New Orleans Saints - Atlanta Falcons Live Score of NFL 2014
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4:29 PM ET: Thank you for joining us today. Keep an eye out for our game recap coming out a little later this afternoon.

4:26 PM ET: The VAVEL USA Player of the Game is Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan. Ryan finished completing 31-of-43 for 448 yards and three touchdowns.

4:24 PM ET: Well that was an exciting game! Continue to follow along with us here at VAVEL USA. Click here for live coverage of the San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys.


OT (13:31): An interesting play-call on third down as Matt Ryan throws an incomplete pass. Matt Bryant comes out for a 52-yard field goal.

OT (14:49): What a turn of events. Atlanta with a three-yard run on first down followed by no gain on second down.

OT (14:58): FUMBLE!!! Marques Colston makes the catch but fumbles the ball as he turned up the field! Atlanta takes over deep in Saints territory.

OT (15:00): Quick out to Colston who drops the pass. 2nd down.

OT (15:00): Here is the kickoff, once again, like a broken record, it is out for a touchback.

4:16 PM ET: What a great way to start the season it is a shame that one of these teams will have to lose. Here we go!

4:13 PM ET: It is now time for the coin toss in overtime: The Saints have won the toss and will receive.

4th (0:04): Matt Bryant comes out for a 50 yard field goal attempt to tie the game. The kick is GOOD! And we are going to OVERTIME!!!

4th (0:40): Matt Ryan spikes the ball to stop the clock.

4th (0:50): Ryan looks for Julio Jones but the pass is incomplete.

4th (0:59): There is a New Orleans player down which is why we are in a delay. He is up and walking off the field.

4th (1:20): Ryan dumps a pass off to Harry Douglas for a first down. He hits Julio Jones on the next play for another first down. We are down to 43 seconds remaining.

4th (1:20): Matt Ryan will get one more chance. What a game this has been so far. The kickoff is through the end zone and out for a touchback. 80 yards seperate the Falcons from a big win here on opening day.

4th (1:24): TOUCHDOWN SAINTS!!! MARK INGRAM from three yards out and the Saints regain he lead with 1:20 to go! New Orleans 34, Atlanta 31.

4th (1:24): New Orleans with a big drive in the two-minte offense. Brees taking the team 68 yards on 7 plays down inside the five-yard line.


4th (4:39): Matt Ryan hits Harry Douglas for a gain of three yards, now the ball is in Saints territory. Ryan looks for Douglas again for a big gain of 23 down to the Saints 25-yard line.

4th (5:12): Devin Hester exploits the middle of the field on a crossing route. He takes the ball into Saints territory, first down Falcons.

4th (5:11): An incomplete pass to Toilolo follows a short run from Jackson. 3rd-and-6 coming up.

4th (6:16): Matt Ryan hits Julio Jones for a big gain to relieve the pressure. First down to the 29 yard line.

4th (6:35): Brees looks for a slant pass but it is tipped away by the defensive back. Saints to punt. The ball rolls down to the 11 yard line but there is a flag. It is holding on the receiving team which will be half the distance. Atlanta will take over between their own five and six yard line.

4th (6:39): Another third down coming up as Marques Colston trips on the turf causing the pass from Brees to sail overhead.

4th (7:03): Mark Ingram takes the carry to the left side for a gain of a few yards. It'll be 2nd-and-6 at the 30.

4th (7:59): Julio Jones makes a catch and eludes by a few defenders but he cannot get past the final defender. He is tackled after a gain of 13 yards. Atlanta punts which is fair caught at the New Orleans 26 yard line.

4th (8:44): SACK! Matt Ryan cannot escape the pressure of the Saints defense. It is a loss of three. 3rd-and-18.

4th (8:46): The first down pass from Matt Ryan is tipped at the line of scrimmage. Incomplete pass.

4th (8:46): False start on the Falcons just before first down. They'll start now at the 15-yard line with a 1st-and-15.

4th (8:46): Atlanta will start with the ball at their own 20 after the touchback.

4th (8:53): TOUCHDOWN SAINTS!!! Mark Ingram to the left side for three yards, he just gets ball inside the pylon. The PAT is GOOD! The score is New Orleans 27, Atlanta 24.

4th (10:15): Mark Ingram with a bruising gain of five yards on first down. He breaks through the line for a run of 19 yards on 2nd-and-5. It'll be first-and-goal from the 3-yard line.

4th (10:56): Pierre Thomas makes the catch on a crossing route and takes the ball down to the 27 yard line for a 19 yard gain.

4th (11:01): Brees fires a bullet to Marques Colston that is incomplete. 3rd and 8 from the Atlanta 46.

4th (11:43): Brees escapes the pressure and avoids a sack with a gain of 2 yards.

4th (12:24): CLUTCH CATCH! Brandin Cooks with a big catch over the middle for a gain of nine and a first down.

4th (13:02): Pierre Thomas with a run off left guard for a gain of four yards.

4th (13:39): A handoff to Mark Ingram to the right side of the line for a gain of one.

4th (14:24): Back to Jimmy Graham on third down for a gain of 11 yards.

4th (15:00): Brees goes back to old reliable in Jimmy Graham for a gain of seven yards. A big third down here.

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4th (15:00): What a great game we have here. Can the Saints come back in the fourth quarter? Stay tuned to find out!

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3rd (0:21): Mark Ingram gets the carry on first down but is met for a short gain. That brings us to the end of the third quarter. It is 24-20 Atlanta.

3rd (0:21): The kickoff is through the end zone for a touchback. New Orleans takes over at their own 20. This is a HUGE drive.

3rd (0:34): TOUCHDOWN FALCONS!!! ANTONE SMITH!!! Matt Ryan finds Smith on a crossing route and the running back does the rest taking the ball 54 yards to the house! The PAT is GOOD! That brings the score to Atlanta 24, New Orleans 20.

3rd (1:43): Freeman with the carry up the gut for a gain of 10. Great power running on that play.

3rd (2:18): Matt Ryan to Harry Douglas for a gain of 10. That was a beautifully thrown ball.

3rd (2:52): Devonta Freeman with the carry on first down for five yards.

3rd (2:52): The Atlanta Falcons will take over at their own 20 after the touchback.

3rd (3:01): INTERCEPTION!!! Brees looks to the end zone but Robert McClain steps in front of the intended receiver for the INT.

3rd (4:23): Pierre Thomas with a carry for just one yard. Brees goes back to Thomas on second down for a short gain if any.

3rd (5:00): Drew Brees finds Marques Colston WIDE OPEN over the middle of the field. Colston runs all the way down to the Atlanta 17. It is a gain of 57 yards.

3rd (5:37): Mark Ingram finds a hole for six yards. It will be 2nd-and-4.

3rd (5:47): The punt from Bosher is a booming kick that goes into the end zone for a touchback. Saints will take over at their own 20.

3rd (6:19): Matt Ryan tucks the ball down to run. He is very close to the first down marker but looks like he is just short.

3rd (6:23): Ryan looks down short to Jackson, it is incomplete.

3rd (6:29): Ryan looks deep to Harry Douglas in double-coverage but the pass is off his fingers.

3rd (7:07): Steven Jackson with a big effort to bounce the ball outside. He gains 11 yards and a first down.

3rd (7:19): The punt is taken by Devin Hester who looks for running room but is pulled down at the 15-yard line. Matt Ryan will take over with 85 yards standing between him and the end zone.

3rd (8:02): Another third down for the Saints as Pierre Thomas can only gain two yards on second down. The third down pass to Jimmy Graham is incomplete! Fourth down and the Saints will punt.

3rd (8:10): Drew Brees looks deep for Robert Meachem but the ball is incomplete.

3rd (8:27): Atlanta gets to Drew Brees for a sack but they are called for another penalty, this time it was illegal use of the hands.

3rd (8:38): Brees looks towards Ben Watson but his pass is incomplete. Atlanta is called for a pass interference though to give New Orleans a first down.

3rd (9:22): Big pressure from the Atlanta defense as they pull Khiry Robinson down for a loss of 5. 2nd-and-15 from the 15 yard line.

3rd (9:22): The kickoff goes through the end zone. New Orleans will take over their own 20.

3rd (9:29): TOUCHDOWN FALCONS!!! LEVINE TOILOLO with the one yard touchdown reception! The PAT is GOOD! The score is now New Orleans 20, Atlanta 17.

3rd (9:59): Handoff to Steven Jackson who is stuffed in the back field.

3rd (10:42): Julio Jones makes a huge catch on third down and ten for 27 yards all the way down to the one yard line.

3rd (10:46): Ryan looks back at Steven Jackson but his pass is incomplete.

3rd (11:26): Steven Jackson makes a run to the lefy side but is met for no gain.

3rd (12:20): We are back after experiencing some technical difficulties. The Falcons are building a nice drive here. It's covered 52 yards on 7 plays to this point.

2nd (0:00): Matt Bryant's kick is good! That brings us to halftime with the score New Orleans 20, Atlanta 10. We will be right back in a moment with the halftime stats.

2nd (0:04): A parade of timeouts as we wait for the field goal attempt. It'll be a 37-yard kick from Matt Bryant.

2nd (0:14): CATCH! Matt Ryan spins out of pressure and completes a pass to Roddy White for a gain of 39 yards. That puts the Falcons in field goal range with four seconds left.

2nd (0:20): Matt Ryan completes a pass to Devin Hester for a gain of 19 yards. Atlanta calls their first timeout with 14 seconds left.

2nd (0:20): The kickoff goes out of the end zone for a touchback.

2nd (0:24) TOUCHDOWN NEW ORLEANS!!!! Drew Brees to Brandin Cooks for the first career touchdown for the rookie out of Oregon State University. The PAT is Good! The score is now New Orleans 20, Atlanta 7.

2nd (0:34): Brees completes a pass to Marques Colston for ten yards. They called their second timeout with 24 seconds remaining in the half.

2nd (1:19): Pierre Thomas with a sick move after making another catch for 11 yards.

2nd (1:23): Brees looks for Cooks again, the pass is incomplete but Atlanta is called for defensive holding.

2nd (1:30): Brees connects with Graham for 12 yards. Ball at the 29 yard line.

2nd (2:00): Pierre Thomas finds a big hole in the offensive line for a huge gain of 13 yards down into the Falcons territory.

2nd (2:19): Brees eludes pressure from the defense to find Pierre Thomas on the sidelines. Thomas fights his way for a first down and that brings us to the two-minute warning.

2nd (3:35): Khiry Robinson finds a hole and gains seven yards. On the ensuing play, he earns another five yards.

2nd (4:06): Brees goes back to Cooks for a gain of eight yards.

2nd (4:12): The kickoff is kneeled for a touchback. The Saints will start from the 20-yard line.

2nd (4:12): TOUCHDOWN FALCONS!!! Matt Ryan to Roddy White on a back-shoulder fade. What a great catch. The PAT is Good! 13-7 New Orleans.

2nd (5:20): Ryan to Freeman for a gain of five. Freeman makes a huge play on third down to earn the first down inside the three-yard line. How about that.

2nd (5:47): A penalty on the offense negates a great play on the shovel pass to Rodgers. It will bring the ball back to the 20-yard line.

2nd (6:20): Jacquizz Rodgers with the carry for a short gain on first down.

2nd (6:34): Matt Ryan with all sorts of time in the pocket, fires a pass incomplete to Harry Douglas. The defense is called for pass interference on a very late flag. A good call but late.

2nd (6:39): Ryan looking for Roddy White on a slant but the pass is broken up by the defensive back.

2nd (7:20): Matt Ryan goes back to the air finding Steven Jackson but he is stopped for no gain. 2nd-and-10 from the 20.

2nd (7:57): Ryan picks up the first down with his legs diving forward for a 2-yard gain.

2nd (8:41): Matt Ryan scrambles for four yards on 2nd-and-5.

2nd (9:44): Steven Jackson with a big gain of 17 yards for a first down. New Orleans was called offside but the penalty was declined.

2nd (10:06): A catch from Harry Douglas is pulled back due to holding.

2nd (10:58): Ryan complete to Devin Hester for 35 yards. A huge play by the former Chicago Bear.

2nd (11:41): Antone Smith takes a carry to the right side but is stopped for only two yards.

2nd (11:46): Matt Ryan looked right to Toilolo but the pass was too high on first down.

2nd (11:46): The kickoff goes through the end zone. Atlanta will start at the 20 yard line.

2nd (11:51): TOUCHDOWN NEW ORLEANS! Khiry Robinson goes in from 2 yards out. The PAT is Good! That brings the score to 13-0 New Orleans.

2nd (12:30): Brees to Cooks for nine yards down to the two yard line.

2nd (13:10): Brees completes another pass to Graham for seven yards.

2nd (14:28): Khiry Robinson into the red zone with a gain of 21 yards. It'll be first-and-ten at the 18 yard line.

2nd (14:53): Brandin Cooks on the reverse for a gain of 18 yards. New Orleans is just making it look easy right now.

2nd (15:00): It looks as though the Oakland Raiders made a great decision. Derek Carr has completed his first five passes with a touchdown to Rod Streater. Oakland is up 7-3 on the Jets.

1st (0:16): Jimmy Graham with another big third-down catch for a gain of 17 yards. That is the end of the first quarter. The score is New Orleans 6, Atlanta 0.

1st (0:22): Brees with a dangerous pass over the middle that is tipped by two receivers before falling to the turf.

1st (0:56): Brees over the middle to Jimmy Graham for a gain of six yards.

1st (1:06): FUMBLE! Julio Jones makes a great catch but fumbles as he sprints towards the end zone. New Orleans recovers in the end zone for a touchback. Brees and company will take over at the 20.

1st (1:36): Ryan back to Toilolo for a 12-yard gain.

1st (2:11): Jacquizz Rodgers with his first carry for three yards.

1st (2:33): Ryan hits his tight end over the middle for a first down. A nice little drive brewing here for the Falcons.

1st (3:09): Jackson with another carry for four.

1st (3:39): Matt Ryan finds Roddy White for his first catch of 2014 over the middle. A gain of 14 yards and a first down.

1st (4:11): Steven Jackson with another carry for three yards.

1st (4:27): The ruling on the field is confirmed. New Orleans is charged with a timeout.

1st (4:27): That may be a good challenge there as it looked like the left foot may have come down out of bounds.

1st (4:27): Matt Ryan hits Harry Douglas after a nice playfake for a gain of 17 yards. New Orleans is challenging the ruling of a catch.

Photo Courtesy of @MichaelDeMocker

1st (4:34): Devin Hester attempts to bring the kickoff out of the end zone but cannot make the 20-yard line. He is pulled down at the 16-yard line.

1st (4:44): A quick look around the NFL scoreboard: New England Patriots 7, Miami Dolphins 7. Jacksonville Jaguars 14, Philadelphia Eagles 0. Chad Henne has two touchdown passes on four throws. Wow.

1st (4:51): Brees looking deep for Morgan again who is behind the defense but a great diving play to break up the pass from the defender. That brings out Shayne Graham for a 50-yard field goal attempt. The kick is Good! With 4:39 left in the first quarter, the score is Saints 6, Falcons 0

1st (4:57): A dangerous play call on 2nd down as Brees looks for Thomas on the screen pass. It was incomplete.

1st (6:40): Mark Ingram takes the carry to the right side for a 4-yard gain. Brees hits Jimmy Graham on third down for a gain of 13 yards.

1st (6:47): Brees looks long on the playfake to Joseph Morgan but the pass is incomplete.

1st (7:27): FIRST DOWN! Brees finds Pierre Thomas floating out of the backfield for a gain of eight.

1st (8:38): Mark Ingram takes the first carry of the drive for 2 yards. He catches a short pass for one yard on second down bringing up a third-and-seven.

1st (8:47): Cooks is back to return the punt for New Orleans but calls a fair catch. New Orleans will take over at their own 39 yard line.

1st (8:52): Matt Ryan looks for Devin Hester on a crossing route but the ball is incomplete. The Falcons are forced to punt.

1st (9:56): Matt Ryan is forced into a short pass to Harry Douglas for three yards. The offense is called for a false start to push the Falcons into third-and-long.

1st (10:33): First play from scrimmage is a run by Steven Jackson for only one yard.

1st (10:38): The kickoff goes through the end zone for a touchback, Atlanta takes over at their own 20.

1st (10:38): Brees completed three passes to Cooks on that first drive. Cooks was our fantasy sleeper for this match-up.

1st (11:00): Brees to Cooks again on third down but it is incomplete. Shayne Graham comes out and converts the short field goal to give the Saints the first score of the game.

1st (14:00): CATCH! Brees to Brandin Cooks for 32-yard gain, and the Saints are in to Falcons territory.

1st (14:50): Brees to Cadet in the flat for a gain of five.

1st (15:00): The opening kickoff through the back of the end zone. New Orleans will start at their own 20.

1:02 PM ET: The New Orleans Saints have won the toss and will receive.

1:01 PM ET: The captains are going on for the coin toss.

12:56 PM ET: We are just about five minutes from kickoff so now would be the time refill your cup and get set for the NFL!

12:51 PM ET: Happy NFL Sunday to all of you. We are very thankful to have you joining us here at VAVEL USA. We have three other games with coverage right now. Click here to check out coverage of Buffalo Bills vs. Chicago Bears. Click here for coverage of Cincinnati Bengals vs. Baltimore Ravens. Finally click here for coverage of Washington Redskins vs. Houston Texans.

12:44 PM ET: We mentioned earlier that the New Orleans Saints have won four of the last five matchups between these two at the Georgia Dome. A big divisional win could be just what the Atlanta Falcons need to jumpstart a successful 2014 campaign.

12:38 PM ET: This may be the second best weekend of the year for the National Football League. Kickoff Weekend as well as Wild-Card Weekend are probably the two best for sure.

12:30 PM ET: Let's take a poll shall we? What are your thoughts on this game? Who will win? What will the score be? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below or send me a tweet @tenorman85.

12:21 PM ET: Wow, news from around the NFC South as Jay Glazer from FOX is reporting that the Carolina Panthers are planning to hold out Cam Newton for Week 1.

12:17 PM ET: Matt Ryan is looking to lead the Atlanta Falcons to a better record than in 2013.

Photo Courtesy of @Atlanta_Falcons

12:16 PM ET: Now here are the inactives for the New Orleans Saints: CB Stan Jean-Baptiste, S Marcus Ball, FB Erik Long, G Senio Kelemete, WR Kenny Stills, WR Nick Toon, NT John Jenkins

12:14 PM ET: Here is a look at the inactives for both teams today starting with the home side Atlanta Falcons: QB Sean Renfree, CB Javier Arenas, LB Nathan Stupar, DT Corey Peters, OT Ryan Schraeder, C James Stone, LB Tyler Starr

12:13 PM ET: Brandin Cooks, Wide Receiver, ESPN Projected Points: 7. This rookie receiver out of Oregon State may not light up the scoreboard this week but he is the pick for “Future Sleeper” out of the players in this game. Cooks is a fast-receiver (4.31/40 yard dash at the NFL Combine) who could be the deep-threat for the Saints this season. It may take him a few weeks to get comfortable with Drew Brees but he will be a good player to have on your team soon in this New Orleans Saints - Atlanta Falcons.

12:12 PM ET: Jimmy Graham, Tight End, ESPN Projected Points: 22. Jimmy Graham finished the season with 211 fantasy points last season. A number that gave him the crown for best tight end by 55 points over Vernon Davis of the San Francisco 49ers. That number also would have placed him 4th among wide receivers behind Josh Gordon, Demaryius Thomas and Calvin Johnson. With Graham in the lineup, you are getting top-tier Wide Receiver point totals at the tight end position. That could be a key for you in a close matchup.

12:11 PM ET: Drew Brees, Quarterback, ESPN Projected Points: 24. This is a no-brainer. Drew Brees should always start for you at quarterback unless your other quarterback’s name is Peyton Manning. Brees finished last season averaging 21.8 points per game. He had seven game where he finished with over 20 points, in five of those he finished with over 30 points. His highest point total was 37 in the final week of the regular season. Last year in Atlanta, he finished with 19. 122 of his fantasy points earned last season were on the road. You can expect a good amount of passing from Brees in this Saints offense which will ultimately pay off for you in the end.

12:10 PM ET: Now let’s take a look at a few players for the New Orleans Saints.

12:09 PM ET: Steven Jackson, Running Back, ESPN Projected Points: 10. Bench him! He may be an option to consider in your flex spot but not as a starting running back. Jackson is old by running back standards, 31, and had the worst season of his career in 2013. He may be a rejuvenated running back but that doesn’t change the fact that this was the worst running team in football last season. The projected starting offensive line averages just 4.2 years of experience, the left tackle is a rookie. At the end of the day, Steven Jackson is a player that you should stay away from.

12:08 PM ET: Matt Ryan, Quarterback, ESPN Projected Points: 11. Ryan is one of those players this week that could be either really good for your team or really bad. The Saints had a very good pass defense last year which could be even better this year. Ryan combined for 31 points in the two match-ups with New Orleans last season and really had a pretty consistent year with 10 games at 15 or more points but it is those weeks of nine and eight that could scare potential fantasy owners. If you are unsure about Matt Ryan, join the club. Starting Matt Ryan will be dependent on who your other quarterback is.

12:07 PM ET: Julio Jones, Wide Receiver, ESPN Projected Points: 15. Jones is finally healthy after struggling with a foot injury that caused him to miss most of the 2013 season. When you look though at the statistics that he had when he did play though you can see why he is a must start on your team every week. In five games, he had 41 catches for 580 yards and two touchdowns. The 25-year-old has finally eclipsed Roddy White as the go-to guy in the Atlanta offense. New Orleans did defend the pass very well last season, in fact, Jones’ worst game of the five came against the Saints with seven catches for 76 yards.

12:06 PM ET: Let’s take a look at the players who could have big impacts on your Fantasy Football teams starting with players from the Atlanta Falcons.

12:05 PM ET: Today’s game is being held at the Georgia Dome where the Atlanta Falcons have a regular-season record of 36-12 since 2008. New Orleans has won four of their last five visits to Atlanta.

12:04 PM ET: The big separator though was on the other side of the ball. New Orleans improved their defense immensely in 2013 allowing only 4,891 yards or 305.7 per game after allowing an NFL-worst 7,042 yards in 2012. That averaged to 440.1 yards per game. While the Saints were playing good defense, the Atlanta Falcons were not. Atlanta finished tied for 27th in the league with the Jacksonville Jaguars at 6,070 yards allowed or 379.4 per game. The Falcons finished 31st in running yards allowed with 2,173 or an average of 135.8 per game.

12:03 PM ET: Both teams put out great numbers offensively during the 2013 Regular Season. The New Orleans Saints finished 4th in the National Football League with 6,391 yards of total offense or just under 400 yards per game. The Atlanta Falcons had an above-average offense as well despite their record with a final total 5,490 yards or 343.1 per game. Atlanta struggled mightily on the run last season only gaining an average of 77.9 yards per game on the ground, which ranked them last in the NFL.

12:02 PM ET: The roles were reversed in 2013 as the New Orleans Saints were the playoff team. They finished 11-5, 2nd in the NFC South behind the Carolina Panthers and like the 2012 Falcons, New Orleans won their first playoff game before losing to an NFC West side. For the Saints though, it was a 23-15 loss at CenturyLink Field to the Seattle Seahawks. Atlanta was the team that struggled of the two finishing with a record of 4-12. If there was any consolation for the Falcons last season, it would be that seven of those losses were in one-possession games.

12:01 PM ET: Today’s game features two teams that flipped roles during the last two seasons. In 2012, the Atlanta Falcons finished 13-3 winning the NFC South Division Title and clinching a bye in the first round of the playoffs. They would beat the Seattle Seahawks in come-from-behind fashion with a late Matt Ryan drive to set up the game winning field goal. The next week though they would lose to the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship Game. The 2012 New Orleans Saints finished 7-9 to miss the playoffs completely.

12:00 PM ET: Hello everybody! Welcome to NFL Kickoff Weekend here on VAVEL USA. My name is Matthew Evans and I will be taking you from start to finish of today’s NFC South matchup between the New Orleans Saints and the Atlanta Falcons.