Points and Highlights: Chicago Bulls 131-95 Cleveland Cavaliers in Preseason NBA 2021/22
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Thanks for staying with us and following every moment of the Chicago Bulls vs. Cleveland Cavaliers. The home team beat the Cleveland Cavaliers 131-95 in the NBA Preseason 2021/22 tonight. That's all for now. You can follow everything from Brazilian and world sports here on VAVEL Brazil. Thanks for your company and support.
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Wednesday (06)
20h30 – Cleveland Cavaliers x Atlanta Hawks (League Pass)

Friday (08)
20h – Indiana Pacers x Cleveland Cavaliers (League Pass)
21h – New Orleans Pelicans x Chicago Bulls (League Pass)

Sunday (10):
20h – Chicago Bulls x Cleveland Cavaliers (League Pass)

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No time for anything else. Chicago beats the Cleveland Cavaliers 131-95 in the teams' first game of the 2021/22 NBA Preseason. The teams meet again next Sunday (10).
10:17 PM10 days ago


We are already near the end of the game and Cleveland winning in this last quarter. It's not enough to turn the game around, but the team can still reach 100 points.
10:10 PM10 days ago


Cleveland hits a three-pointer and turns the score (in the 4th quarter), now 20-17 to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the partial period. Overall score: 130-92 for the Chicago Bulls.
10:08 PM10 days ago


3 minutes to the end of the game and Cleveland is better at this moment, scoring 7 of the last 10 points of the game. If they keep up the pace, they will be able to win at least the last quarter, which won't change the outcome of the game, but helps the team's morale.
10:01 PM10 days ago

4Q - 5:00'

Last quarter much more balanced than the two preceding this one. Bulls keep winning: 12 to 8 in the fourth and 125-80 overall.
9:55 PM10 days ago


Let's go to the last quarter. The first point was Cleveland's, from three, but the Bulls already took the lead in the period: 7 to 5.
9:51 PM10 days ago


The Bulls won the fourth quarter 44-24, and had a wide lead in the overall score: 113-72, with 41 points and LaVine being the MVP of the game with 25 points.
9:49 PM10 days ago


Markkanen entered in the third quarter and is already one of the Cavaliers' highlights of the game. The last 8 points of the visitors were his, and he had a lot of points in the fourth, even though the team was down.
9:47 PM10 days ago


We hit the 100-point mark and the Bulls' lead only increases, now reaching 40 points and counting... 107-67 over the Cavaliers, who at this point have already given up looking for the result. The 4th period should be much slower.
9:38 PM10 days ago


Third period to forget the Cavaliers, the team only scored 8 points in 8 minutes. It simply didn't yield, the balls didn't fall and the team is facing a very bad sequence against LaVine, who is inspired tonight. Bulls 95-46 Cavs.
9:35 PM10 days ago


Biggest lead of the match. The Chicago Bulls have just opened up a 30 game lead over the Cavaliers, who are not in the match. LaVine scored and we are at 94-54.
9:27 PM10 days ago


Cavaliers don't seem to come back from the break. Team only scored two points against 14 of the Chicago Bulls. The score is 83-50 to the home team.
9:24 PM10 days ago


We go to the third set and the Bulls have already opened an advantage: 6-0 in this new period.
9:08 PM10 days ago


The second half ends with two points from Sexton, which reduced (almost not at all) the Bulls' lead. Score: 69-48 for the Chicago team.
9:06 PM10 days ago


The name of this second quarter: there were 11 points in this second half alone. Total of 13 points for the shooting guard of the Chicago Bulls. Rubio and Sexton share the lead on the Cavs' side and try something on the court.
9:03 PM10 days ago


This is the advantage that the Bulls managed to build up against the Cavs in this first half of the game. There are still about two minutes left in the second quarter, but the dominance is clear: Bulls are on top of the game and are heading for a good win so far: 64-44.
8:55 PM10 days ago


Carusso (2), Vucevic (2), LaVine (4) and DeRozan (2) further extend the Bulls' lead in the second quarter. Wide dominance: 53-37.
8:54 PM10 days ago



Brown Jr.: 9 Pts., 1 Reb., 2 Ass.

J. Verde: 7 Pts., 4 Ass.


Rubio: 8 Pts., 3 Reb., 5 Ass.

Sexton: 6 Pts., 1 Reb., 1 Ass.

8:52 PM10 days ago


We have passed the halfway point of the second quarter and at this point it is a little slower (12-10), Bulls still ahead: 45-37.
8:49 PM10 days ago


The second quarter started as the first one ended, with a point for the Cavaliers, but the Bulls have already regained the good hand and continue in front of the scoreboard: 43-35 with 6 minutes left to the end of the half.
8:35 PM10 days ago


Partial victory for the Chicago Bulls by 33 to 27. A well-studied and balanced game. Bulls opened a wide advantage, but the Cavaliers were resistant and sought to reduce the rival's advantage.
8:32 PM10 days ago


We reach the last minute of the first quarter. The Chicago Bulls go on to win 30-25 over the Cavaliers. Caruso and Brown Jr dominated the court in the final minutes for the home side, while Sexton looked for the result for the away side. Very balanced game.
8:26 PM10 days ago

1Q' - 18-10

Caruso extended the lead for the Bulls, and Garland did not let the hosts get any further away, scoring another basket. Score: 18-10.
8:24 PM10 days ago


Cavaliers tie at 5-5, but Bulls get a big run with DeRozan (4 points) and Green (5 points) and open a wide lead 16:8. Love slowed down for the visitors.
8:16 PM10 days ago


Vucevic extends the Bulls' lead over the Cavs in the match: 5-2.
8:12 PM10 days ago

1Q' - +2

The first points of the game are from Cleveland, who open 2-0 with Allen, but the Bulls already splice a basket for three points: 3-2, basket by Ball.
8:11 PM10 days ago


The orange ball goes up for the Chicago Bulls vs. Cleveland Cavaliers and you follow everything here with us.
7:59 PM11 days ago


The most recent match between the teams ended with a 121-105 victory for the Cavaliers on April 21, 2021. Check out the best shots from the great game:

7:50 PM11 days ago


Garland, Sexton, Okoro, Mobley and Allen.
7:46 PM11 days ago


L. Ball, J. Green, Lavine, Derozan and Vucevic.
7:40 PM11 days ago


About 20 minutes to go up the orange. The teams are warming up on the court. Check it out:
7:36 PM11 days ago


Former Chicago Bulls player, NBA Champion and Spanish idol Pau Gasol announced his retirement this Tuesday (5). In the NBA, Gasol went through Memphis Grizzlies, Los Angeles Lakers, Chicago Bulls, San Antonio Spurs and Milwaukee Bucks.

Check out the statement:

"I am here to announce that I am retiring from professional basketball. It's a tough decision, but a thoughtful one. I wanted to end up playing it and enjoying it, not on crutches. I am very grateful to have been at Barça and to be able to play in my fifth Olympic Games with the National Team."


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  • 20h30 – Indiana Pacers x New York Knicks (League Pass)
  • 21h – Cleveland Cavaliers x Chicago Bulls (League Pass)
  • 21h – Washington Wizards x Houston Rockets (League Pass)
  • 21h – Milwaukee Bucks x Memphis Grizzlies (League Pass)
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There are just under 40 minutes left before the orange ball goes up and the Chicago Bulls vs. Cleveland Cavaliers preseason NBA 2021/22 game begins. Stay tuned!
7:25 PM11 days ago

Where and how to watch the Chicago Bulls vs. Cleveland Cavaliers game on TV and in real time?

NBA Preseason 2021/22

Game: Chicago Bulls vs. Cleveland Cavaliers

Round: Preseason

Date: 10/05/2021

Time: 8 p.m. ET

Where to watch: NBA League Pass (subscription required)

Real time: VAVEL Brazil

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When is the Chicago Bulls vs. Cleveland Cavaliers game and how to watch it LIVE and in real time?

The game will start at 8 pm (Brasília), being played at the United Center Arena in Chigano, and will be broadcast live on NBA League Pass (subscription required). You can check it all here on VAVEL Brazil.
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From both teams last NBA season (2020/21): 

Cleveland Cavaliers: Collin Sexton (24.3 points average), Darius Garland (17.4) and Jarret Allen (12.8).

Chicago Bulls: Zach Lavine (27.4 scoring average), Nikola Vucevic (23.4) and Coby White (15.1)

7:10 PM11 days ago


  • Cavaliers 121-105 Bulls
  • Bulls 106-96 Cavaliers
  • Bulls 94-103 Cavaliers
  • Bulls 108-103 Cavaliers
  • Cavaliers 106-118 Bulls
  • Bulls 118-116 Cavaliers
  • Cavaliers 117-111 Bulls
  • Bulls 75-82 Cavaliers
  • Bulls 101-104 Cavaliers
  • Cavaliers 88-104 Bulls
7:05 PM11 days ago


In the last 10 meetings between the Chicago Bulls and the Cleveland Cavaliers there was quite a balance: 5 wins for each side. And, although the preseason game is not worth scoring, it is worth the tiebreaker of the recent meetings between the teams.
7:00 PM11 days ago


  • Toronto Raptors 123-107 76ers
  • Boston Celtics 98-97 Orlando Magic
  • Miami Heat 125-99 Atlanta Hawks
  • Minnesota Timberwolves x New Orleans Pelicans
  • Cidade de Oklahoma x Vespões
  • Suprs x Utah Jazz
  • Portland Blazers x Golden States Warriors
  • Sacramento Kings x Suns
  • Clippers x Nuggets
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4 absentees for the Chicago Bulls' PreSeason opener tomorrow: Coby White, Derrick Jones Jr, Patrick Williams and Tony Bradley!
6:50 PM11 days ago


Preseason is when NBA teams meet before the regular season begins. The Chicago Bulls and Cleveland Cavaliers come in strong for the new season, but for tomorrow's game we can expect anything! Since it is a preseason, the teams are not 100% ready yet, so anything can roll.
6:45 PM11 days ago


The Bulls vs. Cavaliers match is a preseason NBA 2021/22 game. The orange ball goes up at 8 pm (Brasília), at the United Center Arena, in Chicago, home of the Bulls.
6:40 PM11 days ago

Welcome to the Chicago Bulls vs. Cleveland Cavaliers game

Hello there, lover of the little orange ball! It's NBA Preseason Day 2021/2022: Bulls vs Cavaliers will go head-to-head in the preseason of basketball's most important league. Follow everything from the duel between the Spurs and the Lions here on VAVEL Brazil.