Highlights and Best moments: Trail Blazers 108-140 Nuggets in NBA Season
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1:24 AM6 months ago


Thank you for following the rebroadcast of the Nuggets win over the Trail Blazers.
1:19 AM6 months ago

End game

Trail Blazers 108-140 Nuggets.
1:14 AM6 months ago

4Q 01:47

Facundo Campazzo's triple to add three more to his personal account.
1:09 AM6 months ago

4Q 03:14

Tony Snell with three-pointer and Portland surpasses 100 points.
1:04 AM6 months ago

4Q 04:51

Bones Hyland with a triple to further widen the gap.
12:59 AM6 months ago

4Q 06:42

Zeke Nnaji with the two accurate free-kick shots.
12:54 AM6 months ago

4Q 08:12

Trendon Watford alone gets the double.
12:49 AM6 months ago

4Q 09:54

Bones Hyland with a double-double and Denver's lead is now 29 points.
12:44 AM6 months ago

4Q 11:32

Facundo Campazzo's three-pointer and the Nuggets don't take their foot off the gas.
12:39 AM6 months ago

End of third quarter

Trail Blazers 80-101 Nuggets.
12:34 AM6 months ago

3Q 00:35

Nikola Jokic from the free throw line helps Denver surpass 100 points.
12:29 AM6 months ago

3Q 01:02

Facundo Campazzo steals the ball and goes all the way to the kitchen to secure two more.
12:24 AM6 months ago

3Q 02:17

Austin Rivers answers the triple in the same way, with three more points.
12:19 AM6 months ago

3Q 02:56

The game is stopped because Will Barton is left lying on the court and medical assistance enters.
12:14 AM6 months ago

3Q 04:12

Dennis Smith Jr. reappears with a double between the pipes.
12:09 AM6 months ago

3Q 05:53

Ben McLemore with the triple, but the difference is 21 points.
12:04 AM6 months ago

3Q 06:58

Nikola Jokic with a double-double to increase the lead.
11:59 PM6 months ago

3Q 09:16

Jeff Green finds space and makes the layup.
11:54 PM6 months ago

3Q 10:47

Robert Covington with the three-pointer and makes the first points of the second half.
11:49 PM6 months ago

3Q 12:00

The second half begins between Portland and Denver.
11:44 PM6 months ago

Half time

Trail Blazers 55-72 Nuggets.
11:39 PM6 months ago

2Q 01:15

Jeff Green with the double over the final stretch of the game.
11:34 PM6 months ago

Great steal by Argentine Campazzo

11:29 PM6 months ago

2Q 04:44

Ben McLemore is fouled and makes both shots from the free throw line.
11:24 PM6 months ago

2Q 06:02

Will Barton recovers the rebound and makes the basket.
11:19 PM6 months ago

2Q 09:12

Jeff Green's half-turn and jumper help him get two more.
11:14 PM6 months ago

2Q 10:32

Despite the score, CJ Elleby connects from the corner for the triple.
11:09 PM6 months ago

2Q 11:31

Jeff Green with the dunk and scores the first goals of the second period.
11:04 PM6 months ago

End of first quarter

Trail Blazers 28-41 Nuggets.
10:59 PM6 months ago

1Q 00:56

Jeff Green with the foul and tally to add the triple and put the difference in double digits.
10:54 PM6 months ago

1Q 02:44

After the timeout, Nikola Jokic with the fast-break basket.
10:49 PM6 months ago

Great basket by Gordon

10:44 PM6 months ago

1Q 03:26

Nikola Jokic, just outside the penalty area, sharpens his aim and scores a triple.
10:39 PM6 months ago

1Q 06:08

Monte Morris from the corner makes the three-pointer.
10:34 PM6 months ago

1Q 07:25

Nikola Jokic with the dunk and the Blazers call timeout.
10:29 PM6 months ago

1Q 10:06

Nassir Little steals the ball and goes alone to the basket to make the dunk.
10:24 PM6 months ago

1Q 10:56

Will Barton from the free throw line connects two more points.
10:19 PM6 months ago

1Q 11:45

Nassir Little shot from long distance with a triple to open the night's slate.
10:14 PM6 months ago

1Q 12:00

Comienza el partido entre Nuggets y Trail Blazers.
10:09 PM6 months ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from the start of the Trail Blazers-Nuggets NBA game.
10:04 PM6 months ago

Next games

The Trail Blazers will still face five more visits against the Wizards, Magic, Heat, Celtics and Raptors.

While the Nuggets will host Lakers, Jazz, Clippers, Grizzlies and Pistons.

9:59 PM6 months ago

The preview

Denver has won one game this season and Portland has also won once, so the advantage will be sought tonight:
9:54 PM6 months ago

Denver: The starting five

These are the five players who will open for the Nuggets:
9:49 PM6 months ago

The leader is already warming up

Nikola Jokic, leader of the Nuggets and one of the top vote-getters for the All-Star Game, is already on the court warming up for the start of the game.
9:44 PM6 months ago

Absent Nuggets

These are the Nuggets players who will not see action this Thursday:

Bol Bol, C

JaMychal Green, AP

9:39 PM6 months ago

Trail Blazers losses

These are Portland's losses for this game:

Larry Nance Jr., AP

CJ McCollum, E

Anfernee Simons, E

Damian Lillard, BA

Cody Zeller, C

9:34 PM6 months ago

How are the Trail Blazers doing?

While Portland has improved slightly by having a record of two wins in a row and placing with a record of 16-24 being tenth in the same Western Conference.
9:29 PM6 months ago

How are the Nuggets doing?

The Nuggets lost in their last game against the Los Angeles Clippers, although they are sixth in the Western Conference with a record of 20 wins and 19 losses.
9:24 PM6 months ago


Both the Denver Nuggets and Portland Trail Blazers are looking for a win in a hurry. We begin with coverage of the game in the NBA.
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Tune in here Portland Trail Blazers vs Denver Nuggets Live Score in NBA 2022

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What time is Portland Trail Blazers vs Denver Nuggets match for NBA?

This is the start time of the game Portland Trail Blazers vs Denver Nuggets of 13th January in several countries:

Argentina: 12:05 AM in NBA Game Pass

Bolivia: 11:05 PM in NBA Game Pass

Brazil: 12:05 AM in NBA Game Pass

Chile: 11:05 PM in NBA Game Pass

Colombia: 10:05 PM in NBA Game Pass

Ecuador: 10:05 PM in NBA Game Pass

USA (ET): 10:05 PM in NBA Game Pass

Spain: 14:05 AM

Mexico: 9:05 PM in NBA Game Pass

Paraguay: 12:05 AM in NBA Game Pass

Peru: 10:05 PM in NBA Game Pass

Uruguay: 12:05 AM in NBA Game Pass

9:09 PM6 months ago

Last games

In the most recent seven games, the Nuggets have taken a clear dominance with five wins to just two losses, however, the last time they met in Portland it was the Blazers who came away with the win.

Denver Nuggets 100-119 Portland Trail Blazers, 2021

Portland Trail Blazers 95-124 Denver Nuggets, 2021

Denver Nuggets 126-115 Portland Trail Blazers, 2021

Portland Trail Blazers 140-147 Denver Nuggets, 2021 (overtime)

Denver Nuggets 95-115 Portland Trail Blazers, 2021

9:04 PM6 months ago

Key player Denver Nuggets

There is no doubt that the soul and spirit of this team lies in what Serbian Nikola Jokić can do, who continues to stand out for his participation on the court and accumulates eight games in a row with at least 22 units.
Photo: Marca
Photo: Marca
8:59 PM6 months ago

Key player Portland Trail Blazers

The growth that Anfernee Simons has had since his debut in 2018 has been amazing and this season has taken giant steps, as he accumulates 26 minutes per game and averages 14.1 points per game (the highest of his career as a professional).
Photo: Forbes
Photo: Forbes
8:54 PM6 months ago

Last lineup Denver Nuggets

50 Aaron Gordon, small forward; 0 JaMychal Green, small forward; 15 Nikola Jokic, center; 5 Will Barton, point guard; 11 Monté Morris, point guard.
8:49 PM6 months ago

Last lineup Portland Trail Blazers

9 Nassir Little, small forward; 33 Robert Covington, small forward; 27 Jusuf Nurkic, center; 1 Anfernee Simons, point guard; 23 Ben McLemore, point guard.
8:44 PM6 months ago

Denver Nuggets: Playing to their strengths

If there is something that has distinguished the Denver Nuggets in recent years, it has been their power when playing at home, although this season they have fallen short with only 9 wins for 7 losses; however, they remain within the top six in the NBA's Western Conference.
8:39 PM6 months ago

Portland Trail Blazers: keep up the good momentum

With two consecutive wins against the Kings and Nets at home, it seems that the Portland Trail Blazers, a team that has had many ups and downs this season, seems to be back and will look to continue in the same line in their visit to Denver, noting that as visitors they accumulate a dismal record of just two wins for 13 losses.
8:34 PM6 months ago

Kick-off time

The Portland Trail Blazers vs Denver Nuggets match will be played at the Pepsi Center, in Portland, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 10:05 pm ET.
8:29 PM6 months ago

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