Highlights and Best Moments: Celtics 109-123 Nets in NBA Playoffs 2021
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10:10 PM12 days ago

Thank you!

Thank you for following the rebroadcast of Game 5 of the Celtics-Nets series in the NBA Playoffs.
10:09 PM12 days ago

They go against the Bucks

The Nets picked up their fourth win in the series against the Celtics to advance to the semifinals where they will meet Giannis' Bucks.
10:08 PM12 days ago

End game

Celtics 109-123 Nets.
10:01 PM12 days ago

4Q 04:32

Kyrie Irving with the shot all alone under the backboard and hits it with no problem.
9:56 PM12 days ago

People recognize Harden's performance

9:54 PM12 days ago

Keep making magic

Harden already has a triple double with 28 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists.
9:49 PM12 days ago

4Q 07:36

Kevin Durant with three-pointer and Nets surpass 100 points.
9:43 PM12 days ago

Sharpening the aim

9:40 PM12 days ago

4Q 10:48

James Harden with the bomb and it's already 11 ahead.
9:33 PM12 days ago

End of third quarter

Celtics 78-86 Nets.
9:31 PM12 days ago

3Q 00:47

Bruce Brown takes advantage of the rebound to add two more.
9:27 PM12 days ago

2Q 02:25

Kevin Durant reappears with one more double-double in the game.
9:19 PM12 days ago

Nets on their way to fourth victory

9:08 PM12 days ago

3Q 08:19

Marcus Smart marca los dos tiros de castigo.
9:05 PM12 days ago

3Q 09:18

Griffin with the left hand dunk and blows up the arena.
9:04 PM12 days ago

3Q 09:53

James Harden with the foul and count.
9:02 PM12 days ago

3Q 11:24

Romeo Langford with the first points of the second half.
8:44 PM12 days ago

Half time

Celtics 51-59 Nets.
8:43 PM12 days ago

2Q 00:19

Joe Harris scores both penalty kicks.
8:33 PM12 days ago

Saving the ball

8:29 PM12 days ago

2Q 05:59

Jabari Parker with double after the requested time out.
8:24 PM12 days ago

1Q 06:48

Joe Harris with the triple to take a six-point lead.
8:16 PM12 days ago

2Q 11:44

Nicolas Claxton with the first two points of the second quarter.
8:15 PM12 days ago

This is how the first 12 minutes ended

8:12 PM12 days ago

End of first quarter

Celtics 24-31 Nets.
8:11 PM12 days ago

1Q 00:33

Kyrie Irving adds one more triple.
8:08 PM12 days ago

1Q 02:04

Kevin Durant with the basket to take the lead.
8:00 PM12 days ago

1Q 04:10

Kyrie Irving with a double-double to spark the comeback.
7:51 PM12 days ago

1Q 07:30

Evan Fournier with the first triple of the game.
7:49 PM12 days ago

1Q 09:35

Romeo Langford scores two more and consolidates Boston's good start.
7:47 PM12 days ago

1Q 11:18

Jayson Tatum scores the first two points of the game.
7:46 PM12 days ago

1Q 12:00

The match begins.
7:40 PM12 days ago

48 minutes to the semifinals

7:30 PM12 days ago

We are minutes away

Stay tuned for more coverage as we are minutes away from the start of Game 5 of the series.
7:28 PM12 days ago

The Nets' team

7:23 PM12 days ago

Watch out for Harden

7:18 PM12 days ago

The Celtics' roster

7:13 PM12 days ago

Free throw accuracy

The Celtics made 21 of 22 shots, while their opponent made just 18 of 23.
7:08 PM12 days ago

Arriving at the office

7:03 PM12 days ago

Celtics' fans dream of a comeback

6:58 PM12 days ago

Nets ready for fifth battle

6:53 PM12 days ago

Nets ready for fifth battle

6:48 PM12 days ago

The conditions are in place to move forward

At home and with players who are on fire like Irving and Harden, the Nets want to take advantage of all these circumstances to deliver the final blow and advance to the semifinals.
6:43 PM12 days ago

There is no tomorrow

The support of the whole team has to come from Tatum, who has led the team, but in the defensive sector he has found many deficiencies that have cost him.
6:38 PM12 days ago

We start

The Celtics will have their final call if they want to stay alive and force Game 6 when they visit the Nets in Game 5. We begin.
6:33 PM12 days ago

Tune in here

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6:28 PM12 days ago

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Series Results

Celtics 93-104 Nets, game 1

Celtics 108-130 Nets, game 2

Celtics 125-119 Nets, game 3

Celtics 125-141 Nets, game 4

6:18 PM12 days ago

Key player Nets

Kevin Durant shined in the final game, playing 40 minutes and scoring 42 points, which were key to the third win.

6:13 PM12 days ago

Key player Celtics

If there is a man capable of being the leader on the court and lead the Celtics to victory, it is Jayson Tatum, who, like his rival, contributed 40 points.

6:08 PM12 days ago

Last Team Nets

Blake Griffin, Kyrie Irving, James Harden, Kevin Durant, Joe Harris.
6:03 PM12 days ago

Last Team Celtics

Tristan Thompson, Jayson Tatum, Marcus Smart, Evan Fournier, Romeo Langford.
5:58 PM12 days ago

Nets: don't get overconfident

The Nets will have to keep doing what they have done all season long, be dynamic up front and be very accurate like in the last game with more than 60% in three pointers.
5:53 PM12 days ago

Celtics: the last call

The Celtics will have to emulate what they did in game 3 and give the game of the season, otherwise they could be on vacation next week.
5:48 PM12 days ago

Kick-off time

The Boston Celtics vs Brooklyn Nets match will be played at the Barclays Center, in Brooklyn. The kick-off is scheduled at 7:30pm ET.
5:43 PM12 days ago

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