Highlights and touchdowns: San Francisco 49ers 48-46 New Orleans Saints, 2019 NFL Season
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End game
49ers 48-46 Saints

Gould connects the short field goal and the 49ers take the win

4Q 00:28
Kittle with the great reception of 39 yards and also pulled him from the mask and will be another 15 yards
4q 00:50
Kittle with reception and 49ers burns his first time out
4Q 00:56
TD Saints

Smith with reception of annotation, but the Saints fail the conversion of new account

4Q 01:00
Fly handkerchief for defensive pass interference. Saints near the score
4Q 02:00
Two-minute break. Santos on the offensive
4Q 02:23

41-yard Gould extends advantage

4Q 02:28
Samuel is far from the mark and 49ers will try field goal
4Q 04:14
Samuels with the reversible and escapes over 30 yards.
4Q 04:28
Jimmy's run to get the chains moved.
TD Saints 42-40
4Q 06:06
TD Saints

Thomas with reception to approach 42-40

4Q 06:55
Long reception for Thomas and the Saints wake up, they're already in the red zone.
4Q 07:47
Sherman with the bra and 49ers give away the first and ten
4Q 08:59

Burn with the catch in the diagonals to increase the advantage 42-33

4Q 09:31
Personal Foul against Saints and give away the first and ten
4Q 11:47
Burn Reception for the first and ten
4Q 14:10
Holding off the defensive and 49ers move the chains
Final third quarter
49ers 35-33 Saints
3Q 00:56
Hill's pass trick, but the reception is incomplete.
3Q 01:03
Bosa deflects the pass to Kamara and the Saints will clear from midfield
3Q 03:30
Breida with short haul and 49ers to clear
3Q 04:51
FG Saints

48-yard Lutz connects to bridge the gap 

3Q 04:56
Incomplete Brees pass that doesn't find Thomas in the deep zone
3Q 06:20
Hill with hauling to move the chains
TD 49ers 35-30
3Q 09:40

Recepción de Kittle para la anotación 35-30

3Q 10:16
Jimmy's great play for the 15-yard pass and the first and goal play.
3Q 10:28
Loose ball lost by Kamara which is recovered by the 49ers. Now they will have a good position
3Q 11:09
Coleman is arrested on 3rd chance and they'll have to clear out
3Q 13:30
Robertson with interception and great position will have the Saints
3Q 14:16
Sanders with the first reception for the first and ten
3Q 15:00
The second half begins
TD 49ers 28-27
Half time
49ers 28-27 Saints
Time out Saints
2Q 00:42
TD 49ers

Mostert with the hauling and SF already turned the game around

2Q 01:01
Mostert with the carriage after a picheada to achieve the first and goal
Time out 49ers
2Q 02:00
Two-minute break
2Q 02:49
Kittle with the reception to get more than 15 yards and continue with the offensive of the 49ers
TD 49ers 27-21
2Q 04:36
The 49ers defensive finally stops the Saints and they'll have to clear.
TD Saints 27-14
2Q 05:59
TD 49ers

Surprise play on Sanders 35-yard pass to Mostert to close the gap

2Q 06:41
Mostert's escape by land to move the chains
2Q 07:15
Samuel with the reception to move the ball to midfield
2Q 07:29
TD Saints

Jump from a Brees yard for notation

2Q 12:10
Reception of Thomas and are already in the red zone again
2Q 12:40
Glinn Jr with reception and Kamara with transport for midfield installation
2Q 12:20
Glinn Jr with reception and Kamara with transport for midfield installation
TD 49ers 20-14
TD Saints 20-7
2Q 14:43

Jimmy's bombing of 75-yard Sanders to cut the 14-20 lead.

2Q 14:54
TD Saints

Simple Hill reception to increase the advantage. 20-7

Final first quarter
49ers 7-13 Saints

New Orleans will have first and goal in the 2nd yard

1Q 02:25
Great field position for Saints within 30 after return
TD Saints 13-7
1Q 02:42
Jimmy captured in third opportunity and 49ers to clear
1Q 04:51
TD Saints

Brees bombing for Cook's reception. 13-7

TD 49ers 7-7
1Q 06:50
Great Drew Brees pass in 3rd down to move chains beyond midfield
1Q 08:26
TD 49ers 

San Francisco ties with six-yard Burn reception

TD Saints 7-0
1Q 09:20
Samuels places 49ers in first and goal
1Q 10:23
Sanders reappears to get the reception and get into the opponent's 40 yard
1Q 11:22
Sanders appears quickly to place 49ers in midfield.
1Q 11:34
Touchdown Saints

Cook with 35 yard reception to break the scoreboard

1Q 12:30
Short Thomas reception, but enough to move the chains to mid-field
1Q 14:14
Good moves from Kamara to have the first and ten
1Q 15:00
Start the game. Saints on the offensive
We're minutes away from starting the game.
In combined brand, these teams add up to 20 wins and four games
Jimmy Garoppolo adds 2,896 yards, 21 touchdowns and 10 interceptions.
Brees accumulates in this campaign 1791 yards, 12 annotations and four interceptions
San Francisco is among the top five defensives in points and yards allowed
San Francisco leads the 48-26 series and has won three of the last five games.
With the defeat last Sunday, the 49ers fell to fifth place in the conference with a mark of 10-2, the same as Seattle but to have lost with them, lose the tiebreaker criterion
The Saints defeated Falcons 26-18 on Thanksgiving Day to become NFC South champions and the first team to qualify for the NFL.
These are the Saints players who won't have any action this afternoon:

CB Patrick Robinson
DB Saquan Hampton
FB Zach Line
LB A.J. Klein
LB Kiko Alonzo
G/C Will Clapp
G Andrus Peat

Brees living with fans before the match

These are the 49ers players who won't be here this Sunday.

San Francisco arrives after a painful three-point loss to the Baltimore Ravens
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Lastest games
San Francisco leads the series with 48-26-2 and has won three of the last five games, including two Superdome victories.


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Key player Saints
Drew Brees came back from his injury and has done well, but he will have to show that he still has a great level to take this team to the Super Bowl.
Key player 49ers
Jimmy Garoppolo has had an outstanding season, although he will have to be careful with the interceptions in the most important moments of the duel.
Celebrating in style
On Thanksgiving Day, the Saints secured the top of NFC South by defeating divisional rivals Atlanta Falcons.
Be more precise
A field goal and inaccuracies in the offensive cost the game to the 49ers in the last game, a situation that must be corrected.

Saints: ensure the leadership
It is time for Drew Brees and company to assert the venue that can guarantee them the first of the National Conference.
49ers: Back to Victory
After a heavy setback against Baltimore, 489ers face a major commitment again when they visit Saints
Kick-off time
The San Francisco 49ers vs New Orleans match will be played at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, in New Orleans, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 1:00 pm ET.
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