Highlights: Hawks 98-96 76ers in NBA 2021
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End of match

The Atlanta Hawks get an important and hard-fought win in Philadelphia.

The visitors get one more win without their best players and move up in the Eastern Conference.

10:17 PM8 months ago

02:00 of the last quarter

last moments of a game that will be defined in the last basket, Atlanta momentarily wins it.
10:14 PM8 months ago

04:00 of the last quarter

Atlanta's Skylar Mays had a double-double with 12 points and 10 rebounds in the game.
10:06 PM8 months ago

06:00 of the last quarter

Very evenly matched game in Philadelphia, with both teams showing they can beat anyone
10:01 PM8 months ago

08:00 of the last quarter

Charles Bassey and Joel Embiid lead in rebounding with 8 each, showing their team's strength in that aspect of the game.
9:55 PM8 months ago

10:00 of the last quarter

Joel Embiid chimes in with 16 points so far to lead his team in the quest for the win
9:52 PM8 months ago

12:00 of the last quarter

The last 12 minutes of this game start, Atlanta leads by 4
9:49 PM8 months ago

End of third quarter

A close third quarter ends between Philadelphia and Atlanta
9:44 PM8 months ago

02:00 of the third quarter

The last 2 minutes of a very even quarter between two teams looking to move up in the eastern conference.
9:39 PM8 months ago

04:00 of the third quarter

Seth Curry and Tobias Harris are the best scorers for the home team with 12 units each.
9:35 PM8 months ago

06:00 of the third quarter

Cam Reddish with 18 units is the best scorer of the game so far.
9:28 PM8 months ago

08:00 of the third quarter

Philadelphia manages to lead the game but Atlanta doesn't allow it to go back to being the team with the most points so far
9:23 PM8 months ago

10:00 of the third quarter

Close game in Philadelphia, 76ers use their inside game to score while Atlanta focuses on long distance shooting
9:22 PM8 months ago

12:00 of the third quarter

Action resumes in Philadelphia, the game is tied at 51
9:06 PM8 months ago

End of second quarter

Ends the first half of a game that began rather weakly and became more composed as the minutes passed. The score is tied at halftime
8:59 PM8 months ago

02:00 of the second quarter

Last 2 minutes of the first half, a game of contrasts where Atlanta is still in the lead by very little
8:55 PM8 months ago

04:00 of the second quarter

Philadelphia got back into the game in the right way, using Maxey as their main weapon to get it done.
8:51 PM8 months ago

06:00 of the second quarter

Gorgui Dieng and John Collins have 9 units as the best scorers for the Atlanta Hawks.
8:44 PM8 months ago

08:00 of the second quarter

Tyrese Maxey with 11 points is leading his team's offense to tie the score.
8:42 PM8 months ago

10:00 of the second quarter

76ers get closer in the game but Atlanta tries to keep its lead on the scoreboard
8:36 PM8 months ago

12:00 of the second quarter

The second 12 minutes of the game begins, Philadelphia must improve a lot from what it did in the first quarter to reduce the lead.
8:33 PM8 months ago

End of first quarter

The first 12 minutes are over, controlled from start to finish by the visitors, who are playing a great game without Young on the court.
8:26 PM8 months ago

02:00 of the first quarter

last 2 minutes of a disappointing fourth quarter for the home team that was unable to perform on offense and defense
8:23 PM8 months ago

04:00 of the first quarter

Seth Curry has scored 5 points for Philadelphia which has yet to get into a rhythm for the game
8:21 PM8 months ago

06:00 of the first quarter

John Collins started the game with a series of 7 points.
8:15 PM8 months ago

08:00 of the first quarter

Atlanta is off to a promising start and will try to get a win on a very difficult court in Philadelphia.
8:13 PM8 months ago

10:00 of the first quarter

Due to health protocols, Atlanta superstar Trae Young will not be able to be at tonight's game.
8:11 PM8 months ago

12:00 of the first quarter

Game begins in Philadelphia, 76ers host the Hawks in an Eastern Conference matchup.
7:54 PM8 months ago

All set for tonight's game in the NBA

The 76ers host Atlanta Hawks in a game that promises a lot of physical play and it will be extremely important who can establish themselves in rebounds.
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7:49 PM8 months ago

The home team is already at the arena for the game.

Philadelphia 76ers are already at home to host the Atlanta Hawks in a very important game. 
7:44 PM8 months ago

Tonight's NBA lineup

Philadelphia vs Atlanta, Indiana vs Houston, Orlando vs New Orleans, Miami vs Detroit, NY Knicks vs Washington, Dallas vs Milwaukee, Denver vs Charlotte, Phoenix vs Oklahoma, Jazz vs Minnesota, Golden State vs Memphis, LA Lakers vs San Antonio.
7:39 PM8 months ago

The arena that serves as home for Philadelphia 76ers

The Wells Fargo Center is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It opened in 1996 at a cost of $210 million and has the capacity to hold 21,600 spectators. 
7:34 PM8 months ago

Tonight's rebounds

Joel Embiid is again the 76ers' top rebounder on a nightly basis with 10.8 rebounds per game, while Atlanta's Clint Capela is their leader with 12.8 per game.
7:29 PM8 months ago

Leaders in assists

A surprise that surprises no one is that Trae Young is Atlanta's leader in assists with 9.3 per game, one of the best in the league in that department.
For Philadelphia it is Maxey with 4.7 the best of his team on the season.
7:24 PM8 months ago

Great scorers duel

The home team has Joel Embiid as its best scorer with 21.1 points per game, while Atlanta has Trae Young as its scoring machine with 27.3 units in each game he plays.
7:19 PM8 months ago

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What time is Atlanta Hawks vs Philadelphia 76ers match for NBA?

This is the start time of the game Atlanta Hawks vs Philadelphia 76ers of 23th December in several countries:


Argentina: 09:00 AM in NBA League Pass

Bolivia: 07:00 PM in NBA League Pass

Brazil: 09:00 AM in NBA League Pass

Chile: 09:00 PM in NBA League Pass

Colombia: 07:00 PM in NBA League Pass

Ecuador: 07:00 PM in NBA League Pass

USA (ET): 7:00 PM in Bally Sports

Spain: 1:00 AM (24th December)

Mexico: 6:00 PM in NBA League Pass

Paraguay: 09:00 AM in NBA League Pass

Peru: 08:00 PM in NBA League Pass

Uruguay: 09:00 AM in NBA League Pass

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Watch out for this Philadelphia 76ers player

Seth Curry has managed to raise his level considerably this season, averaging 16.5 points per game, 3.1 assists and 3.0 rebounds, in what could be his consolidation campaign as a star in the league. 
7:04 PM8 months ago

Watch out for this Atlanta Hawks player

Trae Young's importance in Atlanta is indisputable, as he is the leader in points with 27.3 per game, 10 points behind the next teammate in that category.
Young also distributes 9.3 assists per game and gets 4 rebounds in each game. 
6:59 PM8 months ago

Last V of Philadelphia 76ers

12 Tobias Harris, 14 Danny Green, 21 Joel Embiid, 31 Seth Curry, 22 Matisse Thybulle
6:54 PM8 months ago

Last V of Atlanta Hawks

10 Gorgui Dieng, 20 John Collins, 22 Cameron Reddish, 0 Delon Wright, 13 Bogdan Bogdanovic.
6:49 PM8 months ago

The best time of the year arrives for the NBA

5 games are scheduled for the league on December 25, one of the most important days for basketball in the United States and the games will be played:
NY Knicks vs Atlanta, Milwaukee vs Boston, Phoeni vs Golden State, LA Lakers vs Brooklyn, Jazz vs Dallas.
6:44 PM8 months ago

Atlanta, another team after last season

After surprising the entire league and reaching the Eastern Conference Finals last season, the Hawks have not been able to find their best form to fight again against any team that stands in their way.
6:39 PM8 months ago

Philadelphia, without consistency in victories

The 76ers continue with problems at the time of getting more wins than they have so far, as they have been losing another game for every game they win for the last month, a situation that does not benefit them to fight for the top positions in the conference.
6:34 PM8 months ago

Eastern Conference game in the NBA

Tonight's game will be between Philadelphia 76ers with a record of 16 wins and 15 losses, against the Atlanta Hawks with 16 wins and 15 losses.
6:29 PM8 months ago

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