0-7, Rodgers 13-yard pass to Starks, 0-14 A.Rodgers 3-yard pass to R.Rodgers, 7-14, Turbin 7-yard rushing TD , 7-21, Starks rushing TD, 7-28, Lacy 1-yard rushing TD.
Score Dallas Cowboys - Green Bay Packers of 2015 NFL Football (7-28)

Score Dallas Cowboys - Green Bay Packers of 2015 NFL Football (7-28)

Andrew McDonnell
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End of Game - Well Ladies and Gentleman, my name is Andrew McDonnell and it has been a pleasure bringing you this week 14 clash, I am now signing off from tonight's contest.

End of Game - Meanwhile, the Dallas Cowboys (4-9) still aren't out of the play-off picture in the NFC East, they are at home to the New York Jets (8-5), who are also  also pushing for the playoffs.

End of Game - The Green Bay Packers (9-4) are now one game ahead of second-placed Minnesota Vikings (8-5), they are at the Oakland Raiders (6-7) next week. 

End of Game - There is only one man that can pick up the Vavel USA Player of the Game and that is Packers running-back Eddie Lacy, who has 24 carries for 124-yards and a touchdown. He caused the Cowboys defense problems all game.

End of Game - That's it, the game is over at Lambeau Field and it has finished Dallas 7 Green Bay 28

The other late game between the Denver Broncos and the Oakland Raiders finished 15-12 in favour of the Raiders, handing Brock Osweiler his first loss as a starting quarterback in the NFL.

4Q 0:35 - Tolzien takes another knee and that is the game, the Green Bay Packers have completed a 21-point win over the Dalals Cowboys.

4Q 1:16 - Tolzien takes a knee as the Packers run the clock down.

4Q 1:21 - Cassel has his pass batted into the air and the Packers will take over on downs again.

4Q 1:26 - Incomplete pass by Cassel as he looked for Williams down field.

4Q 2:00 - Cassel sacked again, third and 17 now.

4Q 2:19 - Cassel slides for a one-yard gain on the play, stopped by Peppers. Two-Minute Warning.

4Q 2:46 - Cassel finds Williams for a 16-yard gain, too little too late you feel.

4Q 2:46 - Crosby kicks out the back of the endzone for a touchback, Cowboys start on their 20-yard line.

4Q 2:46 - Crosby's extra point is good and it is now Dallas Cowboys 7 Green Bay Packers 28.


4Q 2:58 - Lacy fighting all the way and another big run by the running-back, tackled after eight yards, and gains a further 14-yards after that. Down at the one-yard line. Dallas call a timeout

4Q 3:04 - Lacy stopped going down the left hand side, loss of two on the play.

4Q 3:11 - Another run by Lacy, bursts loose and picks up a first down on the first play of the drive.Timeout taken by the Cowboys.

4Q 3:14 - Cowboys going for it on fourth down. Incomplete pass to McFadden, turnover on downs.players comng together here after tensions are heating up.

4Q 3:22 - Cowboys blitzed on third down, Cassel rolls out the pocket and gets rid of the football.

4Q 4:05 - Beasley tripped up immediately after catching the ball, picks up five yards.

4Q 4:10 - Cassel tries to throw straight down the middle, but there is nobody there, not even a defender.

4Q 4:39 - Beasley gets a first down, 12-yard catch and run there.

4Q 4:44 - Cassel's pass is patted down for an incomplete pass

4Q 4:44 -  Crosby kicks out to the back of the endzone for a touchback, the Cowboys will start on their own 20-yard line.

4Q 4:44 - Crosby's extra point is good and he makes it Dallas Cowboys 7 Green Bay Packers 21.


4Q 5:20 - Rodgers finds his namesake Richard Rodgers, he gets a 10-yard gain, flag on the play, pass interference called against Jones however.

4Q 6:06 - Lacy is nailed by three defenders, a loss of five on the play.

4Q 6:53 - Great cut back by Lacy, who has been on fire in this game, he sees the cutback lane and gets a first down after picking up 11-yards. 

4Q 7:31 - Rodgers finds Cobb, who picks up another first down on the drive. Injury timeout here at Lambeau Field.

4Q 8:15 - Rodgers looks like he was going to get dragged to the ground, but he breaks a tackle and gets a huge first down, rushes 11-yards on third down.

4Q 8:20 - Rodgers tries to find Cobb, who was open, but Rodgers couldn't find his man.

4Q 8:50 - Lacy can only get a yard on the play, Cowboys get to him quickly.

4Q 9:27 - Lacy picks up a first down and more, gain of another eight for the Packers.

4Q 9:59 - Starks for his third carry in a row, picks up eight yards.

4Q 10:25 - Starks gets the ball again and picks up a big first down, nine-yard carry.

4Q 10:49 - Starks picks up three yards on the play.

4Q 11:18 - Rodgers flicks a pass to Starks who manages to get out of bonds for five yards.

Breaking News - Andy Dalton's thunmb injury sustained today against the Pittsburgh Steelers may well be season ending.

4Q 11:28 - Great punt by Jones, no chance for a return by Hyde, ruled out of bounds at the 16-yard line.

4Q 12:03 - Cassel fails to get a third down completion once again, picks up only 10 yards on a pass to Williams.

4Q 12:07 - Pass is too low for Witten to get a hold of, Cassel incomplete pass.

4Q 12:30 - Ball flies out the hands ofCassel, flag on th eplay, illegal snap called on the offense.

4Q 13:15 - McFadden tries to go down the right side, but is met by Matthews for a gain of only two yards.

4Q 13:24 - Masthay punts the football to Whitehead, he is brought down immediately for a loss of two.

4Q 13:32 - Pass incomplete, but there is a flag on the play, called against the offense and it is declined.

4Q 14:09 - Lacy brought down behind the line of scrimmage, two yards lost.

4Q 14:14 - Rodgers airs the football out, but sails out of bounds.

4Q 14:22 - Jones punts the ball to Hyde, who is driven out of bounds.

4Q 15:00 - Matthews gets the sack on Cassel, Matthews comes off the blitz and is allowed room to come straight up the middle and he hits the quarterback hard.

End of Quarter 3 - Dallas Cowboys 7 Green Bay Packers 14, The game remains close and could go either way in this final quarter.

3Q 0:02 - Ball handed off to Turbin again, picks up seven yards and the quarter comes to a close.

3Q 0:09 - Cassel throws the ball too far and over the head of the receiver, overcooked the pass, two seconds left in the third quarter.

3Q 0:51 - Turbin gets the ball again and the officials give him the first down here.

3Q 1:28 - Cassel hands off to Turbin, gains five on the first play of the drive.

3Q 1:34 - Masthay punts to Whitehead, who calls for the fair catch just outside of his 20-yard line.

3Q 1:41 - Rodgers' pass is dangerously lobbed up, almost picked off, but goes over the head of both defender and receiver.

3Q 1:41 - Timeout taken by Aaron Rodgers after the hard count failed to catch the Cowboys defense out.

3Q 2:28 - Starks gains a further two yards on second down.

3Q 2:59 - Rodgers hands off to Cobb and he picks up seven on the play.

3Q 3:18 - Punt to Hyde, but it ends out of bounds, Packers will have it once again in this second half. Flag on the return, holding on Green Bay, penalty will be enforced on the end of the play.

3Q 3:39 - Cassel buys some time and floats the ball out to Witten, gets something out of nothing, but Witten is short of a first down, full yard short.

3Q 4:16 - No gain for McFadden there, third down and ninie faces the Cowboys now.

3Q 4:32 - Bryant goes for the pass one-handed, drops the ball after searching for Cassel's pass, shouldve held on to it.

Update on the other game going on at the moment and the Denver Broncos are leading the Oakland Raiders 12-9.

3Q 4:32 - Masthay punts to Whitehead, who calls for a fair catch, Masthay hit hard on the play, but no flags.

3Q 5:13 - Hardy breaks through the defensive line and hits Rodgers hard, second sack of the game for the Cowboys.

3Q 5:58 - Rodgers passes to Starks and the Packers need a further five yards on third down here.

3Q 6:43 - No gain on the play as Lacy is closed down quickly.

3Q 7:12 - Good blocking allows Lacy again to pick up some more yardage, another 10-yards picked up by the running-back.

3Q 7:46 - Lacy gets the ball again and drives for a first down.

3Q 8:20 - Lacy gets the ball, takes it to the 20-yard line for a six-yard gain on the first play of the drive.

3Q 8:25 - Jones takes it out to the 15-yard line, 19-yard return from the kick-off.

3Q 8:25 - Extra point is good, the Cowboys marched 80-yards in just four plays, four running plays. Dallas Cowboys 7 Green Bay Packers 14.


3Q 9:03 - Turbin breaks a tackle and picks up a further 22-yards, two big rushing plays back-to-back.

3Q 9:50 - Another big one for McFadden, a 46-yard carry for McFadden as he shows his athletisism, Dallas right into Green Bay territory here.

3Q 10:32 - Cassel hands off to McFadden, picks up six yards.

3Q 10:39 - Masthay punts into the endzone and a touchback sees the Cowboys will start on their own 20-yard line.

3Q 10:43 - Good vocerage on R.Rodgers sees the ball fly over his head and it is now fourth down.

3Q 11:25 - Hand off to Cobb, picks up three.

3Q 11:30 - Rodgers rolls out of the pocket, but the ball hits Cobb's fingertips and flies out of bounds.

3Q 12:12 - Rodgers finds Cobb and he gets inside Dallas territory, another third down conversion for the Packers.

3Q 12:55 - Toss to Cobb and Lee closes down quickly for a loss of two.

3Q 13:18 - Pass caught by Jones, brought down by Carr after picking up 8 yards.

3Q 13:25 - Jones kicks a deep punt, Packers will have it for the first time in the second half now.

3Q 14:09 - Cassel finds Beasley, but he is about half a yard short of a first down.

3Q 14:18 - Flag thrown on the play after an incomplete pass, holding called on Dallas, but the penalty is declined.

Sam Shields has been ruled out for the rest of the game after suffering a head injury, concussion is what has been said from the locker room.

3Q 14:55 - McFadden can only get two-yards before he is hit by Matthews.

3Q 15:00 - Crosby kicks to Whitehead, he gets hit hard after taking the ball out to the 16-yard line from deep in his own endzone.

Half-Time - Dallas have only 69 rushing yards and 121 passing yards for the entire first-half, Green Bay however, have 86 rushing yards and 171 passing yards.

Half-time - Dallas Cowboys 0 Green Bay Packers 14, an impressive half for Aaron Rodgers, 171 yards of passing and two touchdown passes thrown.

2Q 0:18 - Cassel scrambles up the middle but is tackled hard by Matthews, and that will end the first-half there.

2Q 0:18 - Flags thrown before the ball was snapped, flase start called on Dallas.

2Q 0:23 - Cassel pass incomplete on first down.

2Q 0:28 - Witten receives the football and gains six on the play.

2Q 0:47 - Cassel pass to Williams gains nine-yards on the first play of the drive.

2Q 0:56 - Masthay punts the ball and Whitehead loses two-yards on the return.

2Q 1:02 - Rodgers is sacked by Lawrence for a loss of six-yards, Lawrence came in from the outside and gets the tackle on Rodgers. Timeout taken by Dallas.

2Q 1:06 - Pass to Adams is also incomplete.

2Q 1:11 - Rodgers pass incomplete to Cobb.

2Q 1:16 - Adams pushed out after picking up the first down.

2Q 1:48 - Rogers to Perillo for three-yards.

2Q 1:57 - Cowboys forced to punt, Jones punts to Hyde, who loses one-yard on the return.

2Q 2:03 - Cassell finds Witten for 6-yards, and we have reached the Two Minute Warning.

2Q - 2:07 -  Cassel pass to McFadden is incomplete

2Q - 2:20 - Whitehead gets three-yards on the first play of the drive.

2Q 2:40 - Crosby kicks to the endzone for a touchback, Cowboys to start on their own 20-yard line.

2Q 2:40 - Flags thrown before the extra point is kicked, offside called against the defense. Crosby's extra point is good. Dallas Cowboys 0 Green Bay Packers 14.


2Q 2:50 - Rodgers fakes the hand off to Lacy and throws over th the head of the receiver and out the back of the end zone.

2Q 3:05 - Cries of "KUHNNN" around the stadium when Rodgers finds Kuhn for a 15-yards gain, first and goal, timeout taken by Dallas.

2Q 3:13 - Rodgers goes to the endzone and almost finds Richard Rodgers, flag on the play, Cowboys secondary penslised for a hold.

2Q 3:30 - Starks with a gain of five on the next play.

2Q 4:08 - Cobb slides and catches the football in the middle of the field for a first down, 14-yard gain.

2Q 4:44 - Starks can't get anything with that run down the left hand side.

2Q 5:11 - Rodgers goes to the sidleine with a throw to Jones for a big gain, impressive from Jones so far today.

2Q 5:42 - Lacy stopped, but then keeps going for five yards on the play.

2Q 6:25 - Nobody open so Rodgers decides to run the ball himself, 15-yard pick up and first down gained.

2Q 6:28 - Rodgers pass to Jones incomplete on second down.

2Q 6:54 - Lacy picks up five on the first play of the drive, Shields has been taken to the locker room for an injured arm and concussion.

2Q 7:01 - Dallas forced to pount the ball, takes a bounce and goes out of bounds at the 19-yard line.

Ruling on the field is overturned, incomplete pass, Bryant not happy with the call.

2Q 7:06 - BIG PLAY, what a catch by Bryant, two men on him all the way, Cassel finds Bryant, Green Bay have challenged the call of a completed catch, could go either way this one, ball appears to come loose at some point.

Injury for Sam Shields forces a time-out, didn't look too bad before seeing the replay, and Cassel got hit hard after throwing the ball too.

2Q 7:44 - Cassel was in trouble there, but manages to find Whitehead before the wide-receiver goes out of play, Shields injured on the play.

2Q 8:22 - McFadden drives up the middle of the field for a three-yard gain on the play.

2Q 9:02 - Pass is caught by Witten on third down, big play and Cassel finds his man.

2Q 9:44 - Broken play there, Cassel spins around and picks up three yards, gets what he can there.

2Q 9:49 - Cassel's pass is off the shoulder of Bryant, incomplete.

2Q 9:49 - Kick flies out the back of the endzone, the Cowboys will start on their own 20-yard line.

Outstanding scheme play by the offense there, McCarthy with a good play call drawing the receivers inside, Starks clear run into the endzone.

2Q 9:49 - Extra point is good, Dallas Cowboys 0 Green Bay Packers 7


2Q 10:34 - Good play by Gregory, closes Lacy down quickly as Green Bay lose three yards on the play.

2Q 11:09 - Hard count hurrying the pace, hand off to Kuhn, gets two on his fourth carry of the season.

2Q 11:13 - Rodgers goes downfield and almost finds Cobb in the endzone, penalty on the defense, first down.

2Q 11:37 - Rodgers finds Jones down the right hand side, outstanding throw to get the first down.

2Q 12:12 - Lacy closed down very quickly, no gain, third and 10 now for the Packers.

2Q 12:38 - Rodgers finds Adams, but falls half-a-yard short, flag on the play, holding called against the offense again, third time in this game.

2Q 13:00 - Starks picks up another five yards.

2Q 13:30 - Lacy runs the ball, gets the first down, Mike McCarthy has taken over the play calling for the Packers.

2Q 13:58 - Rodgers passes to Starks, picks up nine yards

2Q 14:15 – Hyde caresses the Jones punt, Packers will start just inside Dallas territory.

2Q 15:00 – Cassel hands off to McFadden and the Green Bay defense forces Cowboys to punt.

End of Quarter 1 – Cowboys 0 Packers 0, still no score between these two sides.

1Q 0:17 – McFadden receives the ball from Cassel, picks up seven-yards.

1Q 1:03 - Rodgers goes straight up the middle, but despite Kuhn pushing him, he hasn't been able to get the touchdown.

1Q 1:19 - Call overturned, touchdown chalked off the board, Green Bay is going for it on fourth down.

Play is under review, defender manages to punch the ball out, but whether Starks crosses the goalline before that happens is being reviewed as we speak.


1Q 1:29 - Rodgers in the process of being tackled by Carr, but he manages to get the ball away just in time before he was sacked.

1Q 2:08 - Lacy down to the one-yard line, second down here, Lacy running the football well here.

1Q 2:57 - Pressure on Rodgers, throws to an iopen Lacy, 24-yard catch and run for the running-back, great blocking and Lacy breaks tackles to get down to the four yard line.

1Q 3:24 - Lacy gets the ball and runs hard for six-yards, Flag on the play though, another holding call on Green Bay.

1Q 3:32 - Rodgers given time, but throws the football away, replay comes up from the last play by Cobb, looks very close.

1Q 4:10 - Quick throw by Rodgers to Cobb, tip-toes down the sideline, but he is marked out of bounds at the 18-yards line.

1Q 4:45 - Starks just manages to pick up another first down, looked short, but lunges and just picks it up.

1Q 5:13 - Cobb with another reception, gets another 10-yards, third and one here now.

1Q 5:42 - Rodgers links up with Cobb, picks up nine.

1Q 6:10 - Starks carries it down the left hand side for five-yards, but Green Bay penalised for holding.

1Q 6:26 - Jones gets a good block on the side, picks up 11-yards.

1Q 6:33 - Another flag on the play, after Rodgers threw over the head of the receiver, Dallas penalised for holding, Green Bay first down.

1Q 7:00 - Flag on the play for a false start on Kuhn, third and nine here.

1Q 7:45 - Rodgers drops out of the pocket, finds Cobb on the sideline for another four yards.

1Q 8:16 - Lacy with another carry, this time for a gain of two.

1Q 8:47 - Lacy gets across the 40-yards line for a big gain, first down after an 18-yard rush.

1Q 9:19 - Rodgers finds Adams for a gain of four-yards on the first play of the drive.

Some other scores that have gone final, the Philadelphia Eagles hung on for a narrow 23-20 win over the Buffalo Bills and the Jacksonville Jaguars beat the Indianapolis Colts 51-16 in front of their own fans.


1Q 9:30 - Pass to high for Witten at the back of the endzone. Dallas still on the Green Bay three-yard line.

1Q 10:11 - McFadden gets caught behind the line of scrimmage behind Matthews.

1Q 10:54 - Cassel finds Witten for the first down, great start by the Dallas offense.


1Q 11:54 - Pass incomplete, but flag comes in and it is against Green Bay, hold against Shields, first down.

1Q 12:32 - McFadden gets nine-yards on Dallas' first offensive play of the game.

1Q 12:36 - Tim Masthey's punt is a good one, 47-yard punt and Dallas will start their first possession on their own 25-yard line.

1Q 12:42 - Rodgers' first throw of the day is broken up by Brandon Carr, Packers are forced to punt here.

1Q 13:14 - Lacy gains a further four yards, teh Packers are facing third-down here, they need three yards.

1Q 13:44 - Aaron Rodgers hands off to Lacy again for the thid time, three yards gained.

1Q 14:16 - Eddie Lacy gets the first down with a gain of six-yards.

1Q 14:48 - Lacy runs for the first time today for four-yards

1Q 15:00 - Flag on the kick off return here, against the Packers, Jones penalised for a hold, Green Bay to start on their own 8-yard line.


The Carolina Panthers have clinched home advantage for the play-offs after an emphatic and dominant 38-0 win over the Atlanta Falcons. The Pittsburgh Steelers have completed a 33-20 win on the road against divisional rivals the Cincinatti Bengals.

Just over 10 minutes until we kick-off at Lambeau Field, this one promises to be a good game with play-off implications at stake for both sides.

The Seattle Seahawks have completed a 35-6 win over the beaten up Baltimore Ravens, and Johnny Manziel has led the Cleveland Browns to a 24-10 win over the San Francisco 49ers.

Despite a touchdown in the fourth quarter for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the New Orleans Saints have held on to win 21-14

The New York Jets have also moved to 8-5 and are in the hunt for the playoffs by beating the Tennessee Titans 30-8, while the Detroit Lions lost on the road to the St. Louis Rams 21-14.

The Washington Redskins have moved to top of the NFC East for the time being after snapping their road losing streak by beating the Chicago Bears 24-21.

The game is almost upon us, and the first early game has ended, the Kansas City Chiefs have moved to 8-5 on the season after the beat the San Diego Chargers 10-3.

We are now into the second-halfs of the early games, stay posted here for all full-time scores in those 11 games as we are edging closer to our game at Lambeau Field.

The final score to come in at half-time in the earlier games is the game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Buffalo Bills, the Eagles lead 17-0 and will be receiving the ball to start the second-half.

Cam Newton has had a field day in the first-half against the Atlanta Falcons, his Carolina Panthers lead 28-0 at the half as they look to remain unbeaten this season.

Ryan Fitzpatrick has led his New York Jets side into a 27-0 lead over the Tennessee TitansPittsburgh Steelers lead 16-7 over the CIncinatti Bengals, while the Indianapolis Colts lead the Jacksonville Jaguars 13-9.

Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints are leading against divisional rivals the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 17-10 at the half.

The Baltimore Ravens are down 14-6 to last season's Super Bowl runners-up the Seattle Seahawks with 10 points being scored in the final minute of the second quarter, and the Kansas City Chiefs, who have won their last five games before today, lead 10-0 at the break against the San Diego Chargers.

We have our first games at the half and the Cleveland Browns, led by Johnny Manziel today, are leading 10-3 against the San Francisco 49ers, Detroit are 7-0 behind to St. Louis and the Chicago Bears have gotten onto the board and are behind 14-7 to the Washington Redskins.

News coming in that the Cincinatti Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton has been ruled out of the game with the Pittsburgh Steelers and has a cast on his right hand.

When the half-time scored come in from around the league, you guys will be the first people to hear then on this, so stay posted for all 11 game updates.

Some updates from around the league in the early kick-offs, the Washington Redskins have raced to a 14-0 lead against the Chicago Bears and the Philadelphia Eagles are tied 7-7 with the Buffalo Bills.

Here is a preview for this afternoon's game between the Packers and the Cowboys. Make sure you take time to read this before kick-off.

As for the NFC North, the Minnesota Vikings lost 23-20 on Thursday night to the Arizona Cardinals, meaning a win for the Packers would take them to the top of the division. The other two sides in the division only have pride to play for, as the Detroit Lions are on the road to the St. Louis Rams, while, as mentioned, the Bears face the Redskins at home.

In the NFC East, the Philadelphia Eagles host playoff hopefuls the Buffalo Bills and the Washington Redskins travel to Soldier Field to face the Chicago Bears this morning. The New York Giants are in action on the Monday Night Football against the Miami Dolphins.

There are other games in and around the league today that will affect playoff implications before we get underway this afternoon at Lambeau Field.

Lambeau Field will be the site for this afternoon's game, with it being the home of the Green Bay Packers. Over 81,000 fans will be packed into this coliseum with most of the fans wearing the green and cheering for the Packers.

As for the Packers, Corey Linsley has been ruled out of the game as he continues to struggle with an ankle problem, but Clay Matthews, also ankle problem, is likely to feature so don't worry Packers fans he will be in today's game.

Apart from the noted injury to quarterback Tony Romo, the Cowboys haven't had any troubles in terms of players missing, Dez Bryant has been listed on the injury report as probable just as a precaution.

In recent years, Green Bay have used home advantage in their favor, but this season they haven't been their usual dominant selves, losing to Jay Cutler and the Chicago Bears and Matthew Stafford and the Detroit Lions at Lambeau Field.

No matter how bad the Cowboys look on defense, they have kept a lot of their games close this year due to their defense They have 25 sacks for the season and 14 interceptions, averaging 21.1 yards for each.

Aaron Rodgers has been key to the success of the Packers this season. He has 2,957 passing yards with a total of 26 touchdowns and five interceptions. He currently has a quarterback rating of 97.3.

Meanwhile, Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett was asked about Jerry Jones' comments after the game against the Redskins and said, “You start with us as a coaching staff, me as the head coach, the coaches throughout the staff, how our players play, and we all have to do better. That’s what we focus on when we come to work every day.”

Following Aaron Rodgers' Hail Mary to win the game against the Lions last week, McCarthy also took a jab at the Seattle Seahawks' "Fail Mary" and said, “I will just say this: At least our guy really caught the ball in this one. You can quote that."

Packers head coach Mike McCarthy talked to the media about running back Eddie Lacy and his up and down season this year: "Eddie has been rejuvenated. His work was good today... I look for him to have a very good week of practice."

Ted Moore, the Packers' radio announcer, called the final play of the game back in 1967: "Here are the Packers, third down, inches to go, to paydirt. 17-14, Cowboys out in front, Packers trying for the go-ahead score. Starr begins the count. Takes the snap...He's got the quarterback sneak and he's in for the touchdown and the Packers are out in front! 20-17! And 13 seconds showing on the clock and the Green Bay Packers are going to be...World Champions, NFL Champions, for the third straight year!"

(Chris Wilkins)

Dallas and Green Bay also met back in the 1967 NFC Championship game, dubbed as the "Ice Bowl" and the game saw two future Hall-of-Fame coaches go against each other, Tom Landry for the Cowboys and Vince Lombardi for the Packers.

These two sides met in the postseason last season, and the Packers eliminated the Cowboys thanks to a controversial call involving Dallas' Dez Bryant, but winning their respected divisions will be on the players' minds not last seasons matchup.

It really was a wild finish to the 19-16 win against the Washington Redskins, 17 points were scored in the last 90 seconds of the game, with Dan Bailey's 54-yard field-goal separating the two sides.

After snapping a seven-game losing streak by beating the Miami Dolphins 24-14 in Week 11, they lost to the Carolina Panthers 33-14 on Thanksgiving Day, and they also lost Tony Romo for the season.

Meanwhile, the Dallas Cowboys have certainly seen better times, however, even with a 4-8 record this season, they remain within one game of the other three teams in the NFC East.

Aaron Rodgers dragged his team out of the depths of despair and found Richard Rodgers in the end zone for a 61-yard reception with 0:00 left on the clock, a play that left goose bumps all over your body.

The Green Bay Packers come into Week 14 tied for the top spot in the NFC North with an 8-4 record. They have only won two of their last six games, but they bounced back last week with a 27-23 win against the Detroit Lions.

Good afternoon to all readers here at VAVEL USA. Welcome to our live coverage of the Sunday afternoon NFL clash between the Dallas Cowboys and the Green Bay Packers from Lambeau Field. This game is set to be underway at 4:25 PM Eastern Time.