Golden State Warriors Complete 23-Point Comeback Over Los Angeles Clippers

Golden State Warriors Complete 23-Point Comeback Over Los Angeles Clippers

The Warriors completed a huge comeback over the Clippers behind Stephen Curry's 40 points.

Mitchell Evans

Los Angeles, CA -- Stephen Curry leads the Golden State Warriors to a huge 23-point comeback over the Los Angeles Clippers on Thursday night.

Stephen Curry dropped 40 points, 11 assists, 11-22 from the field, and 6-14 from three. The Warriors went on a 22-5 run, shooting 8/9 from behind the arc in the fourth quarter, and cap it off with stellar defensive play to end the game.

Remember when we were in grade school and if you got down by a lot your coach would say,"You're never out of it" but you always just knew the game was over? The Warriors play with a mentality that they really are never out of it.

"We're a confident basketball team that no matter how bad we're playing we always have a shot," said Stephen Curry, who had 40 tonight. "A hard-fought, gut-wrenching game, everyone played well."

When asked about being the best player in the league and how high his ceiling is, Curry gave a good response.

"I gotta be a lot better than I was tonight. The stats look good but I got to be better," said Curry.

Curry had 40, Harrison Barnes had 21 points and 7 rebounds, Klay gave 25, and Draymond Green contributed 19 in a balanced attack after Curry. The Warriors showed that while Curry is an incredible player, they're pretty darn good too. Curry struggled for a while in this game, and the other guys helped keep the team within range of a comeback, and even just keeping the flow going.

"They came out they punched us in the mouth. We tried to come back, we just got it back with our defense. it was a great win," said Harrison Barnes.

"Steph Curry definitely makes it easy for everybody."

Chris Paul had 35 points, 8 assists, 4 rebounds, and 3 steals for the Clippers in the loss. Blake Griffin dropped 27 points 6 rebounds, 5 assists, but didn't register a field goal in the fourth quarter. Griffin just had 1 point. This was key in this writer's opinion, while the Warriors were coming back, the Clippers showed no signs of post-game on the block in the fourth quarter. We all know Jordan struggles in an offensive game, but Blake showed no aggressiveness to get his shot and really didn't impact a lot in that fourth. This made the offense very point-guard centered, which is tough to beat a well-balanced team like the Warriors.

The Warriors are now 13-0 and are looking on at history as they try to beat Kenny Smith's Rockets team's record of starting the year 15-0. The Warriors travel home tomorrow night to take on the Bulls, in a big matchup that the Bulls' Jimmy Butler has been outstanding thus far in the season.