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That concludes Vavel's live coverage of Denver Broncos - Seattle Seahawks.  Thank you for joining us today.

9:47, OT:  Seattle scores winning touchdown on Lynch 6-yard run.  Seattle 26 Denver 20.  Seattle drives 80 yards for win.

9:47, OT:  Seattle has first and goal from Denver 6-yard line. 

9:52, OT:  2nd and 4 from Denver 13-yard line.  Seattle takes timeout.

10:20, OT:  Russell Wilson running like crazy with ball, gobbling up yardage.

10:42, OT:  Seahawks have 3rd and 4 from Denver 29-yard line.

12:25, OT:  2nd and 5.  Seahawks in Denver terrritory at 45-yard line.  

13:40, OT:  Wilson runs for first down at own 43-yard line.

15:00, OT:  Seahawks take over at own 20-yard line.

15:00, OT:  Broncos are 5-1 in overtime games against Seahawks.

15:00, OT:  You can see the difference in the Broncos this year.  So far it has been the defense that has been the factor in all three games.   They aren't an offense only team anymore.

15:00, OT:  Seahawks win toss and will receive.

15:00, OT:  Coin toss upcoming.

:18, 4th quarter:  17, 4th quarter points by Broncos.  Broncos defense kept team in game in 2nd half until Broncos could get offense going.

:18, 4th quarter:  Thomas made catch at back of endzone and came down with toes touching before falling out of endzone.  Will automatically be reviewed.

:18, 4th quarter:  2 point conversion made by D. Thomas.  We have a tied game.  Broncos go 80 yards with no timeouts.

:18, 4th quarter:  TD to Tamme for 26-yards.

:31, 4th quarter:  42-yard completion to Sanders puts Broncos at Seattle 38-yard line.

:52, 4th quarter:  2nd and 10. Injury to Marcus Burley costs Seahawks timeout.  They have one timeout remaining.

:59, 4th quarter:  Broncos take over at own 20-yard line needing touchdown and 2 point conversion to tie.

1:04, 4th quarter:  Hauschka kicks 28 yard field goal to give Seahawks a 20-12 lead.

1:04, 4th quarter:  4th and 7, Timeout called by Seattle.  

1:48, 4th quarter: 3rd and 7 from Denver 11-yard line.  Timeout Denver.

1:53, 4th quarter:  Broncos timeout.  They have one remaining.

2:00, 4th quarter:  Two minute warning.

2:00, 4th quarter:  Talib flagged for unnecessary roughness,  After 15-yard penalty, Seahawks have 1st and 10 at Denver 25-yard line.

2:25, 4th quarter:  Chancellor intercepts Manning and returns to Denver 35-yard line.

2:25, 4th quarter:  Crowd deafening.

2:25, 4th quarter:  Facing critical 3rd and 11, Broncos call timeout at Seattle 24-yard line.

3:00, 4th quarter:  Broncos at Seattle 23-yard line.

3:51, 4th quarter:  1st and 10 from Broncos 49-yard line.  Offense showing life as Sanders catches 10th pass for 100 yards.

6:19, 4th quarter:  Seahawks convert first downs but Broncos defense stiffens and forces punt at Seattle's 42-yard line.  Broncos take over at own 19-yard line.  Seahawks special teams has been excellent today in keeping Broncos inside own 20-yard line.

9:24, 4th quarter:  3-yard shovel pass by Manning to Julius Thomas gives Broncos first touchdown of game.  Seattle 17  Denver 12.

11:12, 4th quarter:  On 1st and 10, Talib tips Wilson's, intercepted by Chris Harris Jr. at Seattle 32-yard line.

11:12, 4th quarter:  Following 46-yard punt by Colquitt, Seahawks take over at own 14-yard line.

11:24, 4th quarter: Seahawks pressure forces Manning to throw early for incompletion on 3rd and 4.

12:33, 4th quarter: 2nd and 10 Broncos 35-yard line.  Seahawks shutting down Broncos screen plays.

13:00, 4th quarter:  Broncos offense takes over at own 23-yard line.

13:35, 4th quarter:  Ware pushes Lynch backwards in endzone and Ward tackles him for safety.  Seahawks 17 Broncos 5.  Broncos defense has kept Denver in this game.

14:09 4th quarter: DeMarcus Ware sacks Wilson at Seahawks own 1-yard line.

15:00, 4th quarter:  Total offense:  Broncos- 164  Seahawks-  268

15:00, 4th quarter:  Seahawks take over on own 8-yard line as 4th quarter begins.

15:00, 4th quarter:  End of 3rd quarter.  Seahawks force Broncos punt when fourth quarter begins.  Seahawks lead 17-3.  Broncos defense stepped up in third quarter but Seahawks defense continues to dominate Broncos offense.

1:42, 3rd quarter:  Broncos have best field position of day.

1:42, 3rd quarter:  Hauschka misses on 46-yard fg attempt.

4:35, 3rd quarter:  Wilson uses feet to convert on 3rd and 7.

6:16, 3rd quarter: Following 47-yard punt by B. Colquitt, Seahawks take over at own 39-yard line.

6:22, 3rd quarter:   Broncos go three and out.  Demaryius Thomas has been a non-factor in this game.  He has zero catches in the game.

7:15, 3rd quarter:  Broncos take over at own 17-yard line.  Field position has been horrible for Broncos all game.  Seahawks winning battle of field position.

7:15 3rd quarter:  Broncos defense forces another  Seahawk three and out.

8:16, 3rd quarter: Seahawks know that Broncos offense is explosive.  Seahawks still need to score more to put game out of reach.

6:20 PM EST:  Broncos forced to punt.  Seahawks take over at own 17-yard line.

8:21, 3rd quarter:  Broncos stopped short of first down at own 42-yard line.  

10:57 3rd quarter: Ronnie Hillman now in at running back for Broncos.

10:57, 3rd quarter:  Bad field position for Manning and offense but they need to put together a scoring drive.

10:57, 3rd quarter: Broncos defense stops Seahawks, forces punt.  Ryan's 43-yard punt pins Broncos on own 7-yard line.

13:57, 3rd quarter:  Seahawks take over on own 28-yard line.

14:06, 3rd quarter:  Hopes for Broncos has fallen squarely on shoulders of defense.  Seahawks defense has shown last week was an off day for them. They have dominated Broncos offense once again.  Will be up to Broncos defense to hold Seahawks in hopes Manning can somehow get it going.

14:06, 3rd quarter:  Not what Broncos needed, quick three and out.

15:00, 3rd quarter:  Critical drive for Broncos.  Must show they are in this game or it may be over.

15:00, 3rd quarter:  Seahawks kick off.  Broncos take over at own 20-yard line on touchback.

15:00, 3rd quarter:  Total Yards:  Broncos- 102 yards  Seahawks- 206.

15:00, 3rd quarter:  Rushing:  Ball- 10 carries for 19 yards.  Lynch- 12 carries for 46 yards.

15:00, 3rd quarter:  First half stats:  Manning- 11/16 for 87 yards.  Wilson- 11/13 for 145 yards, 2 TD.


:12 2nd quarter:  1st and 10 from own 20-yard line.  Broncos take knee to end first half.  Seahawks 17  Broncos 3.

:12 2nd quarter: Seahawks score touchdown with 5-yard pass from Wilson to Lynch.  Seahawks lead 17-3.

:29 2nd quarter:  Wilson to Harvin 9-yard gain to Broncos 17-yard line.

:53, 2nd quarter:  Seahawks charged with second timeout for injured player.

:53, 2nd quarter:  Broncos tight end Virgil Green is out for rest of game with concussion.  Seahawks have injured player on field.

1:06, 2nd quarter:  .  Seahawks call time out.  Seahawks have 1st and 10 from Broncos 35-yard line.

2:00, 2nd quarter:  Two minute warning.  Seahawks lead 10-3.

2:59 2nd quarter:  Seahawks force Broncos punt.  Seahawks take over 1st and 10 at their own 32-yard line.

3:05, 2nd quarter:  Call is reversed.  Thomas did not have possession before fumble.

3:05, 2nd quarter:  Play under review.

3:12, 2nd quarter:  1st and 10 from Broncos 20-yard line.  16-yard pass to Demaryius Thomas, ball comes out.  Play ruled a catch and fumble.  Broncos are challenging ruling on field.

3:12, 2nd quarter:  Lockette beat Aqib Talib on touchdown catch.  Talib didn't time jump for ball correctly and pass fell right into Lockette's arms for touchdown.

3:12, 2nd quarter:  39 yard touchdown pass from Wilson to Lockette.  Longest pass play of the year for Seahawks.  Seahawks 10  Broncos 3

4:39, 2nd quarter:  Pass to Marshawn Lynch for 21-yard gain.  1st and 10 at Seahawks 48-yard line.

5:31, 2nd quarter:  Offensive pass interference on Lockette.  2nd and 16 from Seahawks 31-yard line.

5:39, 2nd quarter:  Broncos defense is keeping Wilson contained.  When Wilson runs it has been mostly backwards or side to side.  

5:39, 2nd quarter:  Right now it is a defensive battle with field position becoming crucial.

5:39, 2nd quarter:  Seahawks take over on own 27-yard line.  Broncos 3  Seahawks 3

 5:53, 2nd quarter:  4th and 10.  Broncos to punt from own 30-yard line.

5:58, 2nd quarter:  3rd and 10.  Seahawks defense holding strong.

6:19, 2nd quarter:  Manning able to still run offense out of no-huddle with silent count.  Essential to keep Seahawks pass rush off of him.

9:31, 2nd quarter:  Seahawks are handling Broncos running game so far.

5:10 PM EST:  So far it is a battle between two really good defenses.  The Broncos made significant upgrades on defense in costless agency.

10:04 2nd quarter:   Seahawks unable to convert on 3rd and long following sack.  Forced to punt.  Broncos take over on own 7-yard line.

10:49 2nd quarter:  T.J. Ward with sack of Wilson.

12:16 2nd quarter:  Virgil Green out with concussion-like symptoms.

13:34 2nd quarter:  Broncos tight end Virgil Green has left game.  Unknown if injured.

14:48, 2nd quarter:  1st and 10 from Seahawks 30-yard line.

14:53, 2nd quarter:  Seahawks force Broncos punt.

:00 1st quarter:  End of 1st quarter.  Seahawks defense responding on this drive.  Broncos will have 3rd and 9 on own 35-yard line when 2nd quarter begins.  

:59, 1st quarter:  Defensive holding call

1:19, 1st quarter:  Broncos take over on own 30 yard line.

1:27, 1st quarter:  .  Broncos pass rush makes itself known.  A good pass rush was missing in Super Bowl for Broncos.  Wilson was able to break containment all day in Super Bowl.

2:04, 1st quarter:  Von Miller with sack of Wilson.  Seahawks punt.

2:42 1st quarter:  False start on Seahawks.

2:42, 1st quarter:  Seahawks facing 3rd and 2 from 28 yard line

3:27, 1st quarter:  Broncos drive:  15 play drive, 7:06 off clock.

3:27, 1st quarter:  McManus kickoff goes for touchback.  Seahawks take over on own 20. Timeout on field.

3:27, 1st quarter:  Broncos don't score touchdown but put together good scoring drive.  Manning threw to Richard Sherman's side of field as well.

3:31, 1st quarter:  McManus kicks 24-yard field goal to tie game at three.  

3:35, 1st quarter:  3rd and goal from 6.  Manning incomplete pass to J. Thomas in endzone.

4:12, 1st quarter:  Crows noise affecting Broncos offense.

5:27, 1st quarter:  3rd and 5 completion to E.Sanders for 1st and goal.

5:35, 1st quarter:  Broncos on very nice drive in redzone.  2 and 5 drop by D. Thomas.

7:55, 1st quarter:  Broncos keeping quick tempo on offense.  In Seahawks territory.

10:33, 1st quarter:  1st and 10 from own 20-yard line.  Broncos go right back to Ball.  Seahawks stuff run.

10:33, 1st quarter:  Broncos take over on own 20 yard line.

10:33, 1st quarter: Broncos must regroup and go on long drive to show Seahawks and their fans that they are here to play.  Otherwise, it will be a long day for Denver.

10:36, 1st quarter:  Broncos defense stiffened on goal-line like they have all season, holding Seahawks to just three points on 20-yard field goal.  Seahawks lead 3-0 .

13:33, 1st quarter:  1st and 10 from Broncos 14-yard line.  Montee Ball fumbles after nine yard run.  Fumbling problems were an issue all last year for running backs.

13:33, 1st quarter: 1st and 10, Broncos take over on own 14-yard line.  

13:42, 1st quarter:  Broncos force three and out. 

14:55, 1st quarter:  1st and 10, Wilson scrambles two yards

4:25 PM EST:  Broncos have won toss and defer to Seahawks.

4:24 PM EST:  Good afternoon and welcome to live coverage of the Broncos vs Seahawks.  I am Harold Connett and will be with you for today's game.

4:24 PM EST: For only the sixth time in NFL history, and the first since the Green Bay Packers and New England Patriots faced off in 1997, there will be a Super Bowl rematch during the following regular season as the Denver Broncos take on the Seattle Seahawks at CenturyLink Field.

4:23 PM EST: Though it's being called a Super Bowl rematch, the Broncos have 10 different starters then the team that lined up in New Jersey last February:  RB Montee Ball, LT Ryan Clady, CB Chris Harris Jr., WR Emmanuel Sanders, LB Von Miller,  S Rahim Moore, CB Aqib Talib,  SS T.J. Ward, DE DeMarcus Ware,  and DT Derek Wolfe.  The Seahawks have just one starter who did not play, rookie tackle Justin Britt.

4:22 PM EST: The Broncos went into the offseason following their Super Bowl loss with a plan to acquire veteran costless agents who would bring a tougher, nastier style of play that would fix the holes exposed by the Seahawks, and win the Super Bowl.  On Sunday, they will get a good idea of how far along they are in making that plan a reality.  Win or lose, if the Broncos play a competitive game they will come out of Seattle feeling pretty good about where they are as a team.  Play like they did in the Super Bowl and it won't bode well for achieving their ultimate goal, winning the big game.

4:21 PM EST: The Seahawks come into the game against the Broncos looking to put last week's loss in San Diego behind them.  Win and they can chalk up the loss to the hot temperature or looking past the Chargers because they were focusing on the Broncos game.  They lose and doubt will begin to seep into their thoughts and the idea of a repeat will become more distant.

4:20 PM EST: The game being played in Seattle gives the Seahawks a sizeable advantage.  The Seahawks are 16-1 at home since 2012 and have one of the best home-field advantages in the NFL.  In Russell Wilson's two-plus seasons, he is 18-1 at home, including playoffs.   The one loss came last season in a 17-10 upset by the Arizona Cardinals.   The Broncos haven't played in Seattle since November 17, 2002 when Brian Griese and the Broncos defeated Matt Hasselbeck and the Seahawks 31-9.   

4:20 PM EST: The Broncos come into the game with a record of 2-0 and in first place in the AFC West.  The Seahawks have a record or 1-1 and are tied for second place in the NFC West, one game behind the first place Arizona Cardinals.    The Broncos lead the overall series with the Seahawks, 34-20.  The Seahawks lead the Broncos in games at Seattle, 14-13.