Highlights and Touchdowns: Minnesota Vikings 26-20 New Orleans Saints, 2020 NFL Playoffs
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TD Vikings 26-20
TD Vikings

Rudolph with the reception and Minnesota eliminates New Orleans

OT 12:00
Thielen with the reception on the 1-yard line
OT 13:36
Diggs reception to move the chains
OT 15:00
Minnesota on the offensive. Overtime begins
Final 4th quarter
Vikings 20-20 Saints
4Q 00:02
FG Saints

48-yard Lutz ties the game and there would be overtime

4Q 00:30
Cook with the reception and leaves the field
4Q 01:26
Cook with the reception and leaves the field
4Q 02:31
Cousins is captured and the Vikings to be cleared
4Q 03:17
TD Saints but it will be cancelled because Cook had done down
4Q 03:27
Thielen with reception and falls short of progress
4Q 04:18
Brees drops the ball and Hall gets it back. Minnesota with the big play
4Q 04:26
Hill with another long run and it's already past the 25-yard line
4Q 05:35
Hill with the haulage to move the chains to mid-field
4Q 02:43
Cousins with incomplete shipment and Minnesota to clear
4Q 09:03
Ham with the short haul to keep the offensive alive
TD Saints 20-17
4Q 10:20
TD Saints

Hill with the reception to get closer in the game 

Murray and the Saints are already in the goal zone
4Q 11:20
Murray and the Saints are already in the goal zone
4Q 12:19
Cook shows up again with the catch in the middle
4Q 14:40
Cook with the reception to move the chains for the Saints
Final third caurto
Vikings 20-10 Saints
3Q 00:25
Minnesota haulage that stays away from the mark and clears
3Q 02:04
Kamara doesn't make it to the finish line, and the Saints are out
TD Vikings 20-10
3Q 03:23
TD Vikings Cook's Carryout to widen the gap
3Q 04:33
Diggs with first reception and goal
3Q 06:05
Thielen with the long reception and they are already in goal zone
3Q 08:48
Cousins with incomplete shipment and Vikings to be cleared
3Q 10:40
kamara is braked and NO cleared
3Q 13:19
Murray with the reception to move the chains
3Q 15:00
The third term begins
TD Vikings 13-10
Half time
Lutz misses the field goal and New Orleans goes to half-time losing 13-10
2Q 00:23
TD Vikings

Cook with the hauling to turn it over

2Q 00:50
Thielen with reception in goal zone
2Q 01:30
Thielen with reception to be installed inside the 25 yard
2Q 01:58
Two-minute break
2Q 02:03
Harris with the big play after intercepting Brees
2Q 02:52
FG Vikings

21-yard Bailey narrows the gap

2Q 03:21
Cook fails to tie the game at third down
2Q 04:18
Cook runs and gets the first and ten
2Q 05:34
Thielen with the reception to move the chains
TD Saints 10-3
2Q 07:08
Cook with the long run to reach rival territory
2Q 08:12
Rudolph escapes and manages to move the chains
2Q 09:18
TD Saints

Kamara's carry to make the first TD in the game

2Q 10:01
Hill and Saints bombing already in the goal zone
2Q 10:30
Hill with the deception and keeps the ovoid to achieve the advance
2Q 11:43
Cousins throws incomplete for good defensive coverage and Vikings to clear
2Q 13:44
Hill with the reception, but he stays away from the mark and kicks again
2Q 14:30
Thomas with the reception to move the chains for the Saints
Final first quarter
Vikings 3-3 Saints
1Q 00:35
Cousins is caught in the middle of the field and the Vikings are cleared
1Q 02:31
Cook with the hauling and move the chains
1Q 02:45
Brees is pressured and the Saints to clear
1Q 04:05
FG Vikings

48-yard Bailey ties the score

1Q 06:00
Mattison with the carry to put the ball beyond the 30-yard line
1Q 07:15
Cook takes advantage of the gap in third gear and moves the chains
1Q 08:50
Cook with the carriage to move the chains
1Q 09:53
FG Saints

29-yard Wil Lutz opens the scoring

1Q 10:24
Brees is caught in third and goal
1Q 12:00
Thomas appears for the first time on the day and perform the first and ten
1Q 12:26
Hill with the haul to move the chains and leave NO on the 26-yard line
1Q 14:07
First installment of the game. Thielen drops the ball and New Orleans recovers it
1Q 14:56
Holding on to the defensive and Minnesota already moving the chains
1Q 15:00
The game begins. Minnesota on the offensive
We're minutes away from starting the game between Vikings and Saints
The expectation of winning is high for this Saints game
Kirk Cousins must have a great afternoon to lead his team to a victory.

He finished 2019 with 3603 yards, 26 touchdowns and six interceptions

Michael Thomas set the record for most receptions in a single season with 149 catches, 1725 yards and nine touchdowns
With five games left in the season, Drew Brees threw for 2979 yards, 27 touchdowns and only four interceptions
Alvin Kamara thus jumps onto the field
Alvin Kamara thus jumps onto the field
That's how the Saints got to Mercedes-Benz Stadium

The purple tide is preparing to give the second surprise of the week, all this after the Titans eliminated the Patriots
These are the players from the Vikings who will not be present this Sunday

The New Orleans Saints were the first team to qualify, however, they failed to advance to the top two despite losing only three games in the regular season
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Vikings lead the 22-12 series, but New Orleans has won five of the last seven.
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The end of Brees? For now, Drew will be looking to close 2020 with one more Super Bowl ring
Key player Vikings
Kirk Cousins' golden opportunity to prove he can do great things in the postseason
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Vikings: winning an important match
The Vikings, led by Cousins, were unable to win a major game in prime time, so they will be looking to break the curse in the postseason.
Kick-off time
The Minnesota Vikings vs New Orleans Saints match will be played at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, in New Orleans, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 1:05 pm ET.
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