Lawrence Tynes Suing Tampa Bay Buccaneers For Future Earnings

Lawrence Tynes was a fantastic kicker in the NFL. He had made it as a primary kicker on the Kansas City Chiefs and then was a part of the New York Giants.

Then, during the 2013 off-season, he signed a free agent contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but was never able to kick for the team. He contracted MRSA, a deadly staph infection from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers facilities.

He is now suing his former team in the Bucs for a proposed $20 million based off the future earnings he could have earned for the remainder of his career. Now since it was contracted at team facilities and fellow teammate Carl Nicks also contracted the disease, it makes sense why the Buccaneers could be blamed for unkempt medical conditions.

If this lawsuit is in fact successful, Carl Nicks will probably have the opportunity to file a separate lawsuit on his own, again for future earnings that have not been received. But then again, he did receive $3 million already in an injury settlement.

Either way, when sicknesses and diseases are spreading around locker rooms, this opens up a potential litigious situation that the NFL and it's teams may not be currently prepared for. They should try to come up with a plan B for what to do when these actions take effect.