Highlights: Jazz 110-104 Spurs in NBA 2021-2022
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Thanks for following this game with us!

Thank you for joining us in the broadcast of the Utah Jazz 110-104 San Antonio Spurs game, we are waiting for you at VAVEL for more broadcasts.
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Upcoming duels!

The San Antonio team will face the Heat on Wednesday night, while the Jazz will face off against the Blazers on the same day.
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The game is over!

The game ends at the AT&T Center, victory for the Jazz by 6 points.
10:51 PM22 days ago

4Q | 0:51

Timeout Jazz, the Spurs' reserve team reduces the lead to 8 points and forces Utah's starters to return so they don't lose the game.
10:47 PM22 days ago

Great Wall Gobert!

With tonight's performance, Rudy Gobert has just entered the list of the 50 best blockers in the league, he will begin to climb to be in the top 10:
10:43 PM22 days ago

4Q | 2:41

Time Out Spurs, the starters of both teams are gone and we will have another victory for the Jazz.
10:41 PM22 days ago

4Q | 3:34

Double-Double for Rudy Gobert, the French reaches 14 points and 11 rebounds.
10:32 PM22 days ago

4Q | 7:59

McDermott's triple and time out for the Jazz, difference of 14.
10:30 PM22 days ago

4Q | 9:15

Joe InglesΒ points and the difference is already 18 for Utah.
10:28 PM22 days ago

Layup from Clarkson

Jordan Clarkson with 16 points, is close to becoming man of the match:
10:22 PM22 days ago

Bye to the 3rd!

The third quarter ends, the advantage remains for the Jazz, 12 points difference.
10:16 PM22 days ago

Great performance!

Doug McDermott is having a great third quarter, the forward reaches 14 points and is helping the Jazz not to separate more.
10:13 PM22 days ago

3Q | 5:17

Royce O'Neale returns to the game, it seems like it was just a hit.
10:07 PM22 days ago

3Q | 6:41

Timeout Jazz, Royce O'Neale appears to be injured after a severe blow.
10:04 PM22 days ago

Masterclass by Ingles!

Joe Ingles is 75% effective at distance, the power forward is already scoring leader with 12 points:
9:59 PM22 days ago

3Q | 9:41

Utah takes off for 12 and San Antonio calls time out so as not to miss a beat.
9:55 PM22 days ago

3Q | 12:00

The second half begins, the Jazz win it 53 to 43.
9:40 PM22 days ago

Half Time

Finish ofΒ the first half, great job by the Utah defense. Better the second unit of the Jazz that gives the advantage of 10 points to the rest.
9:36 PM22 days ago

2Q | 1:45

Rudy Gobert leaves the game with 3 fouls at the moment, the Jazz coaching staff retires the defensive figure of the team so that he does not miss important minutes due to fouls.
9:34 PM22 days ago

Team Work!

Good ball movement for the Jazz and they are already separated by 15 points:
9:29 PM22 days ago

2Q | 4:28

Bogdanovic's triple that sends time out, won by the Jazz by 13.
9:27 PM22 days ago

2Q | 6:00

Time out Spurs, again the Jazz offense forces the Spurs game to stop.
9:19 PM22 days ago

Great defense, better definition!

Lonnie Walker, one of the best of the Spurs so far in the game:
9:13 PM22 days ago

2Q | 11:33

Joe Ingles's layupΒ to open the second period.
9:12 PM22 days ago

Utah's sixth man!

Great first quarter for Jordan Clarkson coming off the bench, the guard leads the Jazz with 7 points, 2 rebounds and 2 assists so far.
9:07 PM22 days ago

What a bench!

From Clarkson to Whiteside, the Jazz duo have 14 points together in the game:
9:05 PM22 days ago

1Q | 2:18

To counteract, Utah sends Jordan Clarkson and Hassam Whiteside as leaders of the second unit and regains the lead by 1 point.
8:58 PM22 days ago

1Q | 4:42

San Antonio improves with the incorporation of the second unit, an advantage of 4 points for the locals.
8:54 PM22 days ago

1Q | 6:49

Time out Spurs, Popovich does not see clear the offense of his team slows the game.
8:49 PM23 days ago

1Q | 8:38

Game very evenly on the floor, the defenses are better and at the moment there is a 6-point tie.
8:42 PM23 days ago

1Q | 12:00

Rudy Gobert wins the opening jump and starts the game at the AT&T Center.
8:34 PM23 days ago

Utah starting 5!

With Bojan Bogdanovic replacing Donovan Mitchell, this is how Jazz comes out:
8:32 PM23 days ago

About to start!

All set, pre-game protocol begins at the AT&T Center. It's Star Wars night in San Antonio.
8:22 PM23 days ago

San Antonio starting 5!

With the same 5 that started against Detroit yesterday, this is how the Spurs come out:
8:16 PM23 days ago


Players from both teams seeking a spot in the NBA All-Star Game are:

Spurs: Dejounte Murray

Jazz: Rudy Gobert, Donovan Mitchell and Mike Conley.

8:10 PM23 days ago

601 W?

Tonight's possible win could mark the 601st win for Spurs at home:
8:02 PM23 days ago

Must know!

The data for today's game is that the Utah team is the third most defeated at the AT&T Center with 54 against the Spurs.
7:56 PM23 days ago

The Spurs are here!

Motivated after the victory against Detroit, the Spurs players are already at the AT&T Center:
7:52 PM23 days ago

Injury Report!

The casualties for this game are as follows:
Spurs: Zach Collins and Dejounte Murray (Covid Protocol).
Jazz: Donovan Mitchell, Malik Fitts and Udoka Azubuike.
7:43 PM23 days ago

Face to face!

A good match awaits us between both teams, here we share the statistics of the season of each one.
Photo: NBA
Photo: NBA
7:37 PM23 days ago

Last lineups!

In the last game, this is how both teams came out:
Spurs: Keldon Johnson, Derrick White, Jakob Poeltl, Doug McDermott and Keita Bates-Diop.
Jazz: Donovan Mitchell, Rudy Gibert, Mike Conley, Bojan Bogdanovic and Royce O'Neale.
7:31 PM23 days ago

Let's go!

It's just under an hour for the Jazz-Spurs game to kick off at the AT&T Center. Both quintets will go out in search of victory. Who will do it tonight? Follow our coverage at VAVEL.
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In a few moments we will share the starting lineups for the Utah Jazz vs San Antonio Spurs, as well as the latest information from the AT&T Center. Do not miss details of the game with the minute by minute and live online from VAVEL.
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Where to watch the game?

We remind you that the game will be streamed on NBA League Pass.
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Last duel!

The Spurs already know what it's like to beat the Jazz this season, they won the first game of the season series by a score of 128 to 126. With a great game from Keldon Johnson and Derrick White to stop the offense led by Donovan Mitchell.
10:29 PM23 days ago

Keldon Johnson, a must see player!

The forward, a gold medal winner at Tokyo 2020, is Popovich's team's second sword and his contribution to the team has grown exponentially. With numbers of 15 points, 6.7 rebounds and 1.7 assists per game, the young Spurs player has been developing better and better and could become the next star of San Antonio.
Photo: Spurs
Photo: Spurs
10:24 PM23 days ago

Rudy Gobert, a must see player!

With the loss of Donovan Mitchell, the player to follow for this duel is the French center Rudy Gobert. The 3-time defender of the year is a great protector of the rim and his performances have been of vital importance to get very close games, the center of the Jazz has a personal best of 15.4 points, 14.9 rebounds, 1.1 assists and 2.3 blocks per game. The Jazz will not have defensive problems in the game but it will depend a lot on what they can do on offense.
10:19 PM23 days ago

How does the Spurs get here?

The Spurs arrive at a time of important generational change and looking for new figures from the hand of Greg Popovich, the team is in tenth place in the Western Conference with 13 wins and 18 losses. The San Antonio team comes after an easy victory over the Detroit Pistons by a score of 144 to 109. The Spurs are constantly growing with players such as Keldon Johnson, Olympic medalist, Derrick White, Dejounte Murray and Jakob Poeltl, players who little to little have begun to stand out and are looking to become the next Spurs figures.
10:14 PM23 days ago

How does the Jazz arrive?

The Utah team comes at a great moment by ranking third in the Western Conference with a record of 23 wins and 9 losses. The Jazz are one of the teams that does not attract the spotlight in the league but that, without a doubt, are one of the best teams this season and are going through a great moment on offense and defense. Those of Utah come after a victory against Dallas at Christmas by a score of 120 to 116.
10:09 PM23 days ago

Where's the game?

The AT&T Center located in San Antonio, Texas will host this duel between two teams with very opposite realities in the Western Conference. This stadium has a capacity for 18,500 fans and opened in 2002.
Photo: NBA
Photo: NBA
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Good dayΒ to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the live broadcast of the Utah Jazz vs San Antonio Spurs game, corresponding to the 2021-2022 NBA regular season. The meeting will take place at the AT&T Center at 8:30 p.m.