Highlights: Orlando Magic 126-125 Atlanta Hawks in NBA
Photo: Atlanta Hawks


10:04 PMa month ago

Q4 - 00:00

9:49 PMa month ago

Q4 - 1:37

Moritz Wagner puts on the tray
9:36 PMa month ago

Q4 - 3:48

Fultz scores 2 points
9:34 PMa month ago

Q4 - 4:38

Moritz Wagner hits 2 of 2 free throws
9:29 PMa month ago

Q4 - 5:45

Banchero misses a 3 basket
9:20 PMa month ago

Q4 - 11:33

Mo Bamba puts it on the tray
9:16 PMa month ago

Q3 - 00:00

Ends 94-104
9:15 PMa month ago

Q3 - 00:41

Trae Young scores 2 points
9:09 PMa month ago

Q3 - 2:16

Anthony hits 2 of 2 free throws
9:06 PMa month ago

Q3 - 5:48

Moritz Wagner scores with a dunk
9:05 PMa month ago

Q3 - 7:46

Trae Young scores 2 points
8:53 PMa month ago

Q3 - 10:35

De'Andre Hunter takes a dunk
8:50 PMa month ago

Q3 - 11:17

Bogdanovic makes a 3 basket
8:33 PMa month ago

Q1 - 00:00

Ends Q2, 65-68
8:31 PMa month ago

Q2 - 1:19

Banchero points out
8:30 PMa month ago

Q2 - 2:49

Trae Young makes two straight points, one from a free throw
8:25 PMa month ago

Q2 - 3:22

Ball does not enter in Murray's attempt
8:19 PMa month ago

Q2 - 6:41

At the moment, the game is errors and no team can take advantage to score
8:11 PMa month ago

Q2 - 9:38

Franz Wagner notes 2 points
8:10 PMa month ago

Q2 - 11:17

After offensive rebound, Terrence Ross scores for Magic
8:08 PMa month ago

Q1 - 00:00

Ends Q1, 27-34
8:07 PMa month ago

Q1 - 00:36

De'Andre Hunter hits 1 of 2 free throws
7:59 PMa month ago

Q1 - 3:37

Terrence Ross makes 3-point basket
7:55 PMa month ago

Q1 - 4:55

AJ Griffin scores 2 points
7:44 PMa month ago

Q1 - 8:45

Murray misses basket
7:42 PMa month ago

Q1 - 10:52

Franz Wagner puts into the tray
7:35 PMa month ago


Ball not high
7:34 PMa month ago

Magic lineup



Moritz Wagner

Franz Wagner


7:33 PMa month ago

Hawks lineup

De'Andre Hunter



Trae Young

Dejounte Murray

7:00 PMa month ago

How and where to watch the Orlando Magic vs Atlanta Hawks match live?

If you want to directly stream it: NBA League Pass

If you want to watch it on internet, VAVEL US is your best option!

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What time is Orlando Magic vs Atlanta Hawks match for NBA?

This is the start time of the game Orlando Magic vs Atlanta Hawks of 17th December 2022 in several countries:

Argentina 9:30 pm: NBA League Pass

Bolivia 8:30 pm: NBA League Pass

Brazil 9:30 pm: NBA League Pass

Chile 8:30 pm: NBA League Pass

Colombia 7:30 pm: NBA League Pass

Ecuador 7:30 pm:NBA League Pass

USA 7:30 pm ET: NBA League Pass

Spain 1:30 am: NBA League Pass

Mexico 7:30 pm: NBA League Pass

Paraguay 8:30 pm: NBA League Pass

Peru 7:30 pm:NBA League Pass

Uruguay 9:30 pm: NBA League Pass

Venezuela 8:30 pm: NBA League Pass

6:50 PMa month ago
Foto: Orlando Magic
Photo: Orlando Magic
6:45 PMa month ago

Probable Magic lineup



Moritz Wagner

Franz Wagner


6:40 PMa month ago

Magic's Situation

Jamahl Mosley has the following casualties:
  • Gary Harris (muscle)
  • Wendell Carter (foot)
  • Jonathan Isaac (knee)
  • Chuma Okeke (knee)
  • Jalen Suggs (ankle)
6:35 PMa month ago

Magic's roster

F: Jonathan Isaac, Chuma Okeke, Paolo Banchero, Franz Wagner, Almirante Schofield

G-F: Terrence Ross

G: Caleb Houstan, Jalen Suggs, Kevon Harris, RJ Hampton, Gary Harris, Markelle Fultz, Cole Anthony

F-C :Moritz Wagner

C: Mo Bamba

C-F: Bol Bol, Wendell Carter Jr

Coach: Jamahl Mosley

6:30 PMa month ago
Photo: Atlanta Hawks
Photo: Atlanta Hawks
6:25 PMa month ago

Probable Magic lineup


De'Andre Hunter


Trent Forrest

Trae Young

6:20 PMa month ago

Hawks' Situation

Nate McMillan will be unable to count on: 
  • Clint Capela (calf)
  • Dejounte Murray (ankle)
  • John Collins (ankle)
6:15 PMa month ago

Hawks' roster

F: Jalen Johnson, AJ Griffin

G: Trent Forrest, Aaron Holiday, Dejounte Murray, Bogdan Bogdanovic, Tyrese Martin, Vit Krejci, Trae Young

G-F: Jarrett Culver

F-C: John Collins, Frank Kaminsky, Onyeka Okongwu

C: Clint Capela

F-G: De'Andre Hunter, Justin Holiday

Coach: Nate McMillan

6:10 PMa month ago

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6:05 PMa month ago


The Orlando Magic are in 13th place. In 31 games, they have 20 losses in the competition and only 11 wins.
6:00 PMa month ago

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5:55 PMa month ago


The Atlanta Hawks are in ninth position, having won 15 and lost 15 of the 30 games played.
5:50 PMa month ago

Eye on the Game

Orlando Magic vs Atlanta Hawks, live this Monday (19), at the State Farm Arena at 7:30 pm ET, for the NBA.
5:45 PMa month ago

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