Video highlights and touchdowns: Cleveland Browns 3-31 San Francisco 49ers, 2019 NFL Season 
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10:10 PMa year ago

End game

Browns 3-31 49ers
10:10 PMa year ago

4Q 01:20

49ers kneel to ensure victory at home 31-3
10:07 PMa year ago

4Q 02:00

Two-minute break
10:04 PMa year ago

4Q 03:47

Another series of three and out for the Browns
10:01 PMa year ago

4Q 05:08

Field goal 49ers

Gould until his fourth attempt makes it effective. 31-3

10:00 PMa year ago

4Q 05:14

Penny dropped the ball when it looked like the touchdown. To kick a field goal
9:54 PMa year ago

4Q 07:02

Return of Odell Beckham where he releases the ball that is recovered by the 49ers
9:53 PMa year ago

4Q 07:30

Long third opportunity of SF where they are limited to run over land to deliver the ball
9:50 PMa year ago

4Q 10:07

Jimmy G pass to move the chains
9:47 PMa year ago

4Q 10:50

A new kick from Cleveland after having a series of three and out.
9:43 PMa year ago

4Q 13:35

Pressure on Jimmy G and the 49ers to clear.
9:41 PMa year ago
That was the blocked field goal a few moments ago.
9:34 PMa year ago

Final third quarter

Browns 3-28 49ers
9:32 PMa year ago

3Q 01:10

Mayfield escapes but throws incomplete. Fourth chance
9:30 PMa year ago

3Q 01:31

Gould's bad luck continues and this time he's blocked from a 30-yard kick.
9:29 PMa year ago

3Q 01:44

An offensive of more than six SF minutes will have to be culminated with a field goal attempt.
9:23 PMa year ago

3Q 04:18

Play pass screen and full bakc achieves the first and ten
9:20 PMa year ago

3Q 07:14

Breida runs along the rail and manages to move the chains again
9:19 PMa year ago

3Q 08:10

Kittle with reception to move the chains of agonizing position
9:17 PMa year ago
San Francisco doesn't want to lose undefeated
9:16 PMa year ago

3Q 08:17

San Francisco has challenged the play of a full pass
9:10 PMa year ago

3Q 09:17

Pass batted on the line to Mayfield and the Browns to clear.
9:08 PMa year ago

3Q 10:15

Long shipment from Mayfield to Odell Beckham
9:03 PMa year ago

3Q 10:37

Touchdown 49ers

Kittle with 22 yard reception and San Francisco already makes a big difference

9:01 PMa year ago

3Q 11:59

Coleman with the hauling and flies through the air to get the first and ten. 
9:00 PMa year ago

3Q 12:43

Goldwin with reception and 49ers already installed in enemy frame
8:59 PMa year ago

3Q 13:35

Sending Garoppolo to move the chains
8:58 PMa year ago

3Q 15:00

The third quarter begins
8:52 PMa year ago
The defensive of the 49ers playing a great role, as it has forced ball deliveries and has captured Baker Mayfield on several occasions.

8:43 PMa year ago

Half time

Browns 3-21 49ers
8:42 PMa year ago
This was Coleman's touchdown.
8:41 PMa year ago

2Q 00:10

Gould missed the field goal again, this time 52 yards.
8:38 PMa year ago

2Q 01:01

Jonhson's minimum advance and the 49ers will return to the field.
8:37 PMa year ago

2Q 01:37

Bosa captures Mayfield and Cleveland is engaged in his 5 yard. Time out of 49ers
8:33 PMa year ago

2Q 01:54

Touchdown 49ers

Coleman with the 19-yard haul increases the lead. 21-3

8:32 PMa year ago
This was Mayfield's interception in the red zone.
8:30 PMa year ago

2Q 02:00

Two-minute break

SF is played for the fourth time and a Coleman haul gives them the first and ten. They are already in the red zone

8:26 PMa year ago

2Q 04:21

Keenum with reception to move the onfesiva in the series
8:23 PMa year ago

2Q 04:45

Intercept to Mayfield at yard one and return to midfield. Browns leave empty-handed
8:20 PMa year ago

2Q 06:48

First and goal for the Browns thanks to Chubb's run
8:19 PMa year ago

2Q 07:21

Nick Chubb's big haul that explodes the hole on the left side in a trap play.
8:17 PMa year ago

2Q 08:18

Pass from Mayfield to Landry to move the chains one more time
8:13 PMa year ago

2Q 09:01

Garoppolo is captured by Garrett and the 49ers to clear near midfield
8:11 PMa year ago

2Q 10:58

Coleman with the hauling to gain 12 yards
8:07 PMa year ago

2Q 11:22

Goal of field Browns

30-yard Seibert places first points for visitors. 14-3

8:06 PMa year ago

2Q 11:26

Power pass from Mayfield to the promised area and the Browns will go for a field goal.
8:05 PMa year ago
Time out Browns
8:05 PMa year ago
Sherman's intercept graph in the first quarter
8:02 PMa year ago

2Q 13:27

Go down, but Landry makes it effective and Cleveland's already in the red zone.
7:57 PMa year ago

Final first quarter

Browns 0-14 49ers

Pass from Mayfield to Landy to set up in enemy camp

7:56 PMa year ago

1Q 01:09

Robbie Gould misses his 47-yard field goal and San Francisco goes without points
7:52 PMa year ago

1Q 03:34

The ball is ripped from Mayfield and Nick Bosa recovers the ball. great possession for 49ers
7:51 PMa year ago
First dream room for Breida
7:50 PMa year ago

1Q 05:21

Nick Chub with carrying to move the chains
7:44 PMa year ago

1Q 06:26

Touchdown 49ers

Breida now with five yard reception to double the 14-0 lead

7:42 PMa year ago

1Q 07:10

Goodfren with reversible and SF is already in goal zone
7:40 PMa year ago

1Q 08:48

Personal foul and 49ers advance 15 yards more
7:39 PMa year ago

1Q 09:10

San Francisco moves the chains by the terrestrial route
7:35 PMa year ago

1Q 11:01

Mayfield is captured and the Browns are cleared again.
7:34 PMa year ago
This was the first ball exchange of the match.
7:32 PMa year ago

1Q 12:01

Three and out for the 49ers despite the good position on the field
7:30 PMa year ago
Time out 49ers
7:30 PMa year ago
Stop Breida... he ran 83 yards for the first touchdown of the game.
7:27 PMa year ago

1Q 13:02

Intercepted pass to Mayfield by Richard Sherman.
7:24 PMa year ago

1Q 13:17

Touchdown 49ers

83 yards escapes Breida for the score. 7-0

7:22 PMa year ago
Incomplete pass has been pointed out. Browns to clear
7:20 PMa year ago

1Q 13:36

First and ten of the Browns, but San Francisco has challenged the full pass.
7:19 PMa year ago
To contemplate... with a lot of style was the arrival of the Browns to the stadium

7:17 PMa year ago

1Q 14:20

Reversible play and pass from Beckham to Landry to move the chains.
7:16 PMa year ago

1Q 15:00

The game begins
7:16 PMa year ago
That's how Odell Beckham prepares for tonight's duel.
7:11 PMa year ago
The 49ers are one of two teams that have remained undefeated in the NFL.
7:00 PMa year ago

49ers: Inactive List

C.J. Beathard

Jeff Wilson

Ahkello Witherspoon

Joe Staley

Sam Young

Jordan Matthews

Jullian Taylor

6:59 PMa year ago

Browns: Inactive List

Browns Taywan

Taylor Denzel

Ward Greedy

Williams Sheldrick

Redwine Genard

Avery Kendall Lamm

Rashard Higgins

6:56 PMa year ago

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Lastest games

Because they are at different conferences, these teams face each other every four years, where the Browns have a historic 12-7 lead, including three wins in the last four games.
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Key player San Francisco

750 yards and five touchdowns make the famous 'Jimmy G' the key to the offensive. The key? No interceptions.

11:37 PMa year ago

Key player Cleveland

Second-season player Nick Chubb broke 150 yards against Baltimore and will look to revalidate him once again as a visitor.

11:36 PMa year ago

Fewer mistakes

In the last game against Pittsburgh, the offensive gave the ball five times, a question that will seek to no longer repeat.
11:36 PMa year ago

To flirt victories

The Browns march with a record of 2-2, although they have alternated between victories and defeats without maintaining consistency.
11:36 PMa year ago

49ers: undefeated

San Francisco will seek to maintain its undefeated status and by the way be the only one in NFC to do so.
11:35 PMa year ago

Browns: At the Top

The Browns are presented with an unbeatable opportunity to make a positive mark in the first few weeks of the NFL.
11:35 PMa year ago


Two teams that were a revelation in September were Browns and 49ers, both leaders in their respective divisions.
11:35 PMa year ago

Kick-off time

The Cleveland Browns vs San Francisco 49ers match will be played at the Levi’s Stadium, in California, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 8:20 pm ET.
11:35 PMa year ago

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