Highlights and Touchdowns: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 25-23 New York Giants, 2020 NFL Season
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11:40 PMa month ago


11:28 PMa month ago

TD Giants 23-25

11:25 PMa month ago

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Apretada diferencia

Although it seemed that the game would be very loose, the Giants did not sell anything cheap defeat and the Bucs took the win by only two points, to reach a mark of 6-2
11:23 PMa month ago

End game

Bucs 25-23 Giants
11:23 PMa month ago

4Q 00:27

Short kick recovered by the Bucs and the game is over
11:20 PMa month ago

4Q 00:28

Giants do not make the conversion, despite claiming a pass interference
11:17 PMa month ago

4Q 00:28

TD Giants

Great pass from Jones to Golden Tate to get closer to two points They will look for the conversion

11:16 PMa month ago

4Q 01:14

Sheppard with fourth down reception to move the chains
11:11 PMa month ago

4Q 02:00

Two-minute break
11:09 PMa month ago

4Q 02:35

Slatton keeps the series alive with a great reception 
11:05 PMa month ago

4Q 03:41

FG Bucs

Succop with the 38-yard field goal to get away at eight

11:03 PMa month ago

4Q 03:40

Fournette does not advance in third down and stays at one yard. Time out for the Giants
11:01 PMa month ago

4Q 03:56

First time out of the Giants
11:00 PMa month ago

4Q 04:02

Interference pass and Bucs already in comfortable situation to widen the gap
10:58 PMa month ago

4Q 06:03

Full Brady pass with Gronk to move the chains
10:56 PMa month ago

4Q 07:31

Sheppard with the short reception and the Giants have three and out
10:53 PMa month ago

TD Bucs 22-17

10:49 PMa month ago

4Q 09:02

TD Bucs

Great pass from Brady to Evans and at the corner he performs the reception. The Bucs turn him around

10:48 PMa month ago

4Q 09:36

Cameron's reception and the Bucs are already in the red zone, plus the Giants committed a personal foul
10:46 PMa month ago

4Q 09:14

Long Brady pass that is complete and moves the chains
10:43 PMa month ago

4Q 10:07

Valuable pass from Brady to move the chains to mid-field
10:39 PMa month ago

4Q 12:01

Jones rushes in and is intercepted
10:37 PMa month ago

4Q 13:05

Golden Tate reception at the center and the Giants enter rival zone
10:32 PMa month ago

4Q 14:45

Brady is caught in third down and the Bucs will have to clear
10:28 PMa month ago

Final third quarter

Bucs 15-17 Giants
10:28 PMa month ago

FG Giants 17-15

10:24 PMa month ago

3Q 00:15

FG Gano

From 33 yards with their first field goal, the Giants retake the lead

10:23 PMa month ago

3Q 00:53

Short play in third down and they will have to make a field goal
10:21 PMa month ago

3Q 02:20

Engram dentor's great reception of the 20 yard line and the Giants can turn the game around
10:19 PMa month ago

3Q 04:05

Engram with the short pass and the Giants after several minutes, finally move the chains
10:15 PMa month ago

TD Bucs 15-14

10:12 PMa month ago

3Q 06:00

Brady does not connect with Evans and conversion fails
10:12 PMa month ago

3Q 06:00

TD Tampa Bay

Gronkowski with the reception of the note

10:11 PMa month ago

3Q 06:05

Interference pass and Giants give away first and goal
10:10 PMa month ago

3Q 06:40

Now Mike Evans appears with the trap to place himself in the red zone
10:09 PMa month ago

3Q 07:15

Gronkowski with the reception to enter the field goal zone
10:09 PMa month ago

3Q 07:48

Fournett with the carry to win the first and ten on the 48-yard line
10:05 PMa month ago

3Q 08:44

Jones cannot complete with Sheppard and the Giants three and out
10:03 PMa month ago

FG Bucs 9-14

10:00 PMa month ago

3Q 10:00

FG Bucs

Succop of 42 yards has no problem making its third field goal

9:59 PMa month ago

3Q 10:05

They press Brady and he throws short and incomplete. They will attempt a field goal
9:57 PMa month ago

3Q 11:56

Long has Brady managed to find a receiver to move the chains in critical fourth opportunity
9:56 PMa month ago

3Q 12:06

Incomplete Brady Pass and the Bucs will have fourth chance
9:55 PMa month ago

3Q 13:18

Jones' short haul down the middle to get his first first and ten of the second half
9:53 PMa month ago

3Q 14:02

Daniel Jones is beaten and commits his first interception of the night
9:52 PMa month ago

3Q 14:50

Good return and the Giants will start on their 40th yard
9:51 PMa month ago

3Q 15:00

The second half begins. The Giants on the offensive
9:37 PMa month ago

Half time

Bucs 6-14 Giants
9:37 PMa month ago

2Q 00:07

FG Bucs

40-yard Succop shortens the gap in the game

9:32 PMa month ago

2Q 00:29

Second time out of the Bucs
9:31 PMa month ago

2Q 00:50

Evans gets another reception to move the chains
9:30 PMa month ago

2Q 01:00

Johnson with the reception to enter rival territory.

Time out of the Giants

9:29 PMa month ago

TD Giants 14-3

9:25 PMa month ago

2Q 01:46

TD Giants

Gallman with two-yard haulage to extend the advantage

9:24 PMa month ago

2Q 01:50

Engram launches into the area, but does not reach it. First and goal on the 2 yard line
9:20 PMa month ago

2Q 02:00

Two-minute break.

The Giants in red zone and with first and ten

9:19 PMa month ago

2Q 03:21

Quick pass from Jones to the center and they are already on the 24-yard line
9:18 PMa month ago

2Q 03:46

Slatton with the hauling and continues to move the chains the Giants
9:18 PMa month ago

2Q 04:00

Another carry through the center where the gap opens and Goldman gains 18 yards
9:17 PMa month ago

2Q 04:50

Slaton in trajectory by the center to obtain the first and ten of the series
9:13 PMa month ago

2Q 05:19

First catch on Brady, but enough to slow him down and the Bucs will have to clear from their 39-yard line
9:11 PMa month ago

2Q 06:41

Mickens ends up launching himself and manages to reach the brand to enter rival territory
9:08 PMa month ago

2Q 09:18

Mike Evans with the valuable reception to move the chains and get out of compromised area
9:03 PMa month ago

2Q 11:11

Daniel Jones is captured and the Giants will have to kick
9:01 PMa month ago

2Q 12:40

Worrris with the right side run to achieve the first and ten
8:59 PMa month ago

2Q 13:33

Slatton with 15-yard reception to move the chains for the third time in the series
8:59 PMa month ago

2Q 13:50

Short Lewis haul to move the chains. first and ten
8:54 PMa month ago

Final first quarter

Bucs 3-7 Giants
8:53 PMa month ago

1Q 01:17

Play action that completes Jones and the Giants out of commitment zone
8:50 PMa month ago

1Q 02:10

Incomplete pass from Brady and the Bucs will have to clear midfield
8:47 PMa month ago

1Q 02:16

First time out of Tampa Bay
8:46 PMa month ago

1Q 03:00

Fournette carry through the center to gain more than 20 yards and set up in the middle
8:45 PMa month ago

TD Giants 7-3

8:40 PMa month ago

1Q 04:10

TD Giants

Dion Lewis with the touchdown reception to turn it around

8:37 PMa month ago

1Q 04:54

Fumble by Jones and the Giants recover the ball in the red zone
8:32 PMa month ago

1Q 05:46

Jones couldn't connect with Slatton and the Giants will have to clear midfield
8:31 PMa month ago

1Q 07:41

Double side pass and the Giants manage to convert a third and long to enter rival field
8:28 PMa month ago

1Q 09:07

Slatton with just enough to get to the mark and move the chains in the first New York attack
8:24 PMa month ago

1Q 09:41

FG Succop

31 yards and with effect, the Bucs have taken the lead

8:23 PMa month ago

1Q 09:46

Brady is pressed and thrown out. They will settle for a field goal
8:21 PMa month ago

1Q 11:09

Brite with the reception by the center and, in spite of the load, Brady puts to the Bucs in red zone
8:19 PMa month ago

1Q 13:09

Miller with the reception to enter rival territory
8:17 PMa month ago

1Q 14:10

Hitkins with first and ten reception to move the chains
8:16 PMa month ago

1Q 15:00

The game begins. Tampa Bay on the offensive
8:13 PMa month ago

Minutes away

We are about to start with the game that will close the week 8 of the NFL between the Giants and the Buccaneers
8:09 PMa month ago

If you win

The Giants would be tying for second place against the Cowboys and Washington, and would be playing a game and a half against the Philadelphia Eagles
8:03 PMa month ago

Making History

Seventh time in its history Tampa Bay starts with a 5-2 record, and seeks a sixth victory to also fight for the top of the American Conference
7:59 PMa month ago

Last minute

In news related to the NFL, the league has indicated that in case more games are suspended, the postseason could be played with eight teams instead of seven
7:55 PMa month ago

Much to be improved

The Giants are the second-to-last worst offense in the NFL, averaging only 282 yards per game, of which only 98.1 yards are overland.
7:51 PMa month ago

The best defense

Tampa Bay is the best defense in the league, allowing only 291.3 yards per game, plus they are the third team with the most catches with 25
7:45 PMa month ago

Retro Uniform

The Giants will take out their retro uniform, with which they won a pair of Super Bowl where the Mexican Raul Allegre participated
7:41 PMa month ago

To raise the level

Daniel Jones has thrown for 1,410 yards, five touchdowns and seven interceptions
7:39 PMa month ago

They are already warming up

The Giants are already on the field warming up, in search of their second victory of the season
7:34 PMa month ago

Beware of Rob

Rob Gronkowski has begun to have more activity in the aerial game, where he already has 281 yards and two touchdowns by Tom Brady
7:31 PMa month ago

In impeccable condition

MetLife Stadium is in prime condition to host its second Monday night game
7:28 PMa month ago

Luxury Uniform

The Bucs will be wearing their uniform in red this time, will it be the good luck one?
7:24 PMa month ago


This is how Tampa came to MetLife Stadium
7:22 PMa month ago

For divisional leadership

With the Saints' victory, the Bucs are forced to win if they want to regain the top spot in NFC South
7:21 PMa month ago


These Tampa Bay players will have no participation, highlights the absence of the receiver Godwin

QB Griffin

WR Godwin

WR Grayson

G Stinnie

DL Davis

7:15 PMa month ago

We start

Tom Brady makes his Monday Night Football debut with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers when he visits the New York Giants
5:32 PMa month ago

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Lastest games

The Giants are ahead in the historic series with 16 wins for seven losses, noting that they have won four of the last five games.
5:22 PMa month ago

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Key player Giants

Faced with such a disastrous season, Daniel Jones has to start showing that he is really the future of the franchise after scoring 1,410 yards, five touchdowns and seven interceptions.

5:12 PMa month ago

Key player Buccaneers

Age is not fighting with talent and Tom Brady continues to break records by having a great season with 1,910 yards, 18 touchdowns and four interceptions

5:07 PMa month ago

Last result Giants

The Giants had everything to get their second win of the season, but they let it slip in the last seconds 22-21 against the Philadelphia Eagles.

5:02 PMa month ago

Last result Buccaneers

Tampa Bay beat Las Vegas Raiders 45-20 last week with a brilliant performance by Brady with four touchdown passes.

4:57 PMa month ago

Giants: get better on offense

The defense has kept the Giants in the game at times, but the problem has been the attack that neither by land nor by air has been able to have outstanding statistics.
4:52 PMa month ago

Bucs: Fighting the top of the Conference

After two outright victories, the Bucs are already thinking about assaulting the leadership of the Conference, which currently belongs to Green Bay.
4:47 PMa month ago

Uneven game?

One of the best teams in the National Conference is starting to make it to the big time, against the Giants who are the worst team in the NFC.
4:42 PMa month ago

Kick-off time

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs New York Giants match will be played at the stadium MetLife, in New York, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 8:15 pm ET.
4:37 PMa month ago

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