Touchdowns and Highlights: Indianapolis Colts 34-17 Tennessee
Titans, 2020 NFL Season
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12:21 AM8 months ago

Thank you

Thank you for following the Colts vs Titans broadcast at the opening of week 10 of the NFL
12:21 AM8 months ago

Blow of authority

The Colts scored 24 unanswered points and took their sixth win of the season to assault the AFC South lead
12:20 AM8 months ago

End game

Colts 34-17 Titans
12:19 AM8 months ago

4Q 00:41

The Colts' defense jumps first and gives away the first and ten
12:18 AM8 months ago

4Q 01:02

Fordman falls short in third down and the Titans will play it in fourth
12:15 AM8 months ago

4Q 02:00

Two-minute break
12:11 AM8 months ago

4Q 03:45

Pittman falls short on reception and Colts will have to clear
12:09 AM8 months ago

4Q 06:05

Wilkins with the carriage following the blockade in front to move the chains
12:05 AM8 months ago

3Q 06:52

Tannehill goes into the end zone, but can't find his receiver and again they leave empty-handed
12:05 AM8 months ago

4Q 06:57

Smith can't make the reception at third down because of good defensive coverage
12:03 AM8 months ago

4Q 07:34

Davis with reception to enter red zone
12:03 AM8 months ago

4Q 08:01

McNichols by land moves the chains
12:01 AM8 months ago

TD Colts 34-17

11:57 PM8 months ago

4Q 09:21

TD Colts

Jacoby Brisett with the QB sniff to widen the gap

11:55 PM8 months ago

4Q 09:25

First time out of the Colts
11:53 PM8 months ago

4Q 11:34

Pittman with the long reception and the Colts are already in the red zone
11:52 PM8 months ago

4Q 12:03

They hold the bar to the receiver and the Titans give away 15 yards
11:49 PM8 months ago

4Q 02:11

Gostkowski misses the 44-yard field goal and the Titans leave empty-handed
11:48 PM8 months ago

4Q 12:15

Incomplete pass from Tannehill and they will have to make a field goal
11:45 PM8 months ago

4Q 13:02

Tannehill is thrown off the field and the Colts give away 15 yards
11:44 PM8 months ago

4Q 13:36

Batson with the reception in the corner to move the chains and this series promises to give points
11:42 PM8 months ago

4Q 14:55

Henry with the 14-yard carry to pass midfield
11:39 PM8 months ago

Final third quarter

Colts 27-17 Titans

Henry by land manages to break the blockade and makes the first and ten

11:36 PM8 months ago

TD Colts 27-17

11:34 PM8 months ago

3Q 01:52

TD Colts

They block the kick and Carrie retrieves it and puts it in the end zone

11:33 PM8 months ago

3Q 01:57

Incomplete Tannehill pass. The Titans three and out, clear
11:31 PM8 months ago

TD Colts 20-17

11:27 PM8 months ago

3Q 02:51

TD Colts

Finally Hines enters by land and from two yards puts his team in advantage for the first time

11:25 PM8 months ago

3Q 02:55

Pittman's Reversible and puts the ball on the 3-yard line
11:22 PM8 months ago

3Q 04:07

Bad kick of the Titans and the Colts will start in the 27th yard of the rival
11:21 PM8 months ago

3Q 04:19

First sack for Tannehill and Titans will have to clear deep zone
11:19 PM8 months ago

3Q 06:35

Two Henry's hauls to get out of the commitment zone. first and ten
11:18 PM8 months ago

3Q 07:24

Taylor is stopped at the one-yard line and the Colts leave empty-handed. The Titans will start from the 1 yard line
11:16 PM8 months ago

3Q 08:27

It wasn't a touchdown, it will be third down
11:13 PM8 months ago

3Q 08:27

TD Colts

Pascal on the road gives his team the advantage for the first time in the game

11:12 PM8 months ago

3Q 09:29

Pascal with the reception in fourth down to keep the offensive alive
11:10 PM8 months ago

3Q 11:34

Pascal with the reception in fourth down to keep the offensive alive
11:09 PM8 months ago

3Q 12:10

Short pass from Rivers and will be fourth down
11:07 PM8 months ago

3Q 13:35

Hines turns the corner and gains another 11 yards. First and ten
11:06 PM8 months ago

3Q 14:14

Now Hines with the carry to add another 14 yards
11:06 PM8 months ago

3Q 14:41

Burtton with reception to move chains quickly
11:05 PM8 months ago

3Q 15:00

The third quarter begins. The Colts on the offensive
10:55 PM8 months ago

FG Colts 13-17

10:51 PM8 months ago

Half time

FG Colts

Blankenship connects from 43 yards to put the board 17-13 at halftime

10:47 PM8 months ago

2Q 00:19

Hines moves the chains and the Colts use their last time out
10:45 PM8 months ago

2Q 00:36

Hilton with five-yard reception to move the chains and stop the clock
10:43 PM8 months ago

2Q 00:46

Second time out of the Colts
10:43 PM8 months ago

2Q 01:14

Full Harris pass to enter rival territory
10:39 PM8 months ago

2Q 02:00

Two-minute break
10:39 PM8 months ago

TD Titans 17-10

10:35 PM8 months ago

2Q 02:54

TD Titans

Smith with the one-yard haul to take advantage of new account

10:33 PM8 months ago

2Q 03:38

Pass interference and the Titans will have four plays in the goal zone
10:31 PM8 months ago

2Q 05:01

Play action and Tannehill meets Davis at the 17-yard line
10:31 PM8 months ago

2Q 05:41

Derrick Henry blows the hole and moves the chains once again
10:27 PM8 months ago

2Q 05:59

Double Offside and Colts give away the first and ten. A Titans player is left lying on the field
10:25 PM8 months ago

2Q 06:54

Henry gains 7 yards on the ground which is enough to move the chains
10:24 PM8 months ago

TD Colts 10-10

10:19 PM8 months ago

2Q 07:10

TD Colts

Rivers finds Hines in the promised zone and the game is tied

10:17 PM8 months ago

2Q 09:04

Now it's Taylor with screen pass play to gain 14 yards
10:15 PM8 months ago

2Q 09:32

Pittman's lonely reception to put the ball on the opponent's 31-yard line
10:14 PM8 months ago

2Q 10:56

Screen pass where Hines finds blocks and gains 11 yards
10:10 PM8 months ago

2Q 11:20

FG Titans

50-yard Gostkowski regains seven-point lead

10:09 PM8 months ago

2Q 11:48

Tannehill short pass and the Titans will have to look for a field goal
10:07 PM8 months ago

2Q 12:58

Great running Henry haul for more than 20 yards
10:06 PM8 months ago

2Q 14:03

Tannehill with the short delivery, but enough to move the chains
10:02 PM8 months ago

FG Colts 3-7

10:01 PM8 months ago

Final first quarter

Colts 3-7 Titans
9:57 PM8 months ago

1Q 00:36

FG Colts

24-yard Blankenship scores first points in Indianapolis

9:56 PM8 months ago

1Q 00:40

Incomplete pass from Rivers on third down and they will settle for a field goal
9:54 PM8 months ago

1Q 01:14

Pascal with the reception to be in the red zone The tie is approaching
9:52 PM8 months ago

1Q 03:32

Hines moves the chains again on the ground and they are already in the enemy zone
9:51 PM8 months ago

1Q 04:30

Hines with the haul from the shotgun formation and finds the hole to pass the 45-yard line
9:47 PM8 months ago

1Q 05:13

Brown missed the ball when he was already profiling to go for the goal. Fourth down to clear
9:42 PM8 months ago

1Q 06:54

The haulage falls short and the Colts do not advance. The Titans will be back on the offensive
9:41 PM8 months ago

1Q 06:58

Rivers pass that is incomplete and will be played again at fourth down
9:39 PM8 months ago

1Q 08:30

Hilton has returned and already had his first catch to move the chains
9:38 PM8 months ago

1Q 09:42

They play it in fourth gear and get it with their nails. First and ten Colts
9:37 PM8 months ago

1Q 09:42

Time out Colts
9:36 PM8 months ago

1Q 10:20

Taylor's short haul that stays inches away at quarter down and will have to be cleared from his 40-yard line
9:35 PM8 months ago

1Q 11:39

Taylor with reception to move the chains
9:33 PM8 months ago

TD Titans 7-0

9:30 PM8 months ago

1Q 11:50

TD Titans

Foreman with the five-yard reception to open the scoreboard

9:29 PM8 months ago

1Q 12:30

Tannehill now connect with Davis and are already in first and goal
9:25 PM8 months ago

1Q 14:05

Tannehill finds Brown with an inward trajectory to enter rival zone
9:24 PM8 months ago

1Q 14:45

Play action and Tannehill gets his first pass and first prime and ten near midfield
9:23 PM8 months ago

1Q 15:00

The game begins. The Titans on the offensive
9:20 PM8 months ago

To seconds

We are seconds away from the start of week 10 of the NFL between Colts and Titans. Stay tuned
9:14 PM8 months ago

Revenge in a short time

In two days, so soon, these teams will meet again, but now at Lucas Oil Stadium
9:10 PM8 months ago

To be improved by air

The Titans' defense is the sixth worst by air, allowing 275 yards per game, and on the ground they are in 17th place with 119 yards
9:05 PM8 months ago

With a good step

At home, the Titans have managed four victories, but were unable to beat the undefeated Pittsburgh Steelers
9:00 PM8 months ago

Winning visits

The last two visits of the Colts have ended in triumph: in 2019, 19-17; and in 2018, 33-17
8:57 PM8 months ago

Great defensive

Colts only allow 20 points per game (3rd best), 206 yards by air (3rd best) and 83 by land (3rd place)
8:50 PM8 months ago

Causing errors

The Titans are the best team in the NFL in provoking opponent's errors and have the best differential with more than 10 goals
8:44 PM8 months ago

Tough defensive

They are characterized by pressure on the marshal and cause deliveries of the ball, this has been one of the keys of the Colts
8:42 PM8 months ago

With motivation

Reggie Wayne, former Colts receiver, sent a message to the team so they can win this game that is vital in their qualifying aspirations
8:38 PM8 months ago

This is how they arrived

Colts look to bounce back after last week's loss to the Baltimore Ravens

8:35 PM8 months ago

They will not be available

The Colts will not have these players, notes that Jack Doyle could not recover from his shock and will not be available

8:31 PM8 months ago

To hold the top

The Titans have a 6-3 record and last week they returned to winning ways after beating the Chicago Bears

8:24 PM8 months ago

With a lot of style

Derrick Henry has already arrived at Nissan Stadium and the focus for the Colts' defense will be to stop him on the ground

8:22 PM8 months ago


These Titans players will not be available for this match


8:19 PM8 months ago

We start

The top of the AFC South is in dispute and we bring you all the details of the game between Colts and Titans. We start
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Lastest games

The Colts lead the all-time 24-17 series and have won three of the last five, including their last visit to Tennessee in 2019.
12:40 PM8 months ago

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12:35 PM8 months ago

Key player Titans

Derrick Henry is the second-best running back in the league with 182 carries, 843 yards and eight touchdowns, but beyond that he has taken the pressure off Ryan Tannehill's performance and play-action development.

12:30 PM8 months ago

Key player Colts

Philip Rivers' experience has helped this offensive to walk in good shape, being in the top 15 by air. He has scored 2,087 yards and 10 touchdowns.

12:25 PM8 months ago

Last result Titans

Although they suffered a little in the end, the Titans returned to victory last week by beating the Chicago Bears 24-17

12:20 PM8 months ago

Last result Colts

The Colts had trouble at home and took a painful 24-10 loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

12:15 PM8 months ago

Titans: putting pressure on Rivers

The Titans are some of the worst airborne defenses, but when faced with a quarterback with little mobility, pressure will be key to forcing him to commit ball deliveries.
12:10 PM8 months ago

Colts: improving the ground attack

The Colts have not been able to replace Marlon Mack's loss since the first few weeks, which is why they are the 22nd ground offensive.
12:05 PM8 months ago

For divisional leadership

This match has a high significance, as the winner will stay on top of the AFC South and the loser will have to settle for second place.
12:00 PM8 months ago

Kick-off time

The Indianapolis Colts vs Tennessee Titans match will be played at the stadium Nissan, in Nashville, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 8:20pm ET.
11:55 AM8 months ago

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