Adrian Peterson Returns To Minnesota Vikings

Adrian Peterson's standoff with the Vikings has now come to an end, since he returned to OTAs on Tuesday, June 2, and the Vikings have opened back up to him with open arms.

It appears that Peterson went from demanding a trade to another team because he didn't trust leadership, to claiming that he just wanted more guaranteed money, to returning to the team. Obviously when you change positions on this, it completely ruins the trust that you can have with the public. So since Peterson had already lost most of the public with his off the field actions this past season, it was critical that he was able to do much better then what he had done and win back those fans of his that still care deeply about him.

The saying that this writer has heard many times is that you don't want to burn your bridges. Adrian Peterson would have been traded for if anyone would have been willing to offer something nice enough for him. But clearly the Vikings put the value on what Peterson could do for them instead of what lowball offers had been brought to the table.

Clearly this is best for Mike Zimmer and the Vikings because they get back their established running back that they are already paying big bucks to and they didn't have to give in any concessions. Adrian Peterson just came back on his own volition. Now they get to have Peterson back which should help develop their future talent of the quarterback Teddy Bridgewater. The two of them have yet to play a game together as Peterson only played in the season opener last year before being suspended and Teddy Bridgewater didn't play at all until the third game of the season when he came in due to an injury against New Orleans.

But Teddy didn't even throw a touchdown pass until week 7 on the road against the Buffalo Bills. So, with the Vikings building toward the future, the 2015 season should be a success. Peterson in the backfield, Bridgewater under center, Mike Wallace going deep on the play action pass, and Kyle Rudolph catching the ball as the biggest target in the red zone.