Antonio Brown Wins VAVEL USA's Offensive Player Of Week Nine

Antonio Brown Wins VAVEL USA's Offensive Player Of Week Nine

When the NFL writers at VAVEL USA were polled on who was the best offensive player of week nine, Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown was the clear answer.

Connor Deitrich

Have a day, Antonio Brown. The Pittsburgh Steelers' standout wide receiver did just that, shattering records in the process. Brown's final stat line was as follows: 17 receptions on 23 targets for 284 yards and two rushes for 22 yards. A little basic match tells us that Brown was over 300 yards from scrimmage on the day. 

Two of the records that Brown broke on Sunday were franchise records. First, there is the record for receptions for a game. The former mark was 14, achieved by Courtney Hawkins in 1998. The other franchise record was for receiving yards in a game, which was previously held by Plaxico Burress. His record stood at 253 yards in a game, and Brown completely shattered it. 

The final record that Brown broke was one that you wouldn't quite expect. Pro Football Focus, a site that grades players based on their overall contribution to the team, had Brown finishing Sunday's game with a +8.8 rating. That just happens to be the highest ranking that PFF has ever given to a wide receiver in the history of the website. Some analysts say they don't always agree with PFF and their rankings, but just about anyone can agree that Brown played an insanely good game Sunday. 

Overall, the biggest contribution that Brown made was getting the team the victory. Without Brown's production, there is no chance that this team would've came out on top. With running back Le'Veon Bell out, it was expected that Pittsburgh would throw the ball a lot. Then, considering how poor the secondary of the Oakland Raiders is, Brown was projected to have a big game. But no one predicted that Brown would have such a historic performance.

Looking forward, it would be surprising to see Brown in position to win this award next week. Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger will not play in week ten, and Brown has been much less productive without Big Ben. When the duo is back together, though, there is a great chance that at least one of them could be in great position to win this award, as they have built up a chemistry that is just terrifying for opposing defenses.