Miami Heat - Indiana Pacers Score Of 2015 NBA Regular Season (83-96)

Miami Heat - Indiana Pacers Score Of 2015 NBA Regular Season (83-96)

Matthew Handel
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Thank you for joining me tonight! I'm Matthew Handel, continue to follow coverage of the NBA regular season here at VAVEL USA!

This game was everything we expected. Although the score doesn't look as close as it really was, both teams played their games and kept it close all night. In the end, the combination of Ellis and George  was too much for the Heat.

For the Heat this loss drops them to 12-9 on the year. Leading the Heat tonight was Chris Bosh, who scored 23 points and grabbed 10 rebounds. Wade had a great night with 20 points, 5 assists, and also 5 rebounds.

The Pacers advance to 13-8 on the season with a nice win tonight at home. Leading all scorers was Monta Ellis who scored 24 points. Paul George also contributed heavily with 23 points and 8 rebounds. 

FINAL SCORE: Pacers 96, Heat 83

Pacers pulling away with this one, lead 96-83

Miami Heat Timeout

Q4 (:44) Rodney Stuckey sneaks behind the defense and scores a layup

Q4 (1:30) Ian Mahinmi mid range jumper is good

Pacers lead 92-83

Miami Timeout 

Q4 (2:55) Dwyane Wade layup is good

Q4 (3:12) Paul George drives and scores the layup

Q4 (3:54) Monta Ellis hits another mid range jumper 

Indiana leads 88-81


Q4 (5:36) Chris Bosh nails a mid range jumper

Q4 (6:03) Monta Ellis hits a three pointer!

Q4 (6:16) Dwyane Wade knocks down a mid range jumper

Q4 (6:35) Ian Mahinmi with the slam!!

Q4 (7:49) Chris Bosh makes both free throws 

Q4 (7:49) Chris Bosh drives to basket and gets fouled on a layup

Q4 (8:36) Chris Bosh makes two free throws

Indiana leads 83-73

Miami Timeout

Q4 (8:54) Rodney Stuckey layup is good

Q4 (9:42) Gerald Green  knocks down an open three pointer

Q4 (10:04) Chase Budinger makes one from the line

Q4 (10:04) Chase Budinger drives and gets fouled

Q4 (10:30) CJ Miles hits the fadeaway jumper

Q4 (11:07) CJ Miles  goes one from two from the line

Q4 (11:07) CJ Miles  drives for the layup, but is fouled

Q4 (11:30) Chris Bosh hook shot is good

Start of the 4th!

Pacers end the quarter on a 17-6 run, lead the Heat 77-68

End of the 3rd Quarter!

Q3 (:2) CJ Miles makes a quarter ending layup!

Q3  (:30) Monta Ellis is on fire! hits a three pointer!

Q3 (:58) Monta Ellis makes a floater layup

Q3 (1:17) Gerald Green knocks down a big 3 pointer

Q3 (1:40) Luol Deng goaltending violation, Pacers  score

Q3 (2:25) Goran Dragic makes one of two free throws

Q3 (2:29) Monta Ellis pulls up and hits a mid range jumper

Q3 (2:53) Hassan Whiteside put back layup

Indiana leads 66-62

Miami Timeout

Q3 (3:15) CJ Miles hits a mid range pull up jumper from a nice pass from George Hill

Q3 (3:40) Paul George makes the fast break layup

Q3 (4:05) Paul George knocks down the mid range jumper

Q3 (4:22) Justise Winslow with the fastbreak layup

Q3 (4:49) Luol Deng drives and hits a floater

Q3 (5:58) Monta Ellis makes driving layup

Tied 58-58

Pacers Timeout

Q3 (6:33) Dwyane Wade hits another mid range jumper

Pacers lead Heat 58-56

Miami Timeout

Q3 (6:53) Paul George hits a big 3 off of multiple Pacer offensive rebounds

Q3 (7:30) Ian Mahinmi slam dunk!!!

Q3 (9:00) Hassan Whitside makes layup gets fouled, misses free throw

Q3 (9:10) George Hill makes driving layup

Q3 (9:31) Chris Bosh makes one of two free throws

Q3 (9:31) Chris Bosh drives and draws a foul

Q3 (9:56) Luol Deng 3 pointer good!

Q3 (10:21) Hassan Whiteside slam dunk!

Q3 (10:43) Lavoy Allen mid range jumper good

Q3 (11:15) Paul George hits the mid range jumper

Start of the 3rd Quarter

More second half action is coming up from Indiana! Stay tuned!

The Heat have shot a lot better from the field than the Pacers, but with great defense Indiana is able to stay in the game.

Indiana Pacers stat leaders: Paul George had 12 points and 3 rebounds. Ian Mahinmi had 10 points and 6 rebounds.

Miami Heat stat leaders: Chris Bosh 14 points, 8 rebounds, and 6-12 from the field. Dwyane Wade also had 14 points, dished out 1 assist, and had 1 rebound. 

What a game in the first half! It was exactly the game we expected. Back and fourth, with two great defensive teams.


Miami leads Indiana 48-47


Q2 (:28) Dwyane Wade makes a turn around jumper

Q2 (:44) Beno Udrih makes a layup

Q2 (:52) Paul George makes both free throws

Q2 (:52) Paul George is fouled and will shoot free throws

Q2 (1:12) Paul George makes the third

Q2 (1:12) Paul George makes the second 

Q2 (1:12) Paul George makes the first

Q2 (1:12) Paul George fouled on a three pointer, free throws coming 

Q2 (1:27) Luol Deng slam dunk!

Q2 (1:36) kick ball violation, Heat ball

Q2 (2:15) Paul George makes the second free throw attempt

Q2 (2:15) Paul George makes the first free throw attempt

Q2 (2:15) Paul George fouled on a dunk attempt

Q2 (2:40) Monta Ellis hits the three pointer

Q2 (3:02) Chris Bosh makes the second 

Q2 (3:02) Chris Bosh misses first free throw

Q2 (3:02) Chris Bosh is fouled on a layup attempt

Q2 (3:48) Dwyane Wade back cut and the dunk!

Q2 (4:38) Paul George completes the And one

Q2 (4:38) Paul George makes the layup and is fouled, free throw coming up

Q2 (5:00) Monta Ellis three pointer is good

Miami leads the Pacers 39-31, currently on a 12-3 run.

Pacers Timeout

Q2 (5:15) Dwyane Wade hits a nice 10 ft floater

Q2 (5:45) Gerald Green hits a three pointer!

Q2 (6:12) Dwyane Wade knocks down a jumper 

Two teams that always play good defense are doing just that tonight. The Pacers have only made one 3 so far. Chrish Bosh is having a great game and keeping Miami in the game.

Pacers Timeout

Q2 (6:25) CJ Miles knocks down the first three pointer for the Pacers

Q2 (7:06) Goran Drgic with a smooth step back jumper

Q2 (7:30) Chris Bosh knocks down a three!

Q2 (8:22) Ian Mahinmi slams it home!

Chris Bosh is the first player into double digits for scoring. He has also pulled down four rebounds

Official Timeout

Q2 (9:10) Chris Bosh makes another mid range jumper

Q2 (9:30) George Hill with the dunk!

Q2 (10:07) Chris Bosh nails yet another mid range jumper

Q2 (10:53) Miami Heat turnover

Q2 (11:29) Rodney Stuckey makes two free throws 

Q2 (11:45) Gerald Green hits a jumper to start the second 

Start of the 2nd Quarter!

Paul George is off to a slow start. He only has two points in the game, shooting 1-5 from the field and 0-2 from the three point line

Still a back and fourth game as expected. Miami is shooting 10-24 from the field and the Pacers are shooting 7-22 from the field.

Miami Heat lead the Pacers 21-20

End of the 1st

Q1 (:35) Monta Ellis makes a mid range jumper

Q1 (:53) Chris Bosh makes a jumper off an offensive rebound

Q1 (1:23) Justise Winslow with the putback dunk!!

Q1 (2:11) Jordan Hill makes the second free throw as well

Q1 (2:11) Jordan Hill makes the first free throw

Q1 (2:11) Jordan Hill is fouled on a layup attempt

Q1 (2:58) Gerald Green makes the layup

Q1 (3:30) Amare Stoudemire goes 1 of 2 from the line

Q1 (3:30) Amare Stoudemire is fouled on a shot

Each team has eight rebounds early in the game

Both teams have yet to make a three point field goal. Dwyane Wade leads the Heat with six points, shooting 50% from the field.

Timeout Indiana

Q1 (3:50) CJ Miles tips the offensive rebound up and in

Q1 (4:32) Amare Stoudemire blocks a three point attempt!!

Q1(5:15) Paul George gets on the board, makes a short jumper

Q1 (5:30) Wade  knocks down yet another jumper!

Q1 (5:55) Ian Mahinmi  makes both free throws

Paul George yet to score in the game, Ian Mahinmi leads the way for the Pacers with six points

Back and fourth game in Indiana! Wade and Bosh  both with four early points on 4-9 shooting from the field!

Official Timeout

Q1 (5:58) Lavoy Allen drives and misses the layup, but was fouled! Layup to come

Q1 (6:22) Monta Ellis throws the ball away for a turnover, Miami ball

Q1 (6:56) Ian Mahinmi rebound and putback layup good

Q1 (7:55) Dwyane Wade knocks down another jumper

Q1 (7:57) Lavoy Allen makes a nice 3 foot layup

Q1 (8:00) Dwyane Wade hits the mid range jumper

Q1 (8:15) Chris Bosh  makes the nice mid range jumper

Q1 (8:39) Hassan Whiteside takes a seat with two early fouls

Q1(9:15) Monta Ellis  mid range jumper is good

Q1 (9:34) Hassan Whiteside offensive rebound and a layup is good

Q1 (9:52) Dwyane Wade tips the ball away, Pacers keep it.

Q1 (10:24) Lavoy Allen makes 1 out of 2 free thorws

Q1 (10:34) Goran Dragic grabs the offensive rebound and puts it back up and it.

Q1 (11:20) Chris Bosh hits the jumper

Q1 (11:45) Lavoy Allen with the games first points

We are finally underway in Indiana!!!

Miami Heat starting lineup: Goran DragicDwyane WadeLuol DengChris BoshHassan Whiteside.

Indiana Pacers starting lineup: George hillMonta Ellis, Lavoy AllenPaul GeorgeIan Mahinmi.

20 minutes to go till tip off!!

One hour to go until tip off in Indiana!!!

Despite being on the road, the Miami Heat are the early favorites to win this game!

This game should be full of one-on-one matchups, many lead changes, and great defense. Don’t be turned off by a low score because the score doesn’t dictate how well the two teams are playing. 

It may seem too early in the season to predict how teams will end up, but this game will give a great look at two great Eastern Conference teams. The Pacers and Heat are two very similar teams. They both have a star who leads them in every way with George and Wade. They both rely heavily on their stout defense, maybe the Heat more than the Pacers this year.

Look for Miami forward Luol Deng to have a bounce back game after only scoring five points against the Hornets. At first glance this stat seems disappointing, but you have to take into account that this was Deng’s first game back from a hamstring injury. Deng is a key piece to the Heat’s success this season and will need to get back into form for the Heat to make a run in the playoffs.

Look for the Heat to try and get going early in this game. Wade doesn’t sound too worried about the issue of the Heat trying to pick up the tempo too late, but if they don’t get this issue corrected, it could hurt them later on in the season. The key to winning on the road in the NBA is doing just that, getting early shots and also getting players into a rhythm so when the game becomes close late, the players that are hot can win you a tough game.

Wade thought that the loss to Hornets was because the team was out of sorts. “Everybody means well. On the road, you can’t come out and spar with them offensively. You’ve got to get your game right away. Not that it’s going to guarantee a win, but it’ll settle us and let us get better shots.”

George makes a good point. In a league as tough as the NBA, there are no easy wins. There are no nights off. Nobody knows just how much a game can impact the playoff race until the end of the season pops up. No team wants to look back on their season and think, “Well maybe if we would have won a couple more games here or there, we would have made the playoffs.”

When asked if this will be an easy win because they have already beaten the Heat this season, George had this to say, “Every team is different from the first time seeing them to now. We’re a different team now (as well). Everybody gets more locked in, more dialed in to what they’re doing. It’s going to be a different ballgame. We can’t come out here and expect that we’re going to beat them easily because we beat them already. It’s going to be an even tougher game for us.”

Another back story in this matchup is the fact that the Pacers haven’t lost to the Heat at home since Feb. 14, 2012.

After back-to-back losses, the Heat will want to go into the Pacers’ home arena and embarrass them. Dwyane Wade, who is averaging 18.6 PPG, will need to play like the Dwyane Wade of old. When Wade is playing well the Heat seem to respond to their leader and play at the same high level.

The Heat are coming off an embarrassing loss to the Charlotte Hornets and they too should be fired up to face another beast in the East.  

Miami is also coming into this game with a record of 12-8 and many will say these two teams are very similar in the way they play. Both teams pride themselves on great defense and scoring early in the shot clock.

Led by star forward Paul George, who is averaging 27.9 PPG, the Pacers are looking forward to defending their home court.

With all this being said, this is what makes this matchup even more enticing as an NBA fan. The Pacers will get to test themselves against a proven Miami Heat team and see if they are going to be a playoff threat in the East this year. The Pacers come into this game with a record of 12-8 and they are also riding a three-game losing streak, so getting a victory at home against another Eastern Conference juggernaut is a must.

This is a battle between two of the best teams in the Eastern Conference. For the Indiana Pacers, they are coming off a very tough loss to the Golden State Warriors, but who hasn’t said that this year when playing the Warriors? Just when the Pacers were starting to gain traction and really figure themselves out, they run into a dangerous Warriors team to cut their momentum short.

Welcome to VAVEL USA's Live coverage between the Miami Heat and the Indiana Pacers. I'm Matthew Handel and I'll be providing minute-to-minute updates, commentary, and results of this NBA contest between the Heat and Pacers. The game begins at 7:00 PM EST at Bakers Life Fieldhouse in IndianapolisIndiana.