Points and Highlights: Boston Celtics 118-121 Charlotte Hornets in NBA
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9:55 PM15 days ago


Scoring in the end, the Hornets beat the Celtics 121-118 in OT!
9:55 PM15 days ago


Scoring in the end, the Hornets beat the Celtics 121-118 in OT!
9:54 PM15 days ago


The Hornets are ahead in overtime by just one point, winning 112-111!
9:53 PM15 days ago


And we're going to overtime! The Hornets have drawn level at 108-108 and we have five more minutes to play!
9:53 PM15 days ago


With a nine-point lead, the Celtics are cruising to victory, 100-91!
9:52 PM15 days ago


At 94-89, the Celtics are still winning and trying to increase their lead!
9:51 PM15 days ago

Last Q Starts

With 87-81 on the scoreboard, the Celtics remain in front and we begin the final quarter!
8:35 PM16 days ago


And the Hornets have pulled ahead! The Celtics are still winning, but the lead is gone and the score is now 78-77!
8:28 PM16 days ago


The Celtics continue to run roughshod over the Hornets, winning 73-68!
8:27 PM16 days ago


The players are on the court once again and the ball is flying into the third quarter!
8:10 PM16 days ago


Winning 65-54, the Celtics go into halftime with an 11-point lead!
7:57 PM16 days ago


With a 14-point lead, the Celtics went on to take the lead at the end of the second quarter, winning 55-41!
7:45 PM16 days ago


By five points the Celtics continue to beat the Hornets in the middle of the second quarter!
7:43 PM16 days ago

Second quarter starts

The second quarter begins and the Celtics take the lead, winning 31-25!
7:26 PM16 days ago


By 18-15, the Hornets are still ahead, beating the Celtics!
7:18 PM16 days ago


It's an intense start to the game, where both teams manage to score and the Hornets take the lead, winning 9-7!
7:12 PM16 days ago


The players take to the court and the ball flies into the first quarter!
7:11 PM16 days ago

Celtics' starting five!

6:40 PM16 days ago

The Hornets' starting five!

6:20 PM16 days ago


Now we open the broadcast of the NBA match between the Hornets and the Celtics!
6:15 PM16 days ago

Tune in here Boston Celtics vs Charlotte Hornets Live Score

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After a long time out due to off-court issues, Steve Clifford spoke about Miles Bridges' return in an interview with the New York Daily News: "I think he'll be ready to play on Friday (17th). He's been training every day, so he's well prepared when he's out there [on the court]. He's in very good shape, he's worked hard. He does everything the right way: he works, he practices, he's very intelligent, he learns things quickly and has a great attitude. He also has a natural sense of the game. He knows where the ball should go, shoots when he should shoot, passes when people are open. Everyone enjoys playing with him. He's not like a rookie, especially as a 21-year-old. He has a very mature game.
6:00 PM16 days ago


After beating the 76ers, Joe Mazzulla spoke to the press and commented on the match: "I haven't thought much about the next game yet, but he deserves it. He deserved the chances he got. Also, as far as I'm concerned, he seems to have done everything we've asked of him and I'm liking the way he's improving on a daily basis. We're excited about the opportunity to help him develop and we want to see if he can continue to improve in the next two pre-season games. My way of getting excited is to get angry and anxious, as if we should be training right now. It's always good to add new characteristics and repertoires to your squad. I'm sure he (Holiday) will be spectacular.

Neemias Queta also spoke about the team's situation: "This year we want to dominate defense from the start and that's what we're managing to do. I try to be as consistent as possible in the post and around the basket. I think I can be alongside the best [in the battle of the boards]. I just want to keep that consistency and help the team as much as I can in the role I've been given to win as many games as possible. Right now, the team feeling is very good, everyone is giving it their all, we're playing with each other. We're at the Boston Celtics to win games and also to have fun while we're playing".

5:55 PM16 days ago

Injury Report

The Hornets won't have any absentees for the match and will be going full strength! The Celtics follow their opponents, also with no absentees for the match and can go with what they have!
5:50 PM16 days ago

Eastern Conference - Hornets

The Hornets, in the same conference, are in 13th place, with three wins and nine losses, below the Bulls, with five wins and nine losses, and the Nets and Raptors, both with six wins and seven losses, as well as above the Wizards, who have two wins and 10 losses, and the Pistons, with two wins and 12 losses.
5:45 PM16 days ago

Eastern Conference - Celtics

The Celtics lead the Eastern Conference with 11 wins and two losses, ahead of the 76ers, with 10 wins and three losses, the Bucks, with nine wins and four losses, and the Heat, Magic and Knicks, all with eight wins and five losses.
5:40 PM16 days ago

Last Matches: Celtics

The Boston Celtics, on the other hand, have won five in a row. They beat the Raptors 117-94 on Saturday (11). The 114-98 win over the Knicks came on Monday (13). On Wednesday (15), by 117 to 107, it was over the 76ers. On Friday (17), the win came over the Raptors, 108-105, and finally, on Sunday (19), 102-100, over the Grizzlies.
5:35 PM16 days ago

Last Matches: Hornets

The Charlotte Hornets come into the match with one win and four losses. On Friday (10), the win came against the Wizards, 124-117. Then the losses came, starting on Sunday (12), 129-107 to the Knicks. On Tuesday (14) it was the Heat's turn, 111-105. On Friday (17), 130-99, it was the Bucks who won. Finally, on Saturday (18), by 122-108, the Knicks were victorious once again over the Hornets.
5:30 PM16 days ago

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