quarter (5:33): Terrence Jones commits a foul and Houston takes a timeout

2nd Quarter (5:44): James Harden with the strong drive for the easy 2 points

2nd Quarter (6:19): Aminu makes one of two free throws

2nd Quarter (6:19): Dwight Howard misses both free throws and Aminu is fouled as he went for the dunk attempt

2nd Quarter (6:32): Dwight Howard is held by Charlie Villanueva to prevent the alley-oop attempt, will go to the free throw line

2nd Quarter (7:47): Tyson Chandler with the layup

2nd Quarter (8:18): Dwight Howard BLOCKS Barea's drive in attempt and dallas is called for 24 second shot clock violation

2nd Quarter (8:32): Dirk Nowizki misses the free throw

2nd Quarter (8:32): Dirk Nowitzki is ICE COLD from the field shooting just 1-of-9 from the field

2nd Quarter (8:32): Dwight Howard with a three second violation on defense. Dallas calls a timeout

2nd Quarter (8:51): Pablo Prigioni hits the three and makes Dallas pay after Nowitzki missed TWO WIDE OPEN JUMPERS

2nd Quarter (9:28): Dwight Howard and Amar'e Stoudemire exchange buckets down low

2nd Quarter (9:54) JJ Barea with back to back buckets!

2nd Quarter (10:24) Josh Smith with the easy layup

2nd Quarter (11:11) Josh Smith with the beautiful pass to Dwight Howard for the alley-oop!

2nd Quarter (11:24): JJ Barea hits both free throws

2nd Quarter (11:24): JJ Barea drives it in and is fouled by Corey Brewer

Mavs are 10-of-23 on FGs, Rockets are 13-of-24 on FGs, and 5-of-10 on 3s.

1st Quarter (:00): Whichever team can make their jumpshots will win this game and right now that advantage is in the Rockets favor 

1st Quarter (:00): Dirk Nowitzki misses a jumper as time expires and that'll end the first quarter

1st Quarter (:46): Josh Smith goes to the line. AIRBALLS the first and misses the second as well 

1st Quarter (:56): Dirk Nowitzki makes his first shot of the game 

1st Quarter (1:07): Harden kicks it out to a WIDE OPEN Corey Brewer for an open 3! 

1st Quarter (2:00): Josh Smith with the putback layup 

1st Quarter (2:36): Josh Smith just lucked out with a bank shot 3 pointer 

1st Quarter (2:56): Houston now wants to talk it over. Timeout #1

1st Quarter (3:03): Al-Farouq Aminu comes up with the loose ball runs it coast to coast and throws down a MONSTER DUNK!!!!!

1st Quarter (3:26): Monta Ellis with the steal and finds Aminu for the slashing DUNK! 

1st Quarter (3:50): Houston comes up with the rebound and finds James Harden ahead of the fastbreak for a breakaway DUNK. Timeout Dallas, James Harden already with 9 points

1st Quarter (4:12): Harden with the alley-oop pass to Capela!

1st Quarter (4:58): Amar'e Stoudemire with the steal and Monta Ellis with the fastbreak layup

1st Quarter (5:28): Josh Smith with a 3!

1st Quarter (5:48): Tyson Chandler is fouled inside. Makes one of two free throws

1st Quarter (5:55): Dirk Nowitzki is 0-of-4 and has had good looks so far. Needs to get it going and FAST

1st Quarter (5:55): Houston are on a 7-0 run and Harden is on fire early on going 3-of-3 from the floor for 7 points. Dallas must do a better job of getting back on defense or it's going to be a long night for the Mavs

1st Quarter (5:55): Jason Terry finds James Harden wide open in transition for an OPEN 3! Timeout Dallas 

1st Quarter (6:11): Harden with the beautiful finger roll 

1st Quarter (7:14): James Harden draws the offensive foul, turnover 

1st Quarter (7:53):  Tyson Chandler goes right at Dwight Howard and SLAMS it home! Howard answers on the other end

1st Quarter (8:24): Montq Ellis splits the defense and drives it in 

1st Quarter (8:46): James Harden knocks down the DEEP 2 pointer 

1st Quarter (9:24): Terrence Jones goes inside and is fouled. misses BOTH free throws

1st Quarter (9:46): Trevor Ariza hits the open 3 after the offensive rebound

1st Quarter (10:03): Aminu hits the 3 and comes up with the steal on the other end and Ellis drives it in

1st Quarter (10:26): Dwight Howard with the baby hook

1st Quarter (10:56): Mavs pick off Harden and Ellis with the open 2 pointer

1st Quarter (12:00): Houston wins the tip and Jason Terry drives it in for the first score!

We're minutes away from Tip-Off! Thank you to everyone for tuning in to this edition of NBA Vavel!

Don't let the high scoring affairs fool you, this will very much be a PHYSICAL game as neither team likes the other and tensions have been rising with each passing game.

The Houston Rockets will roll out their usual lineup for this series: Dwight HowardTerrence Jones, Trevor ArizaJames Harden, and Jason Terry

The Dallas Mavericks will roll out the same starting lineup as in Game 4: Tyson Chandler, Dirk Nowitzki, Al-Farouq Aminu, Monta Ellis and J.J Barea

The Rockets look to advance to the next round after tonight but ​they've lost 8 of their last 9 series clinching games.

Mavericks look to force a Game 6 after trailing 3-1 for the 4th time in team history. They've lost each of the last 3 Game 6’s when down 3-1

Interesting fact as we head into tonight's matchup: Monta Ellis is looking to be 1st Mavs player not named Dirk Nowitzki to score 30 pts in 3 straight playoff games since Rolando Blackman in '85.

The Houston Rockets haven't won a playoff series since 2009, but that could all change tonight with a win in Game 5. No team has ever come back from an 0-3 deficit in NBA playoff history, but the Dallas Mavericks could get one step closer with a win tonight.

Houston is in the driver's seat with such a commanding 3-1 series lead, but they know they don't want to go back to Dallas for a Game 6 and would like to close it out on their home court in front of the Houston fans. Dallas, being the veteran team that they are, are taking it one game at a time and if they're able to extend this series the pressure shifts solely onto the Houston Rockets who haven't had any playoff success in nearly two decades.

This game will continue to be physical as Tyson Chandler and Dwight Howard bang inside and have gotten involved in more and more altercations as the series has progressed. Things escalated to a high in Game 4 as the two centers were charged with technicals and getting tangled as they battled for a rebound. Physical play and foul calling has been a big storyline this series as Rick Carlisle has made numerous comments about poor officiating and even resulted in a $25,000 fine after Game 3. Carlisle took it to a new level by covering his mouth with tape in his Game 4 postgame conference when asked about the officiating by reporters.

Monta Ellis has put the team squarely on his shoulders offensively the past two games, scoring 34 and 31 points respectively in Games 3 and 4. Dallas will need a similar performance from their leading scorer and will also need a big game from Dirk Nowitzki who struggled for most of Game 4 but came on strong in the fourth quarter down the stretch.

You know you can win. You know you can win in a hostile situation,” Chandler echoed while assessing how the Mavs’ veteran experience helps them going into Game 5. “If you play your game plan and you’re focused and locked in, it doesn’t matter where you’re at and it doesn’t matter where you throw the ball up. If you lock in on what you’ve got to do, you can come in and get a win.

There’s no bigger game than when we went to Miami for Game 6,Barea proclaimed. “You know, I’ve been through it before, and it helped me a lot this time around. I’m more relaxed now. I get to sleep better and wake up and focus a little bit more on what I need to do to help my team.

The Dallas Mavericks know they have an uphill battle if they're to become the first team to come back from a 0-3 series deficit but this veteran team is up to the challenge and are relying on prior playoff experience for this Game 5

The insertion of Aminu and Barea into the starting lineup has been by far Dallas' best lineup as they've gone to a run and gun type of offense with Barea pushing the tempo. Also Aminu's energy and aggressiveness on the boards was a major factor in the Mavs Game 4 victory as they out-rebounded the Rockets, 52-38. Al-Farouq Aminu was also able to slow down James Harden enough that he wasn't able to take over the game down the stretch much like he was able to in prior games in the series. VAVEL USA's Game 4 recap.

"Well, experience is always a big help,” Carlisle said prior to his team’s Tuesday morning shootaround. “You know, you get to this point in the season, even if you’re starting a new series, and you’ve got to approach each game like it’s a one-game season. That’s where we are now, but that’s where we’d be if we were in Game 1. That’s how important each game is.

The Houston Rockets will have to counter the Mavericks lineup consisting of Tyson Chandler, Dirk Nowitzki, Al-Farouq Aminu, Monta Ellis and J.J Barea that has shed a bit of hope in the Dallas head coach, Rick Carlisle.

Standing in their way is MVP candidate, James Harden, and Dwight Howard is looking like his old dominant self and dominating around the basket. Not only that, but two members of that Mavericks 2011 championship title run, Corey Brewer and Jason Terry, whom have both given their former team trouble throughout the series, most notably Corey Brewer. Not only has Brewer been a sharpshooter from the outside but his length and athleticism has given the Mavericks fits on both ends of the court.

The Dallas Mavericks are looking to use the championship experience of coach Rick Carlisle, 13-time All-Star Dirk Nowitzki, center Tyson Chandler, and guard J.J. Barea to carry them to a victory Tuesday, April28, in Houston, looking to stave off elimination for a second time in their first-round series while forcing a Game 6 in Dallas.

Hello, everyone. Welcome to the Live event of Game 5 of the Dallas Mavericks vs Houston Rockets Live score from the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas. I am your host, Bryan Castillo.