Resume and Highlights: Celtics 88-96 Spurs in NBA Season
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11:25 PM11 days ago


11:07 PM11 days ago

Spurs returns to victory

The San Antonio team beats the Celtics and breaks a 6-game losing streak in a game that was decided in the final minutes. 
11:00 PM11 days ago


Celtics 88-96 Spurs
10:57 PM11 days ago

4Q 00:00

The duel ends 
10:53 PM11 days ago

4Q 12.7

Murray adds two more for Spurs 
10:51 PM11 days ago

4Q 47.4

Murray gives Spurs the lead back
10:48 PM11 days ago

4Q 02:00

Murray nails it and comes within one point of equalizing 
10:47 PM11 days ago

4Q 02:58

Jones assists Murray to add two to Spurs' tally
10:41 PM11 days ago

4Q 04:39

Murray hits double free throw 
10:37 PM11 days ago

4Q 05:34

Schroder adds 3
10:33 PM11 days ago

4Q 06:07

Tatum scores a double to go ahead by 5
10:31 PM11 days ago

4Q 07:32

Williams turns the score around 
10:28 PM11 days ago

4Q 10:17

Murray refuses to give up lead, scores two more for Spurs
10:25 PM11 days ago

4Q 10:35

Tatum nails it and there is now only a two-point difference 
10:23 PM11 days ago

4Q 11:27

Smart cuts the lead to 5 points
10:20 PM11 days ago

4Q 12:00

The last period begins
10:18 PM11 days ago

3Q 00:00

Third period ends
10:16 PM11 days ago

3Q 01:26

Murray assists Jones to increase Spurs' lead
10:11 PM11 days ago

3Q 03:23

Jayson Tatum nails and lowers the deficit to 7 points
10:06 PM11 days ago

3Q 06:16

Smart assists Brown and Celtics are within eleven points 
10:00 PM11 days ago

3Q 07:34

Murray scores for Spurs
9:58 PM11 days ago

3Q 09:24

Smart shortens the lead 
9:56 PM11 days ago

3Q 10:26

Poeltl scores with assist from White
9:53 PM11 days ago

3Q 12:00

Third period begins
9:37 PM11 days ago

2Q 00:00

First half ends
9:34 PM11 days ago

2Q 01:01

Keldon bald and you add two for Spurs
9:32 PM11 days ago

2Q 02:27

White adds three for Spurs
9:28 PM11 days ago

2Q 03:20

Nesmith adds two and Spurs calls time out 
9:27 PM11 days ago

2Q 03:58

Williams nails and adds two for Celtics 
9:24 PM11 days ago

2Q 05:35

Young assists Forbes and adds two to the tally 
9:22 PM11 days ago

2Q 06:34

Nesmith hits triple 
9:20 PM11 days ago

2Q 07:26

Schroder gives two more points to the visitors
9:16 PM11 days ago

2Q 08:04

Brown adds two points for Celtics
9:14 PM11 days ago

2Q 08:23

Murray gives Spurs two points
9:11 PM11 days ago

2Q 10:01

Murray assists Jones to add two for Spurs
9:09 PM11 days ago

2Q 11:44

Murray adds two for Spurs
9:06 PM11 days ago

2Q 12:00

Second period begins 
9:05 PM11 days ago

1Q 00:00

End of the first period 
9:04 PM11 days ago

1Q 30.3

Parker hits both shots 
9:02 PM11 days ago

1Q 01:01

Jones scores double 
8:59 PM11 days ago

1Q 03:43

Marcus Smart nails it and that's two more for the Celtics.
8:57 PM11 days ago

1Q 03:43

White scores triple for Spurs
8:54 PM11 days ago

1Q 05:00

Keldon Johnson scores triple 
8:53 PM11 days ago

1Q 06:33

White adds three more points
8:51 PM11 days ago

1Q 07:09

Kelton Johnson scores a double
8:49 PM11 days ago


Jakob Poeltl scores two more 
8:47 PM11 days ago

1Q 11:11

Dejounte Murray scored the first two points
8:45 PM11 days ago

1Q 12:00

Match starts
8:43 PM11 days ago

Spurs starting 5

This is how the home team takes the field:

Dejounte Murray, Derrick White, Keldon Johnson, Keita Bates-Diop, Jakob Poeltl.

8:24 PM11 days ago

Celtics starting 5

This is how the visiting team takes the field:

Marcus Smart, Dennis Schroder, Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum, Al Horford.

8:19 PM11 days ago

Tim Duncan swimmer

As a young man Tim Duncan wanted to be a swimmer, but Hurricane Hugo destroyed the Olympic pool where he trained, so he chose to practice basketball, since he disliked the idea of training in the sea due to his fear of sharks.
8:14 PM11 days ago

Good Deed

Last Tuesday some players teamed up to distribute 200 Thanksgiving meals to people at the San Antonio Food Bank.
Spurs mascot/Image: Spurs
Spurs mascot/Image: Spurs
8:09 PM11 days ago

Celtics: Injury Report

Jaylen Brown- Available
Josh Richardson- Out due to illness
Robert Williams- Out due to illness 
8:04 PM11 days ago

Belonging in Boston

Boston Celtics is one of the two teams that has never moved from one city to another since its founding, the other team being the NY Knicks.
7:59 PM11 days ago

Spurs and their peculiar mascot

Like all NBA teams, the mascot is a spectacle, the Spurs have their own, however their mascot has something that makes it different from the others since it has been the only mascot in the NBA that has been expelled, this because it tried to scare the players of the rival team. 
7:54 PM11 days ago

Main Boston Celtics rivalry

Called the best rivalry of the NBA the Boston Celtics vs Los Angeles Lakers, both teams have faced each other 12 times in finals, the first of them in 1959, then in the 60's and 80's they played 6 and 3 finals respectively, the rivalry went down a little in the 90's but in 2008 was revived with the Celtics victory in 6 games and in 2010 the Lakers took revenge beating them in 7 games, for so many important duels, this rivalry has established itself as the most important in the NBA.
7:49 PM11 days ago

Stay tuned for the Boston Celtics vs San Antonio Spurs live stream.

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for Boston Celtics vs San Antonio Spurs live, as well as the latest information from the AT&T Center. Don't miss any details of the game with VAVEL's up-to-the-minute live online coverage. 
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Where and how to watch Boston Celtics vs San Antonio Spurs live online

The game will be televised on ESPN.

Boston Celtics vs San Antonio Spurs can be tuned in from the NBA League App live streams.

If you want to watch the game live online, VAVEL Mexico is your best option.

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AT&T Center

Located in San Antonio, Texas, it was inaugurated in 2002 with a capacity for 18,500 spectators at a cost of 186 million dollars. When construction was completed, the company SBC Communications, Inc. acquired the rights to the name of the stadium for 20 years, paying 41 million dollars, and the pavilion officially changed its name to the AT&T Center in January 2006.  
7:34 PM11 days ago

San Antonio Spurs Main Lineup

Dejounte Murray, Keldon Johnson, Derrick White, Jacob Poeltl, Devin Vassell.
7:29 PM11 days ago

Boston Celtics Main Lineup

Jayson Tatum, Marcus Smart, Jaylen Brown, Dennis Schroder, Robert Williams III.
7:24 PM11 days ago

Head to head

Surprisingly the San Antonio and Boston teams are not having a season to remember, both teams are historically great cheerleaders of the Playoffs, in different times these teams had been accustomed to get championships, but currently they are disputing the bottom of the table, ranking tenth and thirteenth position, although the season is practically starting, the teams do not look in good shape and this game could lift the winner to seek to move up positions.
7:19 PM11 days ago

San Antonio Spurs

One of the franchises with the highest winning percentage in the league, in 1997 came one of the players who would change the history of the Spurs, Tim Duncan became after his arrival in the first selection of the draft in a pillar to achieve the first title of San Antonio Spurs in the NBA in 1999, in 2003 the Spurs of Tim Duncan and Manu Ginóbili won their second NBA crown, also Duncan got to be MVP of the Finals and previously was the MVP of the season, After the last title in 2014, players like Duncan and Ginóbili were retiring from the court, leaving a great legacy in the team, the San Antonio Spurs have not been able to find a solid team to replicate what was done in the championship seasons, currently they are in the thirteenth position in the Western Conference with a negative record of 4-13 and six straight games with a loss.
Spurs in Game/ Image: Spurs
Spurs in Game/ Image: Spurs
7:14 PM11 days ago

Boston Celtics

One of the winningest teams in the NBA, recognized for winning 11 titles from 1956 to 1969, currently they have not had the best seasons, much less a superstar like Bill Russell or Larry Bird, their last NBA title was in the 2007-08 season, where they defeated the Los Angeles Lakers 4-2, in the current NBA season, the Boston Celtics are in tenth place in the Eastern Conference with a record of 10-9, the season for Boston has not started in a positive way, however their record is not negative so there is still a lot of season to climb positions, if there is something we know about the NBA is that a team on a roll can be very dangerous in Playoffs, Celtis arrives to the game against Spurs with a loss to Nets with a score of 123-104, the loss cost Boston a streak of 3 straight games with victory.
Celtics in game/ Image: Celtics
Celtics in game/ Image: Celtics
7:09 PM11 days ago


Good afternoon to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the live broadcast of the Celtics vs Spurs game, corresponding to the NBA regular season. The game will take place at the AT&T Center, at 8:30 pm.