Highlights and Touchdowns: Kansas City Chiefs 24-17 Los Ángeles Chargers, 2019 NFL
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11:39 PMa year ago

4Q - 0:00

Finish the game. Kansas City defeats Los Angeles 24-17.
11:37 PMa year ago

4Q - 0:18

Sorensen intercepts Rivers and the game is over.
11:36 PMa year ago

4Q - 0:34

Go to Ekeler and you're in the red zone.
11:33 PMa year ago

4Q - 0:44

Great reception for Mike Williams and Chargers are in rival territory.
11:27 PMa year ago

4Q - 1:53

Chargers will have their offensive from the 9-yard.
11:23 PMa year ago

4Q - 2:00

Two-minute break.
11:21 PMa year ago

4Q - 3:13

Patrick Mahomes runs to get to midfield and have 1&10.
11:18 PMa year ago

4Q - 4:10

Rashad intercepts Rivers in the 40 yard of them.
11:15 PMa year ago

4Q - 4:30

Punt Chiefs. Chargers will have a new offensive series at the 17-yard.
11:05 PMa year ago

4Q - 8:12

Chiefs are being held in the middle of the field. Kansas City punt, Chargers attack starts at the 8-yard.
10:56 PMa year ago

4Q - 12:16

Three and out to L.A. Kansas City attack will begin at the 22nd yard.
10:52 PMa year ago

4Q - 14:52

Chargers stop, will have offensive on 18-yard.
10:48 PMa year ago

3Q - 0:00

finishes the third quarter, ahead of Kansas City by 7 points.
10:46 PMa year ago

3Q - 1:44

They start Chiefs at the 25-yard.
10:43 PMa year ago

3Q - 1:44 / TD Chargers

Rivers to Allen touchdown pass for 6 yards. Two-point conversion is good.
10:39 PMa year ago

3Q - 2:46

New foul for Kansas City defense, gives 1&goal to Los Angeles.
10:36 PMa year ago

3Q - 4:40

Chargers are in a rival camp, thanks to Chiefs' punishment.
10:32 PMa year ago

3Q - 4:56 / TD Chiefs

Long pass from Mahomes to Kelce for 23 yards. Butker's extra point is good.
10:26 PMa year ago

3Q - 8:05

Passing from Mahomes to Kelce and the Chiefs' offensive is already in rival territory.
10:22 PMa year ago

3Q - 8:16

Three and out for the Chargers. Chiefs will have a new offensive from the 46th yard.
10:17 PMa year ago

3Q - 9:23

L.A. attack begins on 23rd yard.
10:15 PMa year ago

3Q - 9:29 / TD Chiefs

Darrell Williams' six-yard drive for touchdown. Extra point is good.
10:11 PMa year ago

3Q - 10:37

Pass from Mahomes to McCoy and you're already in the red zone.
10:09 PMa year ago

3Q - 12:26

Patrick Mahomes runs and Kansas City is already in rival territory.
10:02 PMa year ago

3Q - 15:00

Start the third quarter. Kansas City will have first possession.
9:45 PMa year ago

2Q - 0:00 / FG Chargers

Badgley's 49-yard field goal attempt is good.


Finish the first half.

9:38 PMa year ago

2Q - 0:40

The Chargers are already in rival territory.
9:35 PMa year ago

2Q - 1:43

Chargers offensive starts at the 25-yard.
9:35 PMa year ago

2Q - 1:43 / FG Chiefs

Harrison Butker's 41-yard field goal attempt that's good.
9:30 PMa year ago

2Q - 2:00

Two-minute break.
9:28 PMa year ago

2Q - 2:47

Pass from Mahomes to Kelce to advance to rival territory.
9:23 PMa year ago

2Q - 5:01 / FG Chargers

Michael Badgley's 26-yard field goal attempt that's good.
9:18 PMa year ago

2Q - 5:55

Reversible play and Ekeler arrives at the 5 yard for the 1&goal.
9:17 PMa year ago

2Q - 7:00

Pass from Rivers to Williams to be in rival territory.
9:17 PMa year ago
The first touchdown of the game came with LeSean McCoy.
9:15 PMa year ago

2Q - 8:45

They start offensive Chargers at 25-yard.
9:12 PMa year ago

2Q - 8:45 / TD Chiefs

Run LeSean McCoy for 5 yards and score. Butker's extra point is good.
9:10 PMa year ago

2Q - 8:50

Tyron Mathieu intercepts Phillip Rivers and returns her to the 5-yard.
9:03 PMa year ago

2Q - 11:39

The Chiefs don't pass their territory. Chargers will have their offensive at the 8-yard.
8:57 PMa year ago

2Q - 13:29

Rivers loose ball, retrieves Nagy.
8:55 PMa year ago

2Q - 14:50

Pass from Phillip Rivers to Keenan Allen to overcome 20 yards and reach rival territory.
8:52 PMa year ago

1Q - 0:00

Finish the first quarter. Chargers beats Kansas City by 0-3.
8:49 PMa year ago

1Q - 2:10

Jenkins intercepts Mahomes at the 30 yard.
8:45 PMa year ago

1Q - 3:05

Patrick Mahomes runs for over 20 yards to get the 1&10.
8:43 PMa year ago

1Q - 4:37

Kansas City attack will begin at the 14th yard.
8:40 PMa year ago

1Q - 4:37

Michael Badgley's 40-yard field goal attempt that's bad.
8:37 PMa year ago

1Q - 6:45

Melvin Gordon runs for over 20 yards and they're at the red zone gates.
8:33 PMa year ago

1Q - 7:48

L.A. stops Kansas City. Chiefs punt and Chargers will have a new attack on 41st.
8:26 PMa year ago

1Q - 9:31

First attack on Kansas City starts at 25 yards.
8:24 PMa year ago

1Q - 9:31 / FG Chargers

Michael Badgley's 27-yard field goal attempt that's good.
8:20 PMa year ago

1Q - 12:30

Pass the screen to Austin Ekeler and the Chargers are already in the red zone.
8:20 PMa year ago

1Q - 13:00

Melvin Gordon runs for five yards to get the 1&10 and reach rival territory.
8:17 PMa year ago

1Q - 14:55

Chargers' attack will begin at the 22nd yard.
8:15 PMa year ago

1Q - 15:00

The match begins at the Azteca Stadium.
8:12 PMa year ago
The flying ceremony takes place. The Los Angeles Chargers have won it and decide to receive the ovoid.
8:09 PMa year ago
Now the National Anthem of Mexico is heard.
8:09 PMa year ago
The National Anthem of the United States is sung.
8:08 PMa year ago
Chargers is already out on the pitch for the game to begin in a few minutes.
7:56 PMa year ago
Chiefs focused on returning to the path of triumph.


7:52 PMa year ago
With his uniform in blue, the Chargers are coming out to play.
7:40 PMa year ago
Los Angeles Inactive Players :


Easton Stick

Geremy Davis

Sam Tevi

Russell Okung

T.Y. McGill

Justin Jackson

Drue Tranquill

7:29 PMa year ago
Here are the Chiefs official inactives tonight:


DE Alex Okafor

TE Blake Bell

OL Nick Allegretti 

OL Jackson Barton 

RB Darwin Thompson

QB Chad Henne 

CB Kendall Fuller

7:17 PMa year ago
The main entrance to the Azteca Stadium is still full of fans.

7:15 PMa year ago
A great atmosphere is lived in the esplanade of the Azteca Stadium. 

7:12 PMa year ago
The Chargers are already warming up on the pitch at the Azteca Stadium. 

6:52 PMa year ago
Before arriving at the Stadium, Kansas City fans took a photo at the Monument to the Revolution.

6:27 PMa year ago
A few moments ago Patrick Mahomes and company arrived at the Azteca Stadium. 

6:16 PMa year ago
Chiefs and Chargers fans live together in the esplanade of the Azteca Stadium.

5:51 PMa year ago
A little more than two hours for the start of the match and the pitch of the Azteca Stadium looks spectacular.

5:36 PMa year ago
Fans begin to arrive at the Azteca Stadium. Here these "twins" of Patrick Mahomes. 

12:32 AMa year ago
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Key player Los Ángeles Chargers

Phillip Rivers, QB of the Los Angeles Chargers. A player already a veteran in the NFL, but this has not deprived him of being a player with great statistics. RIvers must prevent mistakes against a defense that is not dominant. Because the match against the Chiefs can only be won by making enough points.
Photo: Nación Deportes
Photo: Nación Deportes
12:24 AMa year ago

Key player Kansas City Chiefs

Patrick Mahomes, QB of Kansas City Chiefs. With all the weather factors in Mexico City, there are plenty of expectations of what Patrick Mahomes can accomplish. His arm will have to be fine to have the opportunity to make personal marks on Monday night and lead the Chiefs back on the road to triumph.
Photo: Record
Photo: Record
12:16 AMa year ago

Los Angeles' painful defeat in Oakland

In what was a key duel on Thursday night, Chargers missed a great opportunity to take second place in his division. Raiders at home beat Los Angeles (24-26). In a match that relatively dominated the home team and squeezed it at the end of the visit.
Photo: Las Vegas Review
Photo: Las Vegas Review
12:10 AMa year ago

Mahomes returns, but Kansas City don't win

Incredible as it may seem, Patrick Mahomes' reappearance after the injury failed to win Kansas City. They fell to the Titans by a score of (32-35). It was a game of somersaults and in the end, a field goal failed by Harrison Butker decreed defeat for the Chiefs.
Photo: Yahoo Sports
Photo: Yahoo Sports
12:06 AMa year ago

Chargers, out of the house again.

Although they will serve as locals, Los Angeles will continue this odyssey in the NFL without feeling at home with support. This must be set aside because they face a key game to get into the fight for playoffs. Zero mistakes must be before an attack that can end in a couple of series.
Foto: Los Angeles Chargers
Foto: Los Angeles Chargers
12:03 AMa year ago

Chiefs, winning to stay up in the West AFC

It hasn't been for nothing, the same successful season for the Chiefs this 2019 compared to last year. They have suffered a lot to get each of their victories and this was further expanded with the injury of Patrick Mahomes. Now that he is back, they will look to win to continue as leaders of their division.
Photo:  Kansas City Stars
Photo: Kansas City Stars
11:58 PMa year ago

Kick-off time: 8:20pm ET

The Kansas City Chiefs vs Los Ángeles Chargers match will be played at the Estadio Azteca, in CDMX, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 8:20pm ET.
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