Resume and Highlights: Boston Celtics 121-116 San Antonio Spurs in NBA 2023


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Thank you for following the Boston Celtics vs San Antonio Spurs, tonight both teams put on a great show leaving the Boston team as the winner. Be sure to visit so you don't miss any game of the NBA regular season.
8:21 PM25 days ago

4Q 0.0

The game ends with a win for the Celtics.
8:20 PM25 days ago

4Q 2.1

Brogdon hits double free throw.
8:19 PM25 days ago

4Q 4.2

Tatum scores free throw.
8:15 PM25 days ago

4Q 37.1

Richardson adds for Spurs.
8:11 PM25 days ago

4Q 48.1

Williams scores for Celtics.
8:07 PM25 days ago

4Q 03:49

White adds for Celtics.
8:00 PM25 days ago

4Q 06:11

Brown scores for Celtics.
7:59 PM25 days ago

4Q 07:07

Tatum shoots and scores a triple.
7:57 PM25 days ago

4Q 07:45

Brown scores for Celtics.
7:54 PM25 days ago

4Q 08:21

Brown scores for Celtics.
7:52 PM25 days ago

4Q 09:26

Hauser scores a triple.
7:52 PM25 days ago

4Q 10:05

Brogdon scores for Celtics.
7:50 PM25 days ago

4Q 11:28

Williams scores for Celtics.
7:48 PM25 days ago

4Q 12:00

The fourth period begins.
7:46 PM25 days ago

3Q 0.0

The third period ends.
7:44 PM25 days ago

3Q 01:39

Tatum scores for Celtics.
7:43 PM25 days ago

3Q 02:07

Brogdon adds for Celtics.
7:41 PM25 days ago

3Q 03:21

Johnson adds for Spurs.
7:39 PM25 days ago

3Q 03:43

Brown adds for Celtics.
7:38 PM25 days ago

3Q 04:47

Jones scores for Spurs.
7:37 PM25 days ago

3Q 05:36

Brogdon shoots and scores a triple.
7:33 PM25 days ago

3Q 06:09

Brown scores for Celtics.
7:32 PM25 days ago

3Q 07:27

Tatum shoots and scores a triple.
7:26 PM25 days ago

3Q 08:44

Jones scores for Spurs.
7:25 PM25 days ago

3Q 10:08

Tatum adds triple.
7:24 PM25 days ago

3Q 10:23

Jones adds for Spurs.
7:22 PM25 days ago

3Q 12:00

The third period begins.
7:06 PM25 days ago

2Q 0.0

The second period ends.
7:06 PM25 days ago

2Q 28.1

Jones adds for Spurs.
7:04 PM25 days ago

2Q 01:04

Williams scores for Celtics.
7:02 PM25 days ago

2Q 02:20

Tatum scores for Celtics.
6:59 PM25 days ago

2Q 02:50

Lagford scores for Spurs.
6:59 PM25 days ago

2Q 03:11

Smart shoots and scores a triple.
6:58 PM25 days ago

2Q 04:24

Brown adds for Celtics.
6:55 PM25 days ago

2Q 05:16

Brown scores for Celtics.
6:54 PM25 days ago

2Q 05:36

Collins adds for Spurs.
6:53 PM25 days ago

2Q 06:16

Brown scores for Celtics.
6:52 PM25 days ago

2Q 07:06

Brown adds for Celtics.
6:51 PM25 days ago

2Q 07:40

Horford scores for Celtics.
6:48 PM25 days ago

2Q 08:11

Tatum shoots and scores a triple.
6:46 PM25 days ago

2Q 09:03

Collins scores for Spurs.
6:45 PM25 days ago

2Q 10:24

Collins adds for Spurs.
6:41 PM25 days ago

2Q 10:46

Brogdon scores for Celtics.
6:40 PM25 days ago

2Q 11:17

Hauser scores for Celtics.
6:39 PM25 days ago

2Q 11:45

Tatum scores for Celtics.
6:38 PM25 days ago

2Q 12:00

The second period begins.
6:36 PM25 days ago

1Q 0.0

The first period ends.
6:36 PM25 days ago

1Q 43.1

Brogdon scores three-pointer.
6:35 PM25 days ago

1Q 53.2

Richardson shoots and scores a triple.
6:34 PM25 days ago

1Q 01:35

Tatum scores for Celtics.
6:33 PM25 days ago

1Q 02:17

Johnson adds for Spurs.
6:32 PM25 days ago

1Q 02:51

McDermott scores three-pointer.
6:29 PM25 days ago

1Q 03:16

Branham scores for Spurs.
6:28 PM25 days ago

1Q 03:31

Brogdon shoots and scores a triple.
6:26 PM25 days ago

1Q 04:46

Smart scores for Celtics.
6:26 PM25 days ago

1Q 05:05

Longford scores for Spurs.
6:24 PM25 days ago

1Q 06:33

Sochan shoots and scores a triple.
6:24 PM25 days ago

1Q 06:50

Brown scores for Celtics.
6:23 PM25 days ago

1Q 07:22

White shoots and scores a triple.
6:21 PM25 days ago

1Q 07:42

Sochan hits a double free throw.
6:19 PM25 days ago

1Q 08:26

Brown shoots and scores a triple.
6:16 PM25 days ago

1Q 08:54

White adds for Celtics.
6:15 PM25 days ago

1Q 09:18

Tatum scores for Celtics.
6:15 PM25 days ago

1Q 10:08

Brown shoots and scores a triple.
6:14 PM25 days ago

1Q 10:24

Brown scores for Celtics.
6:11 PM25 days ago

1Q 12:00

Start the game.
5:57 PM25 days ago

Spurs starting lineup

This is how the home team comes out:
5:50 PM25 days ago

This is how the visiting team arrived

This was the arrival of Celtics:
5:45 PM25 days ago

Celtics starting five

This is how the visiting team comes out:
5:40 PM25 days ago

Celtics coach speaks

Joe Mazulla talked about some players in the win over Mavericks: "I think our bench stepped up. "I think Grant (Williams) and Malcolm (Brogdon) were great."
5:35 PM25 days ago

Spurs is already at home

This was the arrival of the local team:
5:30 PM25 days ago

Brogdon is making a comeback

Malcom Brogdon had four consecutive games scoring single-digit points, recently the player has returned to scoring at least 15 points in recent games.
5:25 PM25 days ago

Celtics reserves have significant value

Brogdon, Williams and Hardy all scored 15 points to lead the Celtics to victory. Boston had six players in double figures in points, so you can see that they are not completely dependent on one player.
5:20 PM25 days ago

Recent Celtics victory

Tatum had his second triple double in the game against Mavericks, the Celtics player had 29 points, 14 rebounds and 10 assists, and if he continues like this it will be very difficult to beat Boston.
5:15 PM25 days ago

We continue

Thank you for following the Boston Celtics vs San Antonio Spurs game, this afternoon both teams are looking for a victory that would be very useful in this part of the season. Stay tuned because below we will tell you everything you need to know before the start of the game.
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Stay tuned for live coverage of Boston Celtics vs San Antonio Spurs

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Where and how to watch Boston Celtics vs San Antonio Spurs live online

The game will be televised on ESPN Star+.
Boston Celtics vs San Antonio Spurs can be tuned in from NBA League Pass live streams.
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Watch out for this Spurs player

Jacob Poetl, Center. Center of 27 years is playing an important role in the Spurs team, being one of the most experienced players, he has to make the rest of the team better, although his intervention making points is not the maximum, he is one of the top scorers of the San Antonio team, the team is in need of victories and must give the best of them to break the negative inertia.
4:55 PM25 days ago

Watch out for this Celtics player

Jaylen Brown, shooting guard. With 26 years is being very relevant in the Celtics scheme, to aspire to win titles you need to have great players in all potions and this player is fulfilling with the team, currently averages: 27.2 points, 7.1 rebounds and 3.3 assists, no doubt he is having a great season and is reflected with the team leading the East.
4:50 PM25 days ago

Spurs all-star roster

Jones, Vassell, Johnson, Sochan, Poeltl.
4:45 PM25 days ago

Celtics All-Star Team

Smart, White, Brown, Tatum, Horford.
4:40 PM25 days ago

Face to face

Last season the teams met in a two-game series, Spurs won the series by taking both duels, now they will be opening a new series where Celtics is seen as a big favorite to whitewash it, but Spurs can give the surprise to break any prediction.
4:35 PM25 days ago

Spurs can't find the win

San Antonio Spurs has been in big trouble this season and they are not finding the wins needed to compete for a Playoff spot, the team has been qualifying to Play-In in the last two seasons, but not having a big star consolidated the team has suffered, Spurs has a lot of young talent looking to make a name for themselves in the NBA, the Spurs have been known for the generation of great players, Recently that talent has not flourished as expected, an ideal scenario for the team was at least a place in the Play-In, but it seems that this will not be possible, Spurs is in the 14th position with a record of 12-26, very bad numbers to try to compete for the title, also prior to the duel against Celtics, they will face Pistons, certainly a complicated schedule.
4:30 PM25 days ago

Celtics cling to the lead

Boston Celtics has been showing a huge growth in search of a new championship, last season they were very close to the trophy, but Warriors broke their illusion in the finals, however the team left a sense of revenge and their goal for this season is to win the championship, the Boston team prior to the start of the season was placed as one of the favorites to win the trophy, Celtics have had a great season and that has placed them in the first position of the Eastern Conference, it would not be strange if one of the objectives was to improve that 51-31 record, Boston went through a negative streak, but when they overcame it they recovered the first place easily, currently with a 27-12 their place is not at risk, but they should not be confident because Bucks and Nets are close behind, Celtics are coming from a great victory against Mavericks with a 124-95 score.
Celtics in great form/Image:celtics
Celtics in great form/Image:celtics
4:25 PM25 days ago

Two conferences face an uneven duel

Celtics and Spurs will meet in a game that in appearance is very uneven, the leader of the Eastern Conference visits the penultimate place in the West, both with the mentality of taking the victory, undoubtedly a must-see NBA game for the quality of players that will be on the court, the show is never lacking in the NBA and this promises to be a game of many points.
4:20 PM25 days ago


Good afternoon to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the Boston Celtics vs San Antonio Spurs live stream, corresponding to the NBA 2023. The match will take place at the AT&T Center at 6:00 pm ET.