State of the Boston Celtics Since Hayward Injury
Boston Herald

Back on the November 12th episode of the Rauh Report, I predicted that the Boston Celtics would struggle significantly after Gordon Hayward went down with a broken hand. At the time, the Celtics had the 2nd best net rating in the league at +9.2 with an offense that was 2.9 points better than league average and a defense that was 5.9 points better than league average. 

Since  then, both their offense and defense has dropped off. In the 8 games without Hayward, the Celtics' offense and defense respectively have been .8 points and 2.5 points better than league average for a net rating of +3.7. As you can see from the following chart, The Celtics' net rating with Hayward would place them at the top of the league. 

The Celtics are currently planning on having Hayward in their Christmas Day lineup against the Toronto Raptors.